How to manipulate men and get everything you want?

How to manipulate men and get everything you want?

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Before you start reading this book, let’s figure out, what do you want to get from men? Respect? Admiration? Help? And material, including? Understanding? Surely the choir of women’s voices will confirm it. But by and large, every woman, above all, wants love! Say, who doesn’t want “HE fell in love with ME”! With all the little and cute and big and disgusting flaws! And so you don’t have to remake yourself and, adjust to your beloved. The authors of this book take apart the different female types. And you, “trying them on” themselves, will understand what properties of your nature will help you skillfully manipulate men, and which ones can only spoil everything.

Baratova Natalia, Maria Ripinskaya

Introduction, or how to pull the right strings at the right time

Chapter 1 Love Me a Chatty Girl

Chapter 2 The Husband Loves His Wife Healthy.

Chapter 3. oh ha ha, the chatterbox…

Chapter 4. Business women and love.

Chapter 5. The Pre-Potent and the Most Lovely!

Chapter 6. We are all victims of stereotypes.

Chapter 7. Love me caring…

Chapter 8. the capricious one pouted…

Chapter 9. Gentle 24 hours a day

Chapter 10. Sexy or frigid?

Chapter 11. Love me scandalous.

Chapter 12. Loser – is this fate?

Chapter 13. Will you take a psychopath as your wife?

Chapter 14. The whore, the harlot, the harlot…

Chapter 15. Jealousy – a vice or not?

Chapter 16. The gray mouse, inconspicuous.

Chapter 17. Love me a slob.

Chapter 18. Modesty adorns a man.

Chapter 19. The “owl” and the “lark” argument.

Chapter 20. Passion – the difference between passion…

Chapter 21. “Fat-trust, sausage…”

Chapter 22. The passion to spend money

Chapter 23. Love me ugly

Chapter 24. Love for Madonna and Vasya Pupkin

Chapter 25. Stupid people also want happiness.

Chapter 26. The Creed of an Intelligent Egoist.

Conclusion, or How to Reach for Everything You Want

Natalia Baratova, Maria Ripinskaya


Introduction, or how to pull the right strings at the right time

What a blessing – to own the situation. Build relationships with people the way you like it. Win men’s hearts. To live, suffocating with happiness, not from the tears of unrequited love. To be successful, loved, irresistible, incredible. And know that you can get all the men you want. Everything you deserve.

To do this you need not so much: to understand themselves and learn how to manage men. But it should be done in this order.

Just learn the techniques of manipulation is impossible. Even the borscht from one hostess is different, although they use the same vegetables and almost the same techniques. Agree, life and love are more complicated than the most exquisite delicacy.

So we advise you to start with yourself. You know the basic traits of your nature, your character, your temperament. Do you want to understand what they promise you in life? Especially as it relates to communication with men? What to do if your chosen one considers you too talkative, vulnerable, God forbid, jealous, hypersensitive, intolerant? So what men easily forgive us, women, but that they madly annoying in us?

The paradox: Our same quality can drive a man to rage, but can also charm him. Take your time to change something in yourself. With the right approach your fault can be a powerful weapon with which you get everything you want from your lover.

In fact, men like neat and neat, and businesswomen and housewives, and cranky girls and nurturing mothers. Remember, only you can make a man to adore you in all your manifestations.

For example, we, the authors of this book, are quite different in character and our preferences in life. One of us thinks a woman is nicer to have a boyfriend than a husband, can’t stand cooking, sewing, knitting and ironing. To men is even-positive. Another, on the contrary, convinced that in order to live a harmonious life should have a husband, children and many friends. Considers herself a hobbler, likes to bake pies, knows how to sew and knit.

With such a difference in character interest in the topic of gender relations allowed us to write a book in which we did not find it necessary to separate, so we decided to address you in the first person.

Since it takes into account the interests of a variety of women, almost any of you can find something new and interesting to her. Figuring out yourself and your problems, you’ll learn how to pull the right strings at the right time, so that men do exactly what you need them to do. In other words, learn how to manage these independent, freedom-loving and mysterious creatures.

Chapter 1: Love Me Chatterbox

“In the evening he sat in front of the television and drank tea. His wife, as usual, was chatting on the phone with someone, but this fact had long since ceased to cause the colonel’s former irritation.” After reading these lines in Roman Zlotnikov’s novel “Vivat Emperor!” I thought: apparently, the author has more than once had to deal in life with chatty women. And his reaction to them was unambiguous – irritation.

Where is the line between sociability and excessive talkativeness, between sociability and annoying incontinence of words, which distinguishes (popular belief) many representatives of the fair sex? Is it bad or good that we women are not averse to chatting and about important and trivial things and with loved ones, and with the first person you meet? Is it worth watching the number of words per second that come out of our mouths? Or is it all nonsense that we shouldn’t pay attention to?

Sing, nightingale, sing!

Mashka was an easygoing and pleasant person to talk to. Her mother often remembered with laughter how she was in kindergarten, engaged in long conversations with the kindergarten teachers. Telling about problems in her life, which then boiled down to a quarrel with her little brother or the loss of her favorite toy. But vocabulary? Phrasing? Mama jokingly called Masha a demagogue, she was very clever at turning simple phrases into convoluted semantic structures.

For as long as Masha could remember, she had no trouble making conversation-whether with a fellow traveler on the subway or a saleswoman at the market. She was a talkative, smiling and attentive girl. There was always a circle of girlfriends around her.

– So he looked at me so incredulously and turned away.

– And I couldn’t even think that he was offended.

And so it went on for hours: finding out the tiniest details, retelling conversations. The girls liked to talk to her in confidence. And guys liked her openness. It was easy and easy with her, noisy and. It was nice, all in all.

So Masha had no shortage of suitors. But she waited a long time for love. Though she wasn’t particularly fastidious. For some reason, she was met with frivolous and selfish young men. And most importantly, no one seriously made her heart flutter, at least that’s how she explained her pickiness to her friends. But she immediately singled Mark out from the first meeting when she met him at a friend’s house. He was contactable but reserved. He was not handsome, but friendly and well-mannered. Intelligent, erudite, and knew, as it seemed to her, everything. Mark enjoyed unquestionable authority not only among his friends. Perhaps it was because he came out the winner of every argument. They spent that first unforgettable evening sitting side by side in a fierce dispute – you’d be surprised! – about Pushkin! And then there was a long farewell party, poems by Brodsky, whom Mark adored, and goodbye under the blossoming lime trees in her courtyard. It was the beginning of summer, and the nightingales were already singing.

How to manipulate a man to fall in love up to his ears – an instruction manual

In this article I will tell you how to manipulate a man to fall in love up to his ears. The tools for falling in love will be practical in nature. No general phrases or water, this material contains only working techniques.

Today you will learn: what falling in love really is, what practical steps to take to get a man hooked on you as a drug. And also I will tell you one interesting method that will make a man think about you all the time.

How to manipulate a man to fall in love up to his ears – I’ll tell you in simple words

To begin with, let’s define falling in love, to understand what goal to move towards.

Using CT scans, scientists have studied the brains of people in different emotional states. In a person in love, a concentration mechanism was activated in the cerebral cortex. A similar state was observed in avid gamblers or drug addicts who were focused on getting a big win or a new dose.

Falling in love is a person’s concentration on you. The brain of a man in love concentrates on the most important task: finding a way to get close to the person you love and be there for him. While a man is in love with a girl, he cannot fall in love with another in parallel. Because concentration is a fixation of the brain on one object.

Additionally! Another interesting point is that the crush of a stale man will be much stronger than the crush of a romantic. Because for a real stale person, the state of being in love will be a life event that rarely happens. Therefore, the value of love for a stale person will be high.

The first way to fall in love is biochemically. When a person at the sight of you produces certain hormones, which create a feeling of falling in love in the head. But we will not focus on this variant, because it does not depend on us. We are interested in the methods of falling in love, which we can control by ourselves.

Important! Falling in love is not a static state where you fall in love once. It is a process. A process of concentration on an object. And since it is a process, you can influence it and create that state in a person.

Conclusion: The task is to start a mechanism in a man’s mind to concentrate on you. It is necessary to create conditions in which his brain will go to the goal to win your attention.

How to fall in love with any man – a practical guide

To begin with, I will tell you a popular way to fall in love that doesn’t work. You need to know the working and not working(popular) schemes of falling in love so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes.

The not working, but popular way to fall in love

Many people believe that the state of falling in love appears according to the following scheme:

  1. A reason to fall in love arises (pheromones, spark, etc.);
  2. The emotional state of falling in love arises;
  3. The person does things that people in love usually do (courts, cares, gives gifts, etc.);

Girls try to induce a man in a state of being in love, which will induce him to show signs of attention.

BUT – this method will not work!

Because you never know what processes in the men’s head caused the state of love. The man himself doesn’t know that either. He can only adjust the answer to his emotions and he doesn’t know the real reason why he is attracted to her.

If men knew why they fell in love, they would always fall in love with their ideal. And this does not happen, very often a man understands on a logical level that he may suffer with this girl, and in spite of this still loves her.

Conclusion: a man is not aware of the process of forming feelings in his head. And accordingly, you don’t know what can affect his emotions.

How does the average girl try to make a man fall in love with her:

  • Trying to be unusual;
  • Interesting;
  • Charismatic;
  • Wants to be liked;
  • Trying to make a man fall in love with her;

And what happens to a girl who acts according to this scheme? She begins to concentrate on the man herself and thinks about how to get him. And concentration is falling in love. That is, she doesn’t fall in love with a man by her actions, but she falls in love with him.

What a man thinks when you’re trying to be invested in him: “It’s cool to be invested in me. And what does he do? – Nothing, he doesn’t do anything. So he’s not concentrating on you.

Conclusion: trying to please, impress or conform to a man’s ideal is not a workable scheme that we will not use.

The working way to fall in love

Now we’re going to talk about methods that are effective.

How do you make a man fall in love with you? You need to make the man start committing actions towards you. Actions that a man in love does.

Proven fact! Suppose there is a man in your environment who communicates with you, but does not have a feeling of love for you. If he starts doing things for you that are typical of a man in love, he will fall head over heels in love.

I tested this fact on myself. I had a girlfriend that I wasn’t in love with. I was only attracted to her sexually, I had no deep feelings for her. When we started dating, I started doing things that people in love do. Helped her with everything, gave her flowers/gifts, wrote her, thought about her, cared about her, etc. And over time, I fell in love with a girl who didn’t spark me to begin with.

Why does this happen?

First, when a man does the right thing (for you) towards you, his brain begins to concentrate. I mean, I started concentrating on that girl. And that’s what falling in love is.

Secondly, the brain tries to fit the response to the actions we take.

Based on the above, we conclude: Your task is to provoke in a man the impulse that will prompt him to begin to achieve you and take action to achieve this goal.

What you need from a man is for him to:

  • Doesn’t want to lose you;
  • Thinks about you very often;
  • Cared about you and helped you;
  • Appreciated you;
  • Called and wrote often;
  • Confessed his feelings;
  • The list could go on forever, the main point is clear.

But there is one “but” that can ruin all your plans!

When you set a goal to fall in love with a man, you focus on him. And, accordingly, you yourself begin to fall in love. You may begin to do things that are illogical and emotional. Your emotions can ruin the whole process.

What should you do about it?

You shouldn’t fixate on just one person. You should charm not only this man, but others as well (and then choose the best ones among them). If you don’t fixate on one man, but distract your brain to work, girlfriends/friends, or other men, your crush won’t come early.

Now let’s break down in detail how to provoke a man into doing the right thing.

Doesn’t want to lose you.

Actions a man: he is afraid that your communication may stop. And begins to take actions to prevent this from happening.

How to implement? Create in his head the image that many men are just dreaming to get you. Let him think they are all fighting for your attention.

– I’m so upset, two of my co-workers had a fight today. As it turns out they are both in love with me. I was so surprised. After all, my relationship with neither of them is impossible! (This is one of many options, you can pick any one that is congruent with your personality)

Another option (we use it when a man demonstrates inappropriate behavior toward you)

– Your behavior little by little kills the warm feelings I have for you!

With this phrase you are hinting to the man that he is in danger of losing your favor. And he will understand that this is due to his bad behavior in relation to you.

Persistent Thoughts of You.

The man’s actions: he thinks about you, wants to see you, calls, writes messages.

How to implement? There is a very interesting way to make a man think about you. I have already written about it in one of my articles, but now duplicate it.

Imagine that you are a guest of the man. Just pillow his pillow with your perfume (preferably it was good quality and the smell is preserved for a long time). And before you leave his house, say: “Every night when you will fall asleep, you will think about me.

From that moment on, the man, putting his head on the pillow, will inhale the smell of your perfume and remember you and your moments together.

It doesn’t have to be a pillow. You can perfume with your perfume any thing that the man uses often (preferably every day). It can be a diary, a notebook, a book. (The main thing is not to spray it on his clothes, the scent of women’s perfume on his clothes a man will not survive).

3. Taking care and helping.

Actions by the man: To take care of you and your safety, to help, to show signs of attention.

Method of implementation: to provoke the man’s actions can be done with the help of a legend.

Tell your man that another guy is giving you a hard time. Let him play the role of your boyfriend, so that the intrusive guy will see and leave you alone. Let the man walk you home, for example. Also, for the sake of appearances, give him a kiss. And so, step by step the man begins to invest, which is exactly what we need.

4. A declaration of love

This is probably one of the most important things a man should do.

The man’s action: a declaration of love (even if just for the sake of playing, fake).

How to implement: a quality legend that will make the man say that he loves you.

Information about the legend on the confession of feelings contained in the article: How to get a man to run after you (opens in a new tab)

5. Thinking about how to make you fall in love

A man’s actions: his brain is thinking about what ways to get you.

You already remember that falling in love is the concentration of a man’s thoughts on you. You have to make it so that in his head there are thoughts of how to get you. And then he will begin to fixate on you, in other words, to concentrate.

The way of realization

Simply ask the man a question:

“How do you think you could get me to fall in love with you? What would you have to do to make me fall in love?”

And then let him share his options with you. And add: – This will work! And this won’t!

With questions like these, we trigger thought viruses in a man’s head that paint the right pictures in his imagination. And his brain sets the goal: “I have to make her fall in love with me,” and begins to focus on solving it.

P.s. You can also come up with your own options that will make a man think about how to get you. Every practical tip I’ve written above you can rework to suit you. My goal was to convey the meaning and basic principles of techniques for falling in love.

Important! If you want to get a complete and systematic structure on falling in love with a man – you can buy my book “How to fall in love with a man? This book contains only working and practical recommendations that have been tested by real experience. You can buy the book here (opens in a new tab)


Now you know the answer to the question, “How to manipulate a man to fall in love up to his ears?” We also broke down the topic of falling in love and found out that falling in love is a man’s focus on you. Now all you have to do is use the practical advice in real life and see how effective it is.

In conclusion I want to say that the main mistake of most people in communicating with the opposite sex is to think within standard templates. Like if you like a man, then I have (should) do something for him, and then he will appreciate. But if you want to fall in love with a man, then you should not do something for him, but he for you. This is the basic law of seduction!

Make men invest in you (not only financially, but also in their thoughts, actions, deeds, etc.) and then they will love you.

That’s all I have, if you found this article useful – share it in social networks. If you have any questions – write them in the comments.

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