How to manipulate a girl?

How to manipulate the girl

To manipulate the girl you need to better understand her. Understand how her brain works. Then you can manipulate a girl. They have one thing in common: the need for security.

I’ll tell you how to behave properly to control and manipulate a girl.

How to manipulate the girl

1- Be the perfect man.

The point is to get a girl to trust your own person. Remember that women want to know everything and love compliments. This is the best manipulation technique. With words, you can set her on your wave, to subjugate your desires.

So, try to talk to her more. About anything. Don’t forget the details. Add details to the story. Don’t just say, “I was working.” Tell her exactly what you had to do, where you had lunch, what you were thinking on your way to the office.

That way you let her know that you have nothing to hide. And you’re ready to share with her the most intimate things.

As for compliments, it’s a great way to get her attention.

2. Change the rules.

We’re all used to a man making advances and a woman agreeing or not agreeing to respond to those advances. It’s time to turn the cards.

Get to know her, show her you’re interested. But immediately make it clear that you’re not going to get it. Show indifference.

No self-respecting girl would put up with such an injustice. She’ll start trying to impress you. She’ll invest. You’ll see what a woman can do when she’s trying to get your attention.

3. Make her jealous.

Yes, this rule is hundreds of years old. But that doesn’t make it any less relevant. With women, sometimes you have to play with their own weapons.

If you already know that she likes you, but you do not see her strong desire to get close to you, it’s time to make her jealous.

Just show that you know there are millions of beautiful women in the world.

This rule is especially effective in a situation where you’re caught in a friendzone.

A normal free woman will not put up with a man in front of her preferring someone else.

4. Be unpredictable.

Your goal is for her to want to meet you herself. So, giving the word to dial her number, say, at three o’clock in the afternoon, bravely break it. Wait at least two or three hours. Or better yet, until the evening.

If she showed interest in you, in her head will be born a lot of thoughts and assumptions.

When she asks, the best thing to say is that you’ve had a lot to do. You’ll let her know that she’s not at the top of your list of priorities. Of course, she’ll want to fix that.

But don’t go overboard, or you’ll be unreliable in her eyes.

5. Make her feel left out.

This technique is effective when you already know each other well, but she does not show enough interest in you.

If you find yourself in the company of common acquaintances, be nice to others. Give compliments, talk, find common interests with her friends.

Show that you admire the girls in the company. She’s not going to like that. She’ll want to turn your attention back to herself. Go for it, manipulator, you’re allowed to do anything.

6. Show her that she’s in a hurry.

If you see that she’s showing interest in you, you might kill it if you show a willingness to go too explicitly toward her.

You’ll arouse much more interest if you remain unavailable. For example, she asks you out and you tell her you’re busy.

Chances are, she won’t back down until she gets a meeting with you. Remember, you should only use this manipulation if she’s already interested in you and wants to communicate.

7. The Great Art of Seduction.

This tip is the most important and fundamental. Or “close and distant.”

In short, the essence of the method is to alternate the emotional closeness with detachment. This method is perfect for women themselves.

What is the method? The goal is to bind the girl to himself. Use any means: flirting, small talk about sex, confidential themes.

Let her tell you her deepest secrets, tell you about any childhood fears, share their worries about work.

Let her get used to your intimate conversations and meetings. Let her be sure that you are already in her hands.

This is when you should pull away. Just give yourself away, disappear for a few days, disappear from her life. Respond to messages dryly or don’t respond at all.

If a woman is interested in you, she is guaranteed to start feeling the desire to possess you.

The main thing in this method – do not play games. The tactic works flawlessly, but to repeat it too many times is not necessary. When your relationship will move to a more serious stage, it makes no sense. On the contrary, you’ll upset her with a sudden estrangement.

8. Be mysterious.

One of the main weaknesses of women is their curiosity. They can deal with other emotions, but this one is the hardest.

In short, never tell her everything about yourself at once. Give her information about yourself in small doses, generating more questions than answers. Let there be intrigue.

For example, she asks about your profession. Instead of saying you’re an IT specialist, say something like, “I do networking. A lot of questions will pop into her head.

If she asks about a hobby, tell her it’s a secret. She’ll be interested and you’ll capture her attention for yourself.

9. Be confident in yourself.

The thing women are most attracted to in a man is self-confidence. This feeling is difficult to portray. So you have to develop it in yourself.

Yes, she can blow you off. But your strength is that you are ready for such a turn of events. Constantly remind yourself that the world is still full of attractive girls.

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How to manipulate a girl so as not to be called a scoundrel

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Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

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The time has passed when manipulation was ostracized. Now psychologists say that many actions fall under this definition. For example, after a quarrel, the husband gives his wife flowers, and she forgives him. So when a young man is faced with the question – how to manipulate a girl, you can not blush at the unfortunate thought, but look for acceptable ways.

  • 1 What is manipulation?
  • 2 Why do guys resort to manipulation?
  • 3 Manipulation is for creeps
  • 4 Natural manipulations.

There are actually other ways to interact, but more about that later. For now, about manipulation.

What is manipulation?

As a result of a certain influence on a girl, a guy gets what he was hoping for. This impact is called manipulation. It can be verbal and effective, and even nonverbal. The main thing is that he acts consciously and purposefully.

Why do guys resort to manipulation?

There are several reasons why the decision to manipulate a girl comes about:

When there is no experience of his own in building a relationship, and did not have a good example in front of his eyes (growing up without a father). He simply does not know how to act and what to say.

  • Infantilism

Being 18 years old is not a sign of maturity. Sometimes at this age and older, a young person continues to act as if he stayed in the senior group of kindergarten. It’s not about his ability to handle gadgets, but about responsibility for life, actions and words. If not, it’s called infantilism. Such a young man will not want to invest in a relationship, to build it. It is much easier to find vulnerable points and, pushing on them, to achieve the desired.

Smart boys from childhood notice that certain actions and words of adults react accordingly. They remember and act in this way later on. This habit is perceived as natural behavior, they do not represent any other style of treatment of girls.

The reasons may be different, but the desire is the same – to force the girl to act as a man needs. And here is where the manipulation is divided into two groups.

Manipulation for scoundrels.

The stick is not bad or good, it acquires a characteristic in his hands. So, too, manipulations can be quite innocent or on the verge of accepting morality, to the point of being mean. They differ in that by inflicting pain, a man achieves what he desires. Such actions are not intended to preserve peace and love, but to satisfy selfish needs.

In order to do this, he carefully studies her, interested in the past, especially childhood, because that is where the roots of psychological problems lie. Having figured it out, he begins to act.

In practice, it looks like this:

The man indoctrinates the girl into thinking that she owes because he is paying for her. And if she thinks otherwise, a lot of reproaches and complaints are poured out on her. Under this pressure she gives up. If not, he disappears, believing that there are many beautiful women around and there is sure to be one who will give in.

With her help the man not only provokes her to have sex, but also to get material support from the woman and to induce her to do the right thing. A guy with little experience gets caught in the lie quickly. If the skill is there, however, unbelievable stories are made up, usually pathetic ones. And in order not to get caught, he can back it up.

However, lies tend to come out, and the manipulator is left with nothing.

The man pretends to be suspicious of the girl. If she is not confident enough and cherishes him, she will start making excuses and proving that she can be trusted. In this position she will do anything for him. A low-key game that often leads to the right result.

  • Obscurity

A means resorted to in an ongoing relationship. Leaving after an argument and not calling for a while, not coming. Keeping the girl in the unknown is cruel, but effective. She will worry about the fate of the relationship and will gladly go along with any wishes when a prince appears on the horizon.

Pressing pity, using a woman’s natural weaknesses, is on the nerves of many weak-willed men. They can not convince a woman, to win her, but they get everything, telling sob stories about a difficult childhood and female insidiousness.

There is no man without mistakes. In a normal relationship, people forgive each other’s insults, draw conclusions and move on. But if a man repeatedly reminds her of the mistake she made, it’s obvious manipulation. Experiencing an unpleasant moment, overwhelmed with guilt, the girl seeks to rectify the situation and does everything that is required of her.

  • Comparison and humiliation

Only a person who is insecure can be manipulated. Develop complexes can be achieved by comparing a woman with others who are not in her favor. Moreover, it is former girlfriends or passersby – it does not matter. The principle works flawlessly. Getting lost in doubt, the girl thinks about how to justify the confidence, to be better than the others. You can also mention more often about her shortcomings, so she was sure that no one else needs. In this state, she is vulnerable to any kind of processing.

Natural Manipulation.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that any couple is without them. The aforementioned flowers work without fail. This kind of manipulation sometimes strengthens the relationship and helps to smooth out conflicts. In addition to flowers the following manipulations by men are used:

A beautiful word spoken in time to the girl can work a miracle. If it’s not duty, said at the beginning of communication, a compliment, and one that captures the qualities of a girl, then hit the target. And it brings the man much closer to getting what he wants.

Psychologically speaking, a man is most interested in himself. That’s why, if the conversation revolves around her person, or the guy listens carefully and actively (nods, asks questions, reacts to words), this attracts the girl.

And if he talks about himself, and not in a single word, but in detail, with emotion, it shows that he is sincere and open. Also a gentle way to manipulate to attract attention.

It would be wrong to show great interest from the start, much less talk about feelings. It is more reasonable to show interest in her, and then to frost off a little, to show indifference.

If the relationship is already developing, go further – make her jealous. After a fit of jealousy, tell her that she is the only one.

This kind of swing makes her think about the guy, relate to him emotionally. Eventually tie the girl down.

If the guy makes romantic gestures (travel, surprises, flowers, gifts), she has a connection in her mind: the guy is a nice feeling. There is a desire to experience it again and do something nice in return.

Do not rush to give the girl everything she wants. It’s better to share or to sweat it out in anticipation. When the promised will come, there will be no limit to your excitement. And gratitude will lead to pleasant actions.

  • Verbal manipulation

The human brain perceives everything it sees around it, and if something is repeated, that is what it takes as reality. When a guy says repetitive phrases to a girl, he will soon notice that she believes what she herself thinks.

For example, phrases like these:

  1. No one understands me like you do;
  2. I tell everyone that you are the smartest and kindest…(meaning – and you don’t);
  3. You know how much I love you;
  4. I know you think I’m honest, sexy, smart (any epithet).

Verbalism is a great force, and always works, but you can play it more skillfully.

Psychologists have noticed that pressure on a person usually ends up being counteracted – an effect opposite to the desired one. To confirm the girl in a thought, you need to plant an idea in her head, and then only occasionally add emotions and facts. Then she will pass off the desired idea as her own, and the deed will be done. It requires patience and finesse, but the effect overrides all costs. Filigree work.

In Spain they conducted an experiment and found that men are much more successful in controlling women if they…smile. She will carry out even a tough command if it is given with a smile. Ladies need to be wary of smiling strangers, don’t smile back at them and don’t make eye contact. That way they can avoid being influenced.

Of course, you can do without manipulation, but then you will have to accept the need for candor and sincerity. Who is not afraid, wins. Who does not have enough heat, he thinks how to manipulate the girl to get his own.

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