How to please the boss?

How to please the boss

Unfortunately, the competence and professionalism in your field – is not a guarantee of a new job. The level of education and experience are not always of paramount importance. If we compile a rating of the most frequent reasons for dismissal, one of the first places would be the inability to make the boss feel at ease.

It is often difficult to accept the complex nature of the boss and to adjust to him. A professional in his business, who is constantly changing jobs, gradually loses faith in himself and becomes a loser, who more and more often has problems with employment.

Psychologists say that sooner or later all such relationships come to a dead end, leading to conflict situations. So you have to learn to resolve them and find compromises, without succumbing to the power of strong emotions. You can always slam the door behind you, and this is the easiest way. Substantially more difficult is to accommodate the boss, despite his bad temper and disagreements.

Study your boss.

Pay attention to the boss’s favorites. Why does he like them? Take a closer look at what they do to gain favor. Use their techniques to succeed. You don’t have to target sycophants, there are other ways. For example, the chief pedant likes perfection in everything, he appreciates employees who are scrupulous in their assignments. If your work is supervised by a young and not very confident manager, take the initiative and support him. Express your point of view and show that you can support him in a difficult situation. Become the boss’s “right hand.

What is his goal? Try to understand the intentions of his boss to start talking to him in his language, in time to make promising suggestions. If the boss’s ideas leave much to be desired, do not cross him and say that the plan will not work. Most likely, the boss will not listen to the criticism and will take it as a personal insult and a questioning of his competence.

People in leadership positions, who have achieved everything by hard work, are unlikely to listen to the advice of a newcomer. If the position came easily and the chief’s abilities really leave much to be desired, then he is more likely to stand his ground. In general, telling your ideas and indirectly pushing them to the boss without hurting his ego is the highest art.

Respect is a way for a boss to like you

You don’t have to become a friend or flatter your boss if he or she dislikes you. Instead, aim to find something good in his personality. Everyone has those traits that you can consider over time, even if they are buried too deep. Fake praise is not the best way to communicate with your boss. It only works with stupid people, but those are pretty rare. A person who has been in a supervisory position for a long time is quick to recognize lies in their interactions with subordinates.

You do not have to show sympathy for the boss, but you must respect him. A special technique that is used in their practice and advised by many famous psychologists will help to achieve the disposition. Every morning, getting ready for work in front of the mirror, imagine seeing the expression of sympathy in the chief’s facial expression, shaking hands and discussing business plans in a good mood. A similar technique was described in his books by Dale Carnegie.

Become a diplomat.

What to do if the boss is trying to give you a job that is not part of your duties, or you just do not want to do it? Try to find moments of communication when the boss is in a good mood. When no one is distracting the boss, approach him and have a sincere conversation. Be diplomatic, and instead of flatly refusing to perform the task that was given to you, first listen to the end of the opinion of the boss. Then give your arguments, explaining why it is better to assign the case to another employee. It is important to speak convincingly and to believe in the arguments.

Do not show your fear.

Fear of your boss can cause him to be aggressive. People who fear their boss are more likely to get laid off, even if they do a flawless job. If fear overwhelms you, it’s probably just an echo of past bad experiences in your subconscious. It can occur because of the painful dismissal from a previous job. In any criticism you see the steps to the inevitable expulsion of you from the position, and even small failures inflate to grand proportions. Start working on yourself by accepting your failures and learn valuable lessons from them. Become aware of the fact that the boss is just as much a person who often makes mistakes and is afraid of things. Do not give him demonic qualities that instill in you a phobia of communicating with him.

Psychologists recommend to imagine the boss in some funny and ridiculous situations, such as making excuses to his wife or in a ridiculous masquerade costume.

Defend yourself

Becoming the object of criticism of bosses, distinguish fair remarks from outright boorish, unreasonable behavior on his part. Do not develop a conflict, especially in front of other employees: in order not to fall in the mud, the boss will have to fire the unruly specialist, even if he is a valuable professional. Respond calmly and with dignity to any raising of voice, try to hear the words not rudeness, but recommendations. If you have something to discuss after the accusations, wait until the anger has let go of the supervisor, and speak to him/her only in private.

If you are being overworked, there is no need to put up with it. It is better to answer that the extra hours should be paid according to the law. Often such a rebuff does not lead to dismissal, but to gain respect. The main thing is not to go overboard and keep a calm tone.

How do you get the boss to like you?

Career advancement and comfortable work depends not only on professionalism, experience, skills and knowledge. The psychological aspect is also important. Your success in the workplace directly depends on how favorable relations you will have with your boss.

Why is the boss’s favorable attitude important?

A favorable relationship with the boss is the key to a good mood in everyday work. Probably each of us at least once thought about how good it is to work for yourself. No alarm clocks, orders, trips to the workplace, and most importantly – no bosses. But most of us are forced to work in a team with whom we have to be friends.

Building a positive relationship with your boss and coworkers will help you feel most comfortable and confident in the workplace in the future. You will enjoy being around these people, and therefore go to the duty station every morning.

To be in a good mood, to get a high salary and to take care of your nerves – establish a relationship with your boss.

10 Ways to Get the Boss’s Favor

Follow these simple rules, and you are guaranteed to please your superiors. To feel “at ease” at work, gain the goodwill of your colleagues and supervisor. Respect for your surroundings in the workplace can be achieved by following the rules:

Be restrained and diplomatic

Emotional and hot-tempered at work has not brought anyone to a positive result. Be discreet. If someone criticizes you, do not rush to answer with the same coin. Wait a while, and perhaps you can say “thank you” for the fact that the harsh words did not come off at that moment. The bosses will appreciate your calmness and the ability to keep your emotions under control.

Don’t criticize your superiors or colleagues

If you noticed someone’s mistake or proposal of a colleague or boss, in your opinion, requires significant adjustments, do not criticize them in an aggressive manner. Propose your own idea, giving ironclad arguments in its favor. The main thing is to do it in polite form. Do not gossip or weave intrigue.

Don’t complain.

Constant whining and complaining about every issue annoys others, and bosses – especially. If you are always dissatisfied, it creates a kind of useless and helpless employee in the eyes of chief.

Speak out .

When a problem arises, propose to the management the best ways to solve it. Do not keep silent, speak up! This way you stand out from the crowd of colleagues.

Be a confident employee who knows how to perform the duties and tasks of management.

Don’t ignore the decisions of your boss.

Participate in the life of the organization. Don’t ignore decisions made by management. You may not always like them. The supervisor demands discipline – don’t be late. Oppose breaks for smoke breaks – go out less often. Doesn’t approve of talking on the phone during work – stop making personal calls.

Come up with a personal style.

Image will make you stand out from the crowd of colleagues. Look neat, watch the style, manicure, hair. No one likes dealing with a slovenly slob. Remember not only about appearance, but also about keeping your desktop and computer in order. Keep your documentation in order. The boss will not be happy if you start looking for the necessary report in a pile of papers for an hour. In the case of your absence from the workplace, the chief should easily find the necessary document.

Be Polite and Ethical

Say hello to your boss and address him or her in a polite manner. Unless company policy dictates otherwise, avoid familiarity and speak to your supervisor using your first and middle names. When you are ill, notify your supervisor in person. Treat team members in a friendly manner, giving the impression of a positive person.

Stay late, if necessary.

When the boss sets a task for which there is a minimum time limit, sacrifice personal time to get the work done in time. Demonstrate initiative and diligence. Be reliable, offer your help and don’t let the boss down. The boss will be happy to know that among his staff is someone you can always rely on.

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