How to make a spell at home?

The 5 most effective charms: the strongest bindings on a person!

Magic is divided into two types. White – conspiracies and rituals, application for good, helps lovers, protects them from evil forces and intentions, used only for good. Black – dark aggressive witchcraft, aimed at achieving their goals by all means, powerful and destructive.

A love spell is the interference of extraneous energy flows on a certain person, affecting the structure and definition of his inner world. Compelled love is that task and purpose necessary for magical action.

Proceeding from life situations, people turn for help to witches, magicians and sorcerers. Also, they are asked for help if people have been together for a long time, but for some reason have separated. And if one of them can’t see life without a partner, then the other at this time can have a great leisure time and enjoy the new life. In a similar situation, the idea of getting an adored man or woman by means of witchcraft comes up.

If a person has a desire for a new life, he or she will be able to make a new life with the help of magic. This time, the curse of the incantation must be discussed with the person who performs it.

Lures in home conditions: how to get a guy

The main purpose of this magic is to put an end to all these negative influences and to make a person fall under the influence of evil spirits.

When taking up the case, follow a set of rules:

  • Do not dare to bewitch a person who has a partner, it is impossible to ruin someone else’s. This will work, but you risk to attract to yourself a terrible misfortune – by destroying someone else’s happiness, you will get a lot of serious troubles in your personal life, which will not be so easy to cope with;
  • In any method of lovemaking, there is a clear algorithm of actions which must be observed. If you will not be able to use it, you will have to use it in a way that will make you lose the power of the spell;
  • Use witchcraft spells only for good. If you are moved by negative emotions – feeling of vengeance, envy, rage, resentment, and other, all bad things will certainly return boomerang in magnified dimensions.

A photo incantation

When performed correctly, this ritual performs three tasks:

  • embodies interest;
  • reveals sexual attraction;
  • evokes sadness and a great desire to be with you.

The photo of the guy should be as fresh as possible, not older than two years. The charm should be read out three times a day – in the morning, in the afternoon, before going to bed.

In the right hand holding the photo, you must fill yourself with optimistic thoughts and joyful emotions and read:

“As the slave of God (guy’s name) cannot live and be without his shadow, so the slave of God (guy’s name) cannot be without longing for me, the slave of God (his name). Walk, falter, from longing suffocate. As the Sun goes on the sky, so you go on any road to me, the God’s slave (his name). In this way, you can always find your way to me, God’s maiden name. Amen.”

Consequences of a spell

It is difficult to predict what outcome will be from a particular action. The most frequent consequences if the ritual is performed incorrectly can be:

  • tyranny, excessive selfishness, excessive jealousy;
  • impotence, frigidity, absence of a normal sex life;
  • The plot ceases to be effective after a child is born;
  • changes in character and behavior;
  • alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction;
  • reduction in the number of allotted years of life;
  • pursuit of failure in all areas;
  • death of relatives.

How to avoid a bad outcome?

When trying to make a charm at home, there is no way. Magic can be compared to a scalpel, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, it saves lives, in the hands of an ordinary person becomes a weapon.

Only trusting a professional, it is possible to prevent trouble.

Varieties of white magic

The main directions of light witchcraft are:

  1. Love spells and reversals.
  2. Rituals to improve financial solvency, work and attracting luck.
  3. Prayers for the sick, healing and recovery of body and soul.
  4. Spells against the evil eye and the evil eye.
  5. Divination.
  6. Averters.

Rituals and rituals to attract a partner.

Consider the most popular ways and methods of witchcraft on a loved one.

On menstrual blood

Witchcraft on menstrual blood is considered the most powerful and potent. Bring a result only when both people are suitable for each other at the energetic level.

Serious and dangerous ritual: blood is the strongest source for binding, causing aggression and abnormalities of the digestive and genital organs.

It is necessary to put a few drops of blood on a small scrap of white cloth. Cotton material will be the most suitable. Then it is necessary to dry this piece and burn it. The ritual becomes more effective if the remaining ashes are added to coffee and drunk. The magic works from the first days.

On candles

Buy 40 wax candles in a church. On each of them, read the prayer “Our Father”. Put all of them in one container and light them with matches. Above the fire, start the incantation:

“As the church candles burn day after day, so the feelings of the Servant of God (name of the chosen one) to me, the Servant of God (his name) are kindled. Amen!”

Then try to blow out all the candles at once. Leave them in place. Next night, put aside one candle on a bowl and use the same incantation. You should burn out completely the wax candle. In this way, the magical power of the Sun is directed only on the left side of the magical potion. Collect it from the pot by wrapping it in a clean paper sheet. Bury the bundle at the roots of a young tree.

At the cemetery.

A powerful and difficult ritual for beginners and amateurs. It is strongly not recommended to try it without professionals.

You will need: a black candle, a photo of the object of affection and a picture of the bewitching.

Before beginning, pass the grave of the deceased three times in a clockwise direction. After that, light a candle by the head of the grave. Put both pictures on the tablescamma or hold in your hands (you can’t put it on the grave!). Recite:

“By the blood of the dead earth I nourish, for the life of a well-functioning power I direct. In order that you, (name of the deceased), my dear helper, make (own name) and (name of the chosen one) a happy family. Be according to this”.

After the incantation, cut your ring finger and drop drops three times on the grave. Thank the deceased, make ransom. Just before leaving, pass the deceased again three times, this time counterclockwise.

On the water

Collect water in a bathtub and say over it the following words:

“Fill, sister-water, the soul of (name of the beloved) with longing for (name of the executor). As a drowned man will not return to the world of the living, so the servant of God will not get rid of his bindings. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you will hear the sound of your own voice. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

After the incantation, tie any personal thing of the chosen man on your feet and lie down in the bathtub with your head. After immersion, repeat the incantation 4 times.

The water process should last more than half an hour. The longer one is in the bath, the more effective will be the witchcraft.

With a lock

A big padlock is needed to make the ritual. It is necessary to unlock it and hide under a rug near the door. Hide it before your beloved comes to you. After your beloved will pass through a doormat where the thing is, close the lock with a key, saying the following:

“No one will ever unlock this lock, no one will ever discord, quarrel or divorce (name of the beloved) with me. Key at the bottom, water in the river, fire in the ground, and the lock to me, the word locked, deed secured, holy spirit baptized.”

After the key must be thrown into the river, the lock itself must be kept hidden from all.

Choosing in attraction of love the magical way, be careful and think thoroughly – is it worth it? Forced feelings and incomprehensible consequences – is it a pleasant love? Carefully approach such questions, and if you have already decided, then go to the end and observe the rules and conditions of the performed rituals.

How to make an incantation at home by yourself?

How to make a spell at home? Psychics portal “Wizards of Love” share the secrets of making a spell at home, which will help you get quick results and avoid negative consequences for yourself and your loved ones.

  1. 1. What is love magic
  2. 2. Types of Lover’s Lures
  3. 3. Rules of behavior after a spell
  4. 4. Simple Lures at Home
    1. 4.1 Wrapping on a photo
    2. 4.2 Influence on water
    3. 4.3 Salt Creed
    4. 4.4 Coup d’Etat on Candles
    5. 4.5 Wrapping on a Feast
    6. 4.6 Full Moon Casting

    1. What is love magic

    People who are interested in love magic first of all want to know about love spells. A love spell serves to arouse a person’s feelings of love for the one who uses it. Not many people are willing to seek outside help, first of all people are interested in a love spell at home. A really strong love spell, like any other case, requires from the person who makes it, sufficient abilities, knowledge and experience. Therefore, specialists in the field of magic are in demand in all ages and in all countries. However, there are effective enough spells available to beginners as well. By a charm is meant any action that is aimed at arousing feelings for another person. This is a magic that can be used to conjure the feelings of the other person. Love magic has a huge arsenal of rituals that allow you to “force” the object to manifest the desired feelings (affection, pimpsy, passion, sexual attraction up to zombification). All of them imply intensive energetic influence on a victim’s subconsciousness and invasion of his biofield, which are carried out by means of pronunciation of incantations, processing of various objects, use of forces of natural elements (fire, water, earth). The strong-acting rituals were always applied in order that the object of love began to experience and show expected feelings. Any magical ritual in relation to a loved one can be considered a strong attraction made by yourself. When the person is strongly touched in the soul, all thoughts are only about him. Before the eyes constantly arises his image, he causes a variety of emotions, dreams. All these feelings already build a peculiar bridge of emotional, invisible connection. If a person has a desire to have a dream, it is necessary to have a dream in order to have a dream. It is not necessary to use a spell, but it is necessary to use it in the same way. The strong love spell with the use of blood is of a somewhat different nature. How to make a spell to make a person fall in love quickly and for life? You have understood, in order to fall in love with the one who is unique and needed, it is necessary to turn to magic. Waiting for him to pay attention is annoying, so you want to perform a quick spell. One that will work not for a few days or years, but for life. Consider the options. Magic can be black and white and each of them has spells and rituals that can be combined in a single section of the charms, but they are very different in effect, power and other parameters. Since childhood, still from fairy tales, we learn that white magic is good and safe, and black magic is scary and bad. To see the differences between white and black magic charms, it is enough to compare their effectiveness and workability.

    2. Types of Lover’s Lures

    In home conditions, when carrying out independently, the most popular are white charms. This is a large group of magical rituals which force another person to begin to feel feelings of love to the client or sexual attraction to him. All types of white magic charms do not have anything frightening in themselves. They have simple rules of carrying out, their main advantage is minimal negative consequences, but at the same time, they are not long-lasting. More powerful, but also dangerous, are black magic spells. For them, it is necessary to call for help of dark forces. It is not recommended to perform such rituals by yourself. But even influences that are performed by a professional can carry a positive effect only at first. The black magic, for example, includes a very popular in the modern world cemetery rite. In it, the souls of the dead are summoned to help in solving love problems. Black methods of charms will bring strong affection on any level, regardless of whether it is attraction or feelings. But there are a large number of consequences here quite unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous for the subject as well. For example, feelings turn into complete dependence, as a result of which a person deifies the other, becomes jealous. The result of such addiction can even be death. Unwanted side effects cannot be avoided, so it is not worth the risk. That is why it is not recommended to perform them independently. White rituals will have effect only if the object of the spell is really able to love the person performing the spell. With white magic, it is impossible to zombify or permanently and irrevocably bind someone to you. The person retains their individuality, the ability to think soberly and their love will be completely natural and pure. Black charm is a strong and very dangerous magic that can bring serious trouble to the one who uses it. With the help of a black ritual, it is possible not only to cause love in almost any person, but also to make him his slave. However, you have to pay for everything, and the price can be too high. Voodoo charms stand out separately, although they belong to the rites of black magic. They differ by a special way of carrying out and provide use as the basic magical attribute of a special doll. Such spells are dangerous because they are very difficult to remove.

    3. Rules of behavior after a spell

    If the ritual of incantation has been performed, you need to know how to behave after the incantation. A set of simple rules will help not only to strengthen influence of magic, but also will protect you from various problems and troubles. There are some simple recommendations that many times increase the chances of success. So, how to behave after a spell? Do not rush the events. When the spell is made, on the energetic level between you and the object of the spell has already established a connection. Do not doubt. Any doubts are destructive for the subtle energetic connection established by the magician. Therefore, after a spell, in no case you should not think about whether it worked or not. Only let the situation and live as before, with confidence that the soulmate is already yours. Avoid spiritual practices. This applies to prayers, going to church, various incantations and other independent rituals that have an energetic effect. If the object of a spell will come into contact with you for the first time and you will have romantic relations, it is necessary to avoid spiritual practices in every possible way. Feed a spell with dreams. It is not for nothing they say that it is not harmful to dream. Dream about this man, wish him! This multiplies the effect of the magic. Your constant fantasies about how you are together, happy and the enchanted person is in love with you, strengthen the effect. Keep the secret of the spell. Tell anyone (even the closest friend or even a relative) about the performed magic, you instantly deprive its efficacy. This is due to the fact that another’s energy of curiosity, distrust, skepticism (or any other) will easily destroy the created connection.

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