How to please a man in bed?

12 WOW! ideas how to surprise a man in the bedroom so he will never forget you

You meet, all is well … But, it seems, passions subsided. Or not subsided, but you want to please and surprise your favorite man. And it’s a great idea to surprise him in bed.

The man will be happy just from the thought that you took the time to please him, that you want to make love with him so much, you like it so much that you are ready to make an effort.

In fact, men are used to women who do not particularly take the initiative in sex. Therefore, surprise a man in the bedroom is not as difficult as it seems. How to do it? Read on to find out.

Put on a show.

One of the most common male fantasies: a girl dancing a striptease. If you are confident in your dancing skills – try it. You can pre-rehearse alone to get a better feel for the space.

This is to prevent ridiculous situations such as “hit my little finger on the nightstand at the most interesting moment. However, do not worry too much about your dancing skills.

Man will be pleased with the very idea that you wanted to please him dance. No one requires you to acrobatic tricks and mastery of Demi Moore in the same movie.

Watching a couple of sensual dance movies for inspiration is a great idea.

What a sexy show to put on if you’re not quite sure of your dancing skills:

  • Set it up so he walks into the bedroom while you’re masturbating;
  • Do a “lap dance”: Climb into his lap, wriggle, rub, and kiss him. It’s not about dancing skills, it’s about sensuality.
  • Quite simply, walk around the house without underwear or completely naked.

Add elements of BDSM.

BDSM practices can be pretty extreme, but most even the most gentle couples usually enjoy the lighter elements of this sexual trend.

What you can do:

  • Let him tie you up. You can use handcuffs or scarves.
  • Tie up the man yourself, if he doesn’t mind being dominated by you.
  • Blindfold one of the partners.
  • Add some slaps on the buttocks to the sex (it’s better to use your hand to start with, not a belt, it’s safer).
  • Make sex a little harder: speed up the pace, let your partner grab you by the hair.

However, it’s important to consider a couple of safety considerations.

First, all BDSM practices, even light ones, need to be stipulated. Fantasies about being spanked can be very different from reality, as can fantasies about submission or binding.

Many BDSM practices involve pain and submission, and this can provoke negative feelings. Therefore, it is important before introducing such elements to discuss what each of you is willing to do and what is strictly forbidden.

Secondly, agree on a stop word. If one of the partners says the stop word, the practice stops immediately. This is necessary for safety: if it became too painful, unpleasant, scary, not as one imagined.

Controlling the orgasm

This is another practice closely related to BDSM. For a man, it brings very vivid sensations. The idea is that you caress a man’s cock with your hand or mouth, but when you feel that an orgasm is about to come, you stop.

Or you squeeze with the pads of your index finger and thumb where the head goes to the shaft, and hold for ten to fifteen seconds until the orgasm recedes. At that point, the man experiences a sensation close to orgasm, but then it goes away.

After several such sessions of delayed orgasm, you allow your partner to cum fully, without delay or obstruction. Due to the fact that the orgasm has been delayed several times, the sensations end up being very vivid and strong.

Sensory stimulation and deprivation

Simply put, blindfold your partner and tease with touch. This is often paired with binding, but it’s not actually necessary, just gives the sensory deprivation game a peppery transfer of control.

Why it works: not being able to see multiplies the sensation. Plus your partner doesn’t know what you’re going to do in the next moment, and it heightens all the senses, adds an element of adrenaline, of surprise.

What you can do with a partner who is blindfolded:

  • Play with unexpected touching. Then you caress his cock with your palm, then suddenly stop and start kissing his neck, lips, nipples. This is a great opportunity to explore your partner’s entire body unhindered.
  • Use feathers, tickling. Gently run a feather over sensitive areas: armpits, neck, nipples, abdomen, crotch, penis, feet. Tickling aggravates sensations, makes them almost painful.
  • Feathers can be replaced by fur or even your hair, if it is long enough.
  • Touching with different types of fabrics.
  • Play with the temperature: touch him now with an ice cube, now with hot, wet lips. The sensations will be made even sharper, brighter.
  • Interesting sensations will be given by massage oil: it will make everything slippery and hot.

Or, if a man does not like to be in such a vulnerable position, you can let him do it all with himself, having prepared everything necessary.

Role Playing.

An erotic classic, but almost all men have wanted to try this at least once, or at least watched 18+ movies with “naughty pupil”, “sexy nurse” and the like.

This can be done in the format of a sexual surprise: for example, meet a man returning from work in a sexy maid costume, help him undress, feed him dinner, give him an erotic massage, calling him “master”.

If you have not yet tried role-playing, and they seem silly to you – try another option: pretend that you do not know. Walk up to your favorite man in a public place and start introducing yourself and flirting with him, introducing yourself by a different name.

Most likely, the man will understand and pick up the game. This brings a note of play, novelty to the relationship, plus the man will be pleased with your unexpected playfulness and willingness to experiment.

Anal sex

Another erotic fantasy of most men. Girls agree to this usually with great reluctance: without preparation, anal sex hurts. An important caveat: You do not have to go over yourself just for the desires of his boyfriend.

But if you don’t mind such experiments – pay attention to preparation, and then tell him that you’re ready for anal sex right now. How to prepare:

  • Try anal masturbation. Start with your fingers, just to get used to the feeling of having something in your anus, and that it might be pleasurable.
  • Buy several sex toys of different sizes, from very small to large, and try masturbating with the smallest one at first, and then gradually increase the girth. This is to get used to the size of your partner’s penis.
  • Use a lot of lube, because your anus doesn’t release it, even if you’re very horny. Silicone lube is good: it’s very thick and lasts a long time.
  • Take at least a week for each stage of preparation to get used to it better.
  • Move on to the next stage only when you are completely comfortable and comfortable with the previous one. If you are hurt or emotionally uncomfortable – stop the action, no surprise to the man is not worth your discomfort.
  • Before sex is enough to wash. An enema is not necessary, but having anal sex when you want to defecate is a bad idea (feces are close to the sphincter, it can be embarrassing).
  • Be sure to use plenty of lube during sex. Don’t forget to add more, lube is not endless.
  • Do not use the same condom for vaginal and anal intercourse.
  • Before anal penetration, a long foreplay and preferably an orgasm to relax is helpful.

I wrote a whole article about preparation in more detail, be sure to read

Unexpected oral sex

Most guys love blowjobs. Surely you do it, blow jobs have long been part of the minimum program, but to pleasantly surprise your favorite man – make a blow job unexpectedly.

For example, in a public place (the cinema will do fine), a visit to friends, or just wake him up oral caresses in the morning. Especially in the morning guys usually have an erection, so that long you do not have to try.

Try to make a blow job comfortable and enjoyable for yourself too. It will be enjoyable for you personally, and for the man too, because seeing that your partner obviously doesn’t want to do it, not many people will like it. What you can do:

  • Use an edible lube, it will be easier for you and more enjoyable for him.
  • Masturbate while you fondle your man. You can use sex toys.
  • Blow jobs don’t mean you have to fondle him only with your mouth. Alternate mouth and hands, caress not only the cock but also the “surroundings” (thighs, legs, stomach) to give your jaw a rest.
  • Try positions where the man can caress you back (like 69 on your side).

Master the Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra isn’t just about bending your bodies into amazing poses, it’s also about a spiritual connection with your partner. Try not only the poses, but also the breathing practices associated with them to experience (and give your man) a new sensual experience.

For example, the simplest thing is to slow your breathing before orgasm and consciously tense your vaginal muscles. This enhances the orgasm because it increases blood circulation, the supply of blood to the genitals. Both a man and a woman can do this.

Offer a man – he is sure to aghast at such a suggestion.

Variety in positions

You don’t have to get a profession as an acrobatic gymnast to make sex a little more diverse. Just add novelty to what you already have, add variations.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • For the “horsewoman”: try sitting on your man’s hips, with your back turned to him. Ask him to bend his knees and lean on them. Use the “horsewoman,” but on a man who is sitting, not lying down, using the headboard as a support.
  • For the “missionary pose”: Play with the angle of your legs and the bending of your knees. This gives new sensations for you and a new angle for the view and entrance for him.
  • For “doggy style”: you can make this pose more submissive and frank if you put your body completely down on the bed, raising your buttocks as much as possible.
  • For “spoons” – experiment with the degree of inclination of the bodies for both partners, each new degree gives new sensations and visual impressions.

Change the pace of penetration, try squeezing the inner vaginal muscles, you can add a sex toy for extra stimulation.

Intimacy in front of a mirror

This can be very erotic and adds an element of voyeurism to sex, the effect of watching live pornography, but you are still directly involved in the process. The man will probably love it, and you’ll probably love it, too.

Don’t worry about your looks or that he’ll see you from the wrong angle. Believe me, when a man makes love to a woman, he’s the least of his worries about how she looks.

After all, if he chooses to make love to you, that means he’s damn well attracted to you. And anyway, if your man’s dick is dropping from the crease on his stomach, the problem isn’t the crease, it’s his erectile function.

If you can do it where there’s a mirrored ceiling (like in the photo above), great at all!

Dirty Talk.

Men tend to like it when a girl makes noises during sex. Not without reason in porn they moan from the first penetration as if they’ve never experienced anything more beautiful.

So feel free to moan, most likely a man will like it. And you can also add “dirty talk”: tell him how you like it, how you feel right now, and what you want to do to him (or have him do to you).

What you can do and say:

  • In the middle of the day, send him erotic selfies with the caption “thinking of you” to create anticipation and impatience;
  • Other options for messages during the day: “I can’t stop thinking about last night”, “I want to be in your arms again as soon as possible”, “I want you to tie me to the bed and do whatever you want”.
  • During sex, you can just say “yes, more, like this” (just in an erotic tone, not like a music school teacher) if more sophisticated “dirty talk” seems weird to you.
  • How about calling him daddy?
  • Praise his dick. A penis is almost always associated with masculinity for men. Knowing that you like his penis is incredibly erotic and arousing.

Tell him how big it is, how hard it is, how you like to feel it in you, how you want to feel it again, how you want to take it in your mouth. A man will be 100% turned on by this.

Sex Toys

For him or for you. Get a few on your mind. He doesn’t need to know about it beforehand, you’ll surprise him later.

What options you can try:

  1. Cuffs (no comment).
  2. Erectile penis ring. Strengthens the sensation with vibration, helps not to cum for a long time, and the orgasm at the end will be brighter.
  3. Balls. Anal ones are used to prepare for anal sex, and vaginal ones are used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. With them you can arrange a bright erotic show.
  4. Vibrator, controlled at a distance, for playing apart or in public places.
  5. Vibrator used during penetrative sex (usually U-shaped, needed for external and internal stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously with penetration).
  6. Masturbator.
  7. Edible lubes for sensory deprivation games or blowjobs.
  8. A large, realistic dildo to put on an erotic show with loud, shameless masturbation.

And, of course, the timeless classic: sexy erotic lingerie.

What kind of caresses do men like? His 22 sexual points

Every man wants sex, right? There’s no denying that. But communicating with an old or new partner can be, sometimes, overwhelming. There are so many parts of the body to explore in a matter of minutes when you get down to business. And while you might argue that any area on a man’s body can be an erogenous zone when touched properly, there are certain areas that are more sensitive than others. Here, the experts describe the 22 sexiest places to pay special attention to. From the article you will learn: what caresses men like, how to excite a man so he will be over the moon.

Top 22 sexual points and caresses that men love

What kind of caresses? Gentle, intimate, exciting. What kind of caresses do men like? What do men like most in the caresses? Let’s finally find out!

His hair.

Do you know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair? It’s the same for men, girls. Men have nerve endings on their heads that are connected to the rest of their bodies. And when their hair is gently pulled when it’s kissed or held, it stimulates the rest of their body.

Try this: while kissing, try running your fingertips through their hair, gently over their scalp. Then a little harder with a tug. If he responds with quiet sounds and moans of pleasure, pull harder and then let go before he wants you to. This play will bring him closer to you.

His fingers.

Ever tried it? It’s when you suck your partner’s fingers. It’s so erotic because the feet are a non-traditional sensation point just waiting for some stimulation. Men really like this kind of caressing.

Try this: during sexual foreplay, tease your kisses down his body until you are completely down to his feet. Suck your partner’s toes – or even lick the bottom of their foot. Make sure your man has showered beforehand.

Feet in general.

Aside from just feeling good, there’s a reason why reflexology massage is so popular. There are so many nerve endings in the feet. Which makes them a great point for stimulation.

Try this: don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fetishist for it. Start by using oil to massage and massage your feet – especially the arch of the foot. If you want to add some tongue and kissing to the mix, do it. Then switch positions and make your move.

What kind of caresses do men like?


Your attention: the most underrated part of the male body. The prostate gland is a huge erogenous zone in men. When stimulated properly, it can give your man great pleasure. Ladies, it’s basically a man’s G-spot and it’s very sensitive.

Try this: run a lubricated finger around his anus to start. This stimulation may be enough for him, but if not, do it another way. After the muscles have had time to relax, place your index finger about two inches inside – where you can feel his prostate. Bend your finger toward his belly and stroke it.

His imagination.

Okay, maybe it’s not a tangible thing you can touch – but in defense, you can definitely stimulate that part of him. Give him some time to consider your touch before your fingers touch his skin. Of course tease.

Try this: Whisper quietly in his ear and tell him everything you’re going to do to him without touching his body hair. What can you say? Just pretend like you’re having sex and tell him whatever you’re going to do to him.


Raff is a dividing line that runs through the middle of his genitals from his anus to the tip of his penis, down his crotch, scrotum and shaft.

Try it this way: use your tongue to go along the line and tease him. To take it a step further, use a lubricated bullet vibrator to also walk the line while you breathe, lick and suck along with the vibrator.


The philtrum, or small groove above your lips, has long been considered an erogenous zone. In fact, she explains, the word “philtrum” itself translates from the Latin word for “love potion.”

Try it this way: kiss it very gently on that area. Right in front of there when you touch the top of your lip, but a little higher.


Ah, the “sweet part” of the body. The cheeks are very sensitive. Even a light touch on the surface of the cheek will cause stimulation of everything else. Think of it as a slow vibration.

Try it this way: if your man is open to a little spanking, great. Do them. When he’s on top of you in any version of missionary. Do a quick spanking during sex.

Inner Thigh.

Because the inner thigh is so close to the penis. Even without the sensation of touch, just being in that area is sure to make him imagine what’s coming next.

Try it this way: Start by caressing with your hand. Take the time to kiss and lick his inner thigh before touching his penis when performing oral caresses. Tease him and experiment with your lips. You can go from light fluttering kisses to harder sucking.

The front of his neck.

We bet you’ve never thought of your man’s Adam’s apple as an erogenous zone, have you? Here’s a thought: the thyroid gland (just below the Adam’s apple) is closely related to the genitals, according to ancient Chinese medicine.

Try it this way: let him lie on his back, you literally just suck on the Adam’s apple. Keep your tongue flat and light, not too much pressure! Massage the area in wide circular motions to make sure you hit the T-point of the thyroid.


In addition to being hot and fun, the V-zone is also a hot bed of pleasure for your partner. Not only will he get turned on, but he’ll also get a front-row ticket to watch you stimulate him.

Try this: let him lie on his back while you ride him, and give him what he really wants: a view of your top as you go down. Starting at his belly button, use your fingers and nails to leave a line on his skin before you reach his groin. Then repeat your steps, but use your tongue to go down the V-shape from his hips right above his penis. Pull it out and really tease him until he can’t take it anymore.

The outside of his lower lip.

You know that place between your lower lip and your chin where you usually get knocked out? Yeah, that place where his hair always sprouts out? That’s his erogenous zone! Sexologists have discovered that this tiny, thin curve is actually filled with supersensitive nerve receptors.

Try it this way: suck his lower lip into your mouth, and use the tip of your tongue to stroke that area under his lips. This movement stimulates the entire erogenous zone in a teasing way. And by holding his lower lip inside yours, you should intensify the sensation. It feels like electric currents should travel from his mouth straight to his cock.

Lower Lips

The lips in general are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Take your time when kissing – there’s a reason nibbling and squeezing can lead to a lot of arousal if done right.

Try this: nibble his lower lips and maybe even go for a harder bite (if he’s receptive to it). The sensation of going from lower lip to upper lip will surprise your man and excite his brain.

His nipples.

While men’s nipples are basically the same as women’s, they can be even more sensitive than yours, since guys aren’t used to touching them as often. For many men, their nipples are uncharted territory – an erogenous zone they haven’t experimented with.

Try it this way: you need him to lie on his back and you slowly lick his nipples like an ice cream cone, but never touch with your tongue. Lean closer and closer until you flick his nipple with your tongue and then bite it gently. Men like it when you squeeze slowly, so don’t be afraid to bite him harder than you’d like. If you want to be really extraordinary, you can suck on an ice cube beforehand for a big sensation. That’s the kind of caresses men love. Try it out!

The head of his penis.

Being the most sensitive part of the penis, the head can be tricky to apply the art of caressing. It’s hard to get the right amount of pressure, so you send him into ecstasy, but without the pushback of sensory overload.

Try it this way: give him a lipstick blowjob – when you touch the head of his cock with your lips closed but relaxed, it’s as if you’re applying lipstick. Hold his dignity with your fingers, but not with your fist. Change the way he feels by opening your mouth and running the head between your lips.


Some women wonder how to fuck a man and get pleasure from him. Here, please, is an eco-friendly way to do it. He will be shy to try it at first, but the crotch is worth the visit. This area is located between his balls and anus and is right above his prostate gland, the organ with “great orgasmic power.” A few gentle movements will bring him to the brink.

Try this: before he enters you like a missionary, touch between his legs and grab his cock. Then gently press your knuckles against that spot and start massaging. Just when he’s about to have an orgasm, push his knuckles a little deeper to prolong the fireworks of emotion.

The man’s dignity.

The male penis…where to start? Everyone knows that stimulating the penis is a huge part of sex. And while you may have mastered the typical hand stimulation or blow job, try livening up sex with something completely unexplored, like reverse finger work.

Try this: What to turn a man on with? Make two tight rings around his dick with your thumb and forefinger (like you’re making an “okay” symbol ), folding them one over the other in the middle of his shaft. Twist the rings in opposite directions, moving from the middle to the top and to the base of his cock at the same time. Don’t forget to use lube!

Under the ankle.

Yes, that spot is always exposed when you put your shoes on! Between your man’s heel and ankle is an erogenous point about the size of a fingertip that has “enormous potential for passion. This point is connected to the genitals, and pressing on it releases energy, causing a feeling of pleasure.

Try it this way: while in the “horsewoman” position, grab your legs and pulse each point with pressure in rhythm with your thrusts. Try this right before he climaxes to really give him a spectrum of emotion.

His lobes.

His lobes are a place of preliminary caresses for him-it’s a completely underrated sensitive living area of skin that you probably neglect during your normal caresses. Just think about how nervous you get when someone whispers in your ear!

Try this: kiss your partner’s shoulder, neck, and stop just before you touch their ear. Do it on both sides, because asymmetry is for the lazy. When he is lost, start kissing his earlobe and use your tongue to bring his earlobe into your mouth. Play with his tongue. Be careful not to touch any other part of his body while doing this, and see how wild he gets from you just touching his earlobe.

His frenulum.

The F-spot is the little piece of flesh under the crown of his penis that connects the head to the shaft. It is often overlooked. There’s actually a bundle of nerves there that, when touched, “causes an amazing chain reaction of delight.”

Try this: The next time you go down on him, hold his dick with one hand. Each time you turn your tongue to his frenulum, flick it hard a few times, then relax and go back to licking his testicles.

His lower back.

If you’re looking for a way to flip your partner’s TF without even removing his pants, read no further. The genital nerve that stimulates all areas of the groin is located here in the lower back.

Try this: ask your partner to take off his shirt and lie on his stomach with his hands beside him. Tip: hold his pants, but pull them down a few inches for an unforgettable sensation. Lightly run your fingers or emptied cuticles over his lower back, stopping before hitting his butt.

Stitch his testicles.

This is a favorite spot in sex for many men. Do you know the spot where Gepetto glued your man’s testicles to his body? Notice the sock-like seam there? Well, your man has something that separates his testicles and keeps them from becoming one big egg. It’s all a nerve trail running from top to bottom of his scrotum, and it’s vastly underestimated.

Try this: wrap one hand around his balls, gently pressing the first two tips of your other hand against the top of the fold (close to where his testicles connect to the base of his penis). Then run your fingers downward until you reach the bottom of his scrotum. But don’t forget to be gentle!

Watch this video to find out what kind of caresses men like. Secret favorite caresses for men:

As you can see, the question: what kind of caresses men like is pretty easy to solve. Be sure to give it a try today. We are sure that these caresses will please your man.

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