How to make friends with a boy you like?

How to be friends with a guy without drama and Friendzone

No matter what anyone says, but friendship between the sexes exists. Simply because we are not cavemen living at the mercy of instincts and the harsh realities of evolution, but above all people: with feelings, mind and social norms of behavior. If you are lucky enough to have a friend of the opposite sex, then let this friendship happen, and to avoid drama and hopeless Friendzone for one of you, here are some tips for you not to let the situation get out of hand.

1- Be careful with your words and actions.

If you’re in love with someone, you know what it’s like to say and do things completely rashly, giving in to your feelings. But in a platonic relationship, such actions can be confusing and confusing. As a result, you’ll be left fooled or you’ll ruin your friendship with the guy you have so much in common with.

Decide on your boundaries.

Having a boyfriend as a friend is a wonderful experience, but as you know, the spark can ignite between you completely unexpectedly. If you don’t want to ruin your relationship with the person you count on to be friends, you both need to define some limits on what is allowed between you.

For some people it is perfectly natural and unromantic to watch soap operas, while for others, a display of intimacy can lead to falling in love, and then the friendship can not be avoided. To avoid a romantic attraction, determine at once what actions will be calculated by the other as a manifestation of feelings other than friendship.

3. Respect your partner

Have a friendship with your boyfriend even if you are married or in a serious relationship. In that case, don’t allow yourself anything that you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to allow himself with his platonic friend. Show respect for both guys, because your friend may feel like a backup, and this definitely won’t strengthen your friendship.

4. No touching.

This issue is very individual. For some people, it’s perfectly normal to show tactile tenderness with absolutely no romantic feelings involved, especially if you’re both sensitive and can’t control the flow of tenderness people. The main thing is not to go overboard, because there are places and situations in which touching can be regarded as the first step to something more.

5. Nothing that resembles a date.

Friendship implies a special equality. That means you’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, which means don’t expect him to pay for you at a coffee shop, don’t walk around his house wearing the same T-shirt, and don’t arrange for leisure time together that resembles a romantic date, except without sex. This is very important if you want to maintain a platonic relationship with someone who you think is trying to seduce you. Stay friendly and don’t settle for offers that sound like invitations to action.

6. Don’t be manipulative.

Men’s attention is crucial for girls because the more interesting guys you have around you, the more options you have. But if you want to remain friends with someone, don’t resort to manipulation based on the fact that you’re good and he’s a guy who can’t resist your charms. You don’t want to bolster your self-esteem at the expense of your friend’s feelings, or you could lose him.

7. Don’t treat him like a friend.

Platonic relationships can seem interesting because, since there is no romance between you, you can allow yourself to be as natural as possible. Such naturalness often leads to girls starting to treat their friends as if they were friends. Remember that he’s a guy, which means you shouldn’t discuss things with him that will make him feel uncomfortable. Respect his interests and look for compromise instead of doing things with him that are normal for girls but totally pointless for guys.

8. Don’t count on feelings.

This point is not only useful for girls, but also for guys who are friends with the opposite sex. The fact that you two are so close doesn’t mean that one of you is in love.

Guys want to win over as many girls as they can, and girls like to be attracted to guys, but if you’re friends, remember that and don’t count on feelings, at least not until they actually show up.

9. Sexual tension is normal

Sexual tension between different-sex friends is perfectly natural. So be prepared that eventually either you or he may feel it. If you realize that this feeling comes only from you, keep it to yourself, but if you both want to maintain a real friendship rather than create a friendzone, then treat this arousal as something perfectly normal but not fundamental.

10. Remember why this is a platonic relationship

A friendship that doesn’t involve a romantic relationship is like having a brother. You can communicate, support each other, have fun, and learn a lot from each other. It’s a relationship devoid of drama and heartache, so when in doubt, remember that and keep working on strengthening your friendship, not a potential romance.

How to make friends with a boy: 5 tips

How to make friends with a guy: 5 situations when it’s appropriate + 5 tips from psychologists + life story.

Want to turn a family dinner or friendly get-together into something worse than a second-rate housewife talk show? You don’t have to ask your cousin when she, a godless woman, last went to church or your daddy what he thinks about the political situation in our country. It is enough to ask if they believe in friendship between a man and a woman. And that was it – the discussion began!

However, if you, like the author of the article, believe that such a relationship is possible, then surely you have asked yourself the question, “How to make friends with a guy?” And no, you really don’t need any teddy bears or bouquets of scarlet roses from him. Well, let’s look into it…

Five situations when you should think about how to make friends with the guy: the opinion of psychologists

You understand, our clever girl, that it is not always appropriate to build a friendship with any guy, even if he is more interesting to you than the latest season of “Game of Thrones”.

Thus, psychologists say that it makes sense to think how to be friends with a guy if:

you have known each other since childhood, but such were the circumstances of life that you did not communicate for some time.

Yes, he saw you covered in cherry juice up to your ears, and you saw him – in a leaky children’s underwear with Mickey Mouse. And those nostalgic memories can open a second wind to your friendship;

You have common hobbies.

Eh, the author of this article has an awesome friend, Dima, who, like me, is a fanatic about hiking, badminton, and mind games. And that is just an endless sea of conversation! And how many kilometers you backpacked together, and how many sandwiches you ate at rest stops – there is no fairy tale to tell, no pen to describe!

You study or work together.

This guy is your significant other’s husband or boyfriend.

But, here, young ladies, you need to be more careful than Stirlitz on a mission – no romantic overtones, or half a glance or half a word, otherwise you’ll never see friendship with either your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You and the guy – relatives.

So, a suitable “victim” for friendship chosen? Then here are some smart tips.

5 tips on how to make friends with a guy once and for all: not holy pots molded!

Those ladies, who managed to build a warm friendly relations with men all in one voice claim that there is nothing supercomplex (“It’s not aliens to contact to come in contact!”).

As in any friendship, sincerity, common interests and willingness to invest time and energy into a person are important here. This is the base without which you will not get very far in the relationship.

But still, in order to make friends with the guy, it is worth remembering a few recommendations from psychologists:

Feel free to call for a pizza, write messages on messenger, call first, if the guy is interested in you as a friend and you clearly let him know it.

To make friends with a guy, be prepared for the fact that he doesn’t get any hints or half hints, like your sidekick Lenka.

Be prepared to act as a counselor for a guy in matters of the heart if you want to be friends with a guy.

For most guys are very important to their work.

So, to really be friends with a guy, be prepared to listen to hour-long monologues about how everyone at work is ugly, and he is the only “handsome” or about the peculiarities of the installation of wooden stairs in two-story cottages. This means that you’re really in the guy’s zone of trust.

Be prepared for the fact that your friendship with a guy is not built on heart-to-heart conversations (like with girls), but more on spending time together, pleasant emotions.

In short, friendship with men is easy and pleasant. Here we just need to avoid one of the common mistakes.

How to make friends with the guy and not to spoil everything: 5 common mistakes

Do not accept expensive gifts from the guy and do not allow him to pay for himself in cafes, restaurants, on vacation, etc., if you do not want to cloud your friendship material issues.

Still, you are not his girlfriend and should make that clear.

Don’t show how close you are to the guy if he has a significant other.

Do not be too intrusive.

Don’t pry into your soul without asking.

Keep your mouth shut if the guy you’re friends with has entrusted you with something personal.

And if you, like an experienced captain, steer your friendship ship through these reefs, you’re sure to get a real treasure – a strong male shoulder by your side.

Lifehacks for teens. How to make friends with a guy?

What to talk about with a young man? Tips for girls!

Real life story about how you can make friends with a guy once and for all

The friend of the author Alina – lady is soft and intelligent. What was my surprise when I found out that she is friends with Andrew – a guy, obviously good, but, as they say, “from a bad neighborhood.

As it turned out, Andrei was the one who stood up for Alina when she was walking through that very bad neighborhood, and the local “masters of life” wanted to meet her.

No, no, do not expect a romantic continuation here: the spark between them did not fly, butterflies in the stomach did not flutter, but, as it turned out, the guy just wanted to pull up English, and Alina worked part-time as a tutor. Then the girl moved from one rented apartment to another and Andrew, panting, but helped carry the furniture. Then everything spun and spun…

“Yes, I understand that with him you can not discuss the next series of” The Bachelor “over a cup of coffee, but if I need a cold, sober, worldly advice, not sympathy – it’s Andrei. Still, being friends with a guy is a great pleasure.” – shared Alina.

As you can see, with men you can not only build a harmonious loving relationship, but also really friendly. And they will be filled not with “pink snot,” and the real mutual help, sincerity (here with you are not particularly indulgent) and loyalty. So ask the question “How to make friends with the guy?” is worth every girl.

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