How to make your husband jealous?

How to make a man jealous – 25 clever ways

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If you want to know how serious about you guy with whom you spend time, try certain tricks. If he buys into your manipulation, consider that he truly loves you. But if the boyfriend reacted to the techniques indifferently then it is likely that he does not perceive you as an important part of his life.

Worth considering that a special manipulative techniques to provoke jealousy in the boyfriend to hold wisely, that they did not go sideways. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect – not to cause a desire for a guy, but on the contrary, to push him away.

So how do you make him jealous?

  • Start looking especially great.

You do not need to wait for a special occasion to become a gorgeous woman. If you’re not used to wearing makeup every day, start doing it little by little. Then wear exactly the kind of clothes that accentuate your curves of your figure, not just the first things you get your hands on.

After a long relationship, many girls notice that their boyfriends or husbands start taking everything for granted. And a chic look will make a guy act differently. If the boyfriend starts asking about the reasons for the sudden “grooming”, don’t tell him anything. Just smile mysteriously.

If you haven’t gone out and had fun with your cronies in a long time, now’s the time to do it. Ignore your husband’s request to sit with him on the couch in front of the TV, and head off to dinner with former classmates. Don’t forget to have fun!

  • Find common ground with your boyfriend’s friends

If a guy introduced you to his company, try to make his friends like you. The good attitude of other men to you will cause the boyfriend to feel jealous, and he’ll wake up possessive instinct. But don’t go overboard with the flirting: act innocent, as if you’re not doing anything on purpose to make the guy jealous. Just be nice.

  • Stay mysterious.

You’ve probably already noticed that often a guy gets bored when you tell him something. So when you tell him something, don’t go into too much detail. If he himself asks to tell the news, make it as vague as possible. He will be surprised by the mysterious changes.

The lack of competition relaxes a man in a long relationship. If you don’t talk about anyone but your husband, as-if at random, bring up something related to an ex-boyfriend. This will cause your spouse to feel jealous. Just don’t go overboard.

  • Smile at your co-workers at the party

If you’re spending time with your boyfriend (or husband) at a party, socialize with other people besides him. Ask a male colleague to take a picture together or do something else unobtrusive. This will make your spouse jealous.

  • Don’t rush to answer your boyfriend’s calls when he wants to get in touch

Don’t answer your boyfriend’s first 2 calls, or answer briefly that you’re busy. He’ll get nervous. Then act like nothing happened with him.

  • Don’t go overboard with the seduction.

Don’t act theatrically if you want to intrigue your boyfriend. Don’t make too much effort to pique his interest with your actions. Be natural.

  • Socialize with young male friends

It’s good if you have a young handsome boy around you. Unobtrusively appear with him in the company, introducing him to your husband as a friend. Such behavior will make your spouse jealous and make him possessive.

  • Interact with colleagues not only during work hours

If you know a guy is going to swing by your office to pick you up in his car from work, set things up so you can shake hands with a handsome male colleague at that time. The boyfriend will be left bewildered.

  • Be courteous to your boyfriend’s enemies

If you know someone a guy doesn’t treat well, give him a smile at the opportunity. This will make the boyfriend nervous.

  • Don’t forget to take pretty party photos.

Did you finally carve out some time to hang out with your cronies? That’s great. Take as many pictures as you can! The guy needs to see that you know how to party without him.

If you have a sidekick with whom you have touching childhood memories, be sure to tell your husband about them.

  • Write something to your ex on social media

Although your husband claims that your past doesn’t interest him in any way, he’ll get nervous if you text something to your ex. Regardless of the meaning of the text message.

  • Don’t show your jealousy if your boyfriend is talking to other girls

Ever notice your boyfriend flirting with beautiful people? Do not even think to be jealous. Remember – only he should do it.

  • Admire in the presence of a boyfriend some good-looking

If there is an actor or singer you think is cute, let the guy know. In an unobtrusive way.

  • Tell the young man about some nice event

When you’re hanging out with friends, something exciting can happen. Tell your boyfriend about the pleasure you had.

Dress prettier when you go for a walk. And wear something casual when you go out with your spouse.

  • Abruptly rush off somewhere while talking to your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend needs to understand that you have a lot of important things to do besides him. So be brief in your conversation.

  • Ask someone you know to tell you something intriguing

If there is someone your boyfriend knows, let him sort of casually tell him about the suitors stalking you.

  • Don’t act like you really want to talk to the guy.

You shouldn’t be more interested in the relationship than your boyfriend. Otherwise, he’ll get bored.

  • Change your behavior from approachable to cool.

Be as nice and courteous to your spouse (boyfriend) as possible first. Then stop pleasing him in everything and become cooler. It will close the question in his mind: why?

  • Get flowers from a “secret admirer” in the presence of a boyfriend.

Order yourself a bouquet, and let them send it in the presence of your boyfriend. This is a proven way to cause jealousy.

Come up with an interesting and useful activity for yourself. And devote a lot of time to it. Ideally, if a hobby involves communication with men. For example, motorcycle racing, parachuting. Let your boyfriend knows that you have something to do in his presence.

  • Don’t give in to his moods.

There’s nothing worse than a woman who goes along with a man. A guy needs to know that you have your own plans and you’re not going to change them just like that. That’s why he can’t order you to come to him in 15 minutes if he suddenly wants to hang out.

Don’t flirt with trying to make a guy jealous. Do everything as subtly and creatively as possible. Then you’ll gain value in his eyes. If you overdo it, a young man may wonder if you need a relationship in principle.

8 tricks to make a man jealous and afraid to lose

Awakening jealousy, you can give freshness to the relationship, bring them spice, intrigue and passion.

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Every woman wants to know how to make a man jealous to awaken his lingering feelings. The reason for this is if you are confident in yourself and the reaction of your chosen one. Jealousy will cause a man to want to hit on you, and if the couple is already in a relationship (marriage), the partner will be afraid to lose you.

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Jealousy – a great mechanism that will make the chosen one to fall in love with you with renewed vigor, will help to forget about his mistress, return to the family, make more attentive and sensitive. There are many ways to make a man jealous and help you achieve the desired result.

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4 reasons when you have the right to make a man jealous

There are situations when a wife has good reasons to make her spouse feel jealous. Such an emotion will help a man understand that he values the relationship with the woman he loves, will give a little spice and refresh the feelings. The main thing is not to go overboard with this, otherwise the opposite effect will be obtained – the chosen one will be disappointed in his beloved and want to leave her.

The wife stopped being interesting.

Relationships have long lost their novelty and the husband takes his beloved for granted. Thanks to jealousy he will look at his wife with different eyes and feel passion again.

The husband is too busy with himself

It happens that the husband is too fixated on their own problems and no longer delves into what and how to live his wife. Jealousy will help distract you from the secondary and will switch to the main thing – the woman you love.

Low self-esteem of the woman

Another situation – the wife herself needs to raise her self-esteem not only in the eyes of her husband, but in her own eyes, too. Jealousy of the beloved will allow a woman to realize her attractiveness and gain self-confidence.

Infidelity of the husband

Jealousy will help sober up a spouse who has another woman (or the wife simply suspects treason, because of the strange behavior of the spouse, who began to often disappear from the house).

8 tricks to make a man jealous and afraid of losing

The feeling of jealousy is a proven way to arouse strong emotions in a man. That is why it should be used carefully and in dosage, so as not to cause your beloved to suffer. The main goal of women – to strengthen relationships, not to destroy them.

Achieve your goal can be achieved by using methods that work without fail almost any representative of the stronger sex. Know these techniques should every self-respecting woman. After their use of the husband, or boyfriend, with whom you are in a relationship, will be afraid to lose you, and will do everything possible to have no reason to be jealous anymore.

Widen your social circle

You should go to the cinema and cafes more often, but without your beloved. Socialize with friends and acquaintances, spend more time with them, talk on the phone. Let the man will see that you do not suffer from loneliness – in fact, feel quite good in the company of others. Your chosen one will feel jealous jabs and wants to once again become a significant part of your life, replacing all your friends and girlfriends.

Change your mood often.

This is a great weapon that you can successfully use to attract the attention of your boyfriend. Example tactic: Be friendly with him before dinner, show him a great mood, be cheerful. After dinner, change dramatically – become cold, aloof, thoughtful. Let your chosen one puzzle over what caused such a metamorphosis. All his thoughts will be occupied by you, and how to fix the situation.

Hide your phone.

Don’t let him pick up your phone. Always keep the gadget to yourself, and if you suddenly leave it in a prominent place, with all the legs rush to the phone every time it rings. Read your messages with a mysterious look and when your beloved asks: “Who is writing to you?”, answer: “No one”, or “It does not matter.

Do not report to a man

Learn to be too open with your chosen one, do not tell where you were, who you talked to, and so on. Learn to answer evasively to some questions, keep an intrigue and let your lover suffer a little. This will only benefit the relationship, as he will want to capture your attention again.

Change your image.

You can do a brighter makeup, pick up revealing outfits, change your hair – in general, become different. Perhaps your chosen one considers you an open book, so it’s time to dispel this misconception. It is important that the change in appearance clearly benefited you, that is, you should visibly look prettier. If after that the chosen one will not become jealous, then you should think seriously about whether he has feelings for you.

Start flirting with others.

Of course, you should do this wisely, without going too far. Let the chosen one sees that you pay attention to the attractive representatives of the stronger sex, and quietly flirt with them. This discovery will cause him to make the right conclusions about the fact that his woman need to devote more time, otherwise she will be taken away.

Stay late at work.

Come home half an hour to an hour later than usual, explaining this increased busyness. Do not go into details and move the conversation to another subject. Let the man feel mildly anxious and figure out a way to make you rush home to him every day.

Spend more time on social media

In the evenings, settle into a chair with your laptop or smartphone, and start a lively correspondence with some of your virtual friends. Smile at your own thoughts and show a clear interest, it will puzzle a man, make him take his mind off his favorite soccer and think a little bit.

Six things you can not do, using jealousy as a weapon

Not all techniques that can cause jealousy in a man can be put into practice. Some of them can lead to the opposite result – a man not only does not experience jealousy, but also feel the desire to break up with a woman who behaves inappropriately. So as not to cross the thin line for which ends jealousy and begins contempt, you need to know your man, to act subtly and carefully.

Do not deny intimacy

Don’t deny him intimacy. The man will conclude that intimacy is lacking for one reason only – his lady has another. It is unlikely that after that he will want to continue the relationship.

Do not flirt with his friend, relative, boss

Such behavior will be perceived by any man as a personal insult. Flirting with such people is a clear humiliation of your chosen one and disregard of his feelings.

Do not invent a nonexistent lover.

Perhaps this is the worst way to attract the attention of your loved one. If he believes that there is another man, he will feel the desire to collect your things and put them on the street.

Don’t date your ex.

This way of inducing jealousy is both naive and stupid. Past relationships should leave in the past, do not pick up the wounds of yourself and your ex-partner, it will lead to nothing good – except that your loved one will no longer trust you.

Do not be too demonstrative.

Trying to cause jealousy in his chosen one, you can not do it obviously and deliberately, otherwise he will immediately realize that he was fooled and trying to manipulate their feelings.

Do not ignore your man

This behavior can be hurtful, especially if the chosen one did not you wrong. Demonstrable coldness without any reason and unwillingness to even talk to a man, will only lead to unnecessary conflict, and not jealousy.

Five situations when jealousy needs a separate sauce

When you are at a distance.

Do not suffer in four walls, meet with friends, have fun. Do not always answer your man’s calls, say you can not talk because you are in a noisy place.

When you are on maternity leave.

Husband during this period does not look at you as a desirable woman and looks in the direction of other ladies? To change this, take care of yourself, pay more attention to appearance, do not sit all the time at home in a dirty look, go for a walk more often and longer.

When you need to make your ex jealous.

Show him how you have changed and become more beautiful, be cheerful, be more active in social networks. Smile, act calm, confident and a little detached when you happen to see your ex.

When you want to provoke the jealousy of a friend or acquaintance

Flirt with other men in a way that he’ll notice, always be on your best behavior – pay attention to your appearance and your choice of perfume. Show him your interest, be sweet and alluring and then switch your attention to the other man.

When you need a jealous lover

Surprise him – completely change your image, become more unavailable, don’t answer his messages, make him worry. Do not tell where you were and with whom, for all his queries respond evasively.

The main thing is not to overdo in their attempts to cause jealousy, so as not to provoke a conflict or escalate the situation. Not all men are adequate to the ladies, making them jealous, this should be borne in mind. Make the right decision is easier if you know your man well – then predict his reaction will not be difficult. For example, if a man – the big proprietor, very negatively accept encroachments on what belongs to him, or tendency to aggression, then you should not make him jealous, otherwise it will end very badly.

Jealousy will help if there are still feelings between partners and there is a need to warm them up. It is love and trust in each other that will be the catalyst that will not allow the situation to get out of control and explode. It is important not to get carried away in the process so as not to destroy the real thing that you have.

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