How to make up with your ex-boyfriend?

How to reconcile with an ex, if love has not passed

“To reconcile or not” – such a question arises in many girls after a breakup. On the one hand, girlfriends advise you to stay away from him, but on the other hand, you feel that you can not get over him in any way. In romantic movies, reunions always end with a happy ending, and in real life, stars often surprise fans when they start dating ex-boyfriends again. Take, for example, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The guys broke up in the early 2000s, in 2021 they started dating again, and just recently the couple shocked the whole world with photos from their wedding. Stories like that are truly inspiring. So how do you go about it?

First, in cases like this, you have to make your own decisions. Advice from mom or girlfriends can be taken into account, but remember that the choice is yours. Secondly, before looking for ways to reconcile, sort yourself out and try to understand why you need it. Do you really love him or are you trying to fill a void in your life? Our article with the opinions of psychologists to help you. In matters of love you should always be more careful. As they say, measure twice, cut once.

Perhaps you really love and appreciate it as a person. And you broke off the relationship just because he got excited and now regret it. If this is the only reason, then feel free to read our list of tips to help you make up with your ex.

1. Honestly talk to him about your feelings.

In a world of trickery and deception honesty is always highly valued. So be honest with him. Say that you’re sorry, that you behaved badly (if, of course, you were the initiator of the breakup), that you realized how much you love him. It is better to put all the cards on the table, so as not to start the relationship by cheating. In this case, you can discuss together all the problems that you both did not like, and then promise to try to be better.

2. Offer to communicate as friends

If the most important thing for you is to keep this person in your life, no matter what role, then offer to restore the friendship. Often during a friendship, former lovers get a chance to get to know each other all over again and, why not, start dating again in the future. But before you do, be sure to read this articleWhich will help you find out if you should be friends with your ex or not.

Put your relationship on probation.

Perhaps you are both thinking about reconciliation, but are not one hundred percent sure. This is where a probationary period will help you. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts – a week or a month. During this period, be honest with each other, talk, discuss what you expect from the relationship. If by the end of the term you feel that no matter what, you don’t want to lose each other, then congratulations! And if not, at least you’ll know you did everything you could to save the relationship.

4. Ask him to help you with something

Now let’s move on to more “crafty” ways. If you broke up with a guy on a good note, you can safely ask him to help you with something he’s good at. For example, teach him how to drive, help you get up to speed in English or math. Often a shared and relaxed pastime will make people forget all old grudges and start a relationship in a new way. Plus, guys love to be asked for help, it makes them feel confident. But you can also try the opposite method – help him with what you are good at. So he will have a sense of gratitude that may grow into something more.

5. Make him jealous.

It’s not said for nothing that people start to appreciate what they have after they’ve lost it. So let him think that he lost you forever, because you have a new boyfriend. In the meantime, you can communicate with him normally, behave casually, but, by the way, celebrate how happy you are in your new relationship. And that you wish the same for him. Believe me, if the guy still has feelings for you, he definitely won’t be idle.

6. Use good memories together.

Man by nature loves to be nostalgic. When a certain amount of time passes, only good memories come to mind. And often you can’t even remember what you fought with that person about, because you had so many cool and fun moments.

Take advantage of this human “weakness. Send him an old photo or video, write something like, “look what I found,” or “remember what happened that day” … Or you can post it on your page. By the way, it’s not just pictures or videos that trigger memories, but also movies, songs, etc. that you’ve listened to and loved together. That way he’ll start to have all the best memories of the relationship with you, and he’ll want to do it again.

7. Let Him Go.

You probably know that cliché saying: let him go, if he loves you, he’ll come back. We know, sometimes this expression is creepy, but it sure works. If all your steps have failed, then just forget about him, live your life. Dreams often come true just when you start to forget about them. And when you chase the realization of some “want”, it goes farther and farther away from you. So, relax girl, get busy with your life. Hang out with friends, have fun, learn new things, improve yourself. So that when you’re in a relationship (whether with an ex-boyfriend or someone new), you’ll be a lot smarter and wiser and not make the same mistakes you did before.

How do you make up with a guy after a fight and a breakup?

Admit it, which of you have not had situations when there are some misunderstandings and disagreements between two loving people. How to make up with your boyfriend and not to lose him foolishly. After all, even the most trifling quarrels can lead to a complete breakdown in the relationship. However, as strange as it may seem, any conflict contributes to the dynamics in the relationship. We begin to appreciate each other more, we try more to accept some shortcomings of our partner, thereby understanding and accepting his inner world. Of course, if these small quarrels are not big carnal infidelities. This is a completely different situation. So, how to make up with a guy and admit your mistakes in the relationship.

Why do couples fight?

There is no single answer to this question. Young people usually conflict on the basis of jealousy of former buddies and friends. Girls are very jealous of their boyfriend, as a rule, of any person of the female sex if they suddenly notice any interests on the side.

If your quarrels are becoming inevitable, it is recommended to seriously rethink your relationship and make the right steps towards reconciliation. For some reason, there is a notion in our society that a woman always believes that the first has to apologize and ask for forgiveness is a man. Let’s look into it.

Whether to make up with the guy when it was not your fault, but his.

As mentioned above, even if the perpetrator of the quarrel is not you, the quarrel probably said too much and it is worth to ask for forgiveness. Any person finds it difficult to make the first step, and if your partner has a difficult character, and you are willing to continue to live with this, it is better to make this step to you. It is possible that he himself really wants reconciliation, but his pride does not allow him to do so. But any quarrel is a special case and there are situations where an apology should be made only for his own peace of mind, but in a relationship with a man you need to put an end.

How to make up with a guy over a trifle

After assessing the situation and knowing the true cause of the disagreement, we recommend the following tips for reconciliation:

  • Evaluate the conflict not only from a woman’s point of view, but also imagine yourself in the place of the guy;
  • to think about the situation and decide whether to go for reconciliation;
  • understand the situation and think hard about who is more to blame for it – you personally or your boyfriend;
  • if you think that the quarrel arose on an “empty place” and do not see the inner problem that led to the conflict – pick yourself up and ask for forgiveness first;
  • if the problem is much deeper, has been accumulating for a long time and finally “exploded” into serious conflict – discuss together any misunderstanding and make the right decision together.

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How to apologize Vkontakte.

If you do not have the courage to apologize to your loved one in person, there is a good way – ask for forgiveness on Facebook.

There are several options:

  • Send the young man a private postcard with words of apology and a nice picture;
  • The easiest option is to send a letter-message in which you regret what happened. The bravest girls can make a status-address on your page to your loved one;
  • Sometimes it is enough to start a conversation for reconciliation. Let at the beginning it will not be an ordinary date, and correspondence online. Chat on distracted topics soothes and disposes to reconciliation;
  • Try to challenge the guy to a frank conversation. Sometimes you can say in a chat room what you would never dare to say in real life.

But do not be overconfident. This is not the fact that such an apology will have a guy to his liking. In fact, you have not argued online, but face to face. So it is possible that such a correspondence will not be enough.

How to reconcile with the guy if the girl is guilty

Girls for some reason think that during the reconciliation the initiative just have to come from the guys. But if a woman has turned to personal insults, behaves unapproachable, selfishly and considers only herself right in all situations, then it is difficult to imagine that a self-respecting guy will return to such an unapproachable queen of his own volition. If it is still the woman’s fault that there was a conflict, it is she who needs to make the first step to meet her needs. The woman must admit her mistakes and justify her behavior, which led to the conflict, to ask for forgiveness is the first. Loving man will understand her sincere feelings and will appreciate the desire to be the first to make up and return the old relationship.

How to reconcile with your loved one after a scandal

Reconcile only in a calm emotional state, when the first hot emotions after a quarrel have passed. Before you start talking about reconciliation, it is necessary to clearly understand the reason for the quarrel, trying to eliminate all the mistakes that led to its emergence. Otherwise, there will be no point in reconciliation. Here it is extremely important to realize your mistake, to try to put yourself in the place of the guy.

How to reconcile correctly

  • starting a conversation about reconciliation, you can not behave arrogantly and rudely;
  • If the guy is very offended, ask to listen to your excuses;
  • Try not to lie, and describe as truthfully as possible your actions that led to the conflict;
  • Do not withhold even the smallest details, which, by all means, may turn out later and lead again not only to minor disagreements, but to a complete breakdown of the relationship;
  • To admit your mistakes and to promise the guy that it won’t happen again.
  • Prepare for the conversation in advance and give the guy something as a sign of your forgiveness and reconciliation;
  • Don’t be too pushy if the guy is too offended. Allow time for the strong resentment to subside and the guy will agree to meet with you. In any case, men are also acutely affected by the breakup of a relationship with the woman they love. So, if you made a mistake, let the guy cool down from the anger and only then begin to make the first steps towards reconciliation.

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How to avoid arguments

Conflicts arise even in the happiest and strongest couples. However, they can be prevented in advance. To do this, both partners must make every effort not to lose each other.

Control your emotions

Talking to your partner is not the time for aggression and anger. Lovers must learn to control their emotions regardless of the situation. To begin with, you must learn to speak calmly and in a friendly manner. If there are complaints about the chosen one, they will be said in a soft form. Partners will enjoy constructive communication and stop fighting because of negative emotions.

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Switching places.

At the time of the conversation is difficult to understand the position of the other person. Because of this, disagreements and conflicts arise in the couple. Each partner needs to put himself in the lover’s place. He needs to understand what emotions and feelings the opposite sex is experiencing at this moment. It is also recommended to imagine that anyone could be in the place of the perpetrator.

Stop accumulating resentment

Hiding negative emotions is the main problem of partners. They are afraid to disturb the harmony in the relationship, so they do not talk about their dissatisfactions. As a result, they splash out accumulated emotions at the wrong time. People begin to recall all the faults and sins of their second halves, which worsens the relationship, so partners must learn to talk and share their experiences. This will save the couple from conflict and separation.

Psychologists recommend coming up with a stop word for such an occasion, which will help control emotions at the right moment. It can be used in the form of a game. To do this, it is necessary to silently pause for a minute, after which the partners will not want to argue anymore.

Refuse to be coerced

In a couple, each partner has obligations and rights. However, coercion, control and restriction can destroy the union. A girl and a guy do not owe each other anything, but they often forget about it. Everyone performs functions in the relationship on their own initiative, not under duress, so psychologists recommend to forget the word “should” and not to obligate the lover to certain actions.

Treat the situation with humor

Humor is the best way to restore harmony and avoid quarrels. With its help, you can prevent even the most serious scandal. To do this, you need to remember in time a good joke that makes both partners laugh. This will defuse the situation, and the lovers will forget about the conflict.

Carry the conflict to the next day.

Usually scandals arise in the evening, but the partners do not go to bed until they solve the issue that has arisen. According to psychologists, this is the most common mistake during conflict. In the evening, people are not able to figure things out because they are tired after studying or working. At this point, they run the risk of saying too much and offending their partner.

This situation can be avoided by moving the scandal to the next day. Overnight the partners will calm down and gather strength for a serious conversation. In most cases, the conflict is resolved on its own, without the intervention of the girl and the guy.

Break the chain “blame – blame” in time

Every conflict begins with the aggressive behavior of the partners. After the scandal, people feel a sense of guilt. Their conscience begins to torment them, but the situation can no longer be corrected. Defending themselves, one of the partners begins to blame the other person for the problems that have arisen. As a result, the relationship risks ending.

To avoid a serious quarrel, psychologists recommend acting unconventionally. The guilty party should stop attacking the partner and take all the blame. It is also worth trying to stifle the outburst of rage and compromise with your loved one.

Stop second-guessing your partner.

A basic mistake all couples make is not talking about their fears, thoughts and feelings to the opposite sex. In this situation, people are afraid to show their weakness or ridiculousness. As a result, because of the lack of information about the loved one, the brain begins to come up with assumptions on its own.

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This leads to erroneous conclusions, as the partner does not know the truth. In this case, it is necessary to directly ask questions of interest to the loved one. Thanks to this, the relationship will become stronger, and the partners will begin to trust each other.

Do not use quarrels for selfish purposes.

Many people stop feeling passion in the relationship, so they go to extreme measures. Lovers purposely arrange a scandal in order to “shake up” feelings. In some situations, conflicts do rekindle the relationship, but in most cases, people start fighting more. Conflicts should not be used to improve relationships, otherwise partners risk destroying their union.

How to reconcile if the guy is to blame

If the reason for the quarrel is unreasonable jealousy, humiliation from the guy or rudeness, then there is no point in rushing. It takes a lot more time for men to understand their actions than it does for women. You have to let your boyfriend know that you don’t deserve to be treated this way if you don’t want to live your whole life with an insufferable jealous and insulting man.

To love a woman means to accept her interests, to look in the same direction, to admire her constantly. And not daily and every second of the day to give her gratuitous, jealous arguments on every occasion. There is no future in such a relationship.

If it is still the cause of jealousy was your ill-considered action, you need to discuss it together. If you caught her in adultery, deception, you need to take your own decision whether to continue your relationship. This is either to forgive and forget, or cut him out of your life forever.

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How to make up with an ex-boyfriend

Whether it’s worth it to start an old relationship. Give yourself some advice about whether this person is really that important to you in your life, or if it’s just from a reluctance to look for a new relationship.

Try to remember what led to your breakup, what was the reason for the conflict and what was the negativity of the past relationship. It is possible that everything will happen again.

How to make up with the guy after a big quarrel

As a rule, people do not change over the years and only the most loving couples will be able to return to the previous relationship. In most cases, alas, previous failed relationships are also doomed to fail.

If it’s been years since the breakup, now there is a good way to resume communication in social networks, asking the guy questions about what happened in his life. According to his answer, everything will be clear at once. If it will be only a few words, for example, to the question “how are you doing” the guy will answer “everything is fine,” you can clearly understand that there is no chance for reconciliation.


Scorpio is one of the most difficult Zodiac signs for reconciliation. They are quite resentful. In addition, Scorpios are also vindictive. And they can juggle the facts with great professionalism. The thing about the woman who was offended by the fact that she was offended is about Scorpio. The most interesting thing is that Scorpios are usually the ones who initiate arguments, because they just need to defuse themselves emotionally in this way.

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Here only one piece of advice will help: do not get involved in this game, try to be flexible and stay away from Scorpio’s taunts.

If a conflict still occurred, the first thing to remember is that people born under the sign of Scorpio should not be humiliated. They do not forgive weakness, so it is better to forget about it.

As with many other zodiac signs,a good way to make amends will be gifts. Preferably something that corresponds to the interests and hobbies of Scorpio, or something very practical, which this person will be able to use in life. And action should be taken immediately. Scorpio, who gets angry for a long time, it is difficult to cool down.

How to make up with a guy if I am guilty and he does not come into contact

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. So still someone from two is guilty to a greater extent. It does not matter whether the guy or girl is guilty, here will help you general tips on reconciliation.

Ways of reconciliation

  • Remind of love. During a phone call or personal meeting you need to remind the loved one about love, about the feelings that you have recently lost your head and forget everything in the world.
  • Sincerely apologize. Try to make an effort, forget about your pride, if you care about this person.
  • Find and talk about the main reason for the conflict, while delicately point out to your partner exactly what his mistakes and main faults are, softening its meaning a little. The first and most difficult step is just to overpower yourself and call, write a text message, focusing on the main thing that you like him, you also love him, you need him and you do not want to lose him.
  • Be sure to let the message contain a phrase that connects both of you, those important words that will make you remember the good things between you and even make you smile. The main thing that your message does not contain negativity, mutual recriminations and contributed to the continuation of the conversation.
  • Now the Internet opportunities are simply limitless, it can be a postcard to e-mail, your picture together or just romantic words of love that can convey your feelings for your loved one.

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I broke up with a girl but I love her what to do

In modern times, there are still romantics and one-liners. But for one reason or another, even romantics make mistakes. What to do if you break up with a girl, but continue to love only her. How to ask for forgiveness.

Romantic ways of reconciliation:

  • Invite her to a romantic dinner, light candles, put on soft music, give her a little surprise;
  • Behave gently with the appearance of your loved one, do not be stingy with gentle words, relax, enjoy the presence of each other;
  • in continuation to make your loved one a relaxing and liberating massage, which will help to distract and forget about previous quarrels: during this intimate action, the man will forget about all the insults, and the girl will dissolve in the arms of her loved one;

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How not to break up

It is possible to prevent a big scandal and the breakup of a relationship by following simple advice from psychologists:

  1. every time if the quarrel is just beginning, it is recommended to look at your own anger from the outside, see yourself in indignation, how ugly you will look;
  2. if it is difficult to control your feelings, you just need to leave to another room, to change sharply the tone of the conversation, the tactics of circumstances and interaction;
  3. reset all your uncontrollable emotions, just point out to your partner that the situation requires a different approach, even a compromise that needs to be discussed together;
  4. just stop for a second and be quiet. This action will bring your thoughts in order a little bit, and you will see a significant change in the behavior of both; after this minute of silence you will no longer want to continue the scandal;
  5. But to discuss the brewing conflict issue should be in a calm atmosphere, for example, for a walk in the park or a cup of tea in a cafe, where strangers just will not let the big scandal.

How to apologize

How to apologize to the guy to achieve reconciliation and end the conflict? The best option is to ask for forgiveness directly, not from a distance.

Choosing the right words is very difficult, so we have to connect non-verbal techniques:

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