How to make her husband pleasant at night?

10 secrets that will help to give a man incredible pleasure

What woman does not want to please the man she loves and give him pleasure. After all, men need to please and pamper, as they do a lot for us. Mutual pleasure can be achieved in different ways, not only through bed.

Ways to please a man

The phrase that the only way to please a man – is to get creative in bed, is not the only true. Experienced women know that the way to the heart of his chosen one is through the stomach, and only one intimacy will not be enough.

Give your lover pleasure can be achieved by:

  1. Cooking;
  2. Maintenance of interests;
  3. Physical contacts;
  4. Massage;
  5. Demonstrating dominance;
  6. Stripping;
  7. Morning playtime;
  8. Following the 3 secrets of intimacy.

In addition, it is necessary to consider that in the intimate sphere, too, certain rules should be adhered to. Therefore, as the last point, there are 3 important secrets that can give your partner even more pleasure.

In family life

The secret of a happy family life is the perfect harmony with the spouse. This also applies to a long-term relationship. However, to harmony was present in all things, you should periodically to please your man and give him pleasure in different aspects of life.

You can please your partner, pampering him delicious dishes, supporting a hobby and increasing the number of physical contacts.


Relevant at all times – the way to the heart of men is through his stomach. It is very important to feed your loved one deliciously. And he will receive a special pleasure not just from the favorite dishes, but also from their diversity.

You need to indulge your partner more often all kinds of gourmet food, but in no case should not compete in the quality of their preparation with his mother!

Emphasis on hobbies

You need to be not only a good wife or girlfriend, but also a friend. A woman who shares or at least supports the hobbies of his beloved – the dream of every man.

No matter if he collects stamps or likes to watch soccer, any interest should be supported. However, if your loved one has chosen fishing as a hobby – it is better to leave him alone and let him go by himself or with friends.

Give a man the opportunity to be alone or with friends – very important.

Do not forget to find out about your partner’s intimate preferences, so that you can fulfill them later.

Domestic tenderness.

You need to increase the number of physical contacts, the so-called home tenderness. To deliver as much pleasure as possible, you should resort to the following tricks:

  • A light playful nibbling of the ear will drive a man crazy;
  • Do not forget about touching the hair with gentle massaging motions;
  • Practice light kisses on the base of the nape of the neck;
  • The Adam’s apple is one of the most sensitive points on a man’s body. Kissing, nibbling, nibbling, and even sucking – success guaranteed!

Repeat these touches the more often, the better. Especially if the man is upset about something.

In the intimate sphere

One of the most burning topics – giving pleasure to men in bed. Speaking of how to make your partner happy and give pleasure, it is impossible to ignore the topic of sex. And many women neglect even the basic rules of this area, thinking that it is not so important.

However, even little things like massage or behavior in bed, has a huge impact on the quality of male pleasure.


We will talk not about a simple massage, but about an intimate massage, because it is one of the main ways to give pleasure to a man before the act of love. To achieve a really exciting, high quality and skillful massage a woman should make some efforts.

The secrets of a perfect intimate massage:

  • The massage should start with the head;
  • All movements should be accompanied by kisses;
  • Do not forget about additional devices: oils, creams, lubricant;
  • The genitals also can and should be massaged, especially the area around them.

An interesting option is to use an ice cube in the massage, drawing a line along the spine of a man.

And one more little secret – a man should be allowed to give himself an erotic massage. It excites and warms up no worse than when the partner sees what pleasure a woman gets from his touch.

Morning games.

A really good and invigorating morning should be accompanied by sex. It is proved that intimacy in the morning prolongs the feeling of being in love all day long. So that way you can not only please your partner, but also to strengthen relationships.

To give a man the maximum pleasure in the morning, you need:

  • Wake him up with gentle touches to the most sensitive points;
  • Slowly caressing his body, you should make sure that your beloved is awake;
  • While he is in a state of tenderness, you should proceed to oral sex.

To give a man the most pleasure in the morning will help a combination of intimate massage followed by oral pleasures.

Many experts in the field of intimacy argue that if before the morning fun to brush your teeth with mint paste, use a refreshing product for mouthwash or chew menthol gum, you can increase the feeling of your partner from the caresses.

A little dominance

A woman, in our usual sense, is always affectionate and gentle. That is why, to give your lover the maximum pleasure, you should sometimes try on a different role. And do not forget about the initiative in the intimate sphere, a man should feel welcome.

A little female domination is the key to successful sexual life of the partners.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of men prefer a dominant role, if you occasionally take the reins, you can deliver to your lover maximum pleasure.

And in this case it means an easy game for leadership, which the partner will want to return. It will be enough to gently push a man on the bed, fix his hands over his head, saddle up and start caressing. From there, everything will go like clockwork!

The art of undressing

To undress beautifully in front of a man is a real art. It is not for nothing that strip plastic and dance classes are so widespread nowadays. Striptease – the best method to warm up the partner by visual pleasure.

The reason for this is simple – a beautiful picture gives an unreal aesthetic pleasure to a man.

Men love with their eyes is as axiomatic as the phrase about the way to the heart through the stomach. Therefore it is important to learn not just to undress, but to do it beautifully and exciting.

Secrets of intimacy

Against the background of all of the above, how we approach the act of intimacy, how we prepare for it, and under what circumstances it takes place play an important role. There are forbidden and vice versa priority topics, even lighting is important. Let’s figure out under what conditions a man will get more pleasure from sex.

No household conversations.

For a man is unacceptable any topics related to everyday life during intimate intercourse or foreplay. So all such conversations are taboo. In general, any dialogue during sex is better to keep.

The most infallible option would be to whisper all sorts of vulgarities in your lover’s ear, men from this just lose their heads.

Otherwise, if the vulgarity is not your domain, from the conversation should be completely abstained. Quiet shouts and moans are welcome.

Caresses in the light.

The most thrilling sensations a man gets during the sexual intercourse in the light. The partner is very important to see a woman in all her beauty, to assess the situation, as if a predator, and to control the process.

Sex in light helps to increase the pleasure, supplementing it not only with the sound (moans, screams), but also a visual range. That way the pleasure will be much more intense.

Variety of the Act

The frequency of sex and its variety – the basis of a strong intimate life of the couple. Constantly monotonous and boring sex will not bring a man proper pleasure, only a banal discharge.

To give your partner more pleasure, you need:

  • Engage in sexual intercourse more often, taking the initiative;
  • Variety of places to have sex, whether it’s a balcony or a shower stall;
  • Use intimate toys;
  • Practice different positions.

Before you decide to do something, be sure to check with your partner, whether this is acceptable to him. If the answer is yes, you can safely try new things!

So, only the totality of all factors, you can give a man a truly heavenly, unforgettable pleasure. The main thing is not to be afraid of this, to act boldly and decisively!

How to make a man feel good during intimacy?

I have 7 years of journalistic background. Excellent at navigating the media stream of information, including by analyzing foreign sources.

The expert – Victoria Fomina.

Highest-category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples resolve problems in sex life.

Men tend to rank captured “locks”. To compare women in bed. And even if he doesn’t do it publicly, in his head anyway there is this list in descending order. You want to top the list, don’t you? Do you want to cross off everyone else and be the only one in his life? Many women think, “what could be better than sex with me. He’s obviously pleased, because I can give him the pleasure of my body!”

Such cases are far from the exception, but because of the proliferation and advertising of late, free relationships, men have become satiated with classic sex. Sooner or later the change will be noticeable. Love triangles appear mainly because of dissatisfaction in bed matters. Yes, yes a good borscht, a clean apartment and ironed clothes – all this is not enough for complete happiness. Reproduction is called the basic instinct for a reason. There are several things to consider before practicing it.

It is very important to consider the emotional background. Catch the moment when he is in the right mood. If you consider the biological clock, the main activity of the man is in the morning and afternoon. You want to understand how to make a man feel good in bed? To do this, you need to know his erogenous zones. You can’t go wrong if you start with the nipples. Light touches, strokes and kisses in this area can turn your partner on in half a turn.

His ears need attention, too. Run your tongue over them – this will make him breathe hard with excitement. Wrap your fingers around his head, massage the back of his head, and he will not be able to contain his emotions. Run your fingernail tips down his back, slowly descending to his buttocks. Slap them lightly. Go to the inner thighs. They are very sensitive, because very close to his dignity. Get closer to him.

Having gone this long way on the body of your loved one it’s time to move on to the climax of touching. Caress his sacs with circular movements. Take them in your hands. Feel how all the power over his body has passed into your caring hands? Proceed to the cock. Move over it with gentle squeezing motions from the base to the head. Pull back the foreskin, expose his weapon. Now you can own it. Take control of the situation.

For the best tips on how to satisfy a man in bed, check out our next article.


It is with a kiss that a friendship develops into a romantic relationship. This small step separates them into before and after. But kisses come in many different forms. From the simple touch of the lips to the passionate and hot, when you do not have the strength to break it. Pleasure can be made right at that moment. Manage the process. Make the kiss French – use your tongue.

Feel it on his palate. Find a common language with your partner. Show that you enjoy it. Cover not only the lips with kisses, but other areas of the face, neck. You can go down slowly, covering the entire route with hot kisses. Make a map of your man’s erogenous body zones. You need leverage, right?


You’re a beautiful, slender woman with luscious breasts. Your soulmate has already studied your beautiful body. Wrap it in a beautiful cover. Accentuate your charms, spice them up. Erotic lingerie will present you in a whole new image. Dress up your gorgeous legs in black stockings. Man will be delighted!


The ability to deliver oral pleasure is a trump card up your sleeve. A man will rapturously watch as his piston plunges into your mouth, embraced by passionate lips. Will moan with excitement when you start massaging the head with your tongue and try to get inside. Many women are embarrassed to give such caresses loved ones.

First of all, this lack of confidence in their abilities. What if it does not work? Maybe it will all go wrong? The main thing to decide to move on to practical exercises. You can’t gain experience in theory. First, you have to get into a position that is comfortable for two people. Touch the rod, moisten it with saliva and slowly start diving. In the beginning, the movements should be smooth.

Gradually increasing the pressure with your tongue, and slightly speeding up the movement, you need to carefully monitor your man’s reaction. When the denouement will be close, you need to connect your hands and make the movements harder. There is no need to be frightened by the shot and get lost in its anticipation. If there is no desire to swallow sperm or put it in the mouth at all, it is easy to direct the implement to the chest.


Relaxing massage will be to the taste of both women and men. Especially because the work of the stronger sex is more often associated with physical labor. And there is not always an inclination for sexual flirting, with back or lower back pain. Pick up, preferably together, aromatic oils, so that the smell pleases both of them. Lay your male on his stomach in a horizontal position and begin. Walk down his spine from top to bottom, massage his shoulders, lumbar spine, and buttocks.

Fatigue involuntarily leaves his body. If you want it all to take a sexual turn, use your breasts. Gentle nipple touches, like an electric current, penetrate the skin and excite the mind. Use kissing tactics. Show him that you were waiting for him to relieve stress after a hard day’s work and know how to make a man feel good in bed.

Role Playing

Since childhood, everyone plays games. It makes life richer and more interesting. Presenting yourself in a different role helps for a time to step away from reality and present yourself in a different image. For adults, of course, have their own games. Sexual life will be much brighter if you add to it colors in the form of different roles. The main thing to determine who has the dominant position in the sexual relationship. If it is him, then submit to him.

Become for that period of time a submissive slave, give him the opportunity to feel like a master. If he likes to watch scenes of hard exciting sex, then become his victim for about half an hour. If there are hints of striptease, then turn him on with languid dancing around the mop. When you’re running the ball yourself, think about who you’ve tamed. He needs your punishment. He’s waiting for you to turn into a stern nurse when you become an uncompromising Mistress.

Captivate him into your sweet bondage, put those long-awaited bracelets on his wrists. Spank him like a naughty boy. Particularly artistic natures can assume the position of the switch, that is, have two sides of the coin at once. These contrasts replenish the lack of adrenaline.


In order to learn how to make a man feel good in bed, it is not necessary to attend sex courses or educational institutions. Everything is much easier. To be closer to each other, you need to learn as much as possible about your partner’s character, preferences and innermost desires. Sometimes it can take years to learn all the secrets. But to start, you do not need to wait to write an encyclopedia about your chosen one.

Everything should be done consistently. Nobody cancelled the method of trial and error. In any case, these attempts will be appreciated. The worst thing that can be between two people is indifference. It is almost impossible to cure it. If you care about the person next to you, you need to make an effort to ensure that it does not come to this.

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