How to Marry a Cancer Man to Yourself?

Cancer man in marriage.

In principle, Cancers are always positive about registering a formal relationship. The legal side of marriage does not scare these men in the slightest. Deep down, he is ready to marry every one of his girlfriends. Therefore, it is quite easy to marry a Cancerian. The only reason that can hold him back is his insecurity about his partner.

To marry this man, you need to understand the peculiarities of his character. First of all, he is looking for beauty in a woman, full compliance to his aesthetic tastes. After that, he expects her protection and support, although it is not expressed verbally. His future wife should be intelligent, sensitive and understanding him with half a word, half a glance. In this case, he will want to tie his fate to her.

How to marry a Cancerian man

Your main task – to please all his relatives, especially his mother. It’s no secret that representatives of this sign are very attached to their mothers. Do not be afraid to overdo it in your desire to please his family, the more the better. Every Cancer very highly values the opinion of his family. It is important to show yourself as a very good hostess who can provide comfort and care for your spouse. Your attitude towards your children is also important. Show your chosen one that you love children and are already seriously thinking about having heirs together – then the question of how to marry a Cancer will disappear by itself.

The best period to marry a Cancer is the first months of your romance. After all, it is during this period that you should make the most positive impression on him: show yourself as a good hostess, a caring friend, a woman who loves children. Also at this time to make a positive impression on his relatives, and if you do, then you just have to hint to his loved one that have looked for a wedding dress as the desired proposal will come immediately.

The behavior of the beloved

The behavior of his beloved should somewhat resemble that of his mother. You should thank and compliment even insignificant signs of attention. Also, he will like to be the center of your life, if you want to give birth to his child. He is a great father, so he is looking forward to his child. He can not be criticized or insulted, in response, he will simply leave, trying to reduce the relationship to zero.

How to push it to the proposal

It is impossible to push him to the proposal. You can live with him for years and he will just be happy with this relationship. You just have to be patient if you decide to stay with him. He will take a long time to evaluate you, try on the role of his wife. All this he does unconsciously. In fact, he is afraid to be offended, because he is sure that he does not know you until the end. All this confuses him, and he can not make a final decision.

Typical mistakes of a girl

A typical mistake of a girl becomes her pressure on him. She may start demanding him to legitimize the relationship. And he has not yet considered her from all sides, not ready to become unfree. He likes freedom in general, so let him feel like one. Her desire to take part in everything, even in his communication with friends, can cause his bewilderment, and then disappointment. And that’s the end of the relationship.

Most importantly!

It is possible to marry him off, but it will take all your patience and ability to conform to his ideals. You must be attentive and gentle, strong and wise. Only such a woman he is ready to love. Otherwise, he will not continue the relationship. Push him to make a decision will help your understanding and tenderness, you should accept him for what he is, forgive him for his wrong behavior.

Characteristics of the Cancer Man in Marriage

Cancer can go through a large number of women before making sure that he is ready to stop at any one, and that the chosen one is quite worthy of him. The character of a Cancer man is such that when sifting through the filter of his high demands, he can also be ruthless, not taking into account their grievances and pain.

A Cancerian wife should be prepared to live with her husband’s parents, or at least that parting from his stepfather’s home, especially his mother’s, will be a very difficult step for him. It is important for this man to feel that he is the main person in the family, the task of the spouse is to support him morally, to be a patient companion, a kind of babysitter. For Cancer companion great risk to cross that thin line beyond which ends her personal freedom, her individuality is erased and starts to turn into a slave to the desires and interests of the spouse. The payoff for such self-sacrifice on the part of Cancer will be that he will become a devoted, caring, attentive and affectionate family man for her, very attached to home.

The Cancer man is the Master.

From his home, the Cancer man makes an extra “shell” that protects him and his family from the outside world. Cancers will do anything to make sure that the house is prosperous. They love to stockpile, do not welcome unnecessary spending, although they can not be called greedy either. Differ Differentiated by their good housekeeping, they can do almost any household chores, they can cook quite well. They can be hospitable, hospitable hosts, but not everyone can get into their house, but only those whom these men trust completely.

The Cancer man is a Father.

The sensitivity and subtlety of Cancer’s nature, his patience and caring nature make him a good father. He always defends his daughter or son, will be proud of them, and that feeling engenders in his soul, even the most modest of their successes. Children with such a father is always protected. But the older they get, the more difficult the situation can be: Cancers are very attached to children and try not to let them go – not a soul or a body, and expect from them the same selfless attachment. The problem may arise very sharply when the time comes for the children of Cancer to build their own family.

Will not go anywhere – will marry: how to fall in love with a decent Cancer man

Outwardly self-confident and tough, inside – shy and soft. This is what the psychological portrait of the object of your attention looks like. Behind the mask of an unapproachable alpha-male hides a big romantic in rose-colored glasses. The queen of his dreams – Turgenev’s young lady: gentle, sympathetic, touching. There are almost none of these now. But he is ready to search, dream and hope. He needs a little to believe in a miracle: a shy smile, shy blush on the cheeks. It is not difficult to charm a Cancerian man, as he is constantly in anticipation of a fateful meeting and will be glad of the opportunity to have a beautiful affair.

Where to find a Cancerian and how to interest him

The right prince, as a rule, is easy to find in the work collective or among business partners. The ability to work with full dedication from dawn to dawn on the production task turns him into a universal employee. He knows how to do everything, is aware of everything and is absolutely indispensable. As a result, the office usually turns into his own home. The circle of search is considerably narrowed. A meeting with the prince at a city day or other event not related to professional interests is unlikely. If Cancerian colleagues are already ringed, take up advanced training at courses, seminars and trainings that are popular in narrow circles. You are definitely waiting for a meeting with a serious guy who has long needed to arrange a personal life.

Worthy object found? You need to awaken his interest. Options on how to snag a Cancer man you like:

  1. Work on your image. Juicy lipstick and a spectacular leopard dress? It suits you very well, but the prince’s riot of colors is not a joy. Stick to the strict classics: calm makeup and office style will make a lasting impression on him. The image of a fashionable teacher, like no other, is suitable to seduce a man of Cancer.
  2. Prove yourself in a professional field. Labor enthusiasm of the beautiful colleague, impressive growth of production indicators will not leave the guy indifferent. To attract the attention of a man of Cancer in this way is quite safe, because he does not suffer from professional jealousy. He treats female colleagues with indulgence, sincerely admires their business qualities and talent. He will ask to share his experience, offer assistance in the implementation of a fresh initiative. An excellent beginning of a promising office romance.
  3. Do a good deed. A workable way to subdue a Cancer man. Challenge yourself to perform an unpopular public errand, wipe the dust off the office cooler. The chosen one will appreciate any gesture of goodwill and take an interest in the personality of the volunteer.
  4. Take care of him. Proven remedies on how to please a Cancer man:
  • Hold out a package of paper handkerchiefs to a sneezing prince with cold symptoms;
  • help defeat a stubborn coffee machine;
  • at a corporate party, serve a canapé that’s so hard to reach.

As luck would have it, your chosen one is awkward and very embarrassed to discover an annoying flaw in public. Your support will make him feel more confident. It will be easier to go from solving a current domestic issue to talking about personal topics.

How to behave at the beginning of a relationship

One step forward, two steps back. This is how a representative of this zodiac sign behaves with a girl he likes. Take the initiative into your own hands before another charming and attractive person does it. Solve the problem of how to win the cold heart of a Cancer man:

  1. Don’t let him get bored alone. Do not hesitate to call and offer dating options. He himself would be glad to invite a pretty lady to a romantic dinner. But the fear of rejection prevents dialing the cherished number.
  2. Be tactful. Sugar is not ready for the first meeting to share with you intimate dreams and intimate memories. Complicated, panic afraid of lying and betrayal. Out of the shell will get gradually, constantly looking around. Do not spook him obsessive curiosity, too loose, do not cheat even in trifles.
  3. Take the edge off. Your arsenal should always have a couple or three funny stories from life to defuse the situation. Fill in awkward pauses in the conversation with stories about your hobbies and books you’ve read. Informative conversation – one of the best ways to interest the man of Cancer.

Mistakes in relationships with representatives of this sign

Consider the mission “How to win a Cancer man” failed if you allow yourself:

  1. Sharp criticism of your partner. Do not dare to tease him. The prince has a great sense of humor, but completely lacks self-irony. Don’t comment on his old-fashioned style of dress or his funny lisp. Don’t play with fire: he’ll take offense and leave. For him, breakups over little things like that are par for the course.
  2. Bickering with his mother. There’s not a girl born yet who’s worthy of her wonderful, but fledgling boy. Besides, he doesn’t have time to date, get married early, and have kids. It is an inadmissible luxury to be distracted by trivialities of a graduation project, PhD or doctoral dissertation. For the sake of her son’s potential mother-in-law, of course, will try to teach you the basics of cooking and the rules of etiquette. A barrage of well-deserved criticism in his address will have to listen with a bowed head. Try to suggest aloud that the blender whips better than the whisk, and forever you will be unwanted guest at his parents’ house. A cavalier will never forgive you for being tactless and upsetting your beloved mother. Marrying a man of Cancer will no longer work, no matter how hard you try.
  3. Claim the throne. Nothing was told to your Romeo as a child about equality of the sexes. Attempts to teach, make the most responsible decisions, cook borscht together will not lead to anything good.
  4. The behavior of a “girlie”. The prince is exceptionally gallant. You need to live up to the set bar. How does a Cancer guy like you? Forget the bad words, control your emotions and do not upset the beau with inappropriate tantrums.

How to make a Cancer guy fall in love and get married

Representatives of this zodiac sign approach the choice of a life partner with full responsibility. The applicant should not just be beautiful and intelligent, but also the one who will be able to turn life into a fairy tale, find a common language with the mother-in-law, give birth and raise a son. Having coped with the task of how to fall in love with the guy in Cancer, you are doomed to a long wait for a marriage proposal. Chosen One will be a long time to test you on the compatibility of characters, housekeeping, the ability to get along with the numerous relatives of the groom. It is not his rule to make mistakes. Be on top of expectations to push the doubting prince to make the right decision. Do not forget to pamper your future husband more often with delicious dinners, make useful gifts for tomorrow’s mother-in-law and keep in touch with his immediate environment. Let him make the right conclusions.

What kind of hostess a Cancerian needs.

Only a house fairy will do. They will not agree to anything less. To keep the family boat from crashing into everyday life, you will have to:

  1. Regularly browse trendy cooking blogs. The chosen one won’t cook anything more complicated than scrambled eggs and glazed eggs on his own. But you will, licking his eyes, expect goose in apples and gourmet desserts. And so it is every day. Don’t look for salvation in pre-made salads and frozen convenience foods. Disclosure and resentment from the offended gourmet will not be avoided. Cancers know how to eat and scrutinize the contents of their plate.
  2. Be aware of design trends. The interior decoration of the house is a subject of special pride of the partner, firmly associated with the achieved level of material well-being. Do not be surprised that under his keen guidance your nest in front of your eyes will turn into the cave of Ali Baba. Carpet, fireplace, and paintings should inspire the extractor pleasant thoughts that he achieved all this by hard work. Do not forget to consult with the gentleman about the details of repair. He cares about the color of wallpaper in the hallway and the type of wood from which the parquet is made.
  3. Deal with stubborn stains on clothing. Cavalier will not bother with unnecessary changes: a trip straight from the office to the garage seems to him an everyday thing. Traces of oil on the washed shirt – this is a disaster and a manifestation of the irresponsible attitude of the hostess to their direct responsibilities. Do not neglect the little things in the home for the peace of mind in the family.

How to avoid big fights and find compromise

“Let everything be your way” – in these magic words lies the secret of how to keep the overbearing man of Cancer in a peaceful mood. Arguing with him is useless. Raise your voice all the more so. Trying to talk to the prince from committing the obvious foolishness can only take some time after making a decision. In the presence of strong arguments. He will not reconsider his position “as the play proceeds” because of his natural obstinacy and unwillingness to give in. His final “no” in a week will turn into a confident “yes” when emotions subside and he looks at the situation from a different angle.

Is there a misunderstanding? Don’t stir up conflict:

  1. “Split the difference” for an unfulfilled assignment. He understood the essence of the claim the first time and realized his guilt. A superfluous reminder of the admitted mistake for such a perfectionist will serve as a source of deafening irritation.
  2. A public clarification of relations. A small skirmish in a store or a guest on your initiative will develop into a large-scale showdown at home. Observance of external decency is mandatory.

How to understand the behavior of Cancer: tips from astrologers

Seeking to tame a Cancer man, remember that next to him you will feel like:

  1. On a volcano. Romeo’s mood changes every five minutes for no apparent reason. The train of thought is impossible to guess. The intrigue of “likes and dislikes” persists for many months. Last night was an extravagant night of champagne and fervent confessions. Today he went to work in English, does not call, does not write, and in the continuation of your romance is difficult to believe. How to understand the true intentions of a Cancer man? During the period of romantic courtship partner is completely unpredictable. He himself does not really know what he wants. From love to hate separates one your offensive word. Stay in limbo will have to until you put a ring on your finger. From this moment on, the companion will begin to perceive the lady of the heart very differently. Boring stability is guaranteed! No femme fatale will not be able to win a Cancerian and steal away from the family if he is married, because this man knows how to be faithful.
  2. At the reception of the Queen of England. Compliance with all the subtleties of court etiquette is the main trump card of the partner in communication with the opposite sex. He knows how to throw gold dust in his eyes. Many ladies of the court mistakenly take signs of attention for courting. Opens doors, helps move office furniture and compliments everyone. Don’t be jealous without cause. Formal politeness does not detract from his deep feelings for you.
  3. At the premiere of an avant-garde production. Prince is prone to excessive theatricality and epatage. He’s especially good at the roles of hot jealous and custodian of the common budget. Want to test your alliance for strength? Try to look affectionately at the office equipment salesman or buy something expensive and unnecessary. A scandal is assured. The partner will tear and throw, reveling in the role of thunderer and your reaction to a frightened kid. He easily goes to extremes and exaggerates: “Our meeting was a mistake!”, “I am deeply disappointed in you!”, “I never expected this from you! There is no special reason to be worried. In most cases, the gentleman is clearly exaggerating. Be patient. Do not argue with raging Cancer and do not interrupt him unnecessarily. Soon he will leave the image of a lion and become a fluffy kitten, which will be easier to handle.

If a woman managed to fall in love with a man of Cancer, with careful treatment he will not go anywhere and will certainly marry. The caring and faithful husband will try his best to justify the trust and will surround his dear wife with attention and tenderness.

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