How to sleep with a man?

How to get a guy to like in bed, making sex unforgettable

After getting acquainted, young people spend some time evaluating and studying each other. It is good if they have common ground – hobbies, interests, commonality of views on various issues. This facilitates understanding and makes the lovers closer. But sooner or later the feelings that flare up will lead to intimacy, and it’s important for a girl to understand what and how to do in bed to please a guy or a mature man.

Unfortunately, the first physical contact affects the success and the duration of the affair, and disappointment on the part of the chosen one will put an end to the relationship that never began. The most unpleasant thing in intimacy, as well as in life, is insincerity, and if you can hide it in a conversation, then in sex it is almost impossible. And it’s not even the fact that sometimes women have little experience in this area. First of all it is necessary to understand what he expects from her man.

Despite the fact that sex refers to the physiological aspect of the human personality, the relationship between the sexes are built on a variety of psychological nuances. Having studied them, any girl has a chance to win the heart of the man she loves.

7 secrets of sex, from which a man loses his head

A lot of worries are delivered to young young ladies lack of skills in the love game. But do not worry because of their inexperience. You can make a lasting impression on your lover, if you behave openly, relaxed and interested. If the lady decides to have an intimate relationship, it is already intuitive trust in your partner, so it is better to forget about shyness, relax and have maximum pleasure. But it does not hurt to be aware of what guys generally like in bed with a girl.


Some of the fair sex is let down by the mistaken belief that enthusiasm in the sexual sphere should show the lover, and they themselves are left to obey the rules of the game, as if reluctantly following men’s demands. There is some falsity here, it turns out that it is a favor to the partner and a complete lack of feelings.

According to psychologists, the strong sex, of course, likes to show initiative, but most of them expect activity from their second half. For them it means sincere feelings, passion and desire of the partner.

Let’s find out how to do it correctly. After all, many ladies do not know what should be active actions on their part:

  1. Female activity should be manifested long before physical intimacy – it is elementary flirting and flirtatious behavior.
  2. Tempt the gentleman can easily hint at continuing the evening in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  3. The initiative can be considered the way the lady prepared for the date, a beautiful hairstyle, light makeup, fishnet stockings – all these details will not only emphasize the beauty, but also become a tool of seduction.

It is important to show your confidence, interest and desire to the chosen one. Enthusiasm – this is not pouncing on the partner, as many misunderstand, but a willingness to show their feelings, to respond to kisses and hugs boldly and naturally. But not to direct the actions of a cavalier, telling him what and how he should do.


Some young ladies naively believe that only they need foreplay in intimacy, but men also like to be stroked, hugged and caressed. A quality start is always the key to a successful evening, when mutual pleasure becomes a welcome excuse for future dates.

The best ideas that will appeal to a young man:

  1. Slow undressing that gives the seductress a special appeal. It has been proven that visual observation associated with pleasure awakens the brightest desires. It is necessary to learn how to do it leisurely, consistently and spectacularly. It is possible to tip your lover over on the bed and continue your flirtation with the removal of clothes, up to the time not allowing your body to be touched.
  2. Once in bed, offer your lover a simple or erotic massage. You can use fragrant scented oil, a stimulating cream or lubricant for this. Massaging relieves stress, relieves muscle and psychological tension, increases the sharpness of sensual perceptions.
  3. The main male urge is a love game, for example, with breathing. Caressing and exploring the body of your beloved, hold your breath and, bringing your lips close to his skin, slowly exhale hot air. In this way you can continue searching for the most sensitive points, causing a gradual arousal.

Keeping on the edge is a prerequisite for such manipulations, which will soon be resolved by a real explosion of emotion.


Emotional, soulful uplift and reacting to all the details of an intimate relationship is what a man needs to be convinced of your sincere feeling. If there is a great desire to continue the relationship, you should be persuasive with your partner. Figuring out how to please a guy in bed, you may conclude that you should behave as if it were the first and last sex in your life.

To do this you will have to throw away all the complexes and completely surrender to your feelings. Thanks to their intuition, many of the fairer sex are able to understand what pleases the partner, so you only need to follow these impulses and respond to caresses with all openness.

For almost any man will be nice if the girl is behaving temperamentally, and not lying in bed like the dead – it must come from her fire, energy, vitality. But it is not necessary to imitate the actions of some movie characters, exposing yourself as a person prone to debauchery – even in intimacy there is no need. In addition, it looks quite fake.

Scratching the shoulders and back of the beloved is also completely unnecessary – it scares a lot of people. Over-excitement, as well as lack of it, can ruin everything, but a natural manifestation of feelings to your lover is a must.

In most cases, a passionate lover – this is the ideal image, but the concept is different for everyone, so be careful and do not overdo it, because sincere feelings can be perceived by someone as promiscuity.

Moaning and Sighing

Many questions arise about young people’s attitudes towards women’s moaning during erotic games and intercourse. Most of these manifestations (but more simulations) are due to the fact that the partner wants to make her beloved pleasant, treating him with sincere love and respect. But in this case one should not overplay too much, nor should one have sex in silence.

So it turns out that, according to the girls, such actions are an encouragement, but for their opponents – deception and disrespect. By the way, in some people this can even cause laughter, which will certainly discourage an inept actress.

It is worth remembering when such demonstrations are most appropriate and what they should be:

  1. Sometimes you can encourage the young man by calling his name or excitedly saying “Oh, yes”, “More!”, “Faster”.
  2. That a woman is experiencing wonderful sensations, she is able to express with muffled moans, soft shrieks and intermittent breathing (when she really feels good). If in some position you feel almost nothing, it is desirable to behave less actively. This is also important because the man will understand which positions are better to prefer.
  3. Some people like dirty phrases, but if you are not sure about the positive reaction, it is better not to use them.

Knowing how to please a man in bed, it is wise to abandon any imitation at all. At moments of sexual play, you should just give yourself to the process, and not think about how to behave.


It is necessary to have an outstanding mind and a fine sense of the nuances of the relationship to praise your partner correctly. Not all women are able to do this, so we will try to help them with advice:

  1. Compliments can be made before intercourse. To do this, emphasize how you like the hands of your beloved, his tan, eyes and eyelashes, you can say that you admire his taste and ability to dress.
  2. Directly during intercourse, you can voice your pleasant sensations, admiring the technique and size of the male dignity, the ability to choose the optimal rhythm, other intimate details. You can say how good you feel when he is passionate or gentle, and thus spur him on to further madness.
  3. At the end of the process, a compliment might look like this: “You’re extraordinary – you always feel what I need,” “I’m happy because of you,” “I had a really good time with you.” But be careful – such phrases can be said only immediately after intimacy, while in bed. Later, when you get up with her, such praise will no longer be relevant.

There is another option – a little later to send an admiring message enumerating the fantastic sensations that you experienced together during the evening. Be sure that his lover will read it with great pleasure and think about a new date. In general, no matter how banal it is, to please a man, psychologists recommend as much as possible to praise the physical data and his penis.


Women’s dreams are more about beautiful relationships and romance, but men’s fantasies are more pretentious: they are interested in a passionate, wild and even animal manifestation of sexuality. So when the goal is to impress, it is worth wondering what new experiences your chosen one would like to experience.

The listed options for role-playing games can give an idea of the kind of games our boys prefer:

  1. A girl is reincarnated as a strict teacher or nurse – despite the fact that such a plot is not new, men are still led to it.
  2. Tying to the bed blindfolded is a classic example of fantasy, such a play can be arranged with each other in turn.
  3. In some cases the male need for a threesome (with another man) can be realized with special toys for adults, for example, a dildo. Of course, a young lady should be very interested in her boyfriend and be ready morally for such games, but it is her choice.

Men also have other dreams, and this is a cause for discussion. An open, free of complexes partner, who is ready for interesting experiments, is a source of sexual inspiration, and with such a woman it is unlikely that you will want to part with her. Joint embodiment of some crazy things will surely make lovers closer, increase confidence in each other and create an invisible, but strong psychological bond between them.

Sleeping together

Often we have no idea how to behave after a night of lovemaking. Men, in this regard, are almost uncomfortable in the morning, even if it’s the first time. But girls always need to be on their best behavior so as not to spoil the impression of a perfectly spent time. A few recommendations will help them to get out of the situation with dignity.

It’s no secret that intimate contact takes a lot of energy, but the forces will recover after rest, which can not be said about the hair and makeup. Because of this, the look of a passionate mistress can be shabby. So you should get up 15-20 minutes earlier than the man and clean up:

  • Wash and moisturize his face,
  • brush your teeth,
  • comb your hair.

It is not desirable to use decorative cosmetics – it is enough to slightly emphasize the eyes with a pencil or shadows, to powder the skin. Let my beloved to see a fresh and natural image, because with a perfect evening makeup, he has already seen you.

It is undesirable to walk around naked in the morning, you can wear a boyfriend’s shirt, but since the stronger sex excites such clothes on his lady, there is a risk to be back in bed.

Now regarding whether to serve breakfast. The best option is to instruct your chosen one to make coffee and make a couple of sandwiches yourself. Plus, in the general hassle, the embarrassment goes away and a friendly conversation ensues.

It is not nice to leave in English, because it offends the man, and it is undesirable to build a prude or the mistress of the house in the morning, if you are in someone else’s territory. And on goodbye do not be lazy to say a few warm words.

typical mistakes of girls in bed

Of course, the first time an intimate meeting may not go as perfectly as it was imagined by the partners, and the reason is the ignorance of the lady in some subtleties.

Men’s dissatisfaction is often connected with the following mistakes made by women out of ignorance:

  1. Everyone has complexes to a lesser or greater extent, but when during sex a girl hides her body from her partner, he is unlikely to like it. Lovely ladies, stop thinking about what your butt or legs look like in the midst of passion. It is naive to think that at such moments your lover pays attention to your folds or cellulite, but the alienation is felt immediately.
  2. Faking orgasm is also not the best way to win a man, being with him in bed. Such a pretense will not end well, especially since an experienced cavalier will quickly identify deception. Women’s tricks not only disappoint, but can insult the self-esteem of the man, and sometimes seriously reduce his self-esteem.
  3. Completely inappropriate for mutual pleasure are any arguments about what kind of contraceptives to use. A woman should think about this beforehand, because it is known that men like to make love without contraceptives at all.
  4. A common mistake that women make is wanting to chat during intercourse. This is not the right moment for any discussions or questions. In addition, inappropriately said words can distract and even reduce the male potency, and for this do not expect gratitude. A similar blunder is suspicions and provocative assumptions after the act about the sexual abilities of the partner, due to his “training” somewhere on the side.
  5. In the process of intimate contact it is incorrect for a woman to talk about her exes and their bed talents, even if it is an attempt to compliment her current beau. There is always a risk of outright jealousy and anger, because all men are inherently possessive.
  6. An unpleasant situation arises if the girl wants a repeat and expresses it as a demand. To begin with, male physiology is different in that guys need time to recover in order to repeat. On the other hand, using an ultimative tone, the lady is unlikely to achieve results, but will offend her lover for sure.

Gross blunders can be made not only by young inexperienced individuals who don’t know how to please a guy in bed for the first time, but also by wives who show a desire to have sex while watching soccer or when their husband is busy with important business. It is unlikely that this will add romance to the relationship and make it stronger. So please her husband in bed is unlikely to succeed, no matter how hard you try, most likely he will not even like it. In all situations, it is important to be sensitive to the desires of your loved one and understand his needs – this is the only way to count on a long and fruitful union.

18 tips for unforgettable first sex with a guy (not for virgins)

You’ve been dating for a while and it’s time to move on from verbal romance to bodily romance. Or maybe the first night of passion is outlined immediately after the first date? Whatever it is, it is extremely important to do everything to make sure that the first sex left behind a pleasant memory. After all, the quality of the first intimate relationship often depends on further relations.

The first sex for many is a stressful situation. And I’m not talking about the loss of virginity, but the very first sex with a particular partner. Girls and guys get equally nervous. Even if you think he’s a regular pick-up guy, trust me anyway: a guy is nervous and wants to make a good impression in bed. That’s what you want too, right?

Quality sex consists of many preliminary and subsequent nuances that we may overlook when we focus on the intercourse itself. I’ve tried to carefully analyze all of my experiences, as well as consider the stories of people I know. Let’s look at the aspects of the first night that will affect its quality.

1. Marathon

The quality of the first sex with a guy directly depends on how confident the girl is. Confidence requires preparation, which can take half a day: waxing, manicure, pedicure, masks, makeup, choosing lingerie… It all takes time. I do not recommend trying something new just before the first sex. Apply your usual waxing or depilation. Do not use new kinds of cosmetics to avoid allergic reactions (it has happened – unpleasant). A few days before sex, watch your diet to avoid skin rashes, flatulence and so on.

2. Planned unplanned sex

You’re getting ready to give yourself into his strong hands on a Friday night, and he suddenly offers to meet on Wednesday … Men interpret women’s refusals in their own way. It would never occur to them that we have to say no because our nail polish is peeling, our bikini line is overgrown, or we have a pimple on our nose. To avoid missing out on spontaneous sex (which you yourself want), be on hand at all times. The salvation will be a purse for sex, which should put in advance everything you need for a quick clean up: a beautiful panties, makeup bag, razor, birth control. You will always be able to escape to the shower for 20 minutes and come out of the bathroom ready for sex. That’s where we talked about the unscheduled sex purse in our guide to non-serious relationships. In a serious relationship, the “sex purse” is just as important.

3. Means of protection

Speaking of contraception, stop thinking that the responsibility for protection lies solely with the man. He’s not the one crying over a pregnancy test, so take care of your protection in advance. I recommend carrying both condoms and contraceptives (pills, suppositories, etc.). This is in case, say, condoms are not the right size. There are several options for birth control, and every woman should know about them.

4. Choosing a love nest

Don’t rely too much on a man’s choice, or he may suggest having sex for the first time in the back seat of his car. You will feel offended, on top of that, the car is uncomfortable, the positions are limited (as well as movement), there is no shower and toilet and so on. If you don’t mind such experiments, it’s worth exploring the most comfortable positions for sex in the car so as not to get in the mud. Still, I advise to have the first sex within the walls of a cozy bedroom. For this case is not suitable for either your or his apartment? Then offer to rent a cozy apartment for a day (or night).

5. Drinks and Dishes

Couples usually have dinner before their first sex. Think in advance about food choices for a romantic dinner. Food and drink will affect how you feel. Avoid heavy meals and don’t eat fatty foods. It’s better to give up carbonated drinks so that your stomach doesn’t feel rumbly.

6. Stimulants .

Many people drink before sex for courage, but it is better to minimize the amount of alcohol. Does a guy offer illegal substances in the spirit of a joint? I don’t advise you to say yes, as there are many disadvantages to having sex under marijuana. In an effort to make a good impression, guys often take stimulants like Viagra before sex. Don’t be surprised if a man turns out to be suspiciously insatiable and then passes out like someone pressed his “OFF” button. As a rule, guys do not tend to flaunt their desire to take drugs, because they are afraid to look weak. But if your chosen one mentioned it himself, suggest that for the first time you do without the stimulant. It is better to use natural aphrodisiacs.

7. Conversations about desires.

Everyone is different and everyone has his own idea of perfect sex. So that you don’t waste time on vain attempts to please each other, have a conversation about desires. This conversation should not be conducted as an interrogation. It is better to turn it into an erotic game, in a flirtation, spraying sexual arousal. For example, you can passionately, with a gasp, whisper in his ear, what you would like in the first night, and ask him what he wants.

8. Abstinence before sex

In order to last as long as possible during first sex, guys often resort to masturbation. When talking about female preparation, I advise you to do the exact opposite. A couple of days before the appointment avoid self-satisfaction, so that the body to build desire – this will affect your behavior in bed. Lust for intimacy will make you more sensual and liberated.

9. Personal hygiene

Do not immediately run to the bedroom as soon as you cross the threshold. Be sure to take a shower. It is preferable to shower separately before your first sex. That way you can clean yourself up and be sure that you look just fine. By the way, this is another aspect of why I don’t recommend having your first sex in the car. If jets of water excite you, you can invite your partner along with you by choosing bathroom and shower sex positions.

10. Down with the phones.

Turn off that damn cell phone. The last thing you want is an annoying and unbearably long ringing sound at the moment of orgasm. Just mute it and invite your partner to do the same. Do not be distracted by the thought of who it is texting him at 12 in the morning.

11. Petting

The first stages are passed and here you are in the bedroom. Do not think that foreplay is important only for women! Make your lover happy by fondling him. I’m not talking about the banal blow job. Look for the erogenous zones of men, give him a relaxing massage, apply techniques for arousing kisses.

12. The choice of seductive positions

Every girl wants to look seductive in the bedroom, so you should study slimming positions in sex. They will help you emphasize your advantages and hide small flaws. At the same time you will feel more confident.

13. the erotic mood

Here you are already two of you under one blanket, and you can’t relax and enjoy the process. Has this ever happened? The reason may lie in excessive nervousness or inflated expectations. To immerse yourself in the moment, you can engage your imagination. Making love, imagine a stirring scene. At the extreme case you can imagine your own sex idol. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have prepared for this first night as hard as you can, so you have every right to enjoy it. And if that requires imagining sex on a yacht with a young Brad Pitt, then so be it.

14. erotic games

If a couple has difficulty overcoming shyness before their first sex, then erotic games can be a lifesaver. They will allow you to unobtrusively explore each other, giving mutual pleasure.

15. Juggling with roles.

Do not lie on a log, spread out beautifully on the bed, waiting for the man to please you in every way. Do not be shy to take the initiative into your own hands. The ideal tactic for the first sex is on the principle: you – to me, I – to you. Everyone must have and receive pleasure, and to give it. To get a better feel for your partner, you should use both dominant and submissive roles. Explore the most appropriate options among the “man on top” and “woman on top” positions.

16. Sexual Techniques.

Do you want pleasurable sex? Then forget about laziness and passivity. Surprise him and please yourself by using all kinds of sexual techniques. For example, you can apply the pompura technique. Perhaps there are men in the world who do not like this technique, but I have not met them. Another good solution can be a technique of edging.

17. Awkward moments in the bedroom

The most unpleasant stage of an intimate relationship lies in the awkward moments in the bedroom. Learn to overcome them with dignity. Embarrassments can happen to anyone, but they won’t make the white world fall apart. Depending on what the embarrassing moment was (someone said the wrong name, someone fouled the air, and so on), you can either turn on the “Did something happen? I didn’t notice anything,” or treat the situation with humor.

18. Behavior after sex.

Stipulate right away how you will behave after sex. Warn him if you have to go home, find out if he wants you to sleep together until morning. Don’t guess, act like a mature, wise woman. Don’t get hysterical right away if he offers to call a cab and walk you home. Maybe the guy snores like a horse. Maybe he’s just shy and doesn’t want to antagonize you the first night. No one wants a bitter aftertaste after sweet sex. Be understanding and sensitive.

Good sex is a giant mosaic in which every fragment can play a significant role. I hope that these simple tips will help you open up and enjoy such an important first night with your chosen one.

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