How to speed up a divorce through the court?

How to quickly divorce a husband or wife through the registry office or through the court

An officially concluded marriage can be dissolved if one or both spouses so desire. In some cases, the divorce procedure needs to be done in a minimum amount of time.


In this article, we will tell you how fast it can be to end a marriage, how to quickly divorce your wife or husband by mutual consent through the registry office, without the consent of one of the spouses and without the participation of the parties through the court, whether a quick divorce is possible if there are children, whether you can dissolve a marriage in one day.

Is it possible to divorce your husband or wife in one day

Unlike marriage, divorce is complicated by the fact that the spouses during their life together have children, jointly acquired property, mutual claims. To the process of dissolution of marriage went as quickly and painlessly for both spouses, it is worth referring to the legal framework.

Under the law faster to file for divorce and quietly separate can be when both parties wish to and in the marriage is not common minor children.

Some spouses are asking if it is possible to divorce in 1 day. Alas, mutual consent to divorce in a day is not enough. The procedure takes at least 1 month. This is the minimum period that allows the husband and wife to reconcile. There are no exceptions to this rule even if both parties mutually agree to end the marriage and there are no possible obstacles to it. A quick divorce, even if both agree, is only possible after the statutory time limit.

How to get a quick divorce through the registry office

Official dissolution of the marriage union through the registry office – the most convenient way to end the relationship for spouses who think how to divorce without a court quickly. After 30 days, the husband and wife can be considered exes if all required documents are submitted on time. This is how an expedited divorce works.

What needs to be provided to the registry office:

  • application form No. 9, if signed by both parties, or form No. 10, if only one;
  • Copies of passports;
  • The original certificate of marriage;
  • a receipt on payment of state duty, paid by both spouses.

Application for divorce is filed at the place of residence of one of the spouses.

If one of the spouses lives far away, you can do the following:

  • appear in person to file the application;
  • Send a document by registered mail;
  • fill out a form through the Internet (in your region of residence, if the couple have no minor children, disputed property and mutual claims).

In some cases, a package of documents is attached a copy of the marriage contract and property agreement, under which the parties no longer have claims against each other.

How to get a quick divorce through the court

Dissolve the marriage through the court will have to, if the family has minor children or there is no mutual consent to divorce.

Documents that need to be submitted:

  • ID card (passport);
  • statement of claim;
  • The original certificate of marriage;
  • Birth certificates of minor children (notarized copies);
  • a receipt for payment of state duty.

If one of the parties is unable to attend the divorce proceedings in person, he or she can make a power of attorney for another person to represent his or her interests. The power of attorney must be notarized. With a power of attorney, it is also possible to conduct this procedure without the parties being present.

The law provides for such situations when the family is expected to have a child, but the husband initiates the dissolution of the marriage and wonders how to arrange a divorce from his wife quickly. It should be borne in mind that during the period of pregnancy of his wife and until the joint child reaches the age of one year, the man shall lose the right to apply to the court for dissolution of marriage. The woman still has this option and can get a quick divorce from her husband.

If a stillborn child is born or the baby dies within 1 to 365 days after birth, the man does not have the right to file for divorce before the deadline, according to the law.

Along with the petition for divorce, it is also possible to file a petition for division of property (it is also possible to file it after the marriage has been dissolved).

The claim is filed at the place of residence of the defendant. If he lives far away, the plaintiff can not get there and children under 18 years live with him, it is possible to apply to the court at the place of residence of the plaintiff.

In the absence of disputes about the upbringing of children and jointly acquired property for more than 50 thousand rubles, a statement of claim is written in a world court.

In other cases, you can go to the district court:

  1. When in a divorce it is necessary to determine at what place of residence (father or mother) the minor child will be registered.
  2. When it will be necessary to determine which parent the child will stay with.
  3. When the responsibilities of the parents with respect to raising joint children and the schedule of meetings of the other parent with the child will be allocated.
  4. When in the course of the dissolution of the marriage, claims are made for the division of property, including debts on the mortgage in the amount of more than 50 thousand rubles.

The decision of the justice of the peace is challenged in the district court, the district court – in the city.

After checking the package of documents for compliance with the requirements, the court sets a date for consideration of the case. This is done within 2 weeks.

The date of the preparatory meeting is appointed at least 1 month after the registration of the statement of claim. On this date the judge will explain the procedural rights and obligations to the parties, review the position of both parties regarding the divorce, inquire about small children, property and prenuptial agreements, and encourage the parties to reconcile.

If the defendant has any counterclaims against the plaintiff he is invited to put them in writing and submit them through the clerk’s office.

If the judge is convinced at the preparatory hearing that the spouses have different views of the divorce, they are given time to settle their differences and possibly reconcile. But if the spouses notify the court in writing or orally that they refuse to reconcile, they will be divorced more quickly.

After a preparatory meeting is scheduled, which resolves the lawsuit on the merits. This is held when the period for reconciliation has expired, and the parties have not withdrawn the suit, or a couple of weeks after the preparatory meeting.

Algorithm of the main session:

  1. Announcement of the hearing and verification of those who show up for the hearing. The judge tells the parties about their rights, asks available witnesses to leave the room.
  2. Explanation of the rules under which recusal can be made.
  3. Hearing the motions of those present. The court finds out which of the participants in the process did not appear at the session and determines whether it is possible to conduct the trial on the merits without them. If the answer is no, the hearing shall be postponed.
  4. Direct consideration of the claim, if the meeting is decided to hold without the participation of absent persons. The judge asks the parties whether they support their claims, whether they are ready to abandon the claims and resolve the issue amicably. If the answer is no, the process continues.
  5. Speaking by the parties of their demands, the validity and fairness of their claims.
  6. Interviews with witnesses.
  7. Examination of written evidence (correspondence, contracts, agreements, audio and video recordings).
  8. Opportunity to speak to experts (guardianship authorities, police, etc.).
  9. Debate.
  10. Meeting to make a decision.
  11. Announcement of decision. The written decision of the court can be picked up after it is prepared. The parties are given the opportunity to appeal.
  12. Closing of the session.

The length of the divorce process through the court depends on several factors:

  • The extent of the office’s workload;
  • The compliance with the required standards of the filed package of documents;
  • The competence of officials (for example, unreasonable refusal to accept the application, late sending of notices, etc.).

The court may take measures to reconcile the parties by suspending the proceedings for up to 3 months.

In order to expedite the divorce process through the court, the plaintiff must:

  • Continue to insist on ending the marriage, even if the defendant is unwilling to comply with the claim;
  • Prove that delaying the process infringes on his rights (e.g., the husband behaves aggressively towards his wife);
  • Try to persuade the defendant to jointly petition for a reduction in the time allowed for conciliation.

Once the court considers the validity and validity of these reasons, it may reduce or eliminate the time allowed for maintaining the family. In such a case, the spouses may quickly obtain a divorce (if, for example, the spouse has a confirmed mental illness, etc.), even without the consent of the husband or wife.

How to Get a Quick Divorce with Minor Children

Many couples worry about whether they can get a quick divorce if they have a child. If there is a child under 18 years old, it is a good idea for both spouses to reach a mutual agreement to end the relationship as quickly as possible. Through the registry office accelerated divorce of spouses with minor children is carried out under certain conditions. For example, if the second party is recognized as dead or missing, to the main package of documents attached entered into legal force of the court decision, if one of the spouses is in prison – a copy of the verdict.

There are cases when one of the spouses is recognized as legally incompetent, and this fact is the reason for divorce. His initiator must provide the registry office the relevant decision. Then a quick divorce in the presence of minor children is possible.

In all other cases, in accordance with the law, the divorce of a husband and wife who have children under the age of 18, is carried out exclusively through the courts. The court decides with whom the child will remain after the divorce, who and in what amount will pay child support, how to divide the jointly acquired property, so as not to affect the interests of children.

To reduce the amount of time spent on court proceedings, the way to proceed is as follows:

  1. Under Article 24 of the Family Code, the parties enter into an agreement about who the child will stay with and how the child will be cared for. In this way, it is possible to reduce the time spent by the court on protecting the interests of the children.
  2. The plaintiff gathers documents and files a lawsuit for divorce in the court at the defendant’s place of residence.
  3. The parties are trying to minimize the period granted by the court for reconciliation. For this purpose, they shall be determined in advance with good reasons to confirm the unreasonableness of the allocation of time for the preservation of the marriage.

How you can accelerate the divorce process

The procedure for dissolution of the marital union takes place in strict accordance with the law. The time limits set for the divorce process cannot be moved. It happens that by the time of divorce, the husband and wife for a long time do not live together, some do not know the exact address of the residence of the spouse. In some situations, the relationship is heated to the point that people do not want to see each other, or show unreasonable aggression towards each other. All this complicates and delays the process of breaking the formal relationship.

In order to get a calm and quick divorce, the parties must come to a compromise that will help make the process last as long as possible. Once preliminary all disputes are settled, a peaceful agreement is reached, you can move on to the stage of collecting documents and submitting them to the appropriate authority – the registry office or the court.

A person not well acquainted with the issues of law does not always understand how the divorce procedure takes place. By studying several articles of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, you can arm yourself with knowledge of the most common legal actions that will help protect your rights and interests.

Divorce at the registry office can take place one month from the date of filing; in court, the decision to dissolve the marital union can be made at the first hearing, which is usually scheduled one month after acceptance of the lawsuit.

To expedite the divorce process as much as possible, it is necessary to prepare all documents well in advance and agree on all points of contention. If there is mutual agreement to end the marriage and the further upbringing of children, it is possible to minimize the term of the divorce.

How to quickly divorce in the registry office or the court?

In our article we will find out where you can get a divorce faster: through the registry office or through the court. Consider what circumstances can delay the formal dissolution of marriage. Let’s find out whether it is possible to get a quick divorce in special situations related to the unwillingness of the relationship of one of the spouses, the division of acquired property, a dispute about the place of residence of joint minor children and other problems.

How long will it take to get a divorce?

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The procedure of filing for divorce is complicated, time-consuming and involves many steps. That is why the question is so relevant: is it possible to speed up a divorce and how to do it?

In 2022, an official divorce can be obtained through the registry office or through the courts.

Dissolving a marriage through the registry office is the easiest way, but not for everyone.

In accordance with article 19 of the Family Code, an application to the registry office for termination of marriage can be filed by citizens

  • expressing a mutual desire to divorce;
  • Who do not have common children.

Divorce in the Registry Office, if all the formalities are observed, will take one month.

In the judicial order of divorce will be issued if:

  • in the marriage of the couple appeared minor children;
  • One of the spouses does not agree to a divorce;
  • there is a dispute over the division of the jointly acquired property.

The procedure for divorce in court is in theory from 2 to 4 months, depending on the circumstances of the case (Article 321 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation). If sessions are postponed due to the defendant’s failure to appear or appeal, it may extend for another month or two. In practice, court proceedings on division of property and determination of the children’s residence require additional time, and often last six months or more.

Can a divorce be expedited?

If both spouses have decided to get a divorce, then the divorce will proceed without complications and according to the shortest possible scenario. Especially if there are no children in the marriage and the spouses do not have a dispute over property. The couple may apply to the registry office, where they will accept the documents and within a month will issue a certificate of dissolution of marriage.

Thus, it is possible to accelerate the divorce if there is a common desire to end the relationship. the Minimum duration of the divorce process – 1 month, this period is determined by law and it is impossible to reduce it, as time is given to the spouses for reconciliation. If, after 30 days, they do not appear in the state body, the spouses remain legally married.

How to get a quick divorce?

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The main rule of thumb for spouses who want a quicker separation is to be able to reach an agreement on major problematic issues, despite the damaged relationship. To do this you need to:

  • competently and correctly set out the reasons for the divorce in the statement of claim;
  • agree in advance and prepare an agreement on alimony, certified by a notary;
  • determine the place of residence and schedule of communication with minor children;
  • come to an agreement on the shares of the property, which will claim;

Accelerate the process, if you leave in the lawsuit only one requirement – the dissolution of marriage. All other issues will be the subject of the next trial.

Through the Registry Office

In the Registry Office, as opposed to the court, do not clarify the reasons for divorce. But the law establishes a one-month period, which gives the couple an opportunity to decide whether they have not gone too far with the divorce. Therefore, if the couple did not come to get the certificate after a month, it is regarded as a reconciliation of the parties.

But if the husband or wife (one of the spouses is allowed to be present) did not change their mind, but for some reason missed the date of appearing in the Registry Office for dissolution, the marriage will not be dissolved. This means that they will have to go through the procedure from the beginning and lose another month.

The law establishes exceptional cases of divorce through the registry office unilaterally (clause 2 of article 19 of the Family Code) at the request of one of the spouses, even with children.

Such exceptions include circumstances where the second spouse for objective reasons, cannot be present in court and demand something, because:

  • Has been declared missing by a court order;
  • Is serving a prison sentence of more than 3 years;
  • Is deprived by a court of legal capacity.

In one of these situations, supported by a copy of the court decision certified by a judge, the marriage must be dissolved by the Registry Office in accordance with Article 34 of the Federal Law “On Acts of Civil Status”. The divorce certificate will be issued in the usual manner – in 30 days.

Via court

If there are disagreements between the husband and wife and there is something to divorce, it will be necessary to apply for a divorce in the courts. A lawsuit for divorce can be filed:

  1. To a justice of the peace.
  2. To the district court at the place of residence of the defendant.

It is important to correctly determine the jurisdiction of your claims.

A magistrate’s court accepts applications for divorce from spouses who have agreed on everything and want to end the marriage as soon as possible.

The procedure in this case will take from 2 to 3 months: 1 month from filing to the hearing (if the parties appeared in court, the judge found no contradictions and convinced that the divorce is necessary, he can divorce immediately), plus 1 month – the entry into force of the judgment, the total: 2 months.

If the judge has doubts, he may give at least 1 month to reconcile the spouses (by law from 1 to 3 months). As a result, the process will last 3 months or more, at the discretion of the court.

Conflicts are resolved by the district court. The procedure is longer, as disputes over children, property, alimony require a lot of evidence, testimony of witnesses, documents, examinations, which increases the period of consideration of up to six months or more. The process is delayed by the defendant’s failure to appear, it may be postponed for 1 month and only then make a decision.

When due to the contradictions of the spouses are difficult to agree, and the divorce is needed urgently, you may be advised:

  • state the claim for division of property in a separate lawsuit;
  • Document the impossibility of reconciliation so that the judge does not impose an additional deadline;
  • to conclude a notarized agreement on the child;
  • Ask the court to separate the defendant’s claim to contest paternity;
  • Try to ensure the appearance of the second spouse at the meetings.

It is important to try to find compromise solutions and then the divorce procedure will be completed in optimal time.

Fast divorce in special situations

Special circumstances require careful preparation and competent drafting of evidence. Such situations include lawsuits involving:

  • With divorces without the consent of the wife or husband;
  • With the division of property and credit obligations;
  • Heavy disputes on the definition of paternity and who will remain with the child.

Without proper preparation, the process threatens to drag on for a long period of time. Let’s find out how you can speed up the divorce process in aggravated situations.

Without the wife’s consent.

The law allows divorce through the registry office without the consent of one of the spouses in exceptional cases. If the wife is missing, incapacitated or convicted for a period of 3 years, and the husband can confirm this with a certified copy of the court decision, the divorce in the Registry Office will take the period prescribed by law – 1 month.

The husband may file a lawsuit in court unilaterally and without her consent, except in situations where:

  • the wife is pregnant;
  • The infant is under the age of one year;
  • The child died or was stillborn and one year has not yet passed since then.

In these circumstances, the court will only accept the claim from the woman. The husband can go to court again only after the factors listed above have disappeared.

In order to get a quicker divorce from the wife without her consent, and the judge did not give additional time for reconciliation, the husband must prepare documents and witnesses that will confirm the impossibility of further cohabitation for valid reasons. These include:

  • The facts of the wife’s infidelity;
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction of the spouse;
  • A long period of separation;
  • The husband’s new marital relationship.

The wife can delay the process by failing to appear at meetings by filing a counterclaim, appealing against a court decision. But you have to put up with it – everyone has a legal right to protect their interests.

In disputes about division of property, joint children, alimony, the application is accepted by the district court. The hearing of the parties takes a long time, the judge may request additional information – as a result, the process takes half a year or even more.

Without the husband’s consent

The law gives women more rights – a wife can file for a divorce from her husband without his consent in any situation:

  • divorce her husband without his presence and consent through the registry office in exceptional cases;
  • apply to a justice of the peace or the district court (depending on circumstances).

At the same time to provide irrefutable evidence:

  • alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • a long separation;
  • Facts of violence.

This will help a woman to bring to the attention of the judge the impossibility of living with her husband and will save a period of reconciliation, will help to minimize the time of the trial. Also, in order to save time, you should agree with your spouse on the division of property before the court, to conclude an agreement and notarize it.

By mutual consent

Spouses who have consensually decided to separate may divorce the magistrate’s court, if they have agreed:

  • Where the child will be, how he or she will communicate with the other parent;
  • How the property will be divided;
  • on disputing paternity and child support payments.

If they convince the judge, he will divorce them at the first hearing and then the entire divorce process will take two months, taking into account the entry into force of the decision.

When a couple goes to the district court at the same time as the divorce is considered other claims: children, property, division of the mortgage. To expedite the process, spouses need to draw up and notarize agreements on these issues prior to trial.

If there are children

If there is a child (children) in the family, and in this case the spouses have the option of a quick divorce.

Before going to court to speed up the process, you need to draw up agreements:

  • On the residence of children and the order of their communication with the other spouse;
  • On the division of property.

These agreements are possible if the couple can reach an agreement, but if not, the judge will decide their dispute. In accordance with the law, he may postpone the case for 3 months, if one of the spouses does not agree with the divorce, add a couple of months in disputes about the children. Therefore, in order not to prolong the process, it is better for parents to agree.

If there are no children

If the couple have no children, they have not acquired joint property in the marriage and have a mutual desire to end the relationship, they can ask for a divorce in the registry office. And in a month to receive a certificate of dissolution of marriage.

But if the husband or wife do not agree to divorce and there are disputes about marital property, you must file a lawsuit in court, depending on the depth of the contradictions, at the world or district. Property division disputes may require additional time.

If division of property is necessary and there is a mortgage

Under the law, property division between spouses is in equal shares (Article 39 of the Family Code), but in a divorce with children, the share of property may vary, depending on who the child ends up with. That is why division of property and determination of the place of residence of children are connected and can be considered together.

If the mortgage on the apartment was issued during the marriage, in order to expedite the division of credit obligations, housing and more quickly execute a divorce, it is recommended that before the court:

  • sell the apartment, with the consent of the bank (difficult, but possible), from the received funds to repay the loan, the remaining amount to divide between the spouses;
  • to re-register the mortgage to one of the couple with the consent of the bank, who will get an apartment, the other will receive appropriate compensation;
  • If it is not possible to renegotiate, the spouses will enter into a joint and several liability agreement with the bank and each will get their own loan agreement.

This will help shorten the divorce proceedings.


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So, the shortest time for a divorce is 1 month. The fastest way for spouses to get divorced is through the registry office, but only under certain conditions. In court, you can speed up the process if you approach the procedure of divorce responsibly, to be able to agree and come to an agreement on controversial issues. Solve the disputes will help lawyers for divorce. Submit an application on this site and get advice right now.

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