How to return the love of a lion?

How to return the man Leo: steps to reconciliation

To return a man-Lion is more difficult than anyone else. Representatives of this zodiac sign are resentful, proud and independent. Natural leaders prefer to see a reliable, faithful man next to them, although they are not averse to shenanigans on the side. If you hurt the self-esteem of a handsome man, then it will take a lot of time and effort to return the old relationship.

Characteristics of the sign

Leo is charismatic, independent, ambitious, demanding, cheerful, kind and pragmatic. A representative of the fire element likes to be in the spotlight and listen to praise and flattery in his address. Compliments for him as balm to the soul, but the comments he perceives in hostility.

Leo men do not succumb to control, they can not be driven into rigid frames. They love to spend time in the company of visiting attractions. Ready to help everyone without demanding anything in return. Always feel responsibility for those whom they tamed. Straightforward, not inclined to intrigue and cunning, cannot lie and hold back emotions. Leo knows his worth and knows how to stand up for himself. The most characteristic traits:

  1. Kindness. Kindness guys can conquer more than one heart of the ladies. Peaceful, sincere, cheerful and bright men always attract the attention of the ladies, causing interest in his person.
  2. Energy. Sitting in one place is definitely not the prerogative of Leo. He prefers an active lifestyle, meetings, conferences. Can handle a task of any complexity. Mobility – the key to success.
  3. Persistence. Defends his point of view, can not tolerate criticism. Takes life-changing decisions without fear of failure.
  4. Offensive, but resilient. He remembers insults for a long time, but does not retaliate. Holding a grudge, acts like a small child: capricious, swearing, picking on little things.
  5. He is a lover of life. Accustomed to take everything from life at once, enjoys its bounty.

Gathering in a tight bundle bundle positive qualities, their carrier will bestow boundless care and attention to his beloved. In relationships, Leo people are decent, gentle, considerate and affectionate. They are ready to move mountains for their beloved, but only if they believe that she is worthy of it.

What can you insult the Leo

A strong and generous nature is a prototype of the king of beasts. In real life he is a lord. Does not like to wait for a miracle, takes the initiative in his own hands. Advice of friends or colleagues will not listen, the decision will always make himself. He is quick to light up and burns out quickly. Is easily offended, long remember what was said and done.

Leo lives by his own rules and tries to impose them on the elected. A woman who will not be able to adjust to his complex nature, will not survive the relationship, no matter how promising they may seem. Leo – dictators, in addition, very demanding. Offend them easily: you can look wrong, say the wrong thing – and off they go. Most of all Leo men are offended:

  • Cheating on the side;
  • The desire to prove one’s point;
  • Disputes and bickering;
  • Attempts to give hints, advice;
  • The desire to impose their opinion;
  • criticism;
  • an intricate plan, an idea;
  • disobedience;
  • negligence;
  • lack of due attention;
  • coldness in sex.

In any relationship, there is a certain line, overstepping which you have to reap the benefits of a blunder. With Leo will not pass even the slightest blunder that humiliate their dignity. If the offense is minor, the man will depart quickly, if not – the chances for a happy continuation of the relationship are minimal.

Steps to reconciliation

It is difficult enough to return a life-loving man if he is determined to leave. In order not to come up with a plan for the return, it is better not to lose trust, otherwise you will have to sweat. Since life situations are different, quarrels occur between lovers regularly. You need to study your partner’s weaknesses so you know what to push.

Leo is often the one who is the master of quarrels and scandals. At the same time, they calm down after half an hour and are already ready to make up. Their favorite tactic is to behave as if nothing has happened. Lions rarely ask for forgiveness, it is difficult to find the right words. When they try to make up, they become “soft and fluffy” and give gifts and flowers. The heart of the chosen one melts, the offense is forgotten until the next time.

Other things are when the offended feels like a Leo. This surly “creature” will pester as long as the chosen one will not come to beg forgiveness. But you can do otherwise, letting the female charm and charm. Leo will not resist the seduction. Algorithm of action:

  • Stop criticizing, don’t go back in time;
  • Change a gloomy look to a cheerful one;
  • put the house in order;
  • cook a delicious dinner;
  • Wear a sexy dress, do your hair and makeup;
  • to show maximum attention and care.

Lions are like kittens: stroke them a little – they already purr!

How to behave properly.

To prevail in an atmosphere of love and understanding in the matrimonial bed, the partner should be supported. It is necessary not to fill up with advice, and quietly go the same way. Leo can be manipulated, but it should be done subtly for themselves. So that the interest of a fiery man does not fade, you need to keep the fire alive. On the one hand, these guys do not like to be crossed and go against them, on the other – they miss the routine and quiet life.

A man likes ladies who are sociable, beautiful, who know how to take care of themselves. After a breakup, it is necessary to look flawless, so that the former catcher can bite his elbows. Then there is every chance to win him back. There is no need to impose, you should let the relationship endure like expensive wine, but do not yawn either. The lover cannot stand to be alone and does not like to feel abandoned.

Since youth he is surrounded by attention of girls, eventually chooses a spectacular young lady, bright. To conquer the Leo, you have to try to present yourself in the best possible way, to portray a natural hostess, expectant mother, concerned about the hearth and insatiable lover. If the relationship is kind of coming to an end, there is no need to run after him. On the contrary, you can portray a kind of indifference by making him jealous. Lions are hunters who love competition and winning. Rivalries only encourage and force them to act more decisively.

A woman who wants to be close to the “master” must make the right moves and not make mistakes:

  1. Obedience. The lion, accustomed by life to leadership, will not tolerate domination over himself. It is better to play the innocent sheep and do things the way he wants.
  2. Praise. Support and praise in any affairs and undertakings. Even if the plan fails, you should not point out mistakes.
  3. Flirting. Leo likes when other men pay attention to his choices, but will not allow outright flirting with his chosen one. The girl should belong only to him, and many people can want her.
  4. Appearance. Next to a strong and beautiful suitor should walk a chic lady with a straight back. A simpleton is not suitable for the role of a life partner or even a temporary mistress.
  5. In a quarrel, don’t get personal.

Out of the crowd, dominants choose the brightest flower, but soon expect to see a submissive beauty. And here one must either accept and adjust, or look for another companion.

Mistakes in action

Relationships will not work out or will not work out in the best way if:

  • constantly whining and complaining about fate;
  • Making scandals;
  • crying and taking pity;
  • waste money, make useless purchases;
  • Do not take care of yourself;
  • Do not pay much attention to your partner;
  • To remain cold in sex;
  • not to develop internally;
  • obsess over himself;
  • not to get involved in Leo’s problems;
  • not to cook and not to keep order in the house.

Quarrels most often arise against the background of domestic, money problems and lack of understanding.

How not to lose again

In order not to lose your partner again, you should not be offended. It is better to pretend to be happy than to show your dissatisfied face. You need to enjoy life together with your loved one, rather than complaining about problems and constant dissatisfaction with the situation.

It is worth dancing with him until morning at a party and having fun. Domestic life and routine are not part of the winner’s plans. It is better to show your devotion and love than to suffer from remorse about cheating. Cheating is not allowed even after discord, otherwise rapprochement is out of the question. It is wrong to force the work, if it is not to your liking.

Tips of psychologists

The guilty party rarely admits his wrongdoing. Everyone wants to emerge victorious from the situation and stay in the dais. In the case of the fiery representative of the zodiac constellation, the initiative must always come from the partner. He will not ask for forgiveness, even if he feels guilty about himself. Pride is so overpowering that it overcomes even common sense.

Make peace in the case if the relationship is expensive. Leo do not change and do not make for themselves any lesson. From them you can not wait for sympathy and empathy. It is possible to press for pity, but the effect will be short-lived. Psychologists recommend the following:

  1. Do not play the victim of circumstances. Tears, requests for forgiveness remind more of a kindergarten, and your loved one wants to see a balanced, restrained, strong character next to you. But sometimes tears can make you change your tone and show pity. However, it’s not a good idea to flirt. Looking too pathetic acts on Leo in the opposite direction: there is a desire not to pardon, but to finish it off.
  2. Do not try to rebuild. More often than not, the cause of the quarrel is the endless criticism of the admirer. However, only with praise and flattery will it be possible to earn credibility.
  3. Do not rush events. If the attempt to establish communication was not successful, it is best to wait a while, give a break, not to impose persistently. Men are prone to determination, but rarely commit rash actions. Also, you should be prepared for an admirer to disappear for a while. He needs time to think and sort out his thoughts.

If the lover of life chooses a worthy couple, there will be no end to family happiness. This is a strong man who will take all the cares for himself, providing comfort and comfort. You just need to remember to praise and support him.

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How to reconcile with the Leo man : secrets of reconciliation

Greetings Astrologers agree that the Leo man, among all women is a tidbit for marriage, as he has a lot of undeniable virtues: honesty, solid character, a leader in life. But, like other signs, has a distinctive feature, such as impulsiveness. It is not easy to build a relationship with him. Therefore, after the quarrel that occurred when he decided to leave, it is necessary to pay attention to the psychologist’s advice to a lion man to return after the breakup.

How to get a Leo man back

Reconcile with a man the lion is not an easy thing to do, especially difficult if the initiative to break up the relationship came from a woman. The Leo needs to feel at the head of everything, from that with a woman who ended the relationship with him, pride will not allow to resume communication and try to reconcile. In turn, the Leo himself, often provides a reason for a woman to break up with him. This sign of the zodiac has a strong character, but is very impulsive, categorical and principled. In a relationship with such a man can, often, encounter quarrels, resentment and disappointment. In extremely rare cases, but you can not pay attention, the reason for parting can be treason.

Distinctive features of the character of a fire sign:

  • Demanding attention;
  • Has a great charisma;
  • Has the qualities of a leader;
  • A firm character;
  • Kind.

Lions men, rarely stick to equality in relationships, occupying a pedestal in them. But, in turn, they are very kind and fair. They, in no case, will not belittle their partner, will not remake his beloved girl under himself. It is because of this view of the partner, it is very comfortable to build a life with him – this is a man who has the power, which is ready to take responsibility for everything that happens.

The reason for parting can be:

  • Lack of attentiveness;
  • Attempts to put pressure on Leo;
  • A depressed mood and not talkative girl;
  • Infidelity.

The possibility of a lion man’s return depends on the reason for the breakup. A man can forgive inattention to himself or an attempt to put pressure on himself, but he, by no means, will not forgive treason. The lion will not let that slide. Man wants to feel superiority of his own, literally everything. If a girl tries to have an affair on the side with another partner, while in a relationship with Leo, she will become his enemy number one, because she betrayed him.

For any other reason, a woman must be able to properly and sincerely apologize, and be able to admit her own mistakes and hope for the Lion’s compassion. In most cases, it is this behavior that helps to bring the lion back, after a breakup. Representatives of this zodiac sign have an innate sense of justice, so they are willing to forgive the repentant girl.

How to return a lion man after a breakup: the right actions

Given the advice of a psychologist, you will be able to return your lion husband to the family after the breakup, as well as strengthen the alliance with him. When a woman decides to return a man, in any case, avoid resentment against him, do not doubt his words and actions. Lions men make decisions based on justice, and if they made such a decision, it means that they really had a significant reason for it. For a girl, the best thing would be to analyze the relationship with a Leo and work through the mistakes made in order to avoid them in the future.

  1. A woman will have to make the first step towards reconciliation. A man must see that the woman really wants to resume the relationship and is ready to obey him in everything. Leo is flattered by such behavior, and they appreciate it, so they are willing to accept an apology and try to make up.
  2. This sign is very impulsive and may at times follow their emotions. Family psychologists recommend to take advantage of this nuance to renew the relationship. It is necessary to wait for some time before acting actively. This is necessary for the man to cool down and calm his resentment, and afterwards will expect action from the partner, because they are sure that the girl regrets the breakup with him.
  3. A good helper in reconciliation with a man will be care and showing active participation in the life of the lion. He appreciates comfort and a cozy atmosphere, it should be in the house necessarily. He needs to feel that the family members are trying just for him.
  4. Lions are in great need of support, attention and admiration. If he is given the desired, consider that the separation occurred as if never happened. I will say more, if next to a woman Leo feels his strength and courage, the relationship strengthens.

In some cases, a girl can attract the attention of an ex-boyfriend of a Lion with the help of a sexual relationship. If a man still has feelings for his former partner, and he feels that he is wanted, then after a romantic evening and a stormy night, she has every chance to resume and continue the relationship with him.

Improper behavior with Leo.

After a breakup, a man should be given time, to calm his emotions. Only then move on to actions, to establish a relationship with him. Do not try to go to reconciliation after the scandal. During the emotional tension with Leo, it is impossible to have a dialogue, and to influence his decisions. At this time, he is prone to inadequate behavior and can severely hurt the girl with the spoken word, which, in the future, will only cool the feelings of the partners even more.

Leo cannot be blamed for the break-up. He cannot tolerate criticism in any form and will not accept it, so the girl is sure that he will not be blamed for what happened. At the same time, set against yourself, will be more than successful.

It is impossible to reconcile with the lion guy, using his sense of jealousy. It should be borne in mind that such an action will be enough to destroy his feelings for his beloved.

Intrigue on the side, to tickle the nerves of Leo is the worst tactic, with a failed outcome. You won’t get what you want. Leo, on the other hand, will be disgusted by the girl and will not resume feelings for her.

Also, you will not be able to return a man of the fire sign by resorting to pity. They are disgusted by weak-willed people. They create their environment of strong and self-sufficient female representatives, so crying, tantrums will only alienate him.

A Way of Reconciliation

Leo has high values of family and respect. He is the personification of a caring husband and an attentive father. Leo’s return depends on his reasons for leaving. Leaving the family could be due to his wife’s inattention, a tense family environment, or attempts to manipulate him. The woman should reconsider her manner with the man.

Create a positive atmosphere for communication with the man and admit his mistakes. This is an important and basic action for reconciliation with Leo. Afterwards, it will be necessary to correct the mistakes made. Surround a man with care, affection and comfort at home. Astrologers advise, as often as possible, to take interest in his successes and give as much support as possible in all his areas of activity.

Leo needs a sense of faith in him and support. If his spouse provides faith and support, he will feel happy and will not dare to jeopardize his relationship with that partner.

By understanding ways to reconcile with a man of the fire sign, you can not only get him back, but also strengthen the existing relationship.

What do you think, do Leo men come back after a breakup? Share your opinion in the comments.

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