How to make a man worry?

How to make a man to worry that he will lose you: 7 practical ways

Man is very confident in your relationship and believes that you have nowhere to go away from him. He stops giving you gifts and compliments, and you can tell by all the signs that he has grown cold to you. How to make him worry that he will lose you? Psychologists recommend a few tips that will not only help keep a man, but make him worry that he may lose you.

Strict adherence to personal space

Put a strict taboo on a man’s use of your phone. By and large, you should also not read his correspondence on his phone, email, and should not touch his personal belongings. And this should be stipulated at the very beginning of your relationship. Such a proposal, your partner will certainly be happy, but after a short time it will begin to sort out his curiosity, and he will be jealous: What if you have someone?

Don’t report back.

Never report to your spouse in detail what you did all day at work, in what cafe you went for lunch, and in what store you stopped on the way home. With your husband, you can share only the highlights of the day. For example, about the fact that there may be layoffs at work, and you are afraid of getting under it.

Share more detailed information and your plans with your girlfriend and mother, with whom you can talk about the most mundane trifles. The man is the same trivia “load” is not necessary – he is not so interested. But if he sees that your conversation is something innuendo – it will make him worry.

Admire other men.

Whenever possible, speak admiringly about other men in the presence of your significant other. But not about what they are handsome statuesque, and how they have his mind and work to achieve success in life. This will make your soul mate jealous, and he will have a fear that you will leave for this successful man.

Take it easy on the everyday problems.

If you have some sort of backlog at work, and you can not get home in time – tell your spouse and ask him to take care of dinner and about the order of the house. Some men are used to thinking that dinner cooks itself, and the order of the house brings the good Domovoi. So, let the man try himself as a housewife, and your visit will have time not only to cook dinner, but also to clean the house, check the children’s homework and take out the trash. Then he will respect you, noticing, finally, what you have to work the shift at work, and second – at home, standing at the stove.

Introduce variety in intimate relationships

In order to become closer to each other and arouse interest in his mate – try to offer something new in an intimate relationship, and enthusiastically accept the novelty (if it comes) of his spouse. Believe me, men sometimes want to replace the simple performance of marital duties with something new and more romantic.

Work on yourself

Men are indifferent to women, if they see them only housewife, always busy with children and household chores. Therefore, never forget about creating your beautiful image of “royalty”: self-care should always be on top. Makeup and manicure should never be absent from a woman’s image. Even a slightly powdered nose arouse the interest of men: I wonder if his sweetheart started an affair with someone? Why? Let him be nervous.

Do not be afraid to lose it.

Many women are panicked afraid of losing men in the family, and so are willing to fulfill any whims of his mate. Do not humiliate yourself in this way. You can not always live to please someone – even if it is your spouse. Once a woman begins to “roll out the carpet” in front of a man – he just ceased to respect her. Raise your self-esteem and do not be afraid to lose your partner.

Appreciate yourself

Fear of losing your partner is the other side of the coin: if you get sick, or lose your job, or even some other peripeteia befalls you – you think that your husband will leave you forever.

The above methods will help bring some excitement into the marriage, to remind each other of their first relationship and try to renew it.

How to make a man afraid to lose you: top 10 tips and tricks

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling that if you disappear, your partner won’t even notice it? It is very important for a woman to know that she is not only loved, but also appreciated. At first glance, high-flown speeches from a bygone era of “if you leave, I’ll die without you” only make you smile, but admit it, you would be much more comfortable in a relationship where your man depends on you more than you do on him.

But how do you achieve that when you’ve been together for several years? Is it possible to turn the game around? How do you make him fear losing you and stop taking you for granted?

10 secrets on how to behave in a relationship

  • Raise your importance. It’s hard to seriously fear losing a man who acts like he’s nothing of himself as an independent person. The man and his desires and plans shouldn’t come first for you.

You are interesting, beautiful and self-sufficient, find new hobbies, but not just to fill the free time while your chosen one is at the gym or hanging out with friends.

Take advantage of new opportunities to reach your potential and improve your self-esteem.

  • Stop pleasing him in everything. You can be proud of your ability to make concessions and quell conflicts, but what good is it if at the end of the day, compromise in your couple is when, gritting your teeth, you do what you don’t like, just so your spouse will be satisfied. That’s enough.

No one wants a lamb without a will. Believe me, no one will appreciate your sacrifice. Endlessly pleasing your partner, you do him a disservice, because, indulging his desires, you do not voice yours. How else could he get to know you better?

  • Don’t run to the phone on the first ring. Of course, you should not go to extremes and disappear from the information space for a few days.

How do you make a man afraid to lose you?

The first time he will drop everything and rush to save you from the terrible danger, but if you practice it often, it will turn out like in the tale of the boy and the wolves, and your adequacy will be questioned. Create a deficit of you. Show that you have better things to do than hang out with him all day on the phone or texting.

  • Sex is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to act differently in bed than he is used to. A loving man gets more pleasure when he sees that his lady completely gives herself to the process, instead of painfully scrolling in his head how to lie down more spectacularly and what to do to please him. Do not forget about your desires. Don’t be shy to suggest what you would like, and set boundaries, which at this stage of the relationship is unacceptable to you.

Many women fear that if they don’t consent to a certain kind of sex or position, a man won’t like it and will quickly find a more accommodating replacement. Well, that does happen. But in this scenario, you won’t lose the most valuable thing you have: your time and your self-respect. Don’t be a silent fish.

  • Don’t act like a mommy. Stop freaking out over little things and start treating your life together, especially your household, more simply. Women by nature are more emotional and sensitive, and can make an apocalypse of universal proportions out of anything.

Remember that you are a wife, a girlfriend, a loyal friend, but not the mother of a negligent son, who needs to tie a bib around his neck, so the baby does not spill. Don’t go overboard with caring, or it will turn into a brain dump. After all, no one died from not carrying an empty cup to the sink.

  • Stop fighting for his attention with friends, co-workers, work and hobbies. Complaints and ultimatums only cause temporary changes. The more you try to take over his entire space, the more annoying it becomes, and it’s incredibly hard to miss someone who’s constantly getting a little pissed off.

Go back to the first rule and reread it again. Your man should be reaching out to you, not the other way around. Went to a soccer game with your friends on your one day off? And that’s okay, you have your own thing to do. If you’ve always behaved the opposite way, he’ll be very interested in why you’ve suddenly changed.

  • Put a password on his phone and stop monitoring his gadgets and searching his personal belongings. Messages asking “where are you?”, “do you miss me?” only look cute in the first couple months of a relationship. If you know your man is busy or resting, there’s no need to attack him. Let him worry about who’s calling you and why he’s denied access to your cell phone from now on, not you.
  • Dedicate time to yourself and let him do the same. There’s no better way to check his feelings and feel your lack of you than to give him some time to himself. Learn to rest apart, sometimes it’s helpful. Not having the object of passion around makes the heart beat faster in anticipation of meeting. Even if you live together and spend all your free time together, carve out a few hours to meet with girlfriends and turn on the phone silent mode.
  • Keep your promises and control what you say in the heat of an argument, especially be careful with the phrase “one more time this happens, and I’ll leave you. And if it happens again, are you sure you’ll leave? What if it happens twice? Are you getting your shoes on or what?

Don’t act like a hysterical woman who doesn’t know what she wants with a man. Don’t blackmail him with a breakup. He needs to understand that breaking up is a last resort that you will only do in a critical situation, not because of a domestic verbal battle. Don’t devalue his contribution to your relationship.

  • Be his support and a true friend. A relationship cannot be filled only with romance and passion, sooner or later, you will face real problems and bereavement. Any adequate man will have both hands on a woman who has been with him through difficulties, supports him, respects his wishes and tries to help in any way possible.

Mistakes that should not be made

In any relationship there is an element of play, when you try on different roles and looking for new points of contact. But, as in any game, you can not forget about the excitement, in the heat of which it is easier to lose what you have than to win the prize.

  • Be careful of jealousy. Many people like to add spice to a relationship. It’s nice when your man lets you know he’s ready to wrestle you away from other males. But you’re not in an animal world after all, you’re in a civilized society where flirtation scandals will one day show that you can’t be trusted.
  • Don’t do a man’s job for him, whether it’s household chores or basic needs for comfort and safety. Maybe it’s much easier for you to nail up the bathroom shelf yourself than to ask him to do it for the hundredth time. But that doesn’t speak to your independence, only that you don’t know how to ask properly.
  • Don’t dedicate your life to him. Don’t give up socializing with your girlfriends and parents or an interesting job for his sake. You have to live without fear of breaking up, knowing that if it suddenly happens, you have someone to talk to and where to go.

Remember that when a man really loves you, he will do anything not to lose you.

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