How to properly write a letter to a girl?

Learning to write beautiful letters to a girl

Greetings to all the guests of my blog! Every time I try to prepare for you something new and uncommon from the world of gifts. But, unfortunately, there is also a place for weekdays, which also need to be able to fill with good emotions, so that each new day is different from the previous one.

Of course, it is a whole art not to dissolve in drab, ordinary and to be able to extract from each day something useful and unusual.

In today’s article I would like to touch upon such awe-inspiring subject as writing a beautiful letter to a girl.

Recently I witnessed how a young man tried to apologize to a girl over the phone, trying to compose a touching text message, but in vain.

What can you do… The modern world brings to our lives not only convenient technology and electronic gadgets. It irretrievably erases the art of the epistolary genre. Of course, it is much easier to scribble a few lines in Vibere, text message or just call with a banal “sorry.

I admit that I am a little sad that the younger generation can not express their feelings on paper.

I will not give Pushkin or Blok as an example. But let’s try to figure out if it’s so hard to compose a beautiful message to a girl that will make her feel excited, feel wanted and keep it in your memory forever?

Little tricks of a beautiful letter

Never be shy about expressing your feelings to a girl you like.

No normal girl who is really worthy of your attention will laugh at this.

On the contrary, it will be an important revelation for her, which she will gratefully accept.

I remember on one of my last March 8 presents my husband gave me a postcard with a poem of his own. How touching it was! I still reread them, even though it’s been more than two years.

Here are tips for beginning romantics:

  1. Don’t use formulaic epithets and compliments.
  2. Don’t write texts 10 pages long. Less is better, but better quality.
  3. Try to find something special, peculiar only to your chosen one.
  4. Do not download from the internet poems of dubious quality and rewrite them.
  5. If so, the poetry, then the real, or his own writing. But here the point is subtle, try to objectively assess their strength “poetry”, so as not to look really ridiculous.
  6. Act on the principle: “Let the inept his own, than a beautiful, but someone else’s. A girl will very quickly suspect falsity and plagiarism.
  7. Spelling – our everything! Check the text seven times for errors, and only then send it. Fortunately there are now many modern electronic services for spell checking.
  8. Write by hand, and refuse the electronic version. The message will look more heartfelt this way.

If you are planning to write a series of letters, like Pushkin to his bride N. Goncharova, think of your trademark. A signature, a phrase, a word that will symbolize your sincere feelings from letter to letter. This will be especially interesting and touching if you write from the army.

Let’s get in the mood for lyricism

Agree that it is difficult to write a beautiful gentle letter after watching another episode of Comedy Club. The style will be appropriate.) So in such a delicate matter, you need a special mood.

Put on a sad music track, watch a good sentimental movie or your best photos.

Then the letter will be sincere and from the heart.

A touching letter of apology

An example of a letter that will help to touch the girl and forgive your mistake:

“Hello, my dear beloved K.

I know that I have caused you indelible pain. But I have already been punished for it by your silence and indifference.

If you can forgive me in your heart, I promise that I will do everything to make you a medium of happiness and never make you shed a tear again.”

How to write a heartfelt letter after a breakup

The post-breakup and “before” letter is probably the hardest topic. How do you write how you feel, yet soften the other person’s pain?

If you didn’t find the strength to say the breakup in person, and chose to write about it in a letter, then think carefully about each phrase. Specify the reason for the breakup, so there was no misunderstanding. There is no need to make an intrigue out of it, so that the poor girl then spent her life trying to solve the mystery.

An example of a letter asking for a second chance:

“My sweet N. I can’t put into words how painful, empty and lonely I feel right now.

I have only just realized how important our relationship is to me, how important you are to me.The feeling of emptiness that I am in now does not give me the strength to breathe. I can’t stop thinking about us, about you.

If we have even a little chance to be together again, please let me make us happy.

An example of a farewell letter thanking you for a beautiful relationship :

“My sweet N. I decided to write you a letter not because I have come to put an end to our beautiful relationship. We can’t be together anymore, and everyone deep down inside is already aware of that. It’s time to let each other go and move on.

I want you to know this. I will always keep in my memory all the best things we had together. All the touching moments that made us happy.

I know that each of us will find our own happiness.

And even though we are no longer together, you will forever remain in my memory as the warmest, most sincere person.”

I truly believe that with my advice and small sample letters I was able to help you say the most important thing to your loved ones.

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How to write a love letter

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In the age of text messaging and rushed email correspondence, a good old-fashioned letter, especially one written by hand, can be considered a rare and special gift. Love letters are heirlooms that are re-read and treasured many times. This would be the perfect gift for a loved one. Writing a love letter is not difficult at all. However, you will need to think it over well in order to properly express your feelings.

Overcome your fear. You have the right to decide what to write and what not to write. You don’t have to follow a certain template for a love letter, write a poem, or use lofty phrases. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. The best thing you can do is to remain yourself when expressing your thoughts in your letter. [1] X Source of Information

  • If you have a song or album that reminds you of that person, include it; it will help you bring memories and feelings to life.
  • You can also put a picture of your loved one and look at it as you write a love letter.

Express your feelings. Everyone has had moments in his or her life when he or she had very strong feelings. Recall those emotions; remember how you felt when all your attention was on your loved one, you were thinking only about him or her and your feelings for him or her. Try to reconstruct those emotions, your emotional and physical sensations. Describe your feelings, try to put them into words. Write down how you feel.

  • Think about who your significant other is to you? Your best friend? Your soul mate? Make a list of qualities you like in your significant other.
  • Using the information on the list, make sentences. “I love holding your soft hand in my hand,” “I love it when you look at me, thereby showing me that everything will be okay,” or “Your smile and laughter determine how my day will be.”
  • Don’t focus only on appearances, or your feelings will seem superficial. But don’t focus solely on personal virtues either, because that will make your attitude seem too platonic. A love letter should convey sensitivity and respect for your partner. Show sensuality, but not necessarily erotic.

  • Think back to a time when you met or there was a spark between you. Recall the moment you knew you wanted to be with this person. Write about it in detail. If you can remember, write what your loved one was wearing, where your meeting took place, and how you felt. Recall if you were nervous or if you felt confident.

Think about the future. Your relationship has a past, but it also has a future that you can write about in your love letter. If you are away from each other now, describe all the things you want to do together when you meet again. When you are in a serious relationship, discuss certain goals, dreams, and fantasies about your future together. Write it all down.

Imagine that this is your last day on earth. Love letters helped soldiers during the war get through the hardest times. Think about what you would say if tomorrow didn’t come. Convey your feelings through every word, don’t be shy.

  • Allocate enough time for this, take your time. If this is the first love letter you’re writing, keep that in mind. You’re learning, so don’t worry about making mistakes.
  • Write in a style that is unique to you. There is no need to imitate someone else. Your loved one needs to feel that this is your message, not someone else’s. It should be sincere and convey your feelings.
  • Think of your partner and your relationship when you write the letter. The first declaration of love to a girl or a guy will be drastically different from the love letter you write to the wife you’ve been living with for 20 years.
  • Don’t forget to mention your feelings in the letter. The phrase “I love you” always touches the heart, so you can use it.

  • Be careful not to hurt your lover with your words or devalue your feelings in some way. Think before you write. You need to be completely sure of your words to avoid misunderstandings. [3] X Source of Information

  • With a love letter, you can express your deep feelings that you cannot tell your lover or beloved to his or her face. Take this opportunity to say more than you normally would, and to express the depth of your feelings. Use the ideas you wrote down as you prepared to write your letter. They will help you with your writing.
  • If you can’t write poetry, you can use a poem from your favorite poet or a quote that best expresses how you feel. Be sure to mention in the letter that the lines of the poem are not your own so your loved one doesn’t accuse you of lying or think you are the author of the poem.
  • If you want your words to touch the heart, keep writing. Just be real. If your partner loves you, he or she will love your writing, too.

  • To keep your letter positive, describe how you are feeling in the moment. Sure, you can write a story about how you fell in love, but it is more important for your lover or sweetheart to know how you feel now, what emotions you are experiencing in the moment when you are with her or him.
  • You might write something like this: “Now, ten years later, I still feel butterflies in my stomach when you smile at me” or “I love you more and more every day.”

Tell your loved one of your devotion. Talk about a future together. Mention how important your relationship is to you and be sure to say that you would like it to last forever. Be sure to write about how loyal and faithful you are to your loved one. Say what it means to you to be with your partner forever.

Write an ending. End the letter on a positive note. You can end the letter by mentioning that you love your partner very much. You can write something like this: “I’ll be thinking about you all evening” or “I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

  • If you don’t have a nice piece of paper, you can use an ordinary sheet from a notebook or notebook. It’s what’s written on it that matters, not what the letter is written on.
  • You can artificially “age” plain paper or even make your own if you don’t want to use a plain piece of paper.
  • Use black or brown ink to make the letter look emotionally stable and classic; avoid “teacher colors” like blue, green, and red, or it will seem like you’re checking your homework.

The greeting should be in the form of an appeal to a loved one. Address him or her with “beloved,” “darling,” “beautiful,” “most desirable,” or, if appropriate, with an affectionate name. If you are already in a romantic relationship, you can write “my/my” (for example, “For my darling/my darling ____”), but don’t do it if you are only declaring your love in a letter. Otherwise, it may seem like an arrogant and possessive gesture. Instead, adopt the more detached phrase “To my darling/sweetheart ____,” for example.

Put the date. Be sure to put the date when you wrote this letter (month, day, year). This will be a great reminder for years to come. Because of this, your loved one will be able to remember the time when he or she received this love letter. He will reread that letter over and over again. Therefore, some of the phrases you used in this letter will be quoted more than once in your life.

Rewrite your letter from the draft to a blank piece of paper. This will be your final version. Write legibly and take care not to put blots on the letter sheet. Pay special attention to your handwriting, take your time, your letter should be as neat as possible. You want your loved one to enjoy reading your love letter, right?

  • If you want to make the letter more romantic, write a simple but gentle conclusion. “With everlasting love” or “Forever yours/yours” would be appropriate options.

Add personal elements. You can use additional elements that will speak eloquently about your feelings. These can be flower petals or a favorite tea bag. You can also spray perfume or toilet water on the paper or circle your hand on the other side of the sheet so the other person can put their hand, “touch” yours. Alternatively, the girl can put on lipstick and capture the kiss on the letter.

  • Alternatively, roll up the letter into a scroll, and tie it with a nice ribbon or lace.
  • Put a romantic stamp, such as one in the shape of a bouquet of flowers, that will decorate your letter. If you like, you can stamp it upside down, which usually means “I love you.”

  • Wait a while before you send the letter. After you write the letter, put it aside. After a while, reread it again, and make sure there is nothing in it that you will regret later. Then send the letter and wait for a passionate reply from your soulmate.

Write other love letters. Let this not be an isolated incident; make it a habit to write love letters to your loved one in honor of some holiday, anniversary, during a separation, marking the time spent together or for no reason at all. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to write letters, and the more meaningful they will become.

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