How to make my husband jealous if there is a small child?

How to make my husband jealous?

Waking up one beautiful morning, you realized that this can no longer go on? Your man is too relaxed and stopped taking the competition seriously? Then it’s time to act.

There is one great way that will make even the most hardened family man shudder and begin to take decisive action to win back his dear wife. This is the familiar and so unloved jealousy.

Oh, how we lovely women don’t like it when we have to experience this feeling. But when we are jealous, we blossom in front of our eyes.

  • Talk on the phone more.
  1. Speak softly so your husband can not hear the meaning of the conversation.
  2. Be sure to leave to talk on the phone in another room, or better yet, outside. Your husband will, of course, pay attention to your suddenly changed behavior. The main thing here is to consolidate the effect. Soon your husband will guess that something is wrong, he will have the first suspicions. Here your main task is to be on the alert. Do not write texts that you do not want your husband to read. Men are crafty creatures, it may be that your husband is already a week tracking all of your correspondence.
  3. Your interlocutors should be men.
  4. Talk to both mutual friends, old friends and work colleagues, except for relatives. Let her husband knows: you are surrounded by men who are interested in you.

If you can not properly assess the temperament of his spouse, then this method is not for you. Remember, your goal is to make your husband jealous, and not to drive his chosen one to the public scandals with the clarification of relations. Imagine that your Ottealo rushes to you at work and starts to find out: where are the horns? This is clearly not going to add you credibility at work.

  • Don’t pick up the phone.

As long as possible, do not pick up the phone when your husband calls you, let him torture himself with speculation. If you decide not to pick up the phone at all, be sure to call your spouse back in about ten minutes. The essence of the excuses will not matter – you were reading a magazine for women or an interesting book, and did not hear the call, took a shower, listening to music … most importantly, try to make your voice languid.

  • Show up at home as little as possible.

How many things we put off for later, sacrificing them in favor of the family. Now you have a great opportunity to do all your neglected work. Take up sports, go with friends to a cafe, go to a sewing class. What you do, it does not matter, your main task: to show her husband that you have a wide range of hobbies.

  • It’s time to take care of yourself.

Sign up for Pilates, bodyflex, go for a massage or other wellness treatments. Don’t forget your hair and manicure.

  • Give up dessert.
  • School sweetheart.

The meeting with your classmates was a success. You are overwhelmed with emotion and memories. How great to be back in your youth, when everything was easy and simple, to meet his youthful love, once again look into his eyes and see the old smile softly. All of this must be sure to tell your spouse. If there was no high school crush, it should definitely be invented. Husband, meanwhile, should explain that he has no reason to worry, feelings that have faded can not return. Although.

  • Bouquet of flowers.
  • How to make your husband jealous if you have a small child?

For some reason, men believe that a woman who has given birth is not going anywhere. And we, women who are in postpartum depression, and even with extra pounds and perpetual lack of sleep so we want to be loved and pampered as before. But nothing, payback is not far off.

  • Admit that you have another.

Look your husband straight in the eye and say a little teary voice, that it incredibly painful to talk about it, but you have another man. Wait a few seconds, and then announce to your husband that you are joking. In response, of course you may hear a very unflattering compliment, and your husband will be partly right, but you tickle your sweetheart nerves.

It should not joke too often, or there will be dire consequences. Constant control will be provided to you.

If you did all this with your husband, and he is still awake and is not going to settle the score with you, then you are lucky. Your husband is a real hero. And a real hero needs a real queen, that is – you.

How to make your husband jealous: 19 ways

How to make your husband jealous, because marriage – like bread: the thing is good, but worth forgetting – it immediately goes mouldy.

Each family is saved in a different way. Warm up the relationship can be an experiment, an adventure or a fit of jealousy.

Only how to make your husband jealous, and even his own?

He’s as calm as a tank! Sure that the stamp in the passport has bound you forever. A dose of jealousy – an effective way to prove him wrong.

Why make your own husband nervous?

There are different stages in a long-term relationship. The excitement of the conqueror, carrying tons of candy and bouquets, is gradually replaced by the indifference of the owner. “Where will she go!” – sometimes such a phrase is even uttered out loud.

Women “divorce” men into jealousy because:

They want to show their demand .The man has begun to take the relationship as a given? Does not appreciate the companion, does not respect her feelings? Boosted the lady all the responsibilities of the household and began to reproach the neglected appearance? Practice shows: A “jealousy shot” will solve all these problems at once.

Not getting enough attention. The relationship has become stale? Are the two used to each other and do not want to impress once again? Is the couple lacking momentum? A little jealousy and the fire of love blazing again!

Anya, 27 years old :

“I am not a supporter of such methods, it just happened. A year after the wedding my husband began to cool down. All my free time – with friends, holidays – at work. He ignored my attempts to organize my leisure time somehow.

He would come in the evening, happy and drunk, and I would meet him tired and angry.

Because all my time after work was spent on supermarkets, cooking and fiddling around the house. It was frustrating when I cooked Jamie Oliver for three hours and he came in and silently went to bed.

We quarreled once and I played games of intrigue for fun: I changed passwords and started going out in the evenings. Magic! For a couple of weeks the man has changed! Home on time, flowers on schedule! For a couple of years, kept the result.

With what men should not joke

There are categories of men for whom the treatment of jealousy is contraindicated. Possible complications – divorce, separation and severe conflicts.

There is no need to be tormented by hints:

Toxic husbands, abusers.With people prone to moral or physical violence, you should not joke. They are not the kind of men who will sort out whether there is a real reason for jealousy or not. There are men who do not control themselves. They can hit, restrict freedom, humiliate, embarrass. With them you can not play jealousy, it is dangerous. It is more practical not to have a relationship with these types at all.

Men of crystal honesty. Did you know that your knight is very principled? At 17 he was already going to be together until he was old? Was he judgmental about his friends walking around? Was he cheated on in a past relationship? It is better to return the passion in other ways: travel, relocation, a psychologist, children … Anything but the collapse of the ideals!

How to make your husband jealous.

Thinking about how to make your husband jealous? Let’s outline the rules right away!

Our task – to breathe in an affair a second life, not to stifle the first. Therefore, the option of real treason is not considered!

No need to rename your best friend in the phone from “Masha” to “Misha (Lover). Lying to your spouse about imaginary adventures is also not necessary.

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