How to make your ex miss you?

How to make your ex miss you (without making a fool of yourself)

Let’s say you’ve been dumped by your boyfriend. You’re unhappy, you miss him, and you naturally want him to miss you too…especially if you want him back and give your relationship a second chance.

Or maybe you just want revenge. You want him to regret what he did and come crawling back to you begging for forgiveness.

So first, you need to be honest with yourself and figure out why you want to make your ex miss you. You may even have to write down your thoughts and feelings to figure them out.

Why do you want your ex to miss you?

If you want revenge, why do you want it? If you don’t want any more relationship with this person, just forget it. He is dead to you.

Don’t waste your time trying to manipulate him. Learn how to move on!

And it doesn’t matter that you’re mad at your ex. Of course you’re angry. Of course you’re hurt. When you get dumped, it hurts. It turns your whole world upside down. And I understand that when you’re hurt, and you’re angry, you want to return the favor. There’s even this “revenge diet”: people think that if they lose weight, get pumped up, and show up to their exes, they can hurt them and say, “I told you so.”

But answer one question: How will hurting your ex improve your life?

It won’t. But it will make you a bad person, if only for a little while. If you spend a lot of time thinking about how to get back at someone, it consumes you, and you stop spending time enjoying life and being happy. You end up hurting yourself more.

So if your reason for wanting to make your ex miss you is revenge, then our advice is to live your life!

But if you’re hoping to mend your relationship with your ex, get back together, or at least stay friends, then it’s okay to want him to miss you. But it’s important to be realistic.

First, after any breakup, it’s important to observe some period of silence between partners without any contact – about a month. And not just so he can think about where you are and with whom. But that you and you could gather your thoughts. So you can accept that you are now alone.

This month, work on yourself. Do things you enjoy, travel, learn new things, be around other people.

At the end of this month, you will have time to consciously and subconsciously process your emotions. You will have more opportunities to honestly answer the question: Do I really want my ex back?

If the answer is still in the affirmative, then everything you’ve already been doing – living your life instead of just suffering – is exactly what will make your ex miss you. Think about it: if you’ve become a happier and healthier person, you’re automatically more attractive to everyone, not just your ex, not just potential new partners, but new friends.

After a month of living independently, learning new things, having adventures, meeting new people, you can cautiously make contact with your ex.

The best way is through a friendly message.

You could write to him and tell him how much you like the sculpting workshops or dance classes, you could invite him to some graduation concert where you show off your skills. Or you can recommend a new restaurant you visited. “I remembered that you like Chinese food, so I went to a new restaurant. You should go there.”

You’ll show that you remember his preferences. It will remind him of how well you know him and of your good times. And it will plant a seed of thought in his head.

Another way to let your ex miss you is to share your new life, such as online. Post pictures of your adventures, travels. Share it with all your friends, including your ex.

If you’re really enjoying life and are happy, you’re already doing everything you can to make your ex miss you.

15 proven tips on how to make your ex miss you badly

If you just got dumped or just broke up with your boyfriend, you probably have second thoughts about the relationship ending. Maybe you now realize the role that destruction and burnout played in your relationship, or maybe you dumped your boyfriend for a petty reason that you now regret. It’s not always as easy as picking up the phone and spouting off to him. In fact, it’s probably the worst thing to do if you really want your ex back.

When it comes to rekindling romance with your ex, you have to make him miss you. He has to constantly dream about you, every song he hears reminds him of you, he has to think about you at all hours of the day, wondering what you do and who you do it with, and most of all, he has to ask you to come back together. Keep reading to see our 15 proven tricks to make your ex miss you. Put these tips into motion to get your ex back together once and for all!

15 Make Big Changes.

To shake up your ex and make him miss you, you’re the one who has to make a big change. It has to be something completely different that you would never do while you were both together. You can pack up and move to a new town, or trade in your old car for a new car that you’ve been using for years. By making big changes, you will signal to your ex that you are moving forward with your life, and in return it will cause him to react! He will definitely want to be a part of these big changes because they are all positive moves in your life. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who is taking steps in the right direction to improve themselves and their situation?

Of course, make sure your big changes are something you can handle financially. The last thing you want to do is buy a shiny new car and get stuck with a $600 bill you can’t afford!

14 Tell him how wonderful life is.

If you are still in touch with your ex-boyfriend, you have many opportunities to make him miss you! If the two of you talk on the phone or exchange text messages every few days to make him miss you, you should tell him how fabulous your day was! After the break, guys expect you to crawl into a hole and cry for the next few months. But even if you feel like your world is falling apart, you have to give the impression that things are going great in your world. You should be happy and always tell him about the positive things that are happening in your life. Because you don’t act like the average girl after a relationship ends, it draws him closer to you. Your upbeat and optimistic attitude will remind him how much fun you’re having, and he’ll die to be a part of your life again.

13 Sending messages through friends

There are many reasons why you and your ex stopped communicating after your breakup. Maybe he told you to stop calling him, or maybe you blocked his number in your phone during one of the many arguments after the breakup. If you can’t talk one-on-one with your ex, there are ways to secretly text him that will make him start to miss you! If the two of you have mutual friends, connect with a few of them and start telling them about all the great things going on in your life. The next time they run into your ex, they will naturally tell him about your happy life. Think of these mutual friends as your free couriers, but use them wisely! Try to stay away from any topics that would put you in a negative light in the eyes of your exes.

12 Make New Friends.

Have you ever noticed that when you focus all of your attention on someone, it seems to push them away? That’s why taking your focus off your ex will actually draw him closer to you! That’s when getting to know new friends comes in handy. If you really want your ex to miss you, you need to step outside your comfort zone a little bit. Sure, it’s important to maintain a strong support system and maintain the friends you’ve made over the years, but expanding your social circle and making a few new friends doesn’t hurt either. Expanding your circle fills your social calendar with various events and activities to keep you busy and distract you from your exes.

Meeting new friends shows your ex-boyfriend that you’re open to meeting new people, and if he doesn’t try to figure things out with you soon, you might meet someone else who will steal your heart!

11 Update your closet

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it works all over again! When you recover from the breakup and decide you want your ex to miss you, you need to do everything you can to step up. Unfortunately, the same old clothes won’t help. Instead, you need to update your closet to reflect the new you. It’s as simple as buying a new pair of fitted jeans that accentuate your curves, a few shirts that accentuate your best features, and a few skirts that put your legs on display. When your ex sees you in your new goofs, you will definitely make him do a double take! You’ll evoke an emotion in him that not only stirs his attraction to you, but the fact that you look and look incredible will definitely make him miss you. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the night you get the text, “You look great!”

10 Change Your Hair.

Now that you have a new and improved closet on deck, it’s time to change up your look even more. We would definitely vote against you cutting off your hair or doing something drastic that you’ll regret later. Instead, try a new hair color that will really make you stand out. Changing your hair is the same as changing your closet. You draw attention to yourself by changing the way you look, and we guarantee it will leave your ex drooling! If you’ve always applied the same hair color, try spicing it up with something like a colored hair treatment. This French hair coloring technique works on a variety of hair lengths, colors and textures, making it appealing to all women. Don’t be surprised if your ex doesn’t recognize you at first, but when he does, he’ll be furious…and maybe even a little turned on!

9 Befriend Him.

Social media gives us a glimpse into the lives of our friends, neighbors and complete strangers. More and more people are documenting their every move on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, and you can find out more about them than you ever wanted (or needed) to know. If you still have an ex on your friend list, you may have missed the chance that he or she will miss you after the breakup. So if you really want your ex to miss you, take away that instant access to your life 24/7. That means you need to suspend him and possibly block him from seeing all of your social media accounts. Unfriending someone today is like giving them a swift kick in the chest: it’s blunt and painful. But it’s absolutely necessary if you want him to have a chance to make him miss you so much that he starts asking for reconciliation.

8 Send him a card

Remember, oh, how great your life has been since your relationship ended? Well, it just got even better because your friends just invited you on a trip to a tropical island! It’s a great opportunity for you to get away, sunbathe, have a few cocktails and forget all your worries. And since your ex no longer gets the privilege of stalking you on social media (you haven’t befriended him, right?), you have to find a way to let him know how much fun you’re having on your trip. That’s where the card comes into play. To really miss your ex, it’s best to spend time on vacation and send him a postcard from an exotic region. It’s the easiest way to show him that your life hasn’t stopped since your relationship broke up, and don’t be surprised if he calls you once you get home to get all the kids on your amazing trip.

7 decline his invitations.

Once your ex starts missing you, he’ll start advising you to get together with the two of you. But if you really want a chance to get him back in your life for good, you must first decline his invitations. Just let him know that you’re not ready to meet in person yet, but you’ll contact him when the time comes. He will be on pins and needles waiting for you to finally call him and accept his invitation. This will make him miss you even more as he waits patiently for the day when he can finally see you again. It’s up to you to decide how long you plan to keep your distance from him, but usually a month or two is more than enough to drive him crazy and ignite a spark between the two of you. Now the specifics depend on your situation, but all you have to do is give it time.

6 Don’t acknowledge his birthday.

After a breakup, there always comes a point when you have to make a decision about whether or not to acknowledge your ex. This decision usually comes up on his birthday or major holiday. Should you send this birthday text? Should you really hit “Send” on that “Merry Christmas” message? The answer is no! Whatever you do, don’t celebrate your ex’s birthday, don’t wish him a happy Memorial Day and just take it upon yourself to even justify having to send him a “Happy President’s Day” tweet. If you really want your ex to miss you, you have to hit him where it hurts. By refusing to acknowledge him on the days that are important to him, he sends a message that you have moved on, and he will instinctively want to attract you back into his arms. He will definitely miss all the attention he once received from you.

5 Document Your Life

If cutting off your friends and blocking your ex from your social media accounts seems too harsh, you can still use your online profiles to make him miss you. Remember how we discussed how social media gives your followers a glimpse into your daily life? Well, when it comes to making your ex miss you and successfully bringing him back into your life, you will need to overload your profiles. Document everything from the mundane to the extravagant. Every time he opens his social media apps, he should get a new notification about how great your life is. Going to Starbucks for lunch? Take a picture of your drink. Attending your cousin’s first birthday party? Post a video on Instagram of you riding a piñata. The key is to make your life look as fulfilling, healthy and exciting as possible. If you’re doing something other than sitting at home nursing your heartbreak, your ex will instinctively start to miss you. He’ll wonder how you’ve progressed so quickly, and he’ll be dying to come back again.

4 Find a replacement.

For this next step, you will definitely need to step it up a bit. If done wrong, this trick can have nasty consequences and kill any chance of reconnecting with your ex (if that’s your ultimate goal, of course.) If you want your ex to really miss you, one of the easiest ways to get him to notice from you is to show up with a new date on your arm. Your new boyfriend doesn’t even have to be hot, and in fact, you don’t even have to like him. He’s here to serve a purpose and only one purpose: to make your ex insanely jealous. Don’t stick your tongue down the poor guy’s throat and grope him right in front of your ex. Keep things platonic and let your ex’s mind wander. It’s true, we always want what we can’t have, and if your ex thinks you’re spending your nights in the arms of someone new, he’ll do everything he can to get you back in his life!

3 Get Your Backstory.

You already have an updated closet, and this balayage hair treatment totally matches your look. Now all you have to do is get your body in shape. After having a relationship with your ex, you may have gained a few pounds of love, and now it’s time to shed them! Reinstate your gym membership, put on your favorite sneakers and shake off your Lululemon pants. It’s time to sculpt your “revenge body” that will make your ex regret the day you two broke up. By looking and feeling amazing on the inside, your ex will know that you have moved on and your life is moving in a positive direction. This will definitely crush his ego, and he will start to remember all the good days you shared. Get ready to receive a phone call or text message from him telling him how much he misses you!

2 No Contact.

Many relationship experts swear by the “No Contact” rule when it comes to your ex, so it’s definitely worth a try! The rule is simple and straightforward: you cut your ex off for a period of time, at least one to two months. You send him a text message or email letting him know that you have a lot on your mind and you’ll reach out to him when you’re ready. Once you turn off that message, all communication with your ex should stop. Even if he calls you back ten times in a row and blasts your inbox with messages, you should refrain from giving up and responding to him. The “No Contact” rule has a dual purpose: it can either help you get out of the relationship or it can make your ex miss you so much that he can’t wait to get back together as soon as the no contact time is up.

1 stop being so responsive.

If the lack of contact is too rough or you don’t think you can handle it for 30-60 days, you can try another way to make your ex miss you. After a breakup, it’s normal to want to hear from your ex, and you can sit by the phone and wait for him to call or text you. If you answer all of his messages within a nanosecond, you’re not even giving the guy a chance to miss you. You’re too available, and that sends a message to your ex that you’ll be there waiting for him at any time of the day. So instead of being so impatient, step back a bit and leave his text message in your inbox for a few hours before you respond. Some may call this game playful, but we think it’s the perfect recipe for making your ex miss you! He’ll wonder why you’re no longer so quick to reply to him, and it will definitely make him not hear from you.

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