How to satisfy a Cancer man in bed?

How to satisfy a Cancer man in bed: tips and advice on seduction

Distinctive features of Cancer: sociability, goodwill, developed intuition, sensuality and sensitivity, which often manifests itself in vulnerability and extremes in mood. Rapid change of mood leads to what is sometimes difficult to predict its reactions and actions. Live with him not easy because of this changeability, but not boring. For women shows gallantry and charm, thereby “falling in love” with many. Man Cancer is a connoisseur of the female soul, and therefore for many he becomes the best friend.

What kind of girl he can “hook.

Cancers are aesthetes, so they choose beautiful, with perfect, well-groomed appearance girls, especially when they are young. As they get older, they begin to appreciate more the spiritual world of the chosen one and the intimacy of the soul.

The romantic perception of Cancer affects the choice of a life partner: they pay attention to modest, romantic individuals. At the beginning of the relationship and he himself shows modesty and even unapproachable, but when the relationship is formed in confidence and openly, you can not recognize him. For men born under this sign, it means a lot of confidence in a partner, a sense of security. He is always looking for that “rear”. When he trusts his girlfriend, he can open up and share his innermost thoughts and dreams. Before a Cancer man gets intimate with a girl, he has to gain trust in her, so casual sex is not about him.

Cancer man tends to idealize his partner, and disappointment and any inconsistency with this image he “digests” in himself: he closes down emotionally. Often then accumulated resentments lead to the destruction of the relationship. With age, his views become more realistic, and he finds “the one” with whom he is ready to go through life.

Man Cancer – a homebody, he needs a quiet and peaceful family life, in which there must be romantic moments – and it does not matter how many years you have been together. In fact, they need a partner of the same romantic, a girl who will be able to provide him with peace, comfort and warmth of mind.

A striking representative of this zodiac sign is the actor Tom Cruise.

Cancer man: characteristic in love and bed

The erotic fantasies of a Cancer man need to be realized. If the Cancer man in love and bed sees the response of his partner, he will show himself a great lover. In bed, he needs to dominate, if the partner manages to submit and trust, she will get unforgettable feelings from the process. The Cancer man feels confident in bed, while being particularly sensual and gentle to his partner.

In general, they are big kids and easily succumb to caresses and compliments. Cancer – this is the most sensitive sign: gentle strokes turn him on with half a turn. In a relationship with a woman and in bed, a Cancer man must constantly hear the words of declaration of love, feel the touch of his beloved and generally feel needed. If this does not happen, the vulnerability of Cancer and the habit of “hiding” everything will have a negative impact on the relationship.

What is a Cancer man like in bed? He likes to be a “teacher” in bed, so it is better not to demonstrate his experience and awareness in matters of sex. He does not like to force events, his patience and here is manifested in completeness. In numerous surveys, women say that in sex this sign is incredible: without inhibitions, with soul and tenderness, satisfying his partner.

Good compatibility in bed in a man of Cancer with a woman of the sign of Pisces: in their relationship there is always responsiveness, affection and support. Also a successful union can be a Cancer-Taurus or Cancer-Scorpio couple.

What the Cancer man likes in bed:

  1. Foreplay and massage. The Cancer man in bed with his beloved especially appreciates gentle female caresses, reacts to the slightest touch: especially appreciate long, long, passionate kisses, embraces the whole body. Cancers just madly love intimate touches. Try massage oil from Masculan with a stimulating effect – your Cancer will melt from bliss. By the way, the erogenous zones of Cancer – nipples, earlobes, neck and collarbones, feet. Thanks to an intimate massage, you can relieve muscle tension, and your loved one will feel sweet shivers all over the body and pleasure from intimacy.
  2. A romantic setting. What does a Cancer man like in bed? Candles, the scent of incense or stimulating perfume, favorite music, delicate, lacy lingerie on the beloved – all this will help create exactly the atmosphere in which Cancer men feel “a fish in water”. Men born under this sign of the zodiac are very fond of romance, touch, hugs and kisses. Do not neglect this feature, and fill your life together with these moments.
  3. The fulfillment of sexual desires. And the sexual fantasies of a man of the sign of Cancer are very diverse. The partner should listen to his man during intimacy and fulfill his requests. In general, men of Cancer differ active position in bed: they like to dominate and be in charge.
  4. Sincerity. Cancer guy in bed is especially sensitive to the soul component, so during sex be sincerely emotional and uninhibited. Do not be stingy with compliments, Cancer “likes ears”.
  5. Sex in the water. Yes – it is their element. How to surprise the Cancer man in bed? Suggest making love in the shower or in the bathtub.
  6. Dominance. Cancers welcome initiative from the girl, but they like to lead the process themselves. They do not mind experiments and new sensations in sex: role-playing games, different positions and types of sex, lubricants with different flavors.

What can ruin a relationship:

  • Criticism. Remarks, especially those said in a harsh form, hurt sensitive Cancers.
  • Violation of personal boundaries . With such a partner, you need to be especially sensitive not to limit their freedom. Delicacy and tact is needed in the relationship.
  • Coldness and lack of initiative. Cancerians are not quite confident in themselves, so such an attitude from a partner can greatly affect his self-esteem. It is important for them to get a response from the girl when they are confident in their neediness and importance.


Lucky is the girl who won the heart of the Cancer guy. He knows how to love sincerely, nobly, from the heart and boundlessly. If he is confident in his companion, he will do everything to make his beloved happy in all areas of life together.

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If you suddenly met a mysterious, calm, dreamy and good-natured girl, most likely you are a Cancer. The main features: simplicity, tenderness, warmth, amazing inner energy, as well as fickleness and secrecy.

Cancer man in sex

Secretive and fickle nature, which is the Cancer man in sex, and in life in general, sometimes seems completely incomprehensible even to the closest. This is a man who is in himself, he likes to be sad in solitude and chase thoughts before going to bed, carefully thinking through plans for the next day. He is very sentimental, not always able to control his emotions, but to a greater extent he is an idealist, and that attracts people ready to go after him if only to the edge of the world. Desperate dreamer, tireless in his work, so many people think he is a bit hovering in the clouds, but this trait can not take away from them.

The Cancer man is rather fickle in his mood. This sign is influenced by the Moon and depending on its cycles, can vary dramatically in his behavior, from gentle and sweet, to the cynical and even dangerous. Momentary change of mood is a very natural form of life for them, although it is quite difficult for those around them to get used to such their behavior. He does not tolerate objections, can react even completely inadequate, but can not be with a man who will constantly give in to his whims, because he will feel guilty for his insistence. With women is very gentle, behaves as a true gentleman, believes that he must be a support and protection for his companion.

Cancer man is attracted to feminine partners, very intelligent, erudite and truly beautiful. He loves to talk on various topics, it’s his spiritual food, without which he can not build a relationship, because the conversation for him is more important than the intimate life. He is quite diligent in achieving their goals, if a woman has attracted his attention, he will try to win her by all means, but after that, once ascertained her attachment, he immediately turns into a pragmatic owner, who can dictate their rules and demand their unconditional compliance. If you care about the man Cancer, you should do everything as he wants you to, because there is nothing easier than to disappoint him, and after that the relationship comes to naught. He just will not say it to his face and resentments, doubts will accumulate in him until the intimacy will be unbearable.

His love for food and drink is as integral to this sign as it is to conversation. He has exquisite taste, but he does not always care about how he looks and what he is wearing. He, by and large, absolutely does not care what anyone thinks of him, because he knows his strengths, although he does not recognize the weaknesses. He is the guru of eloquence, he can speak without fatigue, able to support any conversation on almost all topics and very often, this strongly attracts others to him. Cancer enough intelligence and he has a wide range of knowledge, which can be attributed rather to his ability to be an obedient student on the school bench, and a phenomenal memory, because he captures everything on the fly.

All who are near such a man should be at one with him, that is, to adhere to his opinion, share his point of view. He has an amazing ability to persuade, able to change people’s minds and get them on his side, even if you think otherwise, he will not leave you until he gets his way. Believes that there are only two opinions his and wrong, so to close the topic, the interlocutor is best to agree with Cancer, which simply will not get away from his opponent. But he is able to not only speak without fatigue, he is also an excellent listener who can give practical advice or just support in a difficult moment, for which he is valued by people close to him.

Thanks to the ability to think analytically, a man of Cancer is able to make money and solve their problems, without outside help. He generally rarely asks for help, because he does not like to be pitied and can not stand pity. In his views are more traditional, which applies to everything, as ways of earning money and sex positions, does not like changes and refers to them very cautiously. Cancer strongly attached to people, to habits, to the environment, so quite painfully tolerates a change of familiar to him life, separation from people, moving. Preserves friendly relations with all who have ever been in his inner circle, not against meeting with them, if he calls, even if these meetings are very rare, and they have nothing but memories associated with them for a long time. Likes to look through childhood photos with sadness, to remember everything that once happened in his life and to thank those who were her honor. Taki does not like change, he tries in every way to avoid it and painfully recalls the days gone.

It is not easy for the mistress of such guys, as he is very demanding in relationships, treats them very seriously even in the initial stage, which often leads him to suffering. He loves with his ears, that is why he constantly needs to be told about love, to prove it with words and deeds. The ideal woman for a man of Cancer beautiful and intelligent, capable of not only accept it for what it is, but also to give him all of himself. By nature, he is a very loyal person, perhaps because of fear of change, rarely cheat, because in the first place, demand loyalty in return. His house is a secluded corner in which he feels most comfortable, he tries to create comfort in it and do everything to make life run smoothly. However, in the life of this sign is not as smooth as he would like this, because the relationship to build a very slow, it is extremely poor understanding of women and puts initially too high bar, so often disappointed in those whom he truly loves.

Man Cancer in life is a good family man who can provide for his woman, find his way and realize his potential, which, of course, attracts many. He is not a fan of fleeting novels, he always chooses the one he would consider for a long-term relationship, smoothly transitioning into a strong marriage. But even if something did not work out, he will be grateful to his partner for the fact that she was with him, gave him emotions and shared his bed, so often, remains a good companion for his former women. But to be around a representative of this sign is very difficult, although absolutely not boring, because it is impossible to keep track of when he is sad, and when he begins to laugh. Women are difficult to get used to his stubbornness and changeability in character, which is especially evident in the full moon, so you should be careful.

The sexuality of the Cancer man

Cancer man in sex prefers the role of an experienced teacher, who will gladly teach his partner the skillful mastery of all the basics of erotic life, which is not worth interrupting, even if you are better at it than he is. It is important for such a guy to be constantly praised and encouraged, then he will simply be head over heels in love with his lady, he will give her even more than she asks for. A wise woman who is near him should just constantly pretend to be a bit silly, pretend that he is teaching her everything, especially about sex, because stopping him once and showing that you are not interested in his lessons, Cancer can shut down and your sex life will turn into banal sex in traditional positions.

He knows what he wants, he always achieves his goal, in sex he cares not only about himself but also about his partner, he tries to bring her as much pleasure as possible, he likes to talk and ask about how she feels and how she likes it better. This is a very big plus, so even if you are experienced in terms of intimacy, give such a partner the reins, believe me, you will remain satisfied thoroughly, and he even more so.

To attract the attention of such a man to his own person, you should not behave frankly, vulgar and rude, because he always relies on the initial impression and will not give a second chance. A Cancer man will not be near a girl who is harsh in her statements or dishonest in her actions, he chooses feminine and gentle girls who he will be able to re-educate and subdue. Even if you start a relationship, women should watch every word at the first stages, because it is easy to offend him, and this is a very bad omen.

If Cancer loses confidence in his comfort, he immediately closes down, withdraws and you are unlikely to get through to him if you are not well acquainted with him. Over time, he will be more loyal, begin to get used to your shortcomings, but this will come later, as you get to know each other. But it is worth noting that Cancer in sex is very gentle and caring, he will listen to every breath with sensuality, will fulfill any wish and will do everything so that you remain completely satisfied.

Rarely during sex a Cancer man chooses the traditional places, he likes to experiment, explore new territory, not averse to give themselves all-consuming passion on the floor, in the hallway, on the table, in a secluded corner of someone’s apartment. Although this does not mean that he misses foreplay, no sex act is impossible for him without it, so he will find ways to excite his partner to the limit. Thanks to his excellent memory, he never forgets the smallest details about his partner and women in general, so each time, he will feel you more and more, to excite with great skill and to give moments of heavenly pleasure that will border on madness. To excite a man of Cancer, you should wear beautiful, lacy lingerie, which affects him instantly. At times, he himself does not mind putting on something intriguing, so role-playing as a variation of intimacy is quite suitable for sex with him.

The erogenous zones of a Cancer man

Erogenous zones in this sign are almost everywhere, so the Cancer man in sex is very sensitive. He loves deep kisses, he goes crazy with passionate embrace and even light touch can excite him to the limit. The most sensitive place to touch is his chest, especially the nipples, so to bring him an unearthly pleasure, begin to caress them, biting lightly, that can bring it even to orgasm. You can alternate between tenderness and a little roughness with his nipples, from which he te will refuse, but everything must be in moderation, so that sex is not turned into a torture. But do not do it on the first day, pretend that you know him as well as he knows you, give him time to trust you Cancer, so he opened up to you and then, start your sexual torture, get all the trump cards, proceed to seduce this voluptuous man.

He will enjoy sex more when time has passed and you are fully liberated, because he can only relax when he sees that everything is under control and he knows your body enough to let you start exploring your own.

Before the active part of sex, a Cancer will only need to take a shower together with preliminary caresses or eat a light erotic dinner while dressed in sexy costumes, which is a super sexy act for him. Each intercourse should certainly be accompanied by a mass of kisses, passionate and deep, which will last forever, excite and rekindle passion like smoldering straw. Cancer is very important to feel the closeness of his partner, he loves kissing and touching, he loves the nipple twisting, when they caressed his hands and mouth, when it gently stroke the groin and hair wave down on his chest, making you shudder at every sudden touch of his partner’s sharp teeth to the nipples.

At its core, sex with a Cancer man is simply impossible without foreplay, because he appreciates this stage and is a huge fan when a woman tries to seduce him, to bring pleasure through touching and kissing. To ignite passion in him, a woman only needs to touch his chest, to move lightly down to the groin and kiss him passionately, after which he will definitely start to make reciprocal actions and the mechanism of the sexual act will be irrevocably started. With such a partner a girl simply can not be near a complexed and frigid, because he will immediately see when you are sincere, even with regard to orgasm. But believe me, with him you won’t have to fake it, he knows how to open the girl’s way to heavenly pleasure.

Sexual compatibility of the Cancer man with other signs

Cancer man in sex with an Aries woman. A very easy and promising beginning of such a relationship, will quickly come to naught, because of her many flaws that are unacceptable to him. He will not be able to be constantly jealous, keep up with the rambunctious life of an Aries and forgive hurtful, barbed words to his address. She, in turn, will not be able to bend and become his property, so the relationship is only possible on the basis of sexual attraction. They will be great in bed, but unbearable in life.

Cancer man in sex with a Taurus woman. Attentive and devoted Taurus, a great match for him. They will come to an understanding, are quite passionate and will get together perfectly sexually. She will not aggravate the situation and will allow her man to be alone with his thoughts sometimes, will be loyal to changes in mood and will be sympathetic to many problematic issues, helping to solve them.

Cancer man in sex with a Gemini woman. Such a woman attracts his temperamental nature, but he is unlikely to be able to suppress their temperament, impermanence, love of flirting. He will be constantly jealous and try to absorb the independence of the freedom-loving Gemini woman, but she will not give in, as this man is interested in them only in terms of sexual satisfaction, they will not be able to be under constant control.

Cancer man in sex with a Cancer woman. It is unlikely to get a good match out of such a union, as he as well as she is very sensitive, demanding, wants to be the leader in sex and either of them will probably not want to cede their position to the other. Arguing can derail their communication and shut each other out, so a sensual initial connection and physical attraction, is unlikely to be the key to a happy marriage.

Cancer man in sex with a Leo woman. With such a companion, he will be more stable in his fickle mood, confident in his need. They are on the same level in terms of sensuality but there is a small drawback, they are too on the same level, and therefore, if either of them agrees to concede their leadership in sex, the bond promises to be strong.

Cancer man in sex with a Virgo woman. She is very suitable for a man like him, as she is quite practical, has a craving for learning about the world around her, is reserved and will be able to perceive his quirks quite calmly. She will not claim leadership in bed, but her shyness may be a small disadvantage, although here He will really prove to be a good sexual teacher, so there are prospects both for relationships and for building a marriage.

Cancer man in sex with a Libra woman. Her fickleness and deep affection, bordering on intrusiveness, is a huge problem for him, and his fickleness in mood, frequent resentment and secrecy, repulses her. In sex they are unlikely to be able to tune in on the same wave, they will not be able to agree, and for men of this sign it is the biggest problem.

Cancer man in sex with a woman Scorpio. A very harmonious union can turn out in this pair, where she will dominate in the relationship and he in sex. A sensual connection, passionate and stable, as both partners harbor a deep devotion to their other half, hence confidence in him and respect for her is engendered.

Cancer man in sex with a Sagittarius woman. Very different, they are unlikely to build a strong relationship, but as a temporary party, will keep each other in good company. Perfectly suited sexually, but she is by nature a rampant wanderer who is looking for new sensations, and he is conservative in his habits, so they will not go their way and offenses simply cannot be avoided.

Cancer man in sex with a Capricorn woman. Perfect compatibility in sex, can attract him to her, only at first. This woman will not be able to loosen up completely and can quickly bore him with her restraint, she is also unlikely to prove her affection, which is very important for him. Connection is possible, but it is unlikely that something serious will come out of it.

Cancer man in sex with Aquarius woman. She is too emotional and free-spirited, can easily get carried away with someone else, so such a partner is not quite ideal for him. Such a woman will not shout about her love, will not stop in search of adventure, although she can easily satisfy such a partner in bed. How long can such a relationship last, rather, until Aquarius sees someone more attractive on the horizon than Cancer.

Man Cancer in sex with a woman of Pisces. Such a couple will be very harmonious, as she is willing to be driven in bed and will gladly become a support in life for him. Pisces will give everything that their partner needs for a happy existence, they will find common ground, so you can quite expect both a happy marriage and a strong, lasting love without pretense.

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