How to make a person angry?

How to annoy your conversation partner in correspondence. Part 2. Communication in messenger

Hi, my name is Eugene Kuznetsov. I am the cofounder of WIM.Agency, we are engaged in CRM-marketing and not only. In the last article we discussed the intricacies of communication via email, but since business correspondence has long ago entered the territory of messengers, the second part is about instant messaging in Telegram or WhatsApp.

It is generally accepted that messenger is, after all, a private space, and everyone can write to their friends and relatives the way they want. Some people like to respond with stickers to any question, while others communicate exclusively by voice. But here we will talk not about chats with family and friends, but about correspondence on work matters.

So, what’s sure to piss off your interlocutor? Here are 8 bad habits to get rid of (or not?)

I think in the previous paragraph we said that messenger is a private space … Well, never mind, but there answer much faster and do not miss your important proposal or burning question.

Seriously, it’s not very polite to barge into someone’s messenger without warning. The person may not be using this particular service at all to resolve work-related issues.

What to do: First, contact in the mail and clarify whether it will be convenient to correspond in a messenger and in what kind of messenger.

No comment. This is just stupid and very annoying.

What to do: immediately formulate a request or question. Short and clear, in a single message that begins with a greeting.

Why not send the client in response to his comment that he didn’t like the layout, something like….

Cool… But not to the client. It’s okay to send funny pictures of cats to colleagues, but partners and customers – is not always appropriate. It all depends on the status of interlocutors and the overall style of communication.

How to act: adequately assess the relevance of the situation. If you have just begun to correspond with a person, but the tone of communication quickly becomes friendly – happily brag about your new stickerpack. In other cases you can do without it.

Quick and convenient, you can write down TK on the run with the soothing noise of the subway in the background.

The world is divided into two camps – the first have already forgotten how to type, and the second fundamentally do not want to listen to voice. So can we send them or not?

What to do: check with the interlocutor in advance if he likes this format. If it is ok, then do not record messages in noisy places and try to record 1-2 messages for a couple of minutes each. No one will listen to one message for 10 minutes, even more piss off 10 messages in a row for 10-15 seconds.

We have. Only. One. Question. Why. So. To do. That. Uncomfortable.

What to do: formulate your thought in 2-3 sentences, write it and send it to the person. That’s all.

Good old T9 can be the culprit of an awkward situation. For example, such as this:

It’s good if the person isn’t offended, but just laughs. But it happens all kinds of things.

What to do: Trust, but verify. Even artificial intelligence makes mistakes, what to say about T9.

I want to call with bad words those who do so:

What to do: Don’t text your interlocutor every 5 minutes. In messenger, no one has to respond instantly. After hours especially.

It happens that there are 10 participants in a working chat room, someone is texting and solving their problems, others don’t understand what’s going on… Then you ask a question to one of the employees on another topic and wait for his answer. You can wait an hour, two days, or a week if you don’t tag a specific person in a message with a question.

Many people turn off notifications in group chats, and rightly so, otherwise you can go crazy with notifications that are not directly related to the person and only distract from the work at hand.

What to do: Be sure to mark the colleague to whom the question is addressed.

How to annoy the messenger interlocutor

We all need to communicate – messengers allow us to always stay in touch with friends, even if they are on the other side of the world. But, as in the case with digital hygiene, it is worth observing the rules of correspondence. If you communicate with friends, you may be quite comfortable without them. But what if it’s your boss or someone you don’t know well? Here I think we should remember the rules of decorum. We’re not going to look at them, let’s just talk about what annoys the most. Make yourselves comfortable – it will be interesting!

Here’s how to piss off your chat buddy without any extra equipment

Why smileys?

Emoticons and emoticons are there to add emotion to your messages. Usually two or three emoji are appropriate in one short message. I’m sure you’ve met people you know who have abused this by inserting five to ten of the same emoji in their messages in a row. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Celebrities, to put it mildly, go overboard with emoji in their posts.

I agree, there are situations when it is appropriate, but from the outside it looks like you can not communicate otherwise. And emoticons replace words and whole sentences for you. Even if you write a long message, supporting each thought with a reaction, it can seem strange, and the smile of interlocutor quickly goes away, turning into a heavy sigh and bewilderment.

One-Word Messages

Sometimes you can’t express a thought in one message and have to send a couple more afterwards. Sometimes it’s one word at a time. This is what I call “dobavochka,” as standup comedians say, but socially it’s called “parcellation.

Parcellation is a figure of speech that is the process of splitting a statement into two or more independent phrases.

There is nothing wrong with it for the sender: send it and good. But you make the recipient of messages nervous: first, it chained the person to the smartphone screen. Secondly, he is unlikely to be pleased when the phone vibrates several times in a row.

One of the ills of modern online communication

Thirdly, if he is in a public place, such as a gym, the sounds of notifications distract other people from their workout, throwing off the balance by the constant beeping of the smartphone at full volume. Try to express your own thoughts more succinctly-it’s how we write articles for our Yandex.Zen. Or try writing sentences on a new line instead of pressing “send.

Why are voice messages annoying?

Audio messages help a lot when you can’t write in text. But there are some people who abuse it. First, you shouldn’t send voice messages that are too short. Second, it’s better not to record them in the wind or in the background of horrible noise – you just won’t be heard. Third, finally learn how to hold the phone properly, without covering the microphone with your finger.

Ask the person you are talking to if they can hear you.

Stop it! No one will understand your babble, even with headphones. In addition, voice messages are similar to text messages – it is better to send a two-minute howl than a dozen short ones. As the saying goes: nothing is clear, but very interesting.

Auto-replacement on the phone

Automatically replacing a misspelled word in a text bails out about 8 times out of 10. It’s useful when you don’t know how to spell a word – the smartphone corrects it all by itself. But back to parcellation: we write a huge number of messages, click “Send” first, and only then we realize that auto-replacement has corrected the right word.

No grandfather was harmed in creating the screenshot.

We have to delete the message or hope for the interlocutor’s ingenuity to figure it out for himself. On the whole, in my opinion, it’s funny, but when repeated over and over again, it feels as if the technology itself decides who’s in charge.

The message in WhatsApp is not read

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from notifications from chats. I’m sure it scares you, too, when your conversation partner, who has already turned off visit time, stops reading your messages. It begs the question: why is the message not read? It’s because, the read report has been disabled. On the one hand, this is a useful messenger feature: You can read the message in peace and take time out for a balanced response.

When waiting to read your message on WhatsApp

On the other hand, do not be lazy to warn those with whom you communicate: in this situation, the interlocutor may think that you ignore incoming messages out of resentment. Not only is this unpleasant, but there’s also the possibility of getting oodles of “What happened?” or “Where did you disappear to?” messages.

How to piss someone off with words

Just tell me what’s wrong!

Bonus: Everyone has been in a situation where a loved one or friend wrote something along the lines of “Listen, I need your advice. You answer after 0.000001 seconds, and they say, “Nothing anymore. And then the conversation turns into a catch-up: you want the other person to tell you what he wanted, but all in vain. Why do that? Isn’t it easier to explain, so as not to make the person nervous! In my opinion, that’s the worst thing you can do in a correspondence.

And what pisses you off about communicating with other people in a messenger? Let’s talk about this in our Telegram chat!

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WhatsApp is still one of the few services that blocking bypasses. Meta* was recently recognized as an extremist organization, and YouTube is teetering on the edge: there are a lot of complaints about the service, but so far the authorities have only wagged their fingers at it. Just kidding, but it is not only crooks who speculate on the blocking of WhatsApp, but some media outlets as well. Today, there are publications in some publications, telling that millions of users will be left without WhatsApp. Let’s find out if it is true that WhatsApp will be blocked in Russia on April 1, or is it not about that at all?

Contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp is even better protected than Telegram. The key difference between the two is that the white-green messenger encrypts all messages. This, according to the developers, makes it virtually impossible to synchronize WhatsApp messages between multiple devices and makes it difficult to transfer chats from one platform to another. In general, the protection is even a bit overdone. However, this does not mean that WhatsApp users are in no danger. Rather, on the contrary.

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