How to quickly divorce your husband if there is a child?

How to get a quick divorce?

The decision to put an end to the marriage should be taken consciously and without haste. However, spouses often want to go through the statutory procedure as quickly as possible. In this article we will tell you how to get divorced quickly, under what circumstances it is possible to do through the registry office, and in what cases you can not avoid the court process, what measures to take to minimize its duration.

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This article will tell you:

Ways to dissolve a marriage

Current law provides two ways to dissolve a marriage – in the registry office or in court. What way will take advantage of the spouses depends not only on their desire, but also from a number of circumstances.

the Procedure of divorce through the registry office is quite simple and does not require the collection of a large list of documents. The court process may drag on, especially in cases where there is a dispute between the spouses about child support, living with one of the parents or the division of joint property.

How to quickly obtain a divorce through the registry office?

Dissolution of marriage through the registry office – the fastest and easiest way. However, not everyone will be able to use it. Get a stamp on the divorce is possible only if the following conditions:

  • both spouses do not object to the termination of marital relations;
  • No joint minor children;
  • The spouses do not have mutual claims on the issue of division of property.

If there are no circumstances that prevent a divorce by mutual consent, the husband and wife need:

  1. Before visiting the registry office, each spouse should pay the state duty in the amount of 650 rubles.
  2. Prepare passports, marriage certificate and a receipt of payment of state duty.
  3. To come to the registrar to submit the application. The form of application is approved and you can fill it out in advance, but the parties must put their signatures in the presence of an employee of the Registry Office. In addition to personal data in the application must specify the reason for the dissolution of the marriage and the surname, which the applicant prefers to leave.

Apply to the Registry Office, where the marriage was registered earlier, or at the place of residence of the spouses.

Dissolution of marriage in a unilateral procedure

In exceptional cases, the marriage can be dissolved at the request of only one of the spouses without the consent of the second (clause 2 of Article 19 of the Family Code). This option is possible if one of the spouses:

  • Is recognized by a court decision as incapacitated;
  • recognized as missing;
  • sentenced to at least 3 years serving their sentence in a place of confinement.

In such circumstances, the applicant shall submit to the Registry Office a confirming document and pay a state duty in the amount of 350 rubles.

Terms of divorce and whether it is possible to accelerate the process

After filing the documents, the parties will be able to get a certificate of dissolution of marriage only in a month. This period is stipulated by Article 19 of the UK Russian Federation as a “reconciliatory”, so to issue a divorce in one day will not work. This measure is provided for to avoid rash decisions, taken under the influence of emotions. During this period, the husband and wife may at any time change their decision and withdraw the application.

If the decision is made knowingly, then after 30 days the divorce process will be considered completed and a divorce stamp will be placed in the passports of the former spouses and a certificate will be issued.

It is impossible to change the period established by law. If the parties fail to appear at the divorce proceedings, their application will be annulled. This does not deprive them of the right to reapply, but from that moment the 30-day period will begin again.

If one of the parties, due to circumstances, cannot be present at the divorce proceedings, a written notarized consent may be submitted to the Registry Office.

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How quickly can I divorce through the court?

Spouses who have minor children, property disputes or have not reached an agreement on the need to dissolve the marriage, the issue of divorce can be resolved only in court.

In order to file an application for divorce in court without delay, the plaintiff must prepare, namely:

  1. Find out the jurisdiction of the case. The claim is filed in a world court, if there is no dispute about the place of residence of children, and the amount of the property issue is not more than 50 thousand rubles. District court considers cases in the presence of requirements of the establishment of the place of residence of children, as well as those related to the division of property, if the amount of the claim exceeds 50 thousand rubles.
  2. Draw up a statement of claim. In order not to be returned, the statement must meet the requirements of Article 131 of the Civil Procedural Code, it must contain a statement of the reasons for the termination of marital relations, as well as ways to resolve issues related to the residence of children with one of the parents and the division of joint property between the parties to the process.
  3. Pay the state duty in the amount of 600 rubles.
  4. Prepare the required documents.

A list of required documents:

  • Identity document;
  • marriage certificate
  • birth certificates of children;
  • Property documents (in the presence of a property dispute);
  • Documents confirming income (in the presence of a claim for the recovery of alimony);
  • Other documents on the merits of the case.

To avoid delaying the trial, the parties need to attend every court session. Otherwise the sessions will be postponed, which will significantly increase the time frame for dissolution of marriage.

Case Timelines

Court-ordered divorce proceedings are more time-consuming and depend on the number and complexity of the claims asserted. The total time frame for the case includes the following steps:

  • from the time of filing to the first court hearing – 1 month;
  • consideration of the case – on average 1 month;
  • entry of the court decision into legal force – 1 month.

Taking into account that district courts consider the most complicated cases, the term of consideration may extend up to half a year. In addition, any of the parties prior to the entry into force of the decision of the court may file an appeal, which will also increase the duration of the process.

If the defendant fails to appear in court three times (in the absence of valid reasons) the decision to end the marriage will be issued without his participation. If the decision of the court did not appeal and it has entered into legal force, it is transferred to the body of the Registrar at the place of the marriage. After the payment of state duty ex-spouses will be able to receive certificates, confirming the termination of their marriage.

Circumstances that complicate the procedure of divorce in court

The more contentious the issues between the spouses and the more strained the relationship, the more likely it is that the lawsuit will drag on for a long period of time. Such circumstances are usually the following:

  1. The existence of a dispute over children. The parties may claim to establish a court decision to establish a place of residence of the child with one of the parents, the order of meetings and participation in his upbringing and maintenance (alimony).
  2. Division of property. In the absence of a marriage contract, all property acquired during the marriage is divided equally between husband and wife, except for property received as a gift or by inheritance. If an expert appraisal of the property is appointed, the process will drag on for several more months.
  3. Lack of consent to divorce by one of the parties. In this case, the court may impose a period for reconciliation of the parties, which will add from 1 to 3 months to the trial period. However, if there are circumstances in which reconciliation is not possible, this period may be reduced.

In addition, Article 17 of the Family Code provides for cases where without the consent of the spouse, a divorce will not be possible quickly either administratively or judicially. The husband’s demand for divorce will not be granted if the wife is pregnant and also before the child reaches the age of 1 year. This rule does not apply to the wife. She has the right to ask for a divorce at any point in the marriage relationship.

How can I speed up the court process?

To avoid possible delays and to minimize the length of the court process as much as possible, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Settle in advance the issue of the place of residence of the children and the order of communication with them by concluding a notarized agreement and submit it to the court;
  • to State a claim for division of property in a separate statement of claim, in this case the duration of the process will not affect the timing of the dissolution of the marriage;
  • in the preparation of the statement of claim to indicate and confirm the documentary circumstances of the impossibility of reconciliation, which will help to avoid the appointment of a reconciliation period of the court;
  • apply for the allocation of a separate proceedings counterclaim to challenge paternity;
  • take measures to ensure the appearance of the parties to the court sessions.

If the disputed issues could not be resolved before the start of the trial, the parties may, at any stage of the process, conclude an amicable agreement defining their agreements on the requirements of the divorce.

Lawyer Answers to Private Questions

My husband and I have not been living together for over three years, we have no children together and we even live in different cities. Is there any way to legally process the divorce in one day.

Article 19 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation establishes a deadline for dissolution of marriage in the registry office – 1 month. It will not be possible to reduce this term even though the marriage has already been terminated.

How can I dissolve my marriage with my husband if I now live in another city, but I am registered at his place of residence? Where do I have to go?

If you do not have joint minor children and disputes about the jointly acquired property, the fastest way to arrange a divorce is through the registry office in your and your husband’s place of registration. But from the moment of filing an application in any case you have to wait a month. If there is a dispute about children or property, then you need to go to court at the place of residence of the defendant.

My husband and I have been married for more than five years. But it happened that he was sentenced to five years in prison. I made the decision to get a divorce. He does not object to the divorce, but he fundamentally does not agree with my option of dividing the property. How do I divorce him so it doesn’t drag on for a year?

The norms of the family code provides for the possibility of dissolution of marriage in the registry office at the request of one of the spouses if the second spouse is convicted for a term of more than 3 years with imprisonment. But if you can not peacefully resolve the property dispute, then you will have to dissolve the marriage in court.

I want to file for divorce, but I know exactly what my husband will oppose. We have a 3-year-old child together and an apartment under construction. Where do I go and with what application?

Given that you have a common minor child, you will have to go to court anyway. If you and your husband can resolve the issue of child support and the division of the apartment in the pretrial order by entering into an agreement, the divorce process will take two months. If you can’t reach an agreement, you will have to go to court to resolve these issues as well.

My wife has filed for divorce. We have a child together, but the court order doesn’t say anything about the child or division of property. What to do in this situation?

You have the right to appeal against the court’s decision by way of appeal. But if the claim of your spouse was only a requirement to dissolve the marriage and you agree with it, then there is no point in appealing. To solve the issue of determining the place of residence of the child, the order of communication with him, as well as the division of property you have the right at any time after the dissolution of the marriage by peaceful means, and in court.

Expert opinion

Summarizing we note the following:

  1. Issue a divorce through the Registry Office is possible only in the absence of minor children and a dispute about the property.
  2. The law establishes a one-month period for dissolution of marriage in the Registry Office and it cannot be accelerated.
  3. In cases prescribed by law, the marriage may be dissolved at the request of one of the spouses.
  4. Depending on the application, divorce cases may be heard by the Justice of the Peace and District Courts.
  5. Simultaneously with the divorce may be considered claims for the recovery of alimony, determination of the place of residence of children, the division of joint property.

Cases of dissolution of marriage is often accompanied by negative emotions, which do not allow a sober assessment of the situation and reach a peaceful agreement between the parties, which has a negative impact on the timing of the process. Competently make a claim, to prepare documents and to resolve disputed issues will help lawyers of our site. You only need to leave a request in the chat room around the clock support.

How to divorce my husband, if there is a child?

The presence of common children under 18 years of age significantly complicates the procedure for terminating a family relationship. Under current law, the presence of an underage child is grounds for terminating a marriage only in court.

In this case, the procedure for divorce from her husband in the presence of minor children has several peculiarities. The most pressing questions arising among women, wishing to obtain a divorce from her husband are the following:

  • Where to apply for a divorce;
  • What documentation must be submitted in order to obtain the desired divorce;
  • In what time frame it is possible to complete all the formalities and obtain a certificate of termination of marriage.

Procedure for divorcing your husband if you have children

The mechanism of the divorce process in the presence of common children leaves a woman with few options for divorce.

The law is unambiguous: the application to the registry office in the presence of minor children is simply impossible due to a direct legal prohibition. However, in a number of exceptional cases, the marriage may also be terminated in the registry office.

Where to go?

If a woman has decided to end the family relationship, the presence of a child gives her only a theoretical opportunity to divorce through the registry office.

Exceptional grounds for termination of marriage in the registry office will be:

  • Conviction of horror to a prison term of more than 3 years (for more information, see How to divorce your husband if he is in prison);
  • The incapacity of the husband, established by a court decision;
  • Unacknowledged absence, confirmed by a judicial act.

In all other cases, the only option for dissolution of marriage will be the procedure of court proceedings.

What to formalize the termination of family relations, it is necessary to file a claim in court in compliance with the following rules:

  • A justice of the peace at the location of the husband (the general rule of the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation);
  • Justice of the peace at the place of actual residence of the woman (if a minor child lives with her, or her health condition does not allow to come to the judicial authorities of another region);
  • to a district court, if in the process of dissolution of marriage there is a dispute about the place of residence and upbringing of minor children.

Choosing the necessary option of a judicial procedure for divorce, the woman must prepare an application in accordance with the requirements of Articles 131-132 of the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, to attach the necessary set of documents and send them to the court.

About all the nuances connected with the preparation and filing of the claim for divorce, you at any time free of charge consult online lawyers of our site.

What documents are required?

In order for the court to accept the claim for its production and initiate a civil case on divorce, a woman, in addition to the statement of claim, must submit the following package of documents:

  1. A copy of the lawsuit for the defendant;
  2. A copy of the marriage certificate;
  3. Copy of passport;
  4. Documents for each child;
  5. Reference from the migration department about the place of residence of the child;
  6. A receipt confirming payment of state duty in the amount of 600 rubles.

Documents can be submitted in person in court, or by mail.

Read more about the content of the claim for divorce in the presence of children in a separate article.

Terms of the divorce with her husband in the presence of children

The duration of the judicial procedure for divorce will directly depend on the actions of the other half. The total period of consideration of cases of this category is one month, however, during the divorce process, the husband may object to the claims and request a period for reconciliation.

In this case, the court has the right to defer consideration of the claim for a period of one to three months to give the parties time for a possible reconciliation. If the postponement results in an unchanged judgment of divorce, the court will enter a judgment and grant the petition.

If the suit for divorce is combined with claims for division of property in an amount greater than 50 thousand rubles or complicated by disputes about children, it is transferred to the jurisdiction of the district court, where the claim is subject to two months.

In addition to the term of consideration of the case, it is worth considering the time allocated by law for the entry into force of the decision. Judicial act shall enter into force after one month from the date of its adoption.

If the spouse appeals the decision, the term of the final divorce may be delayed by 1 month to 3-4 months, especially if the decision is overturned.

Is the husband’s consent required?

No. A woman can get a divorce anyway, but lack of spousal consent can significantly delay the divorce procedure.

Active opposition of the spouse in the divorce is also not the best ally in terms of expediency. Avoiding court appearances as well as constant objections can significantly delay the divorce proceedings.

If the husband does not consent to the divorce with the children

A partner’s lack of consent to a divorce can manifest itself in both active action (such as filing objections with the court) and inaction in the form of avoidance of court appearances. Objections lodged with the court may extend the total duration of the proceedings by three months if the court deems it possible to keep the family together.

In practice the courts rarely grant the couple a period of time for reconciliation. If a divorce is taking place in a situation where the husband and wife have not shared a household for a long time and the joint child lives with the mother, any reconciliation is clearly impossible, even despite the husband’s possible objections.

Avoiding a court appearance may entail the following difficulties:

  • if the defendant’s whereabouts are not recorded and the court cannot notify him of the date, the court appoints a representative (attorney) for the husband at federal expense;
  • if the defendant was notified of the meeting, but did not appear without good cause, the court shall consider the case in his absence on general grounds with the issuance of an in absentia decision;
  • if the defendant did not arrive at the process, but provided evidence of valid reasons for absence, the court has the right (but not the obligation) to postpone consideration of the case.

Thus, the refusal to divorce will allow the spouse to delay the final decision of the case. This position is unlikely to affect the merits of the decision.

Divorce with the Husband’s Consent

If the parties reached a compromise on the decision to end the marriage, the husband may formalize his consent in writing and submit it to the court immediately after the case. In this case, his appearance in court will not be necessary, and the court may make a decision based on the available case materials.

Disputes about children

Minor children are often the main cause of disputes in a divorce and will need to be addressed along with the petition for termination of the family relationship.

It is highly recommended to agree in advance with your husband on all issues related to the upbringing and future fate of the children. It is best to conclude an agreement about the children before going to court. This will reduce the time it takes to process the case.

Depending on the subject matter in dispute, divorce cases where there are issues about children may be heard:

  • In the magistrate’s courts – when considering the issue of establishing alimony obligations;
  • in district courts – if there is a dispute on determination of the place of residence of children, on contestation of paternity, or if the court order on alimony is appealed.

A woman cannot influence the transfer of cases between district and magistrate courts, as these rules are fixed in the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation. If in the course of the divorce case the husband filed a counterclaim to determine the child’s place of residence, the justice of the peace will be obliged to transfer the case to the district court.


Generally, alimony is recovered by filing an application for a court order or by a separate claim in a divorce action.

After the court decision, the recoverer has the right to submit it to the place of employment of the debtor, or to transfer to the FSSP for forced execution.

Place of residence of the child

The place of residence of children is determined in the course of proceedings on the dissolution of a marriage, if such a dispute has arisen between the parents of a child.

In order to decide the merits of the case, custody and guardianship officials are involved in the process and must submit a reasoned opinion based on a survey of both parents’ place of residence.

To learn more about who the child may be left with during a divorce, read “Who will the child stay with after the divorce”.

Child-rearing and Contact Procedures for Husband

The order, timing, and place of communication with children after a divorce can be established both during a divorce through a court agreement, and at any time after the divorce, if the spouses did not have a disagreement at the time of the divorce.

During a divorce, when such disputes about children arise, the guardianship and custody agencies are involved in the case and their opinion is important for the court’s decision. The final decision of the court takes into account the interests of the child, and if there is a conflict between the parties, the execution of the judicial act will be monitored by the guardianship authorities and officials of the FSSP.

Divorce if there are two, three or more children

the Number of children directly affect the size of alimony payments, which are set as a percentage of all types of income of the debtor, as well as possible difficulties with the establishment of an order of communication with the children.

If the requirement to determine where the children will live is considered, the court is not bound by the total number of children when deciding how many minor citizens will stay with each parent.

Priority is given to the interests of each child and the conditions of their residence and upbringing. The number of children does not affect the possibility of or procedure for divorce.

Can a child stay with her husband?

It is commonly believed that as a result of divorce proceedings, children necessarily remain with their mother. In fact, the Family Code of the Russian Federation establishes absolutely equal rights of both parents to raise their children, and the court will take into consideration the interests of the child and the living conditions offered to him by each of the parties in the dispute.

If the husband threatens to take the child

Threatening to take a child away is not legal, as only a court can make a decision about leaving children with one parent. Self-abuse by her husband in this case would be a criminal offense if the man takes and keeps the child without the mother’s knowledge.

If the threat was carried out by the husband in practice (attempted kidnapping of the child; its retention, etc.), you must immediately contact the law enforcement authorities to protect your interests .

How do I leave my child with my husband?

The issue of leaving children with one of their parents falls within the competence of the judicial authorities, only the court can leave the child with her husband. To do this, the husband will need to provide evidence that the living conditions and upbringing of a minor will be in his best interests.

During the court proceedings, the child welfare authorities will draw up a certificate of examination of the living conditions, which will be the basis for preparing an opinion on the possibility of leaving the child to his father. This opinion will be used by the court along with the rest of the evidence in the case.

In practice, leaving the child with her husband is exceptional because the courts tend to favor the mother in most cases.

Decree of divorce where there are children

If the court decides in favor, the spouses are entitled to receive the decree after one month from the date of its adoption.

Afterwards, with the decision, one must go to the registry office, where, after paying a fee of 650 rubles, one must submit an application for registration of the divorce on the basis of the court decision.

The participation of children in this situation is not required, and no information is entered in the metric documents.

Difficulties in divorce with a husband when there are minor children

The divorce process when there are common minor children is one of the most complicated types of divorce cases.

A woman who has decided to end her marriage with her husband will have to face a host of difficulties, including:

  • Recovery of child support;
  • Possible disputes about the child’s place of residence and leaving him with his father;
  • Establishment of an order of education of the child by the second parent, the order of communication with him;
  • Preparation of a claim with all of the above requirements;
  • The complexity of participation in court proceedings, where both parties are guided by emotions.

Experienced lawyers of our site at any time will advise you online on the issues of any complexity associated with divorce in the presence of children. Take care of qualified legal help now.

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