How to marry a Leo man?

Married to a Leo?

Girls who are married to these kings write, please, how do you do? Man Leo made a proposal, meet very briefly.Still only romance, but I understand that not everything is easy.A I am a girl with a character, too, Aries, as something afraid.

Leo also can be different. I had one that I ran away from him while begging. My friend was just perfect, they have been living together for eight years. She’s a fish, though.

I have a Leo With him it is not always easy, he wants attention and praise, but also vpahivats for this And I can be grimzy nasty. but not just for fun, although many things I miss and without emotion. I’m a Gemini. I can say one thing for sure! I have never met a more reliable man in every way in my life.

The ideal one has a birthday on July 29. Judging by the family of friends, very well get along, but she is the boss in the family, although he is also a character. From time to time she criticizes him, even puts him down, I would say, but, in my opinion, the lions need it not to become arrogant.

I have a husband Leo.We live 21 years, sometimes infuriating sometimes not.A good sign in principle can get along.I am a Cancer if that)))).And with you should be a normal union, Leo easy with fire signs – you are close in spirit.

I am not a young fool with noodles on my ears. I have lived with him for 10 years, there was a time to observe)))) he is exactly reliable.

I have lived with mine twice as long, I thought he was reliable too, but life has punished me for my faith. And I wish you to be really reliable.

My sister has a husband Leo. Calm as a boa constrictor while he is not touched and when a dispute begins with him he will twist you inside out but will not retreat from his opinion even if he is evidently wrong. He proves everything tediously, for a long time, can even draw on a piece of paper to begin with))) A wonderful father and family man. Successful in his career.

Vot me i wonder, he does not argue with me at all, agrees, practically always takes my point of view.Trying to guess my desires.Well here is how that is strange.A how have changed YOUR lions when you have already lived together some time and the first passion dispelled? What nasties came out.

Question, specifically to wives or those who know them in family life, I wonder how the years the man shows himself.

I am an Aries, he is a Leo, married for about a year, but before that we met for a long time, here I have a very good Leo, coexist peacefully with him, we quarrel very rarely and then my Leo quickly withdraws, I am very comfortable with him, quite attentive, not scandalous.before that was the twins – that’s a nightmarerrr.

About the whoremonger I would not say – the master of his own business, is successful enough. but with me all the time sucyuet sya that. tries to patronize in everything.

I am a lion, my ex-left. never quarreled, and the whims of fulfilled, but I got sick of it terribly after a while – bored with it was

What’s that got to do with bisiness and the wife’s heel? Don’t confuse warm and soft.) He’s not the one who rules the house.

My Leo is also July 29. Married because more reliable, responsible and honest I have not met. In family life he is lazy, calm, cheerful with friends, friendly with guests. Faithful: on the side does not look, in sex passionate. At work – the leader. If something does not go well, very strongly experienced, but all in himself, does not show. I do not raise my voice even once. girls, too, are bored on the side, of course, they say that I am raving with fat, so I live, keep silent, and look at the side myself

Listen, is it an epidemic? Everyone complains about boredom, but what about you? I am a lion and my husband and before that my husband was a lion – but where we have never been! and it was fun and interesting, and booze and partying and travel, yes there are no words, yes we have so many ideas were always. It seems to me that you ladies know how to move a man in the right direction and everything expects that for you somebody that something will think and do, and it does not happen, only the mutual ideas have embodiments.

So that’s the thing, my Leo does not have any special ideas. I am the only one with ideas. I constantly need to push him, to ignite him, to direct him towards their realization. If I will not invent anything, embody, insist on the realization of various interesting affairs, vacations, trips to visit, walks in the woods, mountains, parks, cafes, etc. our life immediately turns into a swamp and my lion is happy with that. And if you ask him what he would like, apart from work and hanging out at home at weekends, he won’t be able to answer. That’s why I’m bored with mine, I have to be the engine all the time. And I would like a man to have his own interests and desires. And I know a couple of Lionesses… absent temperament… floating around the house like ships in a quiet harbor, though they probably also seem to be moving around them and they are so active. to me it’s boring to death in such company.

The funniest thing is that I am Olga too, an Aries by horoscope, and my husband is a lion. And my son is a Leo. He has been married for 7 years. Well what can I say. It is difficult, but not fatal. The main thing is not to forget to praise even the little things (bought groceries, repaired the crane, etc.) and clearly share the ambition. Leo should feel superior. In the early years of frequent phrases from his side were “I’m older, more experienced, so I know better how to do” or “I’m a man, so I’m smarter. You can do it your way, but most importantly, do not argue.

I, on the other hand, have a left-handed husband. I do not always keep up with him. Constantly some trips, projects, children’s travel organization, hiking. We even in Turkey for 10 days on the beach to spend a maximum of 2 times for half a day. Sometimes I want to slow down, and he does not slow down. (If there is a question about age – he’s 37)

Leo man in marriage

Leo men, unlike other fiery zodiac signs, take the issue of marriage quite easily. These people are very honest and observe all the moral rules of society, so he is sympathetic to a woman’s desire to legitimize a relationship. However, it is unlikely to marry Leo quickly, because before making a proposal to his chosen one, Leo must be sure that he is making the right choice.

To marry this man of royal blood, it is necessary to discover his weaknesses. This will require a long period of communication. But communication will work if you will match his ideas about the ideal. Otherwise, he will quickly part with a girl who is not trying to become closer to him. So, if some points, paying attention to which you will be able to marry him without unnecessary fuss.

How to Marry a Leo Man

First of all, you must demonstrate to your chosen Leo a great sense of self-worth. Do you want to marry a Leo? First, let him know that in front of him a real queen, which is not so easy to win. Also, set priorities right away, tell him that you are not interested in a temporary relationship, you are ready for a serious long-term relationship. This should be done literally in the first days of acquaintance, in order to initially clarify the situation. However, if he accepts your rules, then keep in mind that later you will have to play only according to them.

You should attack Leo right away, as long as he has a strong interest in you and the cards have not yet been revealed. Never tell him openly that you are very concerned about how to marry a Leo: just give him a little more promise each time to keep the spirit of the hunter in him. Don’t immediately open your arms to him, letting him know that you are willing to do anything for him. A Leo man quickly becomes cold to such a woman. Tempt him a little bit, stoking the fire of passion more and more. Once your Leo reaches the highest boiling point, you will immediately get the desired proposal.

Beloved’s Behavior.

He is ambitious and likes to be in charge. He needs the deference of those around him. If you can admire him, compliment him and listen to his opinion, he will likely want to stay with you for a long time. It is also necessary to match his ideal appearance. You should be bright, spectacular and irresistible. Everyone should look back at you in admiration.

How to push him to propose

You can push him to the proposal only tenderness. Do not put pressure on it, because it is fraught with a complete breakdown of the relationship. Romance, vivid passionate feelings and he is ready to be with you forever. However, demonstrate the passion will have some time for him to believe you a hundred percent. The proposal can be made after the intimacy, if you please him.

Typical girl mistakes.

He is strong in spirit and attentive to other people’s weaknesses. But he will never communicate with a girl whose role is a sufferer. It is not peculiar to him to feel pity for such individuals and the relationship will quickly come to naught. Also, it is not necessary to provoke his jealousy, because he is too jealous and he will not be able to even mentally share his chosen one with another. You should not dictate your terms in any case, you can gently lead him to this decision without a fight.

The most important thing!

So, you can marry this man only through a careful study of his character. He is quite attractive, but any of them likes praise and compliments. However, you should not go overboard and give out flattery. He will become close to you if you are constantly attentive to him, trying to be his friend, lover and wife at the same time. And this will have to make an effort, but he is worth it.

Characteristics of the Leo Man in Marriage

Family life with this man is both hard and easy at the same time. On the one hand, Leo, wasting left and right compliments to the fair sex, in fact, not at all aimed at extramarital affairs. He is quite capable of being a faithful and loving husband – provided that his spouse will receive enough attention, affection, and love.

Leo, on the other hand, considers his wife as his property and tries to subordinate all areas of her life to his will. He does not encourage his wife’s ardent love for work and even more so her aspirations for her career, he prefers that she be occupied only with him and their common home. Leo is interested in all the affairs of his wife without exception, can not stand her secrets, constantly trying to regulate her lifestyle, the manner of dressing, choice of hobbies, social networking, etc.

As the horoscope cautions, the Leo man is not a man whose interest in himself his wife can maintain with the help of innocent flirting with others. Such a strategy can be dangerous even in the physical sense, as Leo men are literally rampant with jealousy.

Man Leo is a Master.

If Leo is not annoyed, his home will have a warm and soulful atmosphere. The family life will be arranged with maximum comfort – largely due to the fact that the head of the family will not spare the money. By the way, with the finances of the Leo may periodically have problems, as people of this zodiac sign are very inconsiderate in spending. But the Leo man will rather force himself to earn more than to spend less.

The Leo man is a Father.

Leo families are usually few: they may have no children at all, or he raises an only child. He makes a wonderful, loving and attentive father. His child is very quick and easy to find the key to his father’s heart – it’s flattery and praise, so he knows how to get everything he wants from him. Leo, on the other hand, is used to indulge his child and can easily spoil him. No matter how much the male Leo loves children, he is quite capable to be jealous of his spouse and them if he will get less attention.

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