How to make your husband fall in love with you?

How to make your husband fall in love with you again. 8 steps that are within the power of any woman

How to make your husband fall in love with you,

Married couples who have been married for many years often face the problem of “Loss of interest in the partner.” As a rule, this situation develops in married people after 8 years of life together. There comes a serious crisis in the relationship. If you manage to survive it and find a way to remain the same in love – you will be together forever. And if not, you will have to say goodbye to this period of life. In any case, all the problems are solvable. The main thing is that you and your husband/wife want to work on the relationship, and not waste time.

There are other situations when a woman begins to realize that her loved one is losing interest and fervor in his eyes. The passionate feelings come to naught and the love turns into a “life next door” or habit. A woman in love, noticing the changes in her relationship, begins to wind up about mistresses, families on the side, and so on. And knowing – returns the fervor and passion in every day together. So if the situation in your family is exacerbated by indifference to each other, it’s time to study the advice from the Argumenty Nedeli website. Today we will tell you about 8 consecutive steps that psychologists advise to take in order to become passionate and young again.

  • How to interest your husband?
  • How to make your husband fall in love with you again?
  • How to fall in love with her ex-husband and whether it is necessary to do?
  • How to interest her husband again, tips from psychologists.
  • How to charm her husband and what exactly do not do?

Psychologist and psychotherapist Irina Savenkova recommends:

“You have to learn to trust your partner, to hear him. People are different and there is no perfect match of characters, appearance. We must be able to forgive and not be afraid to ask for forgiveness. Show leniency and say thank you. You will be much easier if you are willing and able to perceive not only your position. Pay attention and agree with your other half’s opinion. Be able to see life in different ways and be comfortable with your husband or wife’s thoughts. Not following such simple rules, a strong and long-lasting relationship can be forgotten. The ability to find a compromise, to be honest and to set a common goal – will create a sense of attraction to each other and will not allow loss of interest in the partner.”

How to win your husband back – the first 2 tips.

We decided to take a short time to reflect on human feelings, looking for the causes of quarrels and misunderstandings. Let’s go straight to the question “how to win a husband?” From various Internet sources, Argumenty Nedeli picked up detailed advice from top psychologists in Russia and foreign countries. They will help you surprise your husband with external and internal changes in you and recreate the feeling of sympathy, love and affection. As well as recall the confetti-bouquet period much more often than the last years of life together.

How to make your husband fall in love with you:

  • Nothing excites men like the memory of a first date. 5, 10, 20 years ago, not for nothing did his heart flutter and his gaze innocently descend on the young body of a beautiful girl. Why not try again to be in the atmosphere of sympathy and desire to get acquainted. Suggest that you visit your husband where you first met him. Believe me, if in most situations the past does not play the most positive influence on the present, in a relationship it is exactly the opposite. Pleasant memories always warm the soul, make people fall in love and relax. Don’t feel like going out? – How about baking something delicious and looking at a scrapbook of photos together? A photo will help you remember the subtlety of your feelings and remind you of the fun times you spent together. Prove that quarrels are mistakes because of the eternal routine. And your love still hasn’t faded.
  • Klyushnikova Renata, a psychologist with a long experience, recommends praising men. If cute pictures did not help to return the warmth of the relationship, then the brutal man will definitely be affected by praise. Agree, you love to be praised and thanked for a delicious dinner, success at work, achieving goals. So, what’s worse than your husband? Simple phrases like “I’m proud of you,” “You’re the best,” “I had confidence in you,” “You’re smart,” will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Couples who know how to say this – exchange positive energy and mentally bond with each other. No matter who says what, but people, first of all, love with their ears. Do not lose auditory contact with your partner, do not lower the degree of importance of the person to you. Speak up, speak up for the deeds and for nothing.

How to make your husband love your wife more, tip #3, #4

You have always been in a relationship and everything was great, but there came a time when the passion began to fade? Do not panic, absolutely all couples go through this. Seek help from psychologists, or learn 2 hot tips from renowned sexologist Kimberly Resnick Andersen. The therapist works with couples who have forgotten what the word sex is and how enjoyable it is in practice. The expert believes that good intimate relationships, their constancy – the key to a successful and long-lasting marriage.

Second Breath, or how to make your husband fall in love with you all over again.

Here comes the moment X. In your relationship to replace dating and moonlight walks came household chores, mutual obligations, and sometimes tired of each other. And it doesn’t matter if you have been together for three or thirteen years. Family difficulties and crisis in the relationship, and you are tortured by the question of who is to blame for the fact that instead of ardent love and passion came banal habit. Of course, it’s always both of them to blame. But today we’re going to debunk the myth of the weakness of the female sex and take the situation into our own hands.

I returned one day from a vacation, rested, as if born again. A new hairstyle, a beautiful snow-white dress on my chocolate skin. I walk up the stairs in anticipation of a warm meeting. And there… No, I did not detect the scent of French perfume. Nor did I find a young nymph there. On the contrary. Everything is wonderful.

Family, for two weeks felt my mother’s absence, and now genuinely happy. The 4-year-old son runs towards me shouting “Mom’s back” and with a doodle-flower, his own hand-painted flowers, apparently, just before I entered the apartment. I was “told” this by the vivid red mark that was left on my white dress.

My teenage daughter came out with a welcoming smile and the phrase, “Hey, Mom, how’s it going? And by the way, the dress is fine,” she said. And now it’s so hard to communicate with her, and sometimes it’s hard to be around her. Because it’s a total denial of everything – I do not understand, such a worldview, or just to spite me.

My sweet baby boy 1.5 years old with a huge teddy bear in front of him, too, pulled up. And just taking him in my arms and strongly pressed to my heart, breathing in the sweet smell of baby, calmed down: “Home. Happiness… Or is it? Where’s Daddy?”

And then I heard from somewhere in the back of the apartment (as it turned out, there was a soccer game on TV): “Baby, is that you? Hi. So dinner’s coming?”

I was looking forward to this meeting, and someone was just looking forward to dinner. Yes, we’ve been together forever, 16 years. But I’ve been gone for two whole weeks, and I’ve been waiting! I waited for flowers, for a hug, for a kiss. But… Nothing? They are right those who say that the best way not to be disappointed in people is not to expect anything from them. That’s right.

The new hairstyle in one movement of the hand turns into a bundle – the orderly hairstyle of 90% of young mothers and housewives. Lipstick – the exact shade that drove her husband crazy once – is eaten by a towel, a robe absorbed unappreciated by the spouse’s dress. ,

“I’ll be right back,” I tossed and immersed myself in my own thoughts and business.

“When did something break in our relationship, and why did I miss this important moment? When did romantic dates, kisses, and hugs take the place of habit? How to spice up our relationship and help my husband see me as not just a mother, a wife, a housewife, but as a young woman, attractive to others and able to arouse a man’s interest?”

And, you know, it was at this point that I realized one important thing: You have to start with yourself first. And I did.

A kind word and the husband pleasant

I love my husband. I am grateful to him for a lot of things: for our moments of happiness, of which there were days and years, for our children, for what he is and is in my life. And then it hit me: does he know that? When was the last time I expressed gratitude to my husband? After all, it’s very important for any man to receive sincere recognition and admiration from his woman: “You’re good, I’m proud of you!”

It is very important not to compare him to anyone else. Your man must understand that you have chosen him and because he is the only one.

I remembered that my husband repaired my phone – a trifle, he changed the broken glass. But he did it himself, took his own time. I walked up to my lover and hugged him by the shoulders and kissed him, thanking him for the phone. And, although at that moment the “untouchable” soccer game was on TV, my husband was distracted by me. He hugged me and kissed me back, and offered to join him. We had a wonderful evening together. Covered by a soft and cozy plaid, with a cup of coffee we watched a movie, to which we had long dreamed of going.

Think of good things more often.

It would seem that all is well, love, family. But emotions and passions subsided. Resume the former relationship helped one little secret – “our”.

People bound by feelings and time always have something “our.” Something that only they know and that makes them one.

And it has become a pleasant family tradition. On the third Friday of every month my husband and I meet at “our” cafe. The one where we met. And it’s not just two people who have known each other for 1000 years. It is exactly a date with all the excitement, the thrill, the anticipation. Think about what moments are most precious to you. The place of the first kiss, the first date, in general, that gave a pleasant emotion to both. Remind your loved one of that, “Do you remember…” This is sure to bring him back to a time when everything was just beginning, and you were elated and happy.

Work On Yourself

I’m not going to tell you that men today, just like 300 years ago, still love with their eyes. And by the way the companion looks, a man understands how she relates to him.

I looked in my closet and was horrified, “My God! And this is what I walk around the house in!?” Endless sweatpants and undershirts, shapeless bathrobes that I don’t know where they had migrated into my closet. In this case, to prepare for an exit “in feast and in peace” I spend 1.5 hours, and even more. My husband is probably convinced that for someone, even the occasional fellow traveler on the subway, I appear in all their glory. And what about him? He gets the Cinderella wife after the ball is over.

After this realization, all my homemade outfits flew into the trash. They were replaced by sexy robes, suits of T-shirts and shorts. Now, after some time, I myself understand the importance of looking neat and beautiful at home. And then the potential hunter will never go looking for a new victim, the muse. Man must see and understand that you give yourself time and attention and do it for him too.

This time is just for the two of you.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned for myself is the need to

to learn to abstract away from everyone: pets, beloved home, children and their endless problems, relatives. Find at least a few minutes just for the two of you, and “let the whole world wait”. And it’s very important in family relationships to learn how to properly relax from each other. Yes, yes, even the most loving couples sometimes need 30 minutes of silence.

So if my husband comes home in a bad mood – and for 16 years I learned to catch it without words – I try not to touch him for a while. I give him a chance to think, to breathe. I myself spend those moments to my advantage: English lessons, an interesting book. This kind of rest is very important, because people, even loving and loved, are very different individuals. And therefore can get tired of each other.

The initiative is not punishable

Have you ever wondered how men are different from us? All of them are from Mars – it’s true, and therefore perceive love and sex completely differently than we do. So, most men genuinely believe that they are loved = have sex with them. That’s why your husband will absolutely appreciate it if you try on the role of the initiator. The choice is this: sit and wait for your spouse’s attention for a few weeks of soccer season, or take the lead in your love match and get three times as much from your grateful spouse.

Each time they broke up to finally meet

Let me disclaim right away that this is a rather dangerous way to regain former passion. Pausing in a relationship, breaking up for a while, is a risky move. It is at this point of freedom man realizes that he needs you like air, if feelings are still left. Or – and this also happens – he is comfortable without you. And then there’s nothing you can do: a divorce and – maiden name.

In my case, after an underestimated hairstyle and outfit, I rolled away for the remaining days of vacation at home to my parents. The main thing here is not to go overboard. After all, today your significant other is suffering and bored, and tomorrow he will realize that life goes on, and being alone is not so bad. Especially if the relationship was unpleasant, coming from you.

I, for example, on the fifth day of my ingenious “escape plan,” heard the cherished “How long can you rest alone? I missed you, come home.” And our next vacation was together, not from each other, and unforgettable.

And, I’ll tell you a secret, it really renewed our relationship. I don’t know what chemical processes go on in a man’s brain, but a man desires his lady much more in a foreign territory than in a normal setting. And it would be ideal if you do not go to the cottage to his mother, but to a new point in our country or the world. Change everything: a new country, city, hotel. This is sure to cheer up your relationship. And relax yourself, allow the change to blow with a fresh breeze in your life.

No Groundhog Day.

Think back to how you used to date. Now forget it and don’t ever remember! Do things the new way. Have you been dining in your living room every day for 10 years with your mom’s heirloom silverware? Pack a backpack – and you’re off to a picnic in the morning. Be sure to change and cut out the things in your life that don’t give you a positive charge of emotion.

Now I can say that we are on our second honeymoon in our lives, and it has lasted about 5 months.

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Editorial opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the author. In case of health problems, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor.

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