How to please a guy on the street?

How to attract the attention of strange men to yourself – psychological techniques

In order to feel like a queen, a woman needs to catch admiring male glances. Some of them do it naturally, by itself, while others have to make every effort. How to attract the attention of strangers, to pay attention to themselves? About this our publication.

How to attract a strange man

Appearance, gait, facial expressions – the first thing they pay attention. So, dear girls, wondering how to attract the attention of strange men in the street, look at yourself.

Attractive appearance – the key to success. Make-up, hair, manicure, perfume should be on top. Lady with chipped fingernails, disheveled hair, spoiled makeup, of course, can attract the attention of passersby. But probably not the one she’s dreaming of. At least, get acquainted with such a worthy man is unlikely to want. Before you leave the house, take a critical look at yourself in the mirror. And smile, looking at your reflection.

A smile is a woman’s main weapon. Alluring, charming, attractive, seductive … A friendly, smiling, open look attracts men as a magnet. If you’re walking down the street with a focused, frowning face, which reads a load of problems, it is unlikely to count on the attention of the opposite sex. Catching a male gaze of interest, do not look away, smile back, show that you are open to communication. Visual contact is the first and very important step to a man’s heart. When a guy comes up and starts a conversation, you need to support him and steer him in the right direction (if you are interested, of course). And this is where the topic and the ability to keep the dialogue going is important.

Common interests

What brings people together the most? Undoubtedly, common interests. And you do not have to work or study together or have common acquaintances. The main thing is to be on the same wavelength. Even with a stranger you can strike up an interesting and informative conversation that will become an excuse to continue the relationship. There are many fascinating topics for conversation.

Verbal perception

Men love not only with their eyes but also with their ears. Psychologists say that guys are attracted by the velvet, enveloping voice, a benevolent intonation, interest in his person. By nature, the representatives of the stronger half of mankind – hunters. They are used to conquer. Therefore, do not immediately explicitly demonstrate willingness to do everything. Being mysterious, light flirting, a sense of humor will make them interested in you.

Do not focus on yourself, but show interest in his personality, and this will win you more favor:

  • Demonstrate pleasure in communicating;
  • Listen to your interlocutor;
  • compliment him;
  • Do not howl about easy communication, jokes;
  • take an interest in his interests;
  • ask for help.

If you want to continue, try to make the young man feel that you need him. Ask to see him off, choose a gift for his brother, show him the city… Lean on his hand, emphasize his virtues. But you should not play dumb.


A girl who radiates self-confidence is always attractive to guys. Remember the proverb: “Love yourself so that others will love you. You need to believe in your irresistibility, feminine charm, beauty. Some ladies have a natural self-confidence, they invariably enjoy success with the opposite sex: for them to attract a man to get acquainted – not a problem. Others have a long and painstakingly to work on it.

But even if you suffered a fiasco and could not attract the attention of strange men, do not despair. Perhaps you can use the advice of a psychologist.

Psychological methods

Experts in the field of relationships argue that a certain barrier to dating is understandable and understandable. No one wants to be rejected, and no one is insured from this.

We offer psychological advice on attracting unfamiliar men:

  • The first impression is created by the appearance. If you are counting on dating a decent, respectable man, create an appropriate image, avoid vulgarity.
  • Self-confidence – the key to success (not to be confused with self-confidence). If you lack that quality, work on yourself. Male attention should be a pleasure.
  • Use body language and gestures. Tilt of the head, a gentle smile, an inviting look, a friendly hand gesture, a graceful curve of the body, seductive gait can say a lot.
  • Make eye contact with the guy you like. You noticed the attention to you from an attractive young man – do not turn your eyes away, hold your gaze for a few seconds. Perhaps this will be an excuse to get acquainted.
  • Allow yourself a little trick to get acquainted. Drop the umbrella, accidentally bump into each other, accidentally lean on his arm … You can think of different situations that will attract a strange man.

Well, when the first contact occurred, your eyes met, a man paid attention to you – turn on all his charm, natural beauty, female intuition in order to continue to meet and communicate.

How to approach a guy you like

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In love with the grocer? Suffering for the guy from the parallel class you see every day in the school hallway? Want to talk him up so that a stranger can be your date? Wikihow can help you do just that! Apply a few tricks, and before you know it you and your boyfriend will start a pleasant conversation. The first point of this guide will tell you where to start.

Practice talking to strangers. If you want to learn how to make conversation with guys, the best way to start is to talk to strangers. Strike up a conversation with a grocery store clerk, talk to an elderly lady in the park, start a dialogue with a boy near the science fiction counter in the bookstore. Well, you get the idea. Do you want to talk to a guy who’s cute to you in a way that looks natural? You need to do it just like you would do it with all the other people, and so – practice, because that’s the best way to prepare yourself.

Watch how you look and smell. This does not mean that you have to look like a top model, but nevertheless, you should not give the impression that you have escaped from the local mental hospital. Be hygienic and wear clothes that fit you and accentuate your body’s strengths. Definitely, you should smell good. A regular shower and deodorant will suffice here. A little perfume can play in your favor, but just don’t overdo it.

Before you start talking to a guy, take a closer look at him. Don’t just drop everything and run straight to the cute guy the second you see him. After all, you will need to use some assumptions and guesstimates: what will he be interesting to talk about, what will he like? Pay attention to his behavior and the way he behaves with others. You should also note what he is wearing. A guy with an engagement ring is probably best not to be bothered. Sentimental things (like a knitted hat) may indicate that he has a girlfriend. Pay attention to what might be an excuse to talk.

Avoid certain places. Talking to a guy in certain places can be somewhat discouraging. If it’s pretty clear that the guy is having a business meeting with his work partner or boss at the moment, leave him alone. Public transportation would also be a bad idea – people usually ride there tired or busy with something.

Start conversations in places where other people are present. You should try talking to your boyfriend in a crowded place. Not only will this give you a reason to start a conversation, but it will also save the guy from feeling like you need something from him.

If possible, do it yourself. Try to get the guy alone, but avoid the help of a “co-pilot.” This looks too much like a pickup move. The partner will show that you’ve been thinking about it a lot, calculating and giving it all too much weight – it’s not at all what the guy should think.

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