How to not go to school if parents are strict?

I did not go to school today, help me think of an excuse

I study in 11th grade. I woke up this morning, I felt awful to sleep and it was very cold to get up. I decided not to go to school. Tomorrow my classmate will ask me for sure. I do not know what excuse to come up with.

2,3,4 Unfortunately this will not work(

5 – why? I used to skip school once a month for a day – my stomach hurt – everyone believed me, no one suspected anything. A classmate if she asks, tell her that you’ll come up and say after class, not to shout to everyone about their period))). And then it’s winter now, everyone catches cold every now and then.

Say there’s a salad in the fridge from New Year’s Eve. You ate it and got sick.

Do you have pets? Tell me if your pet was sick or if you took it to the vet. And poisoning is a good excuse, say that you could not go further than 10 meters from the toilet

If cool such a sick, so she and tell you directly: type of poisoning, diarrhea was tormented, the entire day spent on the potty. And at the same time, ask her what she shuts up her ass when she has diarrhea, so that the next time you MUST come to school.

The faucet burst, the parents weren’t there, the plumber was waiting.

1, CASTING to the CHURCH choir-jeez! :))

Yes! School on the 14th!

You could say, for example, that your parents took your set of apartment keys by mistake and you couldn’t leave, leaving it unlocked. And your parents couldn’t come back during the day.

and we’ve been in school since the 7th.

I skipped school once too, but that was in 4th grade. I drank iodine with sugar and waited for the malaise. It didn’t come, so I went to school the next day. My classmate asked me where I was yesterday and I surprisingly told her about the iodine and sugar. She scolded me of course. Then girls from the class began to question me about what and how, I told in detail, but what did not work, did not say. Half of the class ate a lot of iodine, and one girl drank so much iodine and drank so much sugar that she felt really bad, she almost had to call an ambulance. The author, I liked the period. Say so, she’s a woman, she should understand.

Didn’t go to school mom yells.

Well tell her that you went to the ENT because you’re choking (with teenage girls all over the place), and ENT sent you to a neurologist and cardiologist as this is more likely to their profile problem. Impress the teacher with the details of the information and skip two more days. And in general it is not good to lie, go that, and really go to the doctors, it will not hurt, you might even put on sick leave.

about the salad, just wanted to write:) pm 10

I have never used health or problems with it as an excuse.

Say your parents left taking YOUR keys with them…or you went to get tests. or your period. or to the dentist of some sort. I think that the key thing is less izbibi!

No one has ever walked away from school. Everyone comes out smart and pretty!

Two years ago I slept through September 1 and told my new homeroom teacher that I was getting my hair done and got hydrogen peroxide in my eye; I skipped school like hell, then it was impossible to skip school without a doctor’s certificate at all! And then I started going to doctors and a couple of times, when I accidentally missed my first class, I went to give blood, so they gave me a certificate: )))))

45 – really? All of them?

Irina Petrovna, you scare me. Oh I always said that I just skipped …) heh. overslept, did not want to go. really . it’s always better :))

Oh, school is nothing, but the author, think about what you’ll come up with when you have to go to work.

Oh, nothing will happen if you skip once!!! Everyone skips! Say you got stuck in an elevator, got in the elevator, went and suddenly the lights went out!!! and you poor thing sat like that for 2 hours!!! then when they turned on you could not leave the house out of fear!!! in the dark, 2 hours at 14 floors high in a suspended position. brrr you got scared!!!

i really slept through school twice this week! it’s weird, i’ve only slept through school twice in my life. the first time i told the teacher i was at the clinic, and the second time i admitted that i overslept. and i also missed a whole day this week because i had my period.

So, author, did you disappear? What did you tell your teacher?

I’ve always been a sick ***. Who believed it, who didn’t. I honestly didn’t care how anyone felt about it, or believed me or not.

The daily torture of homework.

Is there a boomerang?

How do philanderers end up?

Divorce, filing for alimony, getting your kids registered.

How do I get married so I can be a housewife and not work?

Say that when I was in the elevator the cable broke and I fell and bshe!

I remember back in my childhood, I used to make all kinds of excuses, most of them harmless and rather general. But I never had the courage to tell the truth.

Say that I overslept, or on the way to school, the boot broke, I had to go back, you can say that a very sick stomach, dying, could not even get out of bed, went to grandma, if you do not check can spit anything.I know a good way – is for those who have absolutely healthy teeth, go to the dentist, they check you and write a certificate, all ok.And the best way to try not to skip, because here all the problems, as our teachers say.And if so happened, you need to get out.

And I just drank iodine with sugar. I’m waiting for the results:)

Is it really so easy for everyone at your school that all you have to do is come up with a convincing excuse? In my case, I remember it was like this. If there was something wrong with your health, then ONLY doctor’s certificates were accepted, otherwise it was truancy (and even with a certificate, teachers verbally mocked and did not believe it, because you can buy a certificate, and in general, illness is not a good reason to skip school at all. But if someone came to school with a runny nose and cough, they would send him or her to the doctor, like, “there was no need to infect everyone. And sometimes there were doctors who wouldn’t let me get a doctor’s certificate, and still drove me to school (I was lucky, my doctor only had to say that I didn’t go to school last week because I had a cold and fever, and now it’s gone – he still wrote me a certificate). So, about family circumstances, during one quarter you could bring from one to three notes from parents (and detailed comments were not required, just “for family reasons” was enough) and the term of these notes was from one to three days (that is, you could stay home for several days in a row). Each quarter allowed a different number of notes and a different number of days, the principal issued a decree and everyone was notified in advance. That is, there were quarters when you could not go 3 times, but for one day, sometimes 1 time, but for 3 days. And once the principal stiffed and decreed that you could go 3 days 3 times – so it was officially 9 days in a quarter. not to go (and, also, sometimes notes could be used in a row, but more often not, at least one day break in between had to be there).

10 original (but not always legal) ways to skip school

Photo: Depositphotos / Illustration: Julia Zamzhitskaya

Teachers want kids to run to class in a hurry, and many students want school to evaporate. At times, just to skip a test, students are even willing to commit a crime. The Pedagogical Council conducted an investigation and ranked the most original ways not to go to class.

10th place. “Bombing” the school.

In January 2022, school No. 161 in Yekaterinburg was “mined” five times in 10 days. Similar reports were received by other educational institutions in the city. All of them turned out to be fake. Law enforcement authorities are investigating their source. Some believe it is abroad and that this is the way the forces hostile to Russia operate.

But sometimes children who don’t want to go to boring classes also go to such games with the law. Thus, on October 20 last year, two Biysk schoolchildren reported on VKontakte about an alleged massacre being prepared at the school. The police quickly identified the hooligans: a conversation was held with the parents of students about the need to control the behavior of children on the Internet.

“If I wanted to skip, then the whole school skipped with me. One call and the school was evacuated, the police came looking for a bomb. And after that, no one had time for school,” said user John Crowley on the Web.

9th place. Break up a lesson.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of smarthacks on how to disrupt the lesson:

  1. Rubbing soap on the blackboard so you can’t use chalk.
  2. Crying out loud in literature class while reading “Mumu” or “Romeo and Juliet.” Will amplify the effect of wailing that they were too young to die.
  3. Climb out the window in class, run around the school and back to class through the door. And start all over again. As long as the classroom was on the first floor.
  4. Throw a hamster, a mouse, or a cockroach on the teacher’s desk.
  5. Buy pizza for the whole class and hand it out just before class. Classmates won’t have time to study.

However, when planning such a prank, you should understand that a conversation with the head teacher and principal, as well as a call to the parents at school, most likely, cannot be avoided.

“We used to steal chalk in class, and when the teacher would send someone to the office for chalk, he would come back in a little while and say that it wasn’t there. “Often the teacher would hammer and not strain the knowledge in class,” writes a user nicknamed World Government on the Smart People’s Forum.

8th Place. God’s level

A break from school is desired not only by underachievers, but also by those who have no problems with studying. A great way out – participation in sports and intellectual competitions. And the lessons were skipped, and the reputation of an excellent student was not damaged.

“In school I was an excellent student and skipped classes also as an excellent student – at Olympiads. Standard truancy did not suit me, because my mother worked at school – all my studies I was closely watched.

I started participating in the Olympiads around seventh grade, and I realized that this is a good scheme for absences: you do the task for a couple of hours, and then you have a free day. That’s how I used to come back from physics class: I knew I hadn’t done anything good there, but, full of work, I ordered pizza and watched movies all day. I used these absences to skip gym class and labor lessons, because I didn’t like working with my hands.

Sometimes instead of preparing for the Olympics I went out with my girlfriends or to parties, sometimes I was just lazy”, – says TJ Creative Producer Nata Sineokaya.

7th Place. Disappearing trick.

Some students leave the apartment but don’t show up at school. While parents are sure their child is studying diligently, he or she is enjoying life to the max. Others manage to enter the school, but do not attend class.

“The funniest truancy happened in 10th grade. My class teacher loved to death to check the diaries, and she often did it by coming to other teachers’ classes. For me, filling out my diary was a hard labor.

With another unscheduled check, she came to biology class. It was too late to run, so I, without thinking twice, crawled under the desk. The classmistress went through the rows to check and left, and the biology teacher, who was also checking the attendees, put an “N” in the journal in front of my name. I sat under the desk for the entire 45 minutes. I crawled out from under the table after the bell, the teacher laughed heartily, but she did not correct the ‘n’ in the journal,” recalls TJ reader Anastasia Panina.

6th Place. “Cancel” class.

This is perhaps the most cheeky method. A student writes on behalf of school officials that everyone can rest today. In the morning, he posts the announcement in a prominent place at the entrance to the building. As a result, dozens of children do not come to class, which widens the circle of suspects. Figuring out the culprit is extremely difficult.

“In 1996, he wrote on an A4 sheet of paper through a stencil: ‘Classes for 8th and 9th graders are cancelled today. Administration.” After that, I walked up to the school at 7:20, pinned it to the door, and went to a friend’s house to play Mortal Kombat. The next day we looked at teachers and parents with very honest eyes. Legally we were clean as babies,” says user Dmitry Alekseev.

5th place. Imitating communication problems

This method is popular among those who study remotely. It requires acting skills. During the lesson, students freeze to make it look as if the computer is frozen. To simulate communication problems, they speak barely audible and swallow words. And when the teacher asks for tips on how to turn up the volume, the children name a key combination to quit the conference.

4th Place. Greta Thunberg’s method.

Is the young Swedish eco-activist who invented the idea of going out on Fridays to picket alone instead of going to school a heroine of our time or a genius truant? Instead of a stern reprimand in the principal’s office for skipping classes, she got a yacht trip and worldwide fame. In 2019, following Greta’s example, New York City high school students who participated in the eco-action avoided charges of mass truancy.

“I never skipped school myself, but I participated in the protest with my whole class. We protested against teachers’ rude treatment of us and ran away with the whole class from the lessons taught by these teachers. We had a teacher who didn’t like us very much, and so we skipped her lessons to keep her quiet. Our school was next to a park, and that’s where we spent our time. And I want to say that such “actions” had their result. For some time our teacher became, as it seemed to us, kinder”, – admits on one of the forums commentator Nadezhda.

3rd place. Self-director.

The method is suitable for a remote format of training with the use of Zoom. Students record a video in advance, in which they play the role of diligent students, carefully listening to the teacher. During the online conference, they turn on the video and watch movies or play their favorite games. Similarly, movie bank robbers use fake videos to fool security.

2nd place. Emergency Mode.

A child is out of the house and totally “accidentally” falls in a puddle. How are parents going to send him to class after that? Rather, they will console him, wash him, and give him tea with honey. And while the injured child will change clothes, the first lesson is still late.

You can imitate an emergency while already at school:

“My favorite excuse was the following. We have an alarm in our apartment, at some point I would jump up right in class because of the bell and say: “Aah! The alarm went off, and now there’s a riot squad that wants to break down the door! I have to run in there quickly, but I’m afraid to go alone, so I have to take my friend.” That’s how we calmly left several classes,” says Yandex.Q. user Dasha Logininskaya.

1st place. Forged documents.

Children who have a computer and a printer find forms of medical certificates on the Internet and fill them out themselves. The necessary stamp is easily created in a photo editor.

“A very cool way: so, you take a doctor’s certificate (any) and scan it on a PC, then in a variety of programs (I use Adobe Photoshop) edit as you like, you can write: because of illness or there the temperature rose … The possibilities are not limited. ” – advised in VKontakte user Max Bulatov.

This method certainly works. Only novice swindlers should know that document forgery is illegal – for such an offense, Art. 327 of the Criminal Code provides for punishment in the form of a monetary fine, arrest, imprisonment or compulsory labor.

There are other creative ways not to go to school. But isn’t it better to use your creativity to make learning a fun journey into the world of knowledge?

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