How to make a wife jealous?

How to make your wife jealous and is it worth it?

Some men do not know how to calm their beloved and make her stop being jealous. And other members of the strong sex do everything possible to cause his wife to have these feelings. About how to make a woman jealous and what consequences can arise – in our article.

Determine the main goal

Jealousy is a feeling that can either strengthen the relationship or completely destroy it. It happens that over the years, feelings between spouses cool down, the relationship becomes less passionate, and at some point it seems that she has fallen out of love with you completely. Therefore, many men who are afraid of losing their loved one, trying to cause jealousy to save the relationship and bring them the former warmth.

Sometimes the feeling of jealousy even helps to win back an ex-spouse. Whatever it is, before you make her jealous, you should determine for yourself what your main goal is, what you want to achieve in this way.

The most common reason is to get attention. In case if your spouse has lost interest to you in the past, began to give you less time, less and less often responds to your affection and caresses, jealousy may well help to return her attention. Beginning to make you jealous of the other beautiful females, she may discern in you the features and virtues that previously could not notice.

There is a category of men who want to check the sincerity of his partner’s feelings in such a way, that is, if he sees that she was jealous of him, he certainly convinced that his wife really loves him.

Another category of men pursue a completely different goal: they try to cause jealousy of his spouse just to bring the usual relationship a certain “zest”, novelty. Over the years, the relationship between the spouses develop the same pattern, and every day is similar to the previous one. And if you make her jealous, it is possible not only to refresh the feelings, but also to bring passion, new emotions and feelings into the relationship. By the way, jealousy helps many spouses to fall in love with each other with renewed vigor, helps to look at his significant other in a different way and helps to renew feelings.

If a woman has stopped taking care of themselves, have put a little weight and have become completely indifferent to their own appearance, the jealousy may well shake her. Therefore, many men, seeing such changes in his beloved, trying to cause her jealousy, so that his wife was motivated and strive to be even better than before.

Return your beloved – this may be another goal for which a man decides to take such a step. If it was the woman who initiated the breakup, the former spouse tries to make her jealous and does everything possible to get her back.

Making her feel what he feels is another reason a man might decide to make his spouse jealous. Sometimes women can be too jealous, even if the spouse is perfect and gives no reason to be. Therefore, to show her how he feels at such moments, the man does his best to put her in the same situation.

How do you trigger jealousy?

In order to make your other half jealous, you can use one of the methods that we will talk about next. It is worth mentioning that all of these methods are equally effective for men and women. So, to begin with, define your goal, that is, decide for yourself why you do it, and then – do it. Start telling your spouse about other women more often, for example, co-workers, mutual friends or acquaintances. In your stories, mention the virtues and successes of these ladies. Such a conversation should hurt your wife and cause her feelings of jealousy, because no woman can not indifferently treat the fact that in her presence admired by others.

If your spouse has become more indifferent to you, then you probably do not miss any chance to praise her, to thank and show her admiration, but it is meanwhile indifferently accept thanks and compliments. To cause jealousy of his soul mate, you should completely change your attitude towards her, that is, stop praising her for a delicious meal, for the cleanliness of the house, for ironing the shirt, etc. Suffice it to dryly thank her, saying only “thank you. After a couple of days she will definitely notice these changes in you, and you will achieve your goal.

In addition, you can radically change not only your attitude or behavior, but also your lifestyle in general, for example, suddenly for her to start exercising, watch your diet, get rid of bad habits, etc. Buy a new shirt or perfume, stay longer in front of the mirror in the hallway before work. Such changes in you wife will definitely notice and become jealous, thinking that you are trying for another woman.

Despite the fact that the former feelings are gone, many spouses still actively control their men. If your spouse calls you several times a day to find out how you are and where you are now, just don’t answer some of her many calls in order to make her jealous. Skip a few calls, messages, and when you pick up the phone, just let her know that you are busy right now and will call back later. Such a change in relation to her will not go unnoticed, and the spouse will become jealous.

During a quiet family evening try to pay attention not to your other half, and your cell phone. Check your mail more often, open your page on social networks, smile enigmatically, reading even the most ordinary and boring posts. Believe me, your significant other will not lose sight of this – she will definitely notice it, and eventually you will get what you want. While visiting with your spouse, try to communicate with other girls more often, especially in those moments when she is watching you closely. Your communication with others, or perhaps a slight flirtation, an innocent smile, compliment another woman in the presence of his wife is sure to make her jealous and look at you with different eyes.

If all of the above methods do not work on your significant other, you have to resort to extreme measures. And these are traces of lipstick on clothing or the scent of another woman’s perfume. Such “evidence” will notice any woman. And after the wife will give you a jealousy scene, try to behave calmly and in any case do not defend yourself, otherwise you will ruin the entire result of his work.


Using all of the above methods, you really can easily cause jealousy in his significant other. But you should think about what the consequences could be, because it is necessary to overdo it, and the result could be completely different.

For example, if you initially know that your spouse is too vulnerable, everything is taken close to his heart, is often hurt for nothing and very impressionable, then such action on your part, you can seriously hurt her. As a result, causing her jealousy, you can further destroy all the fact that so want to keep. So, before you decide to take such a step, think carefully and only after making sure that jealousy will help you return the old feelings, go ahead.

In the following video you will find a lecture on the psychology of jealousy from psychologist Anetta Orlova.

How to make a woman jealous and return fire to the relationship?

Family psychologist. For 8 years I save the “family unit” from disintegration. I help couples to regain love and understanding.

Sense of jealousy – one of the strongest in any relationship. No matter what the cause or the occasion, but the flame flares up very quickly and puts the jealous person in a state of affect. At the heart of jealousy is the fear of comparison, the fear that the partner will leave for a more attractive, younger, educated rival. Some couples live dull and boring, but sometimes you want to spice things up! How to make a woman jealous to get attention, but at the same time not to destroy the relationship?

Safety rules

Before you experiment in a relationship with a loved one, you need to know him well, so that an attack of jealousy does not become the cause of a serious quarrel. Not every woman is ready to give out aggression and be jealous to the point of madness of her partner. A separate category does not accept destructive feelings, and manifestation of jealousy becomes for them the first bell of the approaching end of the relationship.

It is an undeniable fact that the second half of women love a reason for a scandal, to gain energy and strength in them, to express to the partner all the insults, to feel the competition. Then everything becomes perfect in the relationship: the house is clean, she is beautiful in a sexy outfit, cooking her favorite dishes and waiting for a new occasion for an explosion of emotions.

If jealousy is what fuels attention to each other, turns them on and awakens forgotten emotions, then you can safely try out one of the tips in practice and enjoy the result!

What to do to make her jealous?

  1. Tales of rivalry. A win-win option on how to make a woman jealous is to talk about others. It can be a story about a colleague, a friend, a common acquaintance, seasoned with details of success, creative realization or praise for special talents. Even if outwardly it looks like ignoring, a volcano is sure to ignite inside, ready to explode!
  2. Style Change. The first sign that a man goes to the left is a change of style. New shirts, ties, given as a gift at work, a new perfume, and maybe even a hairstyle will be a reason to think about a rival. In response to this, the woman will begin to closely monitor every change in appearance, at the same time thinking about for whom these changes occur.
  1. A classic way to make a woman jealous is to stay at work longer than usual. If the work is shift work and there is no possibility to stay longer than a certain time, then you can walk around periodically, go to your favorite cafe and drink coffee, at the same time dropping calls.
  2. The most important way to cause jealousy of the other half is to refuse intimacy. At first, the woman will objectively come up with reasons for refusal to appease in the form of problems at work. It all depends on how willing the man is to use this method. After this turn of events, you should not be surprised if one day there will be a reason for a serious heart-to-heart talk. It will need to explain that all this was done in order to provoke jealousy.
  3. Provoke a fit of rage and jealousy can be quite harmless communication online. Charming girls, with explicit photos on the pages are able to provoke an explosion of emotions even the most calm girl.

Before trying one of the ways a man must understand how far he wants to go. To play intrigue, to create an aura of mystery, the impression that there is a woman on the side is easy. It will be difficult then to prove the opposite, to return the trust of his partner, to resume the relationship, which gave a crack.

And here’s how to make a man jealous, you can learn in our article further on the link.

How to make your girlfriend jealous? How to make a woman jealous?

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