How to make him fall in love with you?

How to make him fall in love with you.

True love at first sight rarely has a second chance. Here everything is decided instantly – whether it is possible to continue, or it’s already over before it starts. So be ready for this meeting and do not waste time.

Make a man to think that he gets acquainted with you on his own initiative – is possible – says well-known German psychotherapist, doctor of medical sciences Herbert Mueck. You just have to try a little bit. Learn to control the signals that so far your body gave unconsciously.

Remember that people tend to look for a second half, which in many ways will resemble themselves (e.g., have similar values, worldview), but on the other hand will be a completely independent personality. So the motto for a new acquaintance should be “Much in common, but not the same”.

In addition, people are pragmatic creatures. Before we talk about any serious feelings and relationships, almost all of us automatically ask ourselves the test question “Why do I need this relationship? What good will it do me?” That’s why it’s good to get the impression that your company has special value.

The next important point – we feel especially good around people who appreciate us, so we “stroke” our own ego. This knowledge can also be used.

You can’t meet love “in the wrong place,” or choose the “wrong” candidate.

But you can go down the wrong path and miss your chance.

Be classy

Be prepared for the appearance of a new love on the horizon, even outwardly. No matter what you do, the most important thing about your outfit is style. Even if you’re just going to paint a fence at the cottage or walk your doggie in the park at six in the morning.

Listen to how you feel.

Be prepared that it could happen at any minute, listen to how you feel. Chances very rarely come into our lives accompanied by fanfare and a drumbeat. “Program” yourself to immediately recognize the right situation.

Show your interest.

Don’t forget about eye contact. It is not for nothing that love at first sight is called love at first sight, not from the first touch or smell. This, of course, also happens, but much less often. If you are not indifferent to the interlocutor, eye contact should be up to 70% of the time of the conversation (during an average conversation we look at the interlocutor 60% of the time). So keep your eyes open! If you look away, it’s a signal that interest is lost.

Take the initiative.

The time for women waiting to be picked is over. If you find someone attractive, it’s better not to sit back and then sigh that the moment is lost. You don’t have to declare sympathy out loud at all, you can start with a softer technique: smiling openly, holding your gaze, running your hand through your own hair, the moment he looks at you. If a man responds to these signs, then, as a rule, later he is confident that he himself has made the first step.

Don’t stop there.

Develop the relationship. Don’t take too long to confirm your initial sympathy with a smile, a nod of the head, or an appropriate retort. At least nod to show your agreement. In the end, adjust to your partner. Imagine that you are his reflection: do the same things as he does. For example, take hold of your glass at the same moment as he does.

Listen carefully.

Try to pick out lines from the general conversation of the person you like to analyze what kind of topic he might be interested in, and strike up a conversation with him on that topic.

Make sure he is interested in you

Pay attention to more than just his lines. Check to see if he is averting his bored gaze. If his pupils are dilated he is probably interested, if they are narrowed he is the opposite. What is his facial expression? What is going on with his hands: are they crossed or not?

Don’t hide your little weaknesses.

Someone who gives away his little weaknesses signals that he is ready to move to a new stage of communication, more intimate. Try to create an atmosphere of trust. But don’t go overboard, lest the person you’re talking to think “if she’s discussing these things now, what happens next!?”

Don’t be afraid to seem too approachable.

Studies have not confirmed that the notion that women who seem unavailable are valued more highly is true. What should you do if you get a date? You don’t have to grind through your teeth, “Okay, okay, fine, you talked me into it. Much more correct to say “yes”, but it is clear to make clear that if it were someone else, you would not have agreed to a date so quickly.

Make the first date exciting.

Studies have shown that we find other people more sexually attractive if we ourselves are excited. Use this knowledge and leave the relaxing, even the most romantic dinner “for later.” Start your date with something more “driving.” Excitement and emotion can be the catalyst for falling in love.

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How to make a man fall in love with you once and for all – the secrets of female pickup

Hello, everyone! Missed the meetings of the women’s club? Today we’re going to talk about how to make a man fall in love with you. The topic is interesting and relevant always, so join us.

Man by nature a hunter and likes to choose his own “prey”. Thus, the whole female pick-up comes down to becoming his desired prey. The task is not easy, but doable. I have prepared for you a list of tips that I learned from the psychology of relationships.

What qualities like men in women

Remember the saying that a real woman and a horse on the horseback and into a burning house will go? So forget it for a while, now we do not need it. The emphasis should be on other things, and I will tell you which ones.

In a couple, a man and a woman complement each other. The man is naturally straightforward, firm, indestructible, like a rock. A woman should be soft, flexible and wise, like a mountain river, so that together they live in peace and harmony.

Cultivate these invaluable qualities, they make a girl feminine, and not a pink dress and high heels.

As rightly noted by Coco Chanel, there is no ugly women, there is only lazy. Take care of your appearance – men like eyes. Dress neatly, style your hair, take care of your nails – that’s a minimum program!

There is nothing more repulsive for men than a thick layer of plaster on his face, glued mascara eyelashes and screaming bright lipstick. Seeing such a girl gives the impression that she wants to hide and attract attention at the same time. Completely to give up makeup is not necessary, but in all need to know the measure.

I do not get tired to repeat that it is one of the most valuable and indispensable qualities in a person, but many people for some reason persistently confused it with insecurity. Modesty will allow you to look at yourself adequately, not to get conceited, not to boast. Against the background of girls who think they are magnificent princesses, you will have a distinct advantage.

Do not confuse with conceit, these qualities have nothing in common. Self-esteem is rather a synonym for pride. Don’t grovel, don’t fawn, don’t put someone else’s will above your own. In a relationship self-respect helps not to impose, not to stick to an indifferent partner – in general, know your worth.

  • Good upbringing

To please a man, a girl must “be a lady.” Don’t hope that good looks and frank attire can make up for your bad manners. Watch what and how you say and how you behave.

How to make your chosen one fall in love with you

Now that we figured out your qualities, you can move on to action. Well, as an active – female initiative, though, is quite limited. At the initial stage of dating only 1-2 steps to rapprochement with a man, try not to waste them.

  • Make eyes at him.

This is the most harmless and innocent way to show your sympathy. But it, too, must learn. A classic technique is to look away, then to the tip of your nose, then back to the side and at the man. The look should be sharp, sharp and fast. Then look away as if embarrassed and excited.

Do not stare at a man intently for a very long time. Your gaze should be a mystery to him – “does she like me, or is she just looking at me like that?” Keep the man in your peripheral vision and as soon as you notice him looking at you, smile. Watch this video for clarity.

Sooner or later the guy will get tired of playing staring with you, and he will come to you. By the way, in this way you can even try to fall in love with your ex-boyfriend or husband again – what the hell?

  • Set him apart from the rest

If you don’t know the object of your affection, you can make him stand out by asking a neutral question or asking a small favor (very small!).

Take advantage of the context of the situation. If you’re waiting for the bus together at the bus stop, ask the guy which route it’s best for you to take to your destination. If a handsome guy meets you in a store, ask him to help you pick out a T-shirt for your brother.

It happens that you spin in the same company, but the man stubbornly ignores you. In this case, often ask his opinion, praise, notice the slightest of his achievements. This will make the guy look closer to you and eventually get sympathy.

  • Say your name

Say your partner’s name during conversations more often. Don’t use his name badly, please! Address the guy the way he introduced himself to you at the first meeting – you won’t miss the mark!

  • Get closer through his interests.

The first thing you should do is to find out what he likes, what he does in his free time, what music he listens to and so on. If your interests are the same – fine, that’s half the battle, but if not, try to feel his hobbies.

Now you need the young man to recognize you as a kindred spirit. Inform him easily and unobtrusively, as if by chance.

For example, you could buy a T-shirt with a picture of his favorite band. This will surprise and encourage him to you, especially if these musical tastes atypical for girls.

Regardless of whether your chosen one is married, single or divorced – seeing you as a like-minded, he became interested in your person and begin to respect. And there before love is not far away.

  • Be in demand.

Do not confuse availability. If you have a line of those who want to have sex with you, think about what the reason is. Maybe it’s just easier to get it from you than from others?

A girl can only count as an admirer those guys who want a serious relationship with her. If there are a lot of them or at least a few, then she can safely consider herself sought after and desirable.

How to become so? More to communicate, be friendly and nice, do not turn your nose up and do not look down on those who show you sympathy, even if they are inferior in some respects the man of your dreams.

The secret techniques and strategies to win his heart

In this section I will share with you tricks and tricks that can be used to please a man so that he will fall in love with you without memory.


A classic technique from the arsenal of neuro-linguistic programming, read more about it in the book by Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamera “Full course NLP. During conversations with a man try to unobtrusively copy his movements and gestures: he crossed his arms on his chest, and you do so, he put his foot on his leg – repeat after him.

This should not look pretentious, the guy should not suspect a trick. This way you will establish a connection with the man, and he will subconsciously reach out to you.

Play on the contrast

This psychological method is often used by pickup artists, it is called “closer-far away” or “fire-frost. With its help, you can increase the sympathy of the man with whom you have a relationship, but their dynamics are too sluggish. The essence of the technique is that you first need to give your lover a simply stunning evening, drive him to madness with his passion, and then distance yourself or completely disappear for a while.

After such a love shake-up, the man will want a repeat and will expect you to make new steps, and you will not meet his expectations and make him break his head over this mystery. In the distance constant thoughts of you and pleasant memories will make his attraction even stronger, and by the next meeting he will be pretty much in love.

Only your distance should not look like an offense. Cite a backlog at work – this is the most plausible excuse.

Atypical behavior

Contradictions and puzzles attract attention and help hook a man into thinking about you. Most people in typical situations behave the same way – when they are hurt – they snap back, when they are told off – they make excuses, when they throw down – they throw themselves at your feet in an attempt to hold on to their loved one. These reactions are built into the psyche as reflexes, the subconscious gives them out instantly in response to a particular situation.

Begin to act consciously against the first impulse. First process the information, draw conclusions, and then only react. Give out only those reactions that are beneficial to you.

For example, if a man clearly sees your sympathy and sends you a text message inviting you home in the hope of easy sex, say nothing in response. Most girls in this situation will either say yes, or they’ll sing a song about how they’re “not like that. Your silence in front of them will intrigue and excite the fantasy.

What ways do not work: dispelling myths

On the World Wide Web you can find a lot of harmful tips that not only will not help you to make a man fall in love with you, but can kill the sympathy that has already begun. Again it will be almost impossible to cause it, so let’s analyze these woeful methods, so that you will never use them.

Ask for help

If the request is petty and unburdensome, then it probably will not have any effect on the sympathy for you. But if you ask for something that requires serious time, material and other resources from an indifferent man, be sure that you put a cross on your future relationships.

I do not understand why girls think that this way you can cause love. Imagine that unfamiliar guy asks you to clean his house and re-iron all his clothes. I do not think you will be happy with such a proposal. Remember the cardinal rule – love grows from the buzz that brings communication with you, not from the weight of your worries.

Causing jealousy

So many girls try on the role of a femme fatale and get into trouble. With other people’s jealousy in general should be careful and not try to cause it artificially. Most men your flirting with others will defrost and repel.

But if you manage to become claimed and desired by many, but unavailable, men can really awaken their hunting instincts. You will only have to feed it, not giving up immediately and sometimes slipping out of his clinging hands.

Be a cold and arrogant bitch.

People who advise that, do not know anything about the psychology of men. Cold repels, not attracts. If you do not believe me – make a haughty face and look at yourself in the mirror. Inside you have to burn the fire, then you will be attractive.

How to make men fall in love with different zodiac signs

Recommendations of psychologists we took apart, now let’s see what the stars advise us.

  1. Man Aries loves bright, cheerful, energetic girls, with whom you can not only have a good time, but also talk about serious topics. He prefers to choose his own chosen one and pursue her, despite the roundelays of girls around.
  2. Taurus likes girls to be sensible, reliable, calm temper. It is best to start communicating with him as a friend and try to gradually draw closer.
  3. Most of all, the male twin values his freedom, so he does not allow any girl to encroach on it. Never try to control him and even more to blow his brains out. Be easy and spunky, do not burden your problems and everything will work out.
  4. A man of Cancer is very fond of comfort and is unlikely to compromise it even in the name of the greatest love. So from the very beginning surround him with warmth and care and let him know that he will be more comfortable with you than alone.
  5. Leo by nature a narcissist and feeds on other people’s admiration. He needs a girl that everyone around looked with envy – beautiful, spectacular, witty, charming. But he should get her himself – hunting instinct in men born in late July – mid-August, expressed as no one else.
  6. Guy Virgo – pedant to the bones, so carefully monitor your appearance. Any little thing like a slightly smeared mascara or arrow on the pantyhose can seriously spoil the impression. And in general, Virgo, like the Taurus, like calm and reliable girls, in which they can be confident.
  7. On a Libra man you can practice your initiative. He is always unsure of everything, and by making the first move, you will save him from painful doubts. Take an interest in what the guy is into and become an interesting companion and conversationalist – then success is guaranteed.
  8. A man scorpio like – not an easy task, because he is demanding and selective. Due to their charm, these guys never suffer from a lack of female attention, even if their appearance is lame. In girls Scorpios appreciate mystery, pride and independence, so do not throw him on his neck at the slightest hint of sympathy in your direction.
  9. The Sagittarius man can’t stand boredom. You should turn the joint pastime into a holiday filled with bright emotions. Be cheerful, bold, reckless, lighthearted. Remove any complaints and sour expression, otherwise before you know it he will run away in an unknown direction.
  10. To like a Capricorn guy, you need to be at least not stupider than he is. They are usually very successful at work and looking for a girl to match. Bright appearance is not so important, it is enough to be well-groomed and take care of yourself. Capricorns are committed to traditional family values, so you should not say that you do not want to have children and speak ill of their parents.
  11. Aquarius is a fun and outgoing guy, the same qualities he wants to see in his life partner. Appearance is not important for him – he is not picky at all. The main thing that you were comfortable with you and you did not encroach on his personal space.
  12. Fish men are looking for a soul mate and beautiful love, like in a fairy tale. They are very romantic and vulnerable, so never criticize them harshly and generally do not be too harsh. If you see an interest in you man-fish – boldly take the initiative, they can be very indecisive.


Congratulations, now you know how to win a man’s heart and do not accidentally drop it out of his hands.

Did you like the article? Share it with your girlfriends. Don’t worry, there are enough men for everyone. Have a great day!

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