How to properly apologize to your girlfriend?

How to apologize to a girl if you hurt her badly and do not know what to do.

So, you hurt her, brought her to tears, and now she is trying to forget your name. We understand that the situation is not easy, but come out of it without losses is quite realistic. In this material we decided to tell you how to apologize to your girlfriend, while preserving the relationship and the head on your shoulders.

But before you want to use our tips, remember an important rule: Ask the girl to forgive you only if you fully admit your guilt and are ready to make amends with all deliberation.

If this is about you, move on to practical recommendations.

Preparing for an apology

Before you begin your fiery speech with words of remorse and despair, it is worth preparing morally for this and understand how badly you screwed up, and what shocks experienced by your girlfriend afterwards.

1. Calm down and take a short pause.

You have to understand that it’s impossible to have a constructive conversation when you’re in the throes of emotion. If at least one of you has been seriously stressed after a quarrel, it is worth taking a short break, collect your thoughts and calm down a little to be ready to analyze the situation adequately.

Do not immediately rush to her knees and beg for mercy after you have done something unpleasant. Give yourself and the girl time to solve all problems maturely later.

2. Understand what you were wrong.

We all tend to justify their mistakes, shifting the blame on the other person. So before you apologize to your girlfriend, make sure you’re not going to say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I was at fault. Even if you really aren’t guilty of anything (which is unlikely), that approach is a sure loser.

In order to sound sincere and get the forgiveness you deserve, you need to think about what you have done. Try not to lie to yourself and identify the real cause of your quarrel.

In the process of the so-called self-coping, you may come to unexpected conclusions that will lead you to identify all the mistakes and be ready to repent.

3. Choose a place and a way to apologize

Now it remains for you to figure out where you will apologize to your girlfriend to take the first step toward repairing your relationship.

If you live with her and will be seeing each other anyway, make sure that nothing will distract you. If you realize that this is unlikely, invite her to a cafe or something to talk privately.

If you and your girlfriend live at a distance and she doesn’t want to see you, you’ll have to resort to another form of communication, such as apologizing to her by texting or VK. This form will have completely different rules in comparison with the live communication, and we’ll tell you about them below.

How to apologize to your girlfriend if you severely offended her

So, in this paragraph we will tell you exactly how to say what should melt her heart. Here the main thing is not to look for bright and beautiful quotes on the Internet, but to speak in your own words and be as honest as possible in front of her and yourself.

Here is a sample algorithm of actions that should be followed if you meet face to face:

Start by saying that you fully admit your guilt and understand the gravity of what you have done;

Try to give an explanation for your actions, and you’ll be credited for it. If you can’t find a justification for your actions, try digging a little deeper and say, for example, that you were rude to her because you didn’t have the best upbringing as a child, because your family wasn’t the best example, and also because of your current toxic environment, whose influence you can’t quite level yet;

Now say simple words of forgiveness, which should sound honest and sincere;

Then tell your girlfriend that you realize your mistake and that you are never going to repeat it;

Remember to tell her that you value your relationship and that you value it very much and are willing to do everything possible to avoid upsetting her so much again;

If you see that your girlfriend is gradually softening, try to touch her hand lightly, and if you notice that she does not mind, try to hug her gently.

It doesn’t look hard, does it? Remember, however, that the girl won’t necessarily listen silently to your explanation.

Listen to your girlfriend’s position.

As you’ve already figured out, it’s unlikely that your apology will be one big sentimental monologue. It is quite possible that at some point your girlfriend will want to express her opinion about what happened, and in that case her reaction is likely to develop according to two possible scenarios.

The first scenario (desirable) is that you do manage to beg forgiveness, and she feels sorry for you and starts to tell you how she feels and cares about you. Do not interrupt her and listen to the end.

The second scenario (more likely) is that you have to answer for the hurt she caused you, dutifully bowing your head and listening to everything you deserve. Here will be stern criticism and accusations, which you will have to take with courage, by no means snapping at a similar tone. If you suddenly allow yourself to confront her, it means that you have lost and failed the assignment. Your apology is unlikely to be accepted, so you will have to start all over again. However, if you stood everything with dignity, your girlfriend may soften and most likely forgive you.

How to ask your girlfriend for forgiveness remotely

If for some reason you can’t communicate in person, then you can help: phone and her number, social media profile, paper, pen, envelope and a person who could give it all to her. There are many ways to apologize in absentia, it all depends solely on your willingness and creativity.

Of course, no one has canceled the classic messages online with the same words you would say in a meeting. The plus side of this format is that you have time to think before you send it all, and you can attach your picture or favorite song together.

But if you don’t think it will have the desired effect, you can take the more serious step and record an apology video for her, sending it to her in a private message or, even cooler, posting it on Instagram or YouTube. Here you can experiment however you want – sing a song, recite a poem, dance sensually alone with her picture, do some cute magic trick, come to an open mic and do a standup in which you apologize to her, and much more.

Besides, there is always the option to write her a handwritten letter on a piece (or several pieces) of paper, seal it in a beautiful envelope, buy her a small gift that only she will appreciate, and send it all by courier to her place of work or home. People do that a lot, believe me.

If you feel that you’re guilty about it a lot, every way will do the trick. The main thing is to do it all with maximum dedication and honesty, because pretending is very easy to spot.

A last piece of advice.

If you think that the girl was offended for nothing and you are not guilty of anything, try to understand the situation in more detail, looking at it not only from your side.

Sometimes guys mistakenly think that girls make scandals and caprices in the empty place for nothing. fun, because this is supposed to be a kind of shake-up for the relationship or a way to make a man more compliant.

But by and large, guys just see the situation one-sidedly and selfishly, without thinking that in some moments they can really overreact.

Tip: Never jump to conclusions and make impulsive decisions. Always put yourself in the girl’s shoes-that’s the surest way to understand her feelings.

By the way, we even have a special 8-point checklist that allows you to figure out how selfish you are in a relationship. So, ready to learn the whole truth about yourself?

How to ask for forgiveness: good phrases

It’s great to have people close to you in your life. Knowing that there are friends and relatives who care, who will always be able to support in a difficult moment, a person has a sense of security and need. But, as often happens, we hurt the dearest people more often than others. Where we can restrain in front of outsiders, in the presence of relatives it does not always work. And the question arises: how to ask for forgiveness from the people closest to you correctly?

Looking for ways to apologize to a loved one, whether boyfriend or girlfriend? Then read a beautiful apology to the girl or guy written in his own words. These original apologies can be sent to the person via text message, social media or as a postcard, which are sure to make the person to whom they are addressed smile.


Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we make a mistake, especially when it hurts a loved one. But admitting your mistake and apologizing is the best thing you can do to prove your sincere regret.

Choose the most appropriate apology sample for your situation in this section. And if it’s not too late, let the words testify to your regret for you. Read these phrases about forgiveness carefully. And then with words of sincere regret ask your loved one to apologize.

Beautiful apologies to your girlfriend.

  • My lies may have been dark clouds, but your forgiveness will be the stars and sunshine in our relationship. I beg you to apologize to me.
  • If you can’t see my tears in your eyes, I beg you to at least feel the pain in my heart. I beg your forgiveness. It is sad that your love so kind has been corrupted by my selfish mind.
  • Sad that your love so unselfish has had to face all this mess. And now ironically my regret and grief is seen as fake. Tell me, what would it take for me to make you believe that my apology is sincere? I am willing to do so.
  • My reprobate mind made the mistake of lying to you. But my heart and soul are forever devoted to love only for you. So I ask for your forgiveness.
  • Before you forgive me, I want you to hold me and put your hand on my heart. Maybe you can feel it tearing apart. Because my actions have made you hurt. But with every beat of it, you’ll hear the words, “I’m sorry.”
  • I’m sorry! Let’s move from anger or resentment to love and communication if you’re willing to accept my apology. (Recommend reading ways you can successfully manage your anger and irritation).
  • I am ready in front of all my friends and family to apologize to you. And even post my apology on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vkontakte. To let everyone know how sorry I am for hurting you.

Texting an apology to your girlfriend for the hurt you’ve caused

  • I’m sorry for what happened. I fully admit that it’s only my fault, so I want to do everything I can to make up for my mistake. Because I love you! And the last thing I want to see is you suffering because of me.
  • I’ve never forgotten you, but now I apologize for the evil I’ve done to you. I want to rekindle your smile where I turned it off. Let yourself be restored to your heart.
  • I really don’t want our story to end in a misunderstanding. That’s why I’m ready to make up for my apology not only with words, but to shower you with kisses. As I love you too much to lose you.
  • Life is like a book, where every day is one page clearly different from another. Each of us has pages we’d like to tear up and throw away, but it’s forbidden! Instead, we can take the pen of our hearts and the power of love to begin writing a new chapter together, if you will forgive me.
  • I know that when you hurt the person you love the most, there are hardly any words that can right the wrong. That’s why I’m not going to apologize just for the words, but I want to apologize for the facts. Little mundane facts, if you’ll give me a chance to apologize to you.
  • Forgive me for the evil I have brought to your heart. I hope you will forgive me and erase from your memory the day you were wronged, even if it is marked with indelible ink. Of course, there is no excuse for my actions, but I will continue to hope, for your forgiveness.
  • I can’t forget you, it’s too hard for me. I should hate myself for the evil I’ve done to you, but I hate it even more that I can’t write a beautiful apology to the girl I love in my own words. I’m sorry to write this to you, but it’s true. Please don’t hate me, but understand!

Apologizing to your boyfriend in your own words.

  • Are you looking for a beautiful phrase that can reflect your feelings? Are you thinking about words of apology to your beloved boyfriend or man, but have not yet found the right words? Below you will find samples of such apologies that you can send to your boyfriend.
  • Ever since we started dating, you’ve done everything I’ve asked you to do. As a final favor, please excuse me so that now I can also start doing your requests.
  • I cried while I still had tears. Then I sobbed until my head began to throb. And then screamed until my voice was gone. I was heartbroken that you turned your back on me and we stopped talking. I am so sorry for you. Please accept my apology.
  • Breaking up with you is something that never even crossed my mind. You seem adamant about breaking up with me. Yes, I know you have the right to do so after all the humiliation and insult you have suffered because of my action. But please, let me make a romantic evening for you. Let me win your heart again to show you how desperately I love you. Crying out for mercy, please forgive me.
  • Please apologize for the angry messages on your Facebook, emails, and all the texts on your cell phone sent by me. My jealousy and possessiveness has led me into a very unpleasant zone. For my excuse, try to understand my feelings. What could I do when I have the most handsome guy that other ladies wouldn’t mind stealing? I misinterpreted your behavior with them, so I snapped. If you love me, please forgive me and help my jealousy to end.
  • It really annoys me when pretty girls try to flirt with you. Since I’m your girlfriend, I can’t feel at ease. But I promise that next time I’ll try to keep my head and behave with more restraint. I’ll try to learn to trust you, especially when girls drool at the sight of you. I beg your indulgence and forgiveness.

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Apology to a man in his own words

  • To you so kind, generous, beloved and merciful in tears I cry for forgiveness. You and only you, surely, can forgive me. Please believe my feelings and how bitterly I regret the circumstances. My beloved, please forgive me.
  • I am very sorry that I doubted your honesty. I thought you were deceiving me. After all, you are hotter than fire and sweeter than honey to me, and that is my problem. So when I see other girls hovering around you, I get jealous. But now I promise to try to control my jealousy.
  • I long to see the smile on your face. I long to be in your arms – that’s my favorite place. I know I’ve done the wrong thing. But please, I beg your forgiveness. Forgive me if you can!
  • I apologize for my madness the other day. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, it was my hormonal changes and mood swings. They made me annoy you in every way possible. But I promise that I will fight it, because I don’t want to lose you.
  • Bring me back into your arms, holding me tightly to you. Feel my heavy breath from the sadness of hurting you. Look into my eyes, hearing my apology, and embrace me with a kiss. Forgive me, my beloved!
  • I know that because of my character I am not the girl you deserve. But I promise you that I will never stop trying to be. Forgive me and forgive me, please. I’m sorry, my love!
  • I long to put my head on your strong shoulders again. I’m sorry, and I long for you to hold me again. I’m sorry, and I hope you can love me again. I’m sorry … just hope you can make me smile again.
  • I look ugly when I cry and howl in pain. Now it’s in your hands to forgive me and make me look beautiful again. Please, my love, I’m sorry!

Where do I begin?

Before you apologize, it’s important to consider a few things. Otherwise, you can get into trouble with the best of motives. It’s not a good idea to work things out when you’re annoyed. Wait until you both have cooled down. And a few more tips:

When thinking up how to ask your girlfriend’s forgiveness, in verse or prose, it’s important to be sincere.

A hint of sarcasm is inappropriate, even if you’re sure you’re right. Expressions like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you couldn’t take a joke,” can be taken as a mockery. If you’re being sincere, your look and your tone of voice will tell you that. Even if the offense isn’t warranted, acknowledge that you may have hurt feelings. A sincere apology removes the wall that is built by the person offended. Break down that wall and, you will notice that the girl is no longer taking a defensive stance, peace has been restored.

There are different upbringings to consider.

What seems like a funny joke to you will be an insult to another. You do not have to beg for the feelings of the other or somehow ridicule them. If your family is in the habit of teasing each other and no one is offended by it, it does not mean that for others it is the norm. Do not demand that they adapt to you and understand your jokes. In time, they probably will, but for now, apologize and don’t make any more jokes about others.

Emotional background also needs to be considered, it’s different for every person.

Growing up in the same family, the characters can not be the same. Some are more emotional and some are not so much. You think that taking your sister’s sweater without permission is allowed, and she may be annoyed. You end up in a scandal. You think your sister got worked up for nothing. Listen to what she said, not the way it was said. Try to understand what she doesn’t like. Understanding will help you come to the right decision. And if you need to ask your sister for forgiveness, don’t hesitate to do so. Understand that she may feel differently, not the way you do.

Rules: What else is important to consider besides words of forgiveness

  1. Look the person in the eye.
  2. Do not hold back emotions.
  3. When you feel like crying, cry.
  4. Call the person by name.
  5. Be honest and sincere.
  6. Do not try to ask for forgiveness right away. This may take time.
  7. Put yourself in the place of the offended person, understand his feelings.
  8. Accept the reaction of a person after your words.

More ready-made phrases to ask for forgiveness:

Sometimes, just one word can hurt a person. Here I am, not at all with malice, hurt you, and now I just do not find myself. Forgive me, please. I am so sad without you. Don’t hold it against me anymore. This fight was a great lesson for me.

With you beside me I breathe, With you beside me I burn, With you beside me I live, And without you I die, Forgive me, I beg you!

My prickly hedgehog, stop snorting. Even if it hurts, but I want to embrace.

Love, life is mistakes, we learn from our mistakes! For there is no greater pain than that inflicted on each other by those in love. And I stumbled and made a mistake. But, the only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the one who never does anything. I’m not making excuses, no, I just want you to understand that you are very precious to me, and everything I don’t do is just because I’m afraid of losing you!

Fear of losing you has turned my head, and I was wrong. And I beg you, my love, don’t judge me harshly, but understand. I apologize for what I have done. I love you very much and I will do everything for your happiness! Forgive me dearly.

I am so lucky in life that fate has given me you. You are my angel, my most beloved girl in the world. I apologize for hurting you, my sunshine. Please forgive me. Not trusting you was a great lesson for me. Let’s make up, my kitten.

I promise to make you the happiest girl in the world, just forgive me and trust me, my good one. My love will be a talisman for you, my only and desired one.

Every day without you is an unbearable ordeal. I think of you every minute, my joy. Please forgive me for hurting you. After all, it was not out of spite. I love you more than life. Do not be offended by me anymore.

Let’s keep our love, because we’re so good together. My love, I breathe you. I need you like air.

But it was in the heat of the moment. That’s what happens to everybody. Forgive me, please, I’ve only loved once.

Forgive me for all the superfluous words I’ve spoken And the silly things I’ve done I’m sorry for what I’ve done, believe me, there’s no limit to my remorse! I want to look into your eyes again. Please forgive me.

I know it’s not a sparrow’s word, but it’s not caught. So I, too, quite accidentally, flew out such hurtful words in your address. Forgive me, please, I realize that I told you nonsense, but it was not with anger. I do love you. You’re the best guy in the world. Let’s make up, kitten, and forget about that day forever.

Oh, darling, please forgive me for what I said. I can’t stand long separations, And I’m tired of being offended.

Oh, darling, I feel such emptiness in my heart Because I’m not with you. I know I’m to blame. You have a patient, angelic nature, and I took advantage of it, and I hurt you undeservedly. Forgive me, my kitten, don’t hold any more grudges against me. Let us make up, and be together again.

Forget all the words I said before, Forgive me, I behaved badly.

How do you ask Forgiveness?

The conversation should be as short as possible and without drawn-out excuses. It is also preferable to refrain from using words like “if” and “but. Such excuses can blur the impression, because clearly indicate coercion.

Asking for forgiveness should be discreet and look as natural as possible.

Pleading, miserable facial expressions, tearing up your voice, and sobbing are better left for the stage. In real life, it looks fake.

Even the most careful preparation can be useless, if at the most responsible moment you are confused and forget all the words prepared in advance. In this case, the main thing is to try to be sincere.

It is enough to say “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry” and indicate what you’re sorry for.

Remember also about another magic phrase that many people find easier to say: “I’m sorry. It frees us from taking all the blame for the situation, but is quite appropriate for asking for forgiveness.

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