How to make up with a guy if I’m guilty?

What’s the best way to make up with a guy if you’re really at fault

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How to make up with the guy after a quarrel, a question that worries worried girls. Fought, argued, went to the corners and did not communicate. And the soul misses, yearns and asks for reconciliation. The young lady blows her lips for a while expecting action from her partner, but the guy stubbornly remains silent. And in the heart of a loving woman comes anxiety and a great desire for speedy reconciliation.

  • 1 Let passions subside and calm the storms
  • 5 If a guy ignores the girl

Let passions die down and calm the storms.

The first time after a scandal, partners’ emotions run high. They splash out emotions on the second half, telling in colors to friends and girlfriends about the event. During this period, the girl makes a lot of mistakes. She pours dirt and insults on the person she loves without thinking about the serious and negative consequences.

After some time, feelings calm down, clarity of thought, sound reasoning, and a desire to make peace, but the act has already been committed. The young man, with the insults heaped upon him, has the opportunity to learn from mutual acquaintances “the continuation of the rage poured out.”

Such a state of affairs aggravates the situation. But there is no need to despair. A loving man will forgive the woman and return the romantic relationship if she acts correctly and wisely.

Couldn’t stand it and called.

The guy, of course, is angry or angry, especially if the rift was the fault of the girlfriend. The girl, wishing to hasten the moment of truce, unfortunately, throws new wood into the flames of simmering passions, if wrongly build a line of behavior. More often than not, this is what happens. A woman, experiencing emotional heat, calls her partner, to say she is sorry, but ends up with a negative result. There are several variations:

  • The man ignores the calls and does not pick up the phone. The girl gets angry at the situation, and when the caller is “back on the phone”, new accusations fall on his head.
  • Without waiting for a woman’s apology, the guy answers the phone with anger and irritation. This answer rudely cuts off the noble impulses of the guilty partner, and the conversation moves into a new phase of the quarrel.
  • Instead of joyful and enthusiastic words: “I love you too”, the man dryly and coldly answers the woman.

Strongly aggravates the situation female crying and hysteria, coming from the phone. Men do not tolerate whining and recklessness. Instead of the desired reconciliation, the young lady will receive in response a sullen silence or partner’s irritation.

Sending girlfriends with words of forgiveness to the guy is also a bad idea. The young man expects an apology from the one who caused him pain and worry.

A necessary pause

Before you can properly make up with a guy, a girl should take the appropriate pause. They have both flared up, said too much and need to “calm the storm”. Some respite and mutual silence, will allow the partners to think about what was said and heard.

At a distance from each other, they will first analyze the mistakes and behavior of the other half, then their blunders. The pause is necessary for some reevaluation of the relationship. It makes it clear where the girl and the guy were wrong, what words were spoken in the heat of the moment, which should not have been said at all.

Waiting time

In some cases, enough to sustain an hour or two, and in more severe scandals may be worth keeping silent for a week. Longing and tender feelings for your partner will make you realize how stupid and frivolous was the rift that forced the estrangement of loving people.

The guy will have time to realize his own and others’ mistakes, to cool down, to feel the desire to meet and dialogue. A girl needs to wait a certain amount of time and not to call, no matter how strong the desire to hear her native voice. If feelings of guilt do not give peace, it is acceptable to send a message of apology. An angry man will calm down and be able to soberly assess what you read.

If a guy ignores a girl

If a man did not call first after the quarrel, he is likely still angry. Or he is waiting for the first step on the part of his girlfriend. The girl, who is guilty of the conflict that happened, should clearly understand what she was wrong about. Figuring it out in itself, in their wrong actions, she certainly wants to return the location of your loved one.

It is time to act

A girl worries a lot and thinks how to make up with the guy after a quarrel, if he does not get in touch. After a certain amount of time, the man should call first. Ignoring on the other end of the line is not a reason to despair and give up.

Perhaps the man is busy or still angry. No need to insist on calling and impose. The loving partner will certainly call back either on that day or the next day. Long silence on the part of the partner allows a call back in a day or two. But if a man persistently does not pick up the phone, and at the same time is safely living and doing other things, then it is not worth disturbing him yet. He will calm down and remember himself.

A loving boyfriend will not make you wait long. He misses his beloved quite a lot and also craves a speedy reconciliation.

Warm, sincere apologies

A girl needs to understand how to make up with a guy after a quarrel. If she will prove her point and continue to make claims, the man will hang up and will not show up soon. The conflict created by a woman requires a sincere and heartfelt apology.

It is necessary to leave pride and unnecessary prejudices: when a woman is guilty, it is her duty to ask for forgiveness. There is no need to grovel, cry, or beg for forgiveness. However, the proud tone of the Snow Queen, condescending to a mere mortal is also unnecessary. It is enough to simply and gently ask for forgiveness and tell the young man how much he is valued and needed by the girl. Such a heartfelt speech will undoubtedly please your partner.

Face to face

After a serious conflict a man can be absent for a long time. It is advisable to go to his house and talk face to face. If the guy avoids meetings, it is not a good idea to wait for him outside his work or apartment. Let him get bored, think about whether he needs the person who caused the quarrel.

Real feelings don’t ruin because of misunderstandings. As the popular proverb says: “A quarrel is only a quarrel”. When a girl knows how to make up with the guy after a serious rift, she will bring closer the sweet moments of truce.

How to make up with a guy if I’m guilty?

Breakups, sad as it may be, can happen in every couple. And while some of them can be safely called trifling, others, unfortunately, can belong to the “heavyweight category” and even threaten the relationship. How to reconcile with a guy after a strong quarrel? In this article we will describe to you a step by step detailed instruction on how to behave so that he forgave you, forgot about the offense and returned to you with a bouquet of flowers (if suddenly your quarrel was so strong that he decided to leave you!). Simply put, we’ll explain to you in detail how you need to ask for forgiveness so that he agrees to reconcile quickly and without problems.

So, if you are guilty and strongly hurt the man, then with a reconciliation advise you not to delay, but immediately run to him with apologies too, do not. Men do not like long showdown, they do not like to create and find out the problems on the spot, and they hate it when they “blow your brains out,” so they are offended only in the most extreme case. If he was seriously offended by you, it means there was a reason. You “messed up” a lot. And that means that he now has a lot of negative emotions inside him, which were caused by…you! Therefore, in order for him to forgive you, you need to give the man time. About 10 to 14 days. This will be enough time for him to cool down a bit after your quarrel, come to his senses, be able to talk to you normally, and most importantly, not answer you through his teeth.

So, the steps you need to take to reconcile: 1 Wait for time . You, by the way, also need it to calm down and think about what words you’ll choose to make up with the person you love.

2 Tell him directly that you’re sorry. The biggest hurt you can cause in a man’s heart is cheating on him. But even in this seemingly hopeless situation, there is a chance that he will forgive you. Tell him directly that you are sorry for your “mistake”, but do not just ask for forgiveness, and explain to your loved one that you hurt him not on purpose. And you certainly didn’t mean to hurt him. You made a mistake. Stupid, banal, but everyone has the right to a mistake, no one is immune from mistakes. You regret that you made that mistake and you are not going to make it again, because the relationship with the person you love is more important to you than the adrenaline. If you cheated on your lover, be sure to mention that it was an accidental, not an intentional cheating, and you can even say that your current casual lover is nothing compared to your boyfriend (a nasty lunge, but an effective one that will help you get forgiveness from the man you love).

3 Give him a chance to see if you’ve made amends. If he’s willing to give you a second chance, it means the man loves you and trusts you. Try not to betray his trust a second time, do your best not to lose him. That way, after your reconciliation, he will definitely check up on you. The sediment in his soul still remains, and this sediment does not allow him to live peacefully until the man is not 100 percent sure that he can forgive you and trust you again. So, try to make up for your “screw up” with exemplary behavior. This does not mean that you have to beg him to forgive you a hundred times, and then another try to earn his trust, without end pleasing him in everything. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do. If you have asked for forgiveness, ask no more than two times, then the man himself will decide whether to forgive you or not.

But if he is willing to give you a second chance, make sure he no longer doubts your intentions. Eliminate the cause of your quarrel once and for all, so he won’t be annoyed about it anymore.

4 Do something nice for him. Treat your loved one must be in gratitude for the fact that he found the strength to trust you again, and for the fact that he loves you. Make a surprise: cook a delicious dinner, buy him something nice, make him a gift, or even, give yourself a gift, a bright and sexy, which is ready for a night of love only with him, the only and inimitable.

In a word, do something to prove to your loved one that his trust is important to you and you do not want to lose this trust!

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5 If a man doesn’t come into contact, write him. Letter, email, text message, message in Viber – as you like, the main thing, convey to your loved one a simple and important idea: you are sorry. You love him and can’t live without him. This must be done necessarily in order for the man to “remove the defense hurt boy” and get in touch with you.

In addition, after the reconciliation strongly recommend that you behave in an exemplary manner, at least for the first six months. Ideally, as we already mentioned, it would be good if you found out the reason for your conflict and destroyed it once and for all. Then there won’t be a reason to fight.

So, if we go over this text again, anew, and make a short conclusion from the article, the answer to your question: “How to make up with a guy after a strong quarrel?”, will sound like this: gradually.

Don’t rush to him immediately after your conflict, especially don’t get hysterical and plead with him. No. Give the man time to calm down, come to his senses, and maybe even miss you and your company.

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