How to meet a girl easily?

How to meet a girl on the street? 160 examples of pickup lines

We all got used to getting acquainted via the internet, apps and dating sites that we have forgotten how to act in a real situation. But how many beautiful strangers missed out when you didn’t take your chance to hit on the sultry babe?

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How to meet girls on the street?

Behave with confidence. Remember, girls aren’t even going to be looking at what you say. They will analyze your behavior, appearance, manner of speaking and confidence. Girls can easily read men’s body language, and therefore they will immediately notice fussiness, fear or timidity. Behave freely, confident and adequate.

Meet people by their clothes, but see them off by their mind. Try to look better than 70% of the men around you to increase the chances of successful dating. Neatness, neatness and style, but without fanaticism.

You won’t have much time to get a girl to like you, which means try to get your phone number or name on a social network as quickly as possible to sign up. Don’t be afraid of rejection, because about 3 girls out of 10 will give you the phone. The whole secret of street dating lies in approaching lots of girls. You can pick up at least ten girls a day, gathering a crop of contacts charming creatures.

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When you notice a cute object with exciting curves and a pretty face, you should make an attempt. You just have to go over and say something that might make her laugh a little, interest her, or excite her.

But at this important moment, all the pick-up phrases that you can use to get to know a stranger you like come out. If you’re having trouble with this, we’ve prepared for you a long list of example first phrases with which to approach any girl. Keep the list as a reminder to engage it when approaching a stunning girl.

1. Hi! Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Come on.

2. I couldn’t think of a phrase to introduce myself to you, so let’s pretend it was cool? Hi!

3. Girl, it’s unseemly to be late for a first date. But I’m not mad. Hi!

Four. Wow, that’s beautiful! Are those your feet? Oh, they’re beautiful.

5. I don’t know who you are, but I want to see you again.

14. Can you tell me what it’s like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?

15. Young lady, I noticed you were staring at my ass. I’m ready to meet you.

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21. Let me say hello to you. From who? From my heart.

22. I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and there you are!

23. Now that the ice between us is broken, let’s meet.

24. Hi! You’re so adorable, I forgot all my pickup lines and pickup phrases taken from the internet.

25. I don’t know my way around this neighborhood very well. Can you tell me how to get to your heart?

26. I’m from a happy relationship and love service. Can you leave your phone number?

27. Which dragon must you defeat to win your heart?

28. I forgot my phone number. Can you lend yours?

29. Hi! Haven’t you been stolen away yet? Fine, then I’ll go first!

30. Girl, do you play the bagpipes? No? Neither do I, we have so much in common.

31. You are a very beautiful, unique and rare girl. Such should definitely be protected and multiplied.

32. Girl, I will make you happy. Come with me.

33. You have such a beautiful dress. Let’s get acquainted.

34. Young lady, aren’t you ashamed? You stole my heart in front of everyone.

35. Hi! Recognize me? No? I’m the one! I’m the man of your dreams!

39. What feat does the modern man have to do to get your phone number?

40. Allow me to flirt with you and steal your phone number.

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41. I can’t remember your phone number. Can you give it to me again?

42. When I met you, I realized that there’s no such thing as a chance meeting.

43. Young lady, you look beautiful, but hungry. Can I buy you a drink?

44. I looked at you so much that I forgot to introduce myself. Hi!

45. I noticed you were staring at me. Let’s get acquainted!

51. Hi! I don’t have time to melt your gaze, but if you give me your phone number, I’ll definitely do it.

52. Can you help me? According to the constitution a man has no happiness.

53. I wanted to meet you in the words of Shakespeare, but I think it’s too pathos. Hi!

54. Your parents aren’t Nobel Prize winners? How else would they have a masterpiece like you?

55. Can you lend me your phone number?

56. I’m sorry. Can you help me? There’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t tear it away from you!

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61. I don’t meet on the street, but I’ll make an exception for you, girl. Hi!

62. Can you help me? A beautiful stranger struck me dead with a look.

63. I have a serious matter to attend to. Would you be willing to go on a date with me?

64. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Can you help me? What does a guy have to say to meet you?

65. I was just looking for a pickup for pretty girls, but there was a picture of you.

74. Can you tell me how much time? Thank you, but free?

75. Girl, aren’t you ashamed to outshine everyone around you with your beauty?

76. The only thing your eyes do not say is your name.

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81. You can call a doctor, it seems my heart froze when I saw you.

82. You looked at me like that, my heart melted. Hi!

83. Young lady, you are so charming that you may be kidnapped. Let me show you out.

84. Can you help me? I seem to be drowning in your beautiful eyes.

85. Can you help me choose a girl?

87. Let me offer you my hand and heart, but first a date.

88. Do you think we’d make a great couple?

89. Can you call an ambulance? I just got shot by Cupid.

90. I’ll stand with you for a while so all the jerks don’t hit on me.

91. Young lady, will you come with me to Paris?

92. Can you give me a hint? How to meet a girl on the street so that she smiles and gives her phone number?

93. Are you looking for the perfect man by any chance?

94. My horoscope promised me a meeting with a beautiful stranger today, apparently it’s true.

95. I don’t know how you do it, but it made me want to meet you.

96. You have such a beautiful smile, I just have to meet her to see her again.

97. Young lady, I thought you had hurt my feelings. You did? That’s too bad. Let’s get acquainted.

98. I saw you in our mutual friends’ feeds. Who could it be? What’s your name?

99. I don’t want to get bogged down with abstruse phrases, so let’s just get to know each other.

100. How about a light flirtation with the most serious intentions?

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101. Can you tell me why there are so many monuments, and not one to your beauty?

102. Girl, do you like the theater? I just want to invite you there, but I do not know whether you like it.

103. When I saw you, I thanked God that I wasn’t married yet.

104. We meet at last! Hi!

105. Let’s not tempt fate, because there may not be a second chance, but let’s get to know each other right now.

106. I’m from the Employment Service. Can you tell me where you’ll be spending tonight and the next 100 years?

107. Let’s skip the formal introduction part and get to know each other right away?

108. You seem like a very interesting girl. Let’s get acquainted.

109. I promised the cat today that I would meet the coolest girl on the street.

110. You look a lot like my first and only wife, though I haven’t been married yet.

111. There are a lot of injustices in this world. For instance, we just met.

112. Hi! I like your smile. Let’s get acquainted!

113. I have a cat, and he says I need to find him a mother. Is your heart free?

114. Girl, you dropped something. It was your lovely smile. Hi!

115. You don’t know how to meet a girl on the street to melt her heart?

116. I noticed that you noticed that I noticed you. Let’s get to know each other.

117. You can call me an ambulance. I just got hit in the heart by Cupid.

118. You have very beautiful and extraordinary eyes, especially the left one.

119. Were you looking for the prince? I am here!

120. Hi! People like you can only be found in books.

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121. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but your name is Aphrodite the beautiful?

122. Allow me to guard your figure for a while to keep you safe.

123. I felt the temptation running between us. What is your name?

124. Young lady, may I take your hand, because your stunning appearance makes my legs shake.

125. Let’s get acquainted not through the Internet, but the old-fashioned way.

126. Can I get your name? I want to try it on with my last name.

127. Can you tell me what you plan to do with the rest of your life? Because I have serious plans for you.

128. I made a wish this morning, and seeing you, I realize that it came true.

129. Hi! You look a lot like crash.

130. You don’t have to look at me like that, because now I just have to meet you.

131. Can you help me? I need help keeping me company while eating cake and devouring coffee.

132. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you.

133. Young lady, what’s that on you? Oh, that’s my lustful look.

134. Let me show you out, to cheer you up a little.

135. Hi! Can you help me spend my paycheck, I can’t do it alone.

136. Did you go to the premiere of the movie “…”, would you like to keep me company?

137. If you’re too shy to start a conversation with me, I’m ready to start first.

138. You’re so delightful, I’ve forgotten all the pretty words for meeting a girl on the street.

139. I am a distributor of happy relationships. Is your heart free?

140. Girl, are you interested in free and strong men?

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141. You don’t work in a lighthouse, do you? You can see your beauty from afar.

142. Did a piece of my heart break you? If not, can you help me?

143. Young lady, I called the cops on you, for you stole my heart.

144. I don’t want to interrupt, but are angels allowed to be on earth?

145. Hi! Remember when we used to live next door to each other? But not before, but in the future.

146. Why are you just standing there? You can see I’m drowning in your eyes.

147. I’m a charity worker. May I donate a cup of coffee to my company?

148. I think you’re bored. Let me keep you company.

149. Young lady, be careful. You just about missed an opportunity to meet me.

150. I looked at you so much, I forgot to introduce myself. Hi!

151. I didn’t know what the girls of my dreams should look like until I met you.

152. If you are here, who rules heaven now?

153. They say you have to follow your dreams. Can I have your Instagram?

154. If you were a stunner, you would be on the “stun” tag.

155. I don’t know your name, but I think it’s cute, just like you.

156. Can you pinch me? You’re so pretty, I must be dreaming.

157. You’re so hot, I forgot what I wanted to tell you.

158. I think honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. So I’ll be honest and say that I like you.

159. Believe me, I’m not drunk, I’m intoxicated by you.

160. Do you have a name, or can I call you my girlfriend?

How do you meet a girl on the street? Use any phrase from the pickup examples, but more important will be how free she is and how much she likes you. Either way, with regular practice, your success in meeting girls on the street will increase. Remember that girls won’t throw themselves on your neck, so without initiative you won’t have a rich personal life and a beautiful girlfriend.

Ps, lady, come here: 19 tips on how to meet girls on the street

Not long ago it seemed that the problem was solved: the Internet took over people’s lives, social networks, dating sites, Tinder and similar applications appeared, and everyone thought that now finally we could forget about the problem of “How to meet a girl on the street?”

And then, out of nowhere, on your way from the store around the corner to your native bachelor pad, there she appears. The dream of your life, the girl you imagined in your erotic and not so much dreams, comes right in front of you, she keeps coming closer and closer, and. it turns out that you forgot how to do it in person.

The only thing you can do is frantically pull out your phone and once again duck into it, disconnecting from this cruel reality. We tell you how to behave properly in such cases, so that you can meet girls on the street and really arouse their sympathy.

Our goal is to find out what you really need to know until the very first meeting with a girl on the street. What you need to know before you meet girls.

Be prepared at all times

1. At any moment you could meet the love of your life

Every time you go out, be prepared. Even to the point, memorize a couple of jokes before you go out – if not to make her laugh, at least you’ll humor her with your sincere zeal to impress her.

Don’t tell dirty jokes, dirty jokes, and that kind of nonsense. Remember this for life – girls do not like it, they do not understand these approaches and are insulted by it. Have an arsenal of two or three unpretentious neutral jokes, and preferably really funny.

2. be vigilant.

Pay attention to your surroundings: any conversation can be saved by a timely remark about the surroundings. And some situation that happened a meter away from you can give you an idea for a new topic of conversation.

Clothing should reflect your personality.

And if you write it in plain language, “Dress normal, dude.”

1. If you’re a bum, but you put on an expensive business suit on purpose to make some kind of impression, then you’re doomed to shame and failure. Don’t underestimate girls: the gap between your real personality and the image you’re trying to create will surface after a few minutes of conversation.

2. Leave these romantic stories about how you can’t judge a person’s personality by his or her appearance to junior high school. In reality, if you go outside in a dirty shirt/jacket/pants, you are either lazy or unkempt, and you are unkempt in everything.

3. Secret in a million: A woman mostly looks at her shoes. So, if you have some money, you better buy a new pair.

To win a girl, think like a girl

If fate smiles on you not often and you don’t meet dozens of dream girls every day, find out where they hang out so you can accidentally emerge there yourself. At the right time, as they say, in the right place.

1. Choose a pedestrian crowded place.

For example, a street with many restaurants, cafes, stores, a large park, the neighborhood of famous coffee shops.

Ideal is to make “walks” in the spring or summer, when a casual meeting can be smoothly translated into an intimate conversation on the veranda of the institution for a glass or a cup of something.

2. Choose an appropriate time

If it’s a weekday morning or evening it’s very unlikely that you will meet a reciprocal desire to have a long conversation with you or anything more: everyone is rushing from or to work, nervous and hungry and sleepy (or kill). Pick a weekend, more evening time, when everyone is relaxed and predisposed to get to know each other.

Look like you have things to do.

(Besides wanting to meet girls).

You can always tell by those characters who call themselves pick-up artists and periodically go out to “hunt females,” apparently mistaking themselves for members of the animal kingdom, that this is their real goal for the day.

Any self-respecting girl would be repulsed at once, you can be sure of that. So create at least the appearance that you were walking-walking on your urgent business, and, literally risking your career, stopped to meet her. Here are a couple of tips:

1. God! You’re lost.

Poor, poor man! You went to a Starbucks, you know that he is somewhere nearby, but your phone is dead, and you’re from the Stone Age and do not know the word “navigator”. Ask the girl you want to meet how to get to this coffee shop.

After all, you’re not on purpose you are five minutes away from her, and she, as if on purpose, disappeared from sight. Only a girl can save you.

2. Invite her with you.

If the girl you started the dialogue with is predisposed to you, then offer her to go with you where you were going. To the grocery store, to the mall, to a coffee shop – the important thing is that you go there yourself, and on your way (sort of) meet her.

This is sincere, does not oblige to anything, and should not scare her: you do not have a car, look normal, and it’s like nothing particularly pretend.

Part two. Let’s move on to actions.

You have thoroughly prepared and learned some facts on how you can meet a girl in the street. Here you have met her.

1. Try to make eye contact

Try to quickly look into the eyes and smile at the girl who catches your attention as you pass by her. Don’t look too long and then distract yourself for a few seconds to let her look at you if she’s interested too.

2. look back to see if she looked back.

This point was best described by Maxim Leonidov back in his song:

“I looked around to see if she looked back.

To see if I didn’t look back.”

If you see her interested and smiling and turning in your direction, don’t be embarrassed and approach her, because she’s already attracted to you, and start a dialogue. Say something sincere, nice and funny – you don’t have to do the banal compliment.

If she turned around, but turned away and continued walking, let her go and do not dare to catch up. When getting to know each other.


1. Approach the girl from behind.

You’ll scare her, because the friendliest personalities arise from behind, especially if it’s dark outside.

If you step over this rule, be prepared to get punched in the face or groin.

2. Touching a girl.

Why on earth would another man have the right to touch even the tip of his little finger on her elbow? None – respect the girl’s personal boundaries;

3. Stalk her.

Do not go, and especially do not run after her – this will also scare her and push her away, you will never get to know her again.

Signs that signal that you need to leave this girl alone:

1. As we said, even if the girl looked back at you, but then went on, this is a sign that she does not want to get acquainted with you;

2) She sped up her pace;

3. she took out her phone and started calling someone;

4. she pulled out her phone and just put her head down to the screen, including something;

5. Don’t follow her, and certainly don’t go where she goes;

Part three. Starting a conversation with a girl!

When you “catch” a girl you like, walk up to her (given all the above conditions), smile and say:

– Excuse me (sorry), I’ve been watching you (you) walk for a few minutes and decided to just say hello.

Be sure to start your speech with an apology, otherwise, you might scare the girl with your harsh assertiveness and appear rude.

Nice words have not been canceled – give her a nice compliment. Do not necessarily focus on her beauty, and forget about compliments about sexuality and figure at all – it is offensive.

Say, for example, that she has an amazing hair color or a cool hat/jacket/bag. Ask her where she bought it and tell her you’d love to wear it. She’ll smile and be more relatable to you.

Remember that non-verbal communication is more important than verbal dialogues. 55% of human communication is visual and another 38% is vocal, so your body language and how you speak is much more important than what you say.

– Smile and maintain eye contact;

– Stand confidently, with a straight posture;

– Speak neither quickly nor slowly; Most importantly, speak confidently and calmly.

Keep talking, but only if this is what the girl wants and is reaching out to you herself. Try to keep the conversation going for two full minutes, even if you’re afraid the conversation is boring.

Talk about the weather or current events, ask her if she’s done anything interesting or this weekend or if she’s going to see the new Marvel movie.

The longer the conversation goes on, the better your chances of continuing your communication after this meeting. You should aim to talk for at least five to ten minutes before trying to ask for a number.

If your communication turns out to be successful and pleasant, and you see that she is happy to support it, then of course you can ask for a number. Do it extremely politely and delicately, for example:

– It was so nice to talk to you these minutes, I think we have a lot to talk about, and I’d really like to get to know you better. Maybe you’d be willing to give me your number or add me to your social media.

Or, if it’s a day off, you could invite her to walk with you or invite her to a coffee shop nearby:

– I enjoy talking to you so much, if you want and you have time, we can go into that coffee shop (walk around) and get to know each other better. I would love to spend time with you.

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