How to send love energy to a man?

How to send love properly. Is it possible to send love to a specific person

There is a practice of sending love, and you can read more about it in this excerpt from Klaus Joel’s book The Energy of Love.

What is sending love? How do you personally imagine it? Do you just sit there and send love, and it spreads out to different people and places? And what happens in the process? And how much love do you have left if you send it out to everyone? Will it stay the same, or become less, or more?

Why do you have to feel and send love?

The first and important thing I want to say is that the initial essence of love is that we are all one. And when you make the decision to feel and send love, it arises within you at that very moment. You enter into that divine channel, and it expands. That is, the moment you start sending love, it appears. And such a paradox emerges: “You receive love when you give it away. That is, if you send love, then it arises within you! And if you don’t send it, then you sit without love, the channel is closed, the energy doesn’t circulate. Do you understand the paradox? You receive love at the very moment when you give it away. We give it actually to ourselves in the person of another person, because we are all one.

By the way, if you send out anger, it will also come back to you, but not immediately (because it’s a low frequency and it won’t come back immediately, and maybe in a completely different quality, but also negative), while love comes back instantly, the moment you give it away, at the same moment it comes back, because this frequency is divine, and there is no time.

When you love, you want to give.

When you are on the frequency of true love, you want to give, you want to share, and absolutely everything. You eat something delicious and you want your beloved to taste it too, you watch a good movie and you want to share your emotions and the movie with your beloved, and so in everything – you want to share, you want to give.

When you truly love, you are willing to share, willing to give. Many people wonder how to figure out “the one” or “the wrong” person or how to choose between the two. The way to determine “mine” from “not mine” is quite simple. If you are willing to share with a person, willing to give them everything, then that is true love. You can also answer the question of whether a person loves you or not. If he is ready to share, if he does not feel sorry for you (no time, no warmth, no emotions, no money, and so on), then this is true love. Additionally, I advise you to read the article “What does it mean to LOVE”.

So, I hope you have understood that at the moment of sending love it is born in you and by giving it to another, you give love to yourself! It’s not for nothing that they say, “You want love, love yourself!” That is, sending love, we enter into this divine channel, vibrate at this frequency and give love to ourselves by giving it to another person. So this is the paradox.

What happens to a person when you send him love

And what happens to the recipient of love when we give it to ourselves? What does he feel? First, the person may be on some other frequency at that moment and may not want to switch to the frequency of love that you are sending him. This is his right. If the person responds and connects, then the process of transmitting information begins, that everything here is good for him, that he is good, that he is safe. If the person (consciously or unconsciously) does not want to connect to the frequency of love, he simply does not accept it and walks away from contact with you.

In this case you lose nothing, for in the process of transmitting love you fill yourselves. If the other person decides to connect to this frequency, he will instantly feel love, which will feel like “everything is good, you are good, take it, everything is for you”. In such a moment one just wants to come and embrace, to connect in one point, in one moment of being, where everything is good and safe. When a mother sends love to her child, she makes her child feel that he is safe, that all is well.

You can’t get anything on the outside if you don’t have it on the inside! Read more about this in my book, How to Be Happy in a Relationship.

Or when you’re in search of a soulmate and you broadcast love, you vibrate at a certain frequency and people are drawn to you at that same frequency. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say that to find love, you have to love yourself. That is you transfer love to everyone – to the world, to people, to nature, you are on the frequency of love and that person, who is on the same frequency, will certainly be attracted to you. He simply won’t stand a chance.

Let 50-100 people pass by you, but your man will simply be forced to turn in your direction, he will simply turn to you literally by the power of love. Transmit love to everyone in all directions with incredible force, you will only be very good from this. You can create a connection with the person most suitable for you on a subtle level, for this you need to feel that he is and he is near, read about this in the article “How to attract your soul mate”.

How to send love properly

Love has to be sent without conditions, expectations and bindings. Love doesn’t radiate continuously (you have to work on yourself to be at this frequency continuously, of course), so it’s not a static position, but a vibration for a given moment in time. And when that frequency and the “I know everything is okay” feeling disappear, instead of unconditional love comes the condition: “everything will be okay if…”. Here we are no longer talking about love, because there is a desire to receive.

A substitution of notions takes place, even though the person may assure that it is about love. But when they say: “I spent a lot of money on her, and she…”, “I gave him the best years of my life, and he…”, “I love everyone and help everyone, and they…”, “God loves you, so you must…”, then it is not about love, it is not the frequency of love, no matter how you assure yourself and others in the opposite.

The conditional sending of love is not dictated by love, but by fear. The opposite of love is fear. At the frequency of love you “know that all is well,” you feel it, and at the frequency of fear the opposite is “not knowing that all is well.” Fear denotes that you don’t know something, and that’s what makes it happen. When you know, you have nothing to fear, you just know that all is well and then you are at the frequency of love.

And when you are afraid and worried, you are on a frequency of fear. When you worry and worry about someone, you are transmitting that feeling of fear and ignorance to them. This happens, for example, when you worry about your children, when you are jealous of your man and afraid of losing him, when you worry about your parents, and so on. But instead, you can just send love to the people you’re worried about, and therefore the knowledge that “all is well.”

Not only do you pass this on to others, but you first of all fill yourselves with this wave of fear and end up vibrating on a frequency that is the opposite of love. From Creator you turn into Victim, creating and broadcasting solid darkness, poisoning yourself and throwing it all to those you love. And when you send your loved one the vibration of the knowledge that “all is well”, that everything will work out for him, that he is good, that everything will be wonderful for him, you pull him out of the frequency of fear and fill yourself with love.

Where do you take this knowledge that all is well? Right now feel the love, just take and love something or someone for a few seconds. Feel love for a child, an animal, a flower, the sky, the world, yourself, whatever or whomever you want. Feel that state, feel it, and you will realize that in that moment of love transmission, in that particular point, you automatically have the knowledge that all is well. Feeling love is the knowledge that all is well here and now.

So when you send out LOVE, are you sure that it is HER that you are sending out? And not fear, worry, or conditions (I love you, and you owe me this and that). Are you sending it without conditions or self-interest? You can clearly trace it by your condition, because when you broadcast and send true love you will be filled with it and you will have a feeling of “all is well here”, a feeling of safety, quiet joy, bliss.

When you think you are sending love, when in fact you are sending something else based on fears and conditions, you yourself will be in tension and fear. It’s like you’re sending love, but you don’t feel bliss, and after a while you feel discomfort, loss of strength and loss of energy. It’s not because you gave your energy to someone else and you’re empty, but because, as I hope you’ve already understood, you’re sending it to yourself, first of all, you’re filling yourself with it.

Whether your heart is filled with a state of “I feel good, all is well, I am love” or whether it is compressed and filled with fear, horror or worry. Or expectations on your sending love to a man who never falls in love with you, despite your efforts. Because this is no longer the frequency of love, as I wrote above. And because the man may choose not to accept it, because at this moment he does not coincide with you in frequency of vibration or he simply does not need it in this period of time.

Filling yourself with love. Why is this so important and necessary?

And now more about the benefits of broadcasting love and the harms of broadcasting fear. When you broadcast love, you create, you change your reality and the reality of others for the better. Just don’t get attached to the result and don’t put a crown on yourself, because it won’t be unconditional love anymore. And you will be on any frequency, but not on the frequency of love. Just enjoy and enjoy yourself, without any secondary benefits.

By broadcasting fears and experiences, one creates ignorance, that is, various troubles and troubles. Creating fears creates trouble because the universe has no other way to create trouble than by using your fear. If you don’t have fear, you will never have trouble (i.e., anything bad, from hardship and trouble to disease)! Because fear is the building material for trouble!

When you are in the state I know that all is well,” that is on the frequency of love, you cannot create any reason for fear, because you are on the level of knowledge, and not on the opposite – ignorance.

So fill yourself with love and send it to everyone always and everywhere for good. Love, create and enjoy life!

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How to make a man think of you with the power of his thoughts

One interesting thought has occurred to all of us, more than once, “What if your feelings and thoughts could be conveyed to another person without words, only by the power of the mind?” How much more comfortable would it be to live, work and love? Maybe it’s all from the realm of fiction, say the skeptics, but I have personal experience, through which I believed in the power of thought. Everyone decides for himself to believe in it or not. There are different techniques for mentally transmitting information remotely. Let’s look at the most effective of them.


The definition of the term “telepathy” sounds like this:

The ability of the human mind (thinking) to transmit its thoughts to another individual at a distance.

Of great importance in this technique is the ability to create by imagination a phantom of a certain person (not to be confused with a ghost), i.e. to call an image of the addressee in the mind. A thought, according to this theory, can spread to any distance, it has no physical barriers. The transmission must take place in a state of altered consciousness.

What is sent mentally to the addressee: love, passion, sometimes dislike and hatred. If everything is clear with sending of light feelings, the negative, as many religions and the Universe itself teach, returns to the one who sent it with a boomerang effect. That is why one should not take the risk.

But today I do not want to go into details of telepathy and will share with you the working methods of information transmission by force of thought, due to what, you will make a man think only about you.

The Noosphere

A scientist from Russia, a naturalist and academician Vernadsky V. I. at one time put forward a theory of the relationship between man and the cosmos. He argued that human consciousness, intervening in the biological shell of the Earth, forms a thinner and higher sphere, which he called the noosphere. He presented the idea of spontaneous emergence associated with the birth of the first man and the subsequent transformation of the noosphere under the influence of the human mind. In short, it turns out that human consciousness controls the thinking shell of the globe.

According to the scientist’s idea, man becomes a creator, a creator, a geological force. The academician attributes all scientific activity to this subtle sphere as well.

According to his theory, thoughts come into contact with the biological realm and change it. Our thoughts come from the field of a special thought shell, rather than arising in the mind by themselves. Now the paradox is clear that during the silence of our mind, incomprehensible thoughts appear from nowhere and attack our head like a swarm of bees. We transmit our desires and ideas to the noosphere, and they purposely or completely spontaneously go to another person. As we strive to fulfill our desires, we tune our mind to create certain thoughts and with the help of visualization and pronunciation of certain phrases we transmit our messages to the noosphere.

That is why I highly recommend to say affirmations for love, so that finally your man will start thinking only about you.

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Applications in life

A simple layman is basically more interested not in science, but in how scientific theories and hypotheses can be applied in his own life. Women especially excel in this regard. I wonder why some ladies, with their quite ordinary appearance and often unruly character, attract much more attention from gentlemen than some beauties and intellectuals. What is the secret?

Sometimes you look at a woman and the partner walking next to her and do not understand: how she “hooked” him than seduced. A familiar paradox, is not it? Let’s move on to the methods that will help you attract the right person.

Create the conditions for a miracle.

Before you try the method of attracting a man, you need to honestly answer three points:

  1. Determine your motives. What are you attracted to this man: love, sympathy or anger and jealousy. Negative messages to the chosen one through the universe are fraught with bad energy in return. And we do not need this.
  2. Attitude toward the chosen person. Who is he to you? A husband, an ex-spouse, an acquaintance, a loved one? This is important, but even more important is how you really feel about him. In your subconscious, you have to keep a positive image of the man who mentally will attract. In no case do not do this in retaliation against him or his girlfriend, the divorcee.
  3. Attitude towards yourself. If you have low self-esteem, it is unlikely to get a favorite favorite of thoughts about him and telepathic appeals to intimacy. First of all, you need to engage in self-training, aimed at improving women’s self-esteem and actions to increase the level of attractiveness: makeup, fitness, massage, hair, closet. You can not subjugate the will of another person, order him to love you just because you want to. That’s what the potential chosen one must want, too. Transference of thought only hastens the process of birth of love and friendship, but without proper preparation and work, the relationship may not start at all or end quickly.

We believe in miracles, but sometimes we do not know that we create miracles with our own hands: labor, faith, hope and love.

Make a man to think about himself

The first, and very effective method is called mental suggestion.

You should practice the method mentally all the time. For an experiment, be near, preferably in the same room with the man whose thoughts you are going to penetrate. If you are going to do this, you must be able to do it with your own hands. Start to mentally send to your beloved with your power of thought and energy phrases (not aloud, though some women hunters for men do this even by speaking loudly): “You, (name), love me!”, “You can’t live without me!”, “Name of your beloved, always thinking of me!”. At the moment of transferring the thought, when you suggest something to him, you should imagine that a certain blue luminous beam is coming from you and connects you with the dear person.

A ray tunnel with sparks and shimmers is an open energy channel. You can send mental messages through it. If you have a desire to make an image of yourself, you will be able to make an image of yourself in the mind and soul of your beloved. This method will help to inspire thoughts about you to your beloved, but alas, it will not work with a stranger.

A man should at least know you. But I know several stories with happy endings when, for the sake of an experiment, girls set up a “chance” meeting-dating for the purpose of winning and charming a man.

Make them think of you from a distance? Easy!

When you love someone, you want the object of adoration to always be around and thinking about you all the time. Don’t you? Everyone wants to dissolve in the beloved man, but what if he is far away? How to control his thoughts from a distance?

At one time this method helped me to attract the power of thought man.

What you have to do:

You have to direct your thoughts in a certain direction and focus. If your soulmate is far away and it’s nighttime, you need to imagine him sleeping. Relax and turn on visualization, stop thinking about everything, concentrate mentally on your man, try to enter a state of meditation.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly. Imagine your young man in all the details (eyes, hair, lips, smile). When the image in your head will be collected and your thoughts will focus on him alone, you should mentally move into his body, penetrate into his consciousness, into his thoughts.

After that, you compel him/her to say to himself/herself the commands that induce him/her to remember you, to love you, and to think only about you.

The thought-phrases should sound like this: “I miss (your name)”, “I need to call (your name)!

If the experiment was successful, then soon a man will call or write you a romantic text message.

This technique aimed at suggestion by force of thought of certain commands and actions cannot be applied to women (girls) who are in an interesting situation (pregnant) or in bad health due to health problems, because thoughts, being material, take away a lot of energy needed for other purposes.

The popular phrase: “Speak of the Mouth” did not arise for nothing. The method of transmitting desires to the addressee by the power of thought works in life as well. Even if people do not do anything for that purpose, but just think about someone and create a picture in their head.

How to make the former think about himself?

We all would like to control the person we love. So that the thoughts of the ex were occupied only by you, and no girl could not take your place. At the moment of separation, many women begin to go crazy in separation. The imagination draws horrible pictures of betrayal, and in the head the thoughts swirl, “He’s fallen out of love!” Being away from each other can cause you to lose that special connection.

To avoid this and make your ex think of you, go to the next method:

It’s no secret that when a man thinks about you, he falls in love more and more. But here it is important to wait for the right time and not to impose first. Within 2-4 weeks, the brain man again digests everything that happened between you, but without too much emotion. If during this time you have not come into contact with him first, you did the right thing! He already misses you, all that is left is to push him to the first step.

For this method, a woman should imagine that in front of her stands her chosen one in the nude. She mentally stretches out her hand to him, touching him and gently stroking his skin. The woman should focus on a certain part of the body (any part). While performing this exercise, a strong magical connection is established remotely with her partner.

A “magic touch” at a distance is capable of bringing a man to a state of euphoria. This man will belong to you both body and soul.

If after this practice, the former man will try to get in touch with you, do not in any case, do not ignore his attempts. This is the best time for reconciliation!

The Egyptian method

Another effective method that will help make your chosen one think about you all the time. This practice has been known since ancient Egypt. It is known that Egyptian women knew how to attract and seduce a man. There was something magical and attractive about them.

The method is suitable for those who want to win and attract a man, but not yet a beloved man. And also for those women who have been in a relationship with their betrothed for a long time and suspected him of cheating. The method will help to awaken the former passion, to return faded feelings in their husbands.

So, this method is made in a full moon and all alone.

If you have a problem with the person, you have to make a good impression of him. Turn on relaxing music, remove unnecessary objects around you and distracting sounds.

  1. Light incense and candles.
  2. Put on light clothing: a transparent nightgown with lace. If desired, you can undress naked.
  3. Then we turn off the light and go to bed.
  4. Breathe with this slowly and deeply, with a full chest.
  5. Throw away all unnecessary thoughts from your mind and begin the visualization.
  6. In this case, you should imagine your energy coming out of the solar plexus and ray slipping on the streets of a nighttime megalopolis, reaching the house of your beloved and penetrating into his room. Here it is assumed that the girl and the boy do not yet live together. If the desired object is the husband sleeping in the next room after a quarrel, it will be much easier to do everything, and the result will be almost lightning-quick.
  7. Imagine yourself as a mind-blowing Egyptian queen (Cleopatra), from whom everyone goes crazy, but you do not need everyone. You only want one, the chosen one.
  8. Going back to the beginning, let out a ray from your chest (solar plexus) to the person you love. When your beam in your thoughts has reached the addressee, start sending him thoughts and desires through this portal. Let them be impertinent, erotic and crazy. Don’t be shy. Turn on your feminine energy at full power. And when you feel a pleasant warmth or a slight burning, it means that the energy response came, your object of adoration responded.

How to make another person call

Let’s look at an example from life. A single divorced woman wanted an old acquaintance, her former lover whom she had not seen for several years, to call her. The idea is a good one, because you have to arrange your own fate. All that remained was to mentally force the man to call her, and to make him believe that the thought of the call was his own.

What she did to do this: She transmitted to him her desire to communicate through the telephone method, and she thought of what he would say during the conversation. She needed the man to have an irresistible desire to talk to her. She kept an image of him in her head, remembering details of his appearance, his manner of speaking, and continually relayed the command to him: “Call, Natasha (your name).”

To this visualization, the woman added the emotion of joy. And when, three days later, the phone rang and she saw the name of the man on the screen of her cell phone, she could not be happier.

With the power of her thoughts she was able to transmit a desire to his mind at a distance. Unbelievable but true: we can transmit thoughts to each other with the power of the mind. It is proved by life. Following such an experiment, we can attract to ourselves, in theory, any person we need. In practice, we need only “our” people, destined by fate.

Recommendations from the expert

  • To give each other thoughts, if they are good and kind, is not only possible, but also pleasant. Positive thoughts are constructive and encouraging, while negative ones have a destructive effect.
  • Visualize desires in good spirits and health. Remember that bad energy responses also come in return, as well as good requests to the Universe.
  • It is important to understand that you can’t build your own happiness on someone else’s misfortune. If your object is happily married for a long time, loves another woman, you should not pursue him by all imaginable and unthinkable ways, including a telepathic attack.
  • If your object has been happily married to another woman for a long time, then do not pursue him by all imaginable and unthinkable means, including a telepathic attack. This will have a devastating effect not only on other people, but also on ourselves.

Do not forget the great power of love and those that go side by side with it: forgiveness, mutual understanding and compassion. Only true feelings can create a real miracle!

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