How to satisfy a male Virgo?

What do Virgo men and women like in sex according to the horoscope

Representatives of this zodiac sign are very selective in sex, so remember well how to satisfy a Virgo man in bed. Most women have their own strategic techniques and tricks, which they gladly use to seduce men who have attracted her attention. But things are more complicated with Virgins – they are very fastidious in their choice of companions.

How to satisfy a Virgo in bed – tips for men

Before understanding how to satisfy Virgo in bed, it is important to understand her psychosexual characteristics. Virgo has an overactive mind, so they are often in a state of constant tension, so it is very difficult for them to relax and really enjoy their sex life.

Here are the main features characteristic of a Virgo’s intimate life:

Virgo can calmly do without love foreplay: oddly enough, they do not like to be caressed;

Virgo is not, of course, the most passionate sign of the zodiac, but they will, oddly enough, be completely satisfied if you can convince them that by agreeing to be intimate with you, they are doing you a huge favor. In all likelihood, this stems from Virgo’s propensity for self-sacrifice. They will try to serve you as best as possible to demonstrate what they can be capable of.

Do you want to satisfy a Virgo? Then know that no Virgo can resist flattery. If you convince her that she is an excellent lover(s), they will become exceptionally active just to confirm that opinion;

Even if Virgo, at first glance, seem to you cold and unapproachable, it is not so. She is just naturally untrustworthy and distinguished by her self-control and love of discipline. Once she starts to trust you and fall in love, she will show that she is capable of being both passionate and sensual;

Once revealed, Virgo women will show that they are capable of being gentle and soft. A Virgo woman will never use her sexual attraction for selfish ends. She takes great pleasure in knowing that she is giving someone pleasure. She bit shy, so sexual relations with her painted in a soft, calm tones and have respect.

How to satisfy a Virgo man? They are distinguished by the desire for simplicity and clarity in relationships and some timidity. He is quite amorous, as he is searching for his ideal for a long time. He has a high sexual potential, but a woman will, above all, be conquered by his tenderness and devotion. At the same time he is able to satisfy the most exquisite female needs. It combines chastity and true passion in an amazing way.

Ways to satisfy a Virgo man

A large number of women think about the above question, because this man is not always subject to women’s charms and charm. Nevertheless, there is a type of women for whom seduction of the male sex is a whole science.

In the first place it is necessary to gather all the information about a man for a detailed analysis, which was born under this sign. This will help to understand as much as possible how to satisfy a Virgo man.

It is necessary to know that Virgo men like order and cleanliness in everything, including relationships. It should be borne in mind that suave women they do not perceive, so do not try to please.

Seduce a man born under this sign is difficult, because from early adolescence they tend to idealize their admirers and very demanding. But if he meets his ideal on the way, he will cherish and protect it until the end of days with undying feeling.

In order to achieve their enormous potential, he first of all need harmony in the psychological and emotional sphere. It is very useful to have long pleasant conversations with him in a calm atmosphere, getting to know him better and giving him to get used to himself. Need to be patient, as men are peculiar to this sign of slowness and uncertainty.

Representatives of this sign seek to be competent in all areas that relate to them. Therefore, he has the slowness due to the fact that he wants to study everything thoroughly and better understand every aspect from all sides and only after that give in to the impulse.

How to satisfy a Virgo in bed? Women who, above all, want to have a serious and long-lasting relationship with representatives of this zodiacal constellation should take into account that it is impossible to achieve romance and compliments from them, in contrast to the critical remarks that will flow constantly.

Do not, of course, take his subtle humor so closely, so he tries to transfer to you his desire for inner and outer perfection. You should take his constant remarks with ease, and he is sure to reward you with unbreakable loyalty and sincere ardor.

Based on these recommendations, you can develop the right tactics of how to satisfy Virgo and become the best and most beloved man for her.

Virgo man: what is he like in love and in bed?

Restrained, attentive and gallant, the Virgo man gives the impression of a reliable companion and courteous partner. If you are looking for a man with whom you will feel calm and confident, despite the coldness in bed, he will surely meet expectations. A pragmatic representative of the earth element will be the very “safe haven” in which you can hide from the storms of life and forget about worries.

But if you like – passionate romantics, able to give fireworks of emotions and make the heart flutter, do not hurry to go sailing with Virgo: this is not the guy with whom it will be fun in bed and easy in everyday life. His main quality is demanding, which is present in everything: in work, friendship, relationships, cooking, housekeeping. And in return, he is ready to protect his companion from material and emotional difficulties.

Man Virgo in bed and love: what to expect?

As a true representative of the earth element, the guy whose horoscope governs Virgo, stands firmly on his feet and has no illusions. He is not one of those who will go on an adventure, allow himself to be seduced, or end up in bed with an unsuitable companion. Even in a state of infatuation this man will clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of his chosen one and not allow feelings to take over. Therefore, expect from him an excessive display of emotion or unrestrained generosity, and do not try to involve him in dubious games.

At the same time, the Virgo man is very caring and attentive. With a woman who manages to conquer his armor-clad heart, show the best qualities, try to surround comfort, relieve anxiety, satisfaction in bed. He treats sex as a pleasant but burdensome duty, paying attention to intimate life only when there is a strong desire and not showing much enthusiasm. But for the lady he likes, he is ready to try and show himself as an awe-inspiring lover.

The guy-Devo is attentive to little things: unlike many men, he remembers important dates for the chosen one, knows how to care and tenderly care. He will not forget to congratulate on the anniversary of dating or anniversary of life together, will be able to find the favorite flowers for her birthday and take care of the stock of medicines, if the girl gets sick. His main characteristic in love and in bed is responsibility for his partner, which he demonstrates from the first day of the relationship.

Being a proprietor, Virgo does not tolerate cheating and is faithful to his beloved. Can not tolerate passionate scenes, violent displays of affection, sentimental banality, so, disappointed in his partner, will not start a scandal, and quietly leave. Each breakup is perceived as a collapse of hope and closes in his shell for a long time, but deception, dishonesty, infidelity in the relationship for him is unacceptable.

How does a Virgo man behave in bed?

In sexual terms, the representative of the rational zodiac sign is somewhat lazy and not particularly inventive. He does not like to experiment with poses and caresses, preferring to be content with traditional techniques. However, in the process of intimate entertainment studies the companion, tries to anticipate her desires, to give pleasure. A clever and delicate woman can shake up the conservative Virgo, offering the partner unusual positions in bed, telling about fantasies or favorite caresses.

If you want to diversify your sex life, make a run from the rational side: a thoughtful and caring man will not refuse to use moisturizing lubricants or ultra-thin condoms, if it is necessary for the comfort of your beloved. But you need to act gently and tenderly, not allowing him to doubt his own exclusivity, otherwise instead of a delightful night you risk getting rejected by an offended and withdrawn lover.

Virgo refers to those men who calmly accept the dominance of women in sex. Ability to command a compliant lover allows the ladies to feel more confident in bed, and he in response tries to make a favorable impression and responsive to the desires of his chosen one. But do not overdo it with the initiative: too active pressure can repel a restrained partner.

How to get into bed a man Virgo?

Seduce a guy who has no hint of romance – not an easy task. In addition, Virgo since childhood used to look for the features of an ideal companion in women, avoiding rude, assertive, overly straightforward ladies. If you are willing to match his ideal of soft, caring and thrifty girls, try to become his friend first. When a demanding partner will see you as the woman of dreams, he will surround himself with sincere love, which will not fade over the years.

What does scrupulous man-Devo in bed and relationships?

  1. Cleanliness. This guy will never forget to shower before sex and will expect the same from his mistress. The smell of freshness and clean underwear will excite him more than scented candles or unusual foreplay.
  2. Emotional comfort. Long intimate conversations are necessary for the conservative representative of the zodiac circle to get to know your partner better and let her get used to herself. He will not be in a hurry with the transition to intimacy, so have patience and do not be overly persistent.
  3. Femininity. Choosing between a simple, modest girl and a sexually sophisticated beauty with loose manners, Virgo will not hesitate to give preference to the first. This man appreciates chastity and pleasant companionship, perceiving the companion primarily as a friend, not as a sexual object.

For an intimate life with a Virgo to please and bring pleasure, demonstrate a good attitude towards him. Showing attention and care, you will see a witty companion and a sensitive lover, who will make every effort to make every meeting in bed unforgettable.

What kind of women do Virgo men like?

In love and in bed, representatives of the rational zodiac sign aim for quality, not quantity. Therefore, novels in the life of Virgo are few, and each failure makes the proud male idealist dive even deeper into work and be more cautious in the next relationship. To break through the wall he has built and get through to his cold heart, a lot of effort will have to be made. Among celebrities, actor Keanu Reeves is an example of this behavior, who shows himself as a loyal companion and takes his time to change partners.

To win a Virgo, be patient, gentle and tactful in common life, communication, bed. Remember that this man hates rudeness, vulgarity, lies, uncleanness. Think what you say, do not make comments and try not to bore him. And take criticism with a smile, because grumpiness is one of the natural characteristics of his pragmatic nature.

Capricorns and Taurus have the best chance to build a harmonious relationship in the home and bed with Virgo. Also not bad compatibility with the earthly sign of the charming Leo and the loyal Scorpio. The best proof of firmness of intentions from a demanding partner is loyalty to the whims of the chosen one and care for her comfort. If in the company of this man you feel like a stone wall, then you have succeeded in conquering him.

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