How to properly apologize to girls?

Apologizing to a girl in your own words

I was wrong, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve been so insensitive. I want to make up for what I’ve done. How can I make it up to you?

You don’t have to forgive me for what I did, but I want you to know how sorry I am, and I want things to be the way they were. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying my best. Please forgive me.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart and I’ll be there forever.

Forgive me for all the rash words spoken in a fit of anger. For the actions that have caused you so many unpleasant moments. I feel remorse, and I firmly believe that in the future I will only please you with pleasant moments, affectionate words, and unexpected, sweet gifts.

Honey, understand, it pains me very much to realize that in the rush of my feelings and emotions I may have offended you. I am sorry for my rudeness and rudeness. I will try to make amends and transform myself in your eyes!

My darling, all day today I am looking for touching words to ask your forgiveness. However, nothing comes to mind, so I will say it in my own words. I understand that I have hurt you a lot with my rudeness, but I can not take it back. So please forgive me for everything, I have no words to express all my regrets about what I have said and done.

My love, I understand how much I offended you. Now I am trying to find excuses for myself, but nothing comes out. There is only one thing left – to go to you with eyes downcast and hope for your huge, sensuous heart, which will take pity on the fool and forgive him. Remember, there’s nothing I like better than to hear you laugh. I love you.

I really don’t want our story to end in a misunderstanding. That’s why I’m ready to make up for my apology not only with words, but also to shower you with kisses. As I love you too much to lose you.

If there were an opportunity to go back, I would not hesitate for a second. But, as it is impossible, I can only ask for forgiveness, hoping for an apology from you. I love you, understand me, and forgive me.

I am sorry for what happened! I am a fool, I had no right to do that to you. It won’t happen again, I promise. I don’t want to quarrel with you, because you are the dearest person in the world to me. Tell me, what can I do to make you forgive me?

Life is like a book, where every day is one page, clearly different from another. Each of us has pages we would like to tear up and throw away, but that is forbidden! Instead, we can take the pen of our hearts and the power of love to begin writing a new chapter together, if you will forgive me.

Forgive me, please. I am so sorry that I am now resentful of a beautiful, sweet, kind, charming, gorgeous, dazzling, and wonderful girl. My heart sincerely asks for forgiveness, my soul hopes that you will not be angry and can let this offence go after all.

Sweetheart, my unearthly angel, please forgive me. I feel very bad, my soul and heart can’t find peace. Please, leave the offence and don’t be angry, let everything be wonderful and wonderful with us, as it was before.

Life is too short to waste it on grudges. Forgive me, please! Let’s make up for lost time! I didn’t mean to do it. I love you tenderly, I was wrong and I repent so much, you’re the only one on earth!

Please forgive me. I am sincerely sorry for what happened, but I also sincerely want to remove this offence from your heart. Please, don’t be angry with me and forgive me. Smile and let all be well again. With all my heart I wish you only happiness.

My little one, forgive me, scoundrel, for making you sad and doubtful. I did not want to hurt you, it just happened, and now I am very ashamed of everything I said and did. The guilt is tearing my soul apart. I want very much to see your smile and your beautiful eyes, which radiate happiness.

I had no intention of hurting you. But it seems that circumstances intended to make you feel that I did. Please forgive me for hurting you with my rash actions. I am very sorry for that.

How hopelessly stupid I was when I took actions that might have hurt you. I am sorry if I humiliated you with my words or insulted you with my actions, and if you can forgive me, I am sure we can make things right again.

Love of my life, I beg you on the knees of my heart – forgive me and forget this incident as a bad dream. I don’t know why, but before, I never thought about how I would live without you. Only now I understand that my life will turn into a stupid existence. Maybe you can’t forgive me, but just remember – my love for you was, is and will be the brightest feeling in my life.

Every day I live without you is an unbearable ordeal. I think of you every minute, my joy. I miss your tinkling laughter, your cheerful beautiful eyes. I miss you, my sunshine. Please forgive me for hurting you. After all, it was not with malice. I love you more than life.

You have offended and my world has crumbled, the sky around me has darkened, and clouds of black longing have thickened over my head. Forgive me, give me back the light and joy of life! You are a wise and kind girl, please try in a womanly way to understand and forgive me. And I will try never to do that again.

You will always be the only beloved person for me. Can you forgive me for being rude to you? I realize now that my behavior was foolish and unworthy of your good attitude toward me. In spite of that I managed to offend you, for which I apologize.

Forgive me if it is possible, because there is no limit to my remorse. I feel uneasy in my soul, and my conscience has already nibbled my consciousness, reminding me of the power of my guilt.

I feel bad because you’re sad. I feel guilty for the pain I caused you, after which you began to doubt me. Please forgive me, please forgive me.

My most gentle, kindest, and most beautiful girl in the world, please forgive me for hurting you. I feel so bad about what happened, yes, what can I say, I’m just ashamed. Forgive me, please. Let all resentment be washed away by the rain, let things get better between us. I love you, I breathe you, I live you. I’m ready to fulfill any wish you have, just so you forgive me, my only one. I will make you the happiest girl in the world, believe me, my joy.

I’m sorry. I messed up again. I always want to seem sincere and direct, but I end up being rude and cynical. I feel bad without you. I’ll do anything to keep us together. I promise I will never hurt you again. Shall we make peace?

The world seems gray, and so sad, for you and I are in quarrel, my beloved. I often think of those beautiful moments I spent with you, and my heart is torn to pieces with pain. Forgive me, my joy, for having offended you.

How I blame myself for hurting you. The worst thing for me is that you don’t want to talk to me. I am ready to do the most unbelievable thing, so that you will forgive me, my joy. I look forward to seeing you, and I hope that you will listen to me and forgive me, for I love you more than life. Don’t be offended by me, I promise it will never happen again.

I don’t expect things to go back to normal right away. But until it does, I will continue to apologize to the girl I love every day, giving her flowers.

I don’t eat all day, wondering how I will live my life if you don’t forgive me. Ease my suffering, say you’re sorry, and let’s go celebrate together at your favorite restaurant!

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Contributor(s): Michelle Shahbazyan, MS, MA. Michelle Shahbazyan is the founder of The LA Life Coach, a personal, family and career coaching service based in Los Angeles, CA. She has over 10 years of experience in personal coaching, counseling, motivational speaking and matchmaking. She holds bachelor’s degrees in applied psychology and master’s degrees in construction and technology management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in family psychotherapy from Phillips Graduate University.

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Have you done something wrong to her or said something rude? Do you want to ask for forgiveness sincerely and directly or in an intricate and bizarre way? Do you want to win her back? If you love the girl and can’t imagine your life without her, here are some ways to apologize.

  • Why you did something or said something that upset her.
  • What part of your character is responsible for it.
  • How do you plan to fix the situation so that neither you nor your girlfriend suffers again.

Start with a simple “I’m sorry.” Don’t mumble or stammer, and don’t avoid saying “I’m sorry.” That’s probably what your girlfriend wants to hear from you, so get ready to say those words.

  • If she looks very upset and isn’t ready to accept an apology right now, walk away. Ask if you can call her in a couple of days.

  • Example: “I know I owe you an apology. I shouldn’t have lied to you and your parents about my age. I know what I did was wrong, but I didn’t want them or you to stop trusting me because I’m older. I do care about you and your parents, so I would like to apologize to them personally. I understand that you and they are still angry with me after this.”
  • Example: “I shouldn’t have looked at Katya like that. I know she is your friend, and I don’t want to jeopardize our relationship or your relationship with her. I have no excuse for that, only an explanation: a lot of guys look at other girls. But now I know it bothers you. I’ll do my best not to repeat my mistake.”
  • Example: “I’m sorry I called you by a different name – I’ll never do it again. It was wrong and disrespectful. I understand that. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to slip up like that. I understand that you will probably change your mind about me now, but I will do my best to make it right.”

  • Don’t shift your guilt onto her. Even if you are both at fault for the situation, you shouldn’t blame her. Your apology won’t work if you do.
  • Give her a chance to express her anger and frustration. Don’t try to convince her to stop being angry, she has a right to be. It will make her feel better about herself.
  • Don’t try to express your love at this point – it’s too soon. That means no kissing, hugging, or holding her hand, unless she takes the initiative.

Tell her you’re willing to give her time if she needs it. Briefly repeat your apology and walk away if she needs to be alone. Respect her wishes.

After you have apologized verbally, try other ways if she hasn’t forgiven you yet. Sometimes you need to ask for forgiveness more than once to be truly forgiven. It’s okay, the more effort you put into apologizing, the more likely she is to forgive you.

  • Example: “I know that writing can’t make up for what I did. I also realize that I can’t express in a letter everything I feel and want to say. But what I do know is that I messed up. I can’t imagine my life without you. You’re the one I think about when I fall asleep and wake up. You are everything to me. I know what I did can’t be undone, but I promise I won’t make that mistake again. I swear from the bottom of my heart.”

  • Use an easy way to apologize in public. Just walk up to her as she stands with her friends, get ready, and open your heart to her. Look her straight in the eyes as you apologize and focus your attention only on her.
  • If you want to do something really creative, have a flash mob to ask for forgiveness. Events like this require serious work and preparation, so if you dare to do something like this, be sure it will work.

Leave flowers, candy or a soft toy at the door of her apartment or workplace. Girls love these things. Leave a little note, as flowers and candy without an apology note won’t evoke much emotion. Your goal, on the other hand, is to arouse emotion in her!

  • Alternatively, make her a songbook. This, of course, is a less personal way to do it, but with the right pitch, you can get it right. Take the songs she loves and the ones you don’t think she’s heard.

Write her an apology verse. Send it to her or record your voice on her answering machine. The important thing is that you get it emotional and heartfelt. For example:

I know my words Are like a void For you I can’t move on And without you I’d be lost I look around And I know you’re my lifeline I just want to stay With you And I’ll spend the rest of my life admiring you

  • Try to make the apology special because it’s important to you that she understands how much it means to you.
  • The most important thing in your apology is to make it sincere and real. Otherwise, you shouldn’t even begin.
  • Whatever you do, prepare well. Concentrate on the details and on executing your plan. You don’t want her to misunderstand you.
  • Don’t expect anything back, focus only on your apology.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of money. The most important thing for a girl is personal attention. For example, pick wild flowers and present them to her in the office, cook a romantic dinner at her home or just spoil her with something.
  • Don’t make her answer or give her ultimatums. This will put pressure on her and the situation can only get worse.
  • Persistence is key, but you must respect her decision if she wants you to leave for a while.
  • Remember, the sooner you do it, the better. If you did something wrong, she is probably very upset, so you need to fix it as soon as possible.
  • It’s always a good idea to ask her friends for help (unless they’re mad at you, too).
  • Jokes during an apology are inappropriate.
  • Ask yourself why you want to ask for forgiveness. If you really mean it, your method will depend on it.
  • Don’t start apologizing for everything just to appease the person. This will put your relationship in question and you may break up, resenting each other.
  • There are no guarantees! But in the end, it should be important for you to convey your feelings to her.
  • You don’t have to apologize for everything just because your girlfriend is offended. Think hard about your and her behavior.
  • Don’t put pressure on your girlfriend. Give her some time and personal space!

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Contributor(s): Michelle Shahbazyan, MS, MA. Michelle Shahbazyan is the founder of The LA Life Coach, a personal, family and career coaching service based in Los Angeles, CA. She has over 10 years of experience in personal coaching, counseling, motivational speaking and matchmaking. She holds bachelor’s degrees in applied psychology and master’s degrees in construction and technology management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in family psychotherapy from Phillips Graduate University. Number of views on this article: 401 127.

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