How to make a man wants to get married?

How to get a man to marry you

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If you are in love, it is only natural that you want to spend the rest of your life with your chosen one. However, it can be extremely frustrating to languish waiting for the cherished marriage proposal. If you want to get married, focus on creating a healthy, strong relationship that will last a lifetime. Also, work on becoming a better version of yourself, as this will make both you and your partner happier. Finally, if necessary, try to take a few hints so that he understands what you are thinking about marriage.

  • Sometimes happy marriages also occur between people with opposing values, but this requires much more compromise and joint effort, and these problems can potentially be a source of conflict in the future.
  • For example, if you think it’s important to raise children according to church canons, but your boyfriend hates organized religion, you might argue about it when you one day have offspring.

  • For example, if he talks about past relationships, note if his history shows any signs of fear of commitment. If he has been hurt in the past, he may need extra time before he can open his heart enough to consider marriage.
  • He may also say something like, “A marriage certificate is just a piece of paper,” which could mean he has no intention of getting married.

  • If your intuition tells you that you should hide something, like meeting a friend for lunch, think about why you have this feeling. If your boyfriend has a good reason for objecting (e.g., your friend has strong feelings for you), it may be best to skip that lunch. If, however, he has a habit of acting unreasonably or controlling you, or you feel like he’s trying to keep you away from his friends, this could indicate abusive behavior.

  • During an argument, try to express your feelings without calling you names or losing your temper. Ask your partner to treat you with the same respect.
  • Do not let the person manipulate you, forcing you to take all the blame for the disagreement. In almost every case, both parties to the conflict contribute to the situation.

  • For example, you might say something like, “You’re such a hard worker, and I really respect that about you,” or, “I love your smile!”
  • If he’s worried about a job interview, you could say, “You’re so smart, and your skill level is so much higher than what’s required for this position. If they don’t pick you, then they don’t deserve you!”

  • For example, if he is sad about the death of a relative, you can just sit quietly beside him, holding his hand. Don’t force him to talk, he will do it himself if he wants to.
  • If he’s worried about work, you can cook him a nice meal or take him out to dinner so he can get his mind off things.

  • Here are other examples of red flags: the guy tries to keep you away from family and friends, suppresses your feelings or makes you feel remorse, blames you for his actions, or insists on taking control of all your finances.

Tip: If you think you are in an abusive relationship, reach out to family, friends, or a support group that can help you safely walk away from your abuser.

How to quietly get a man to marry: effective tips and tricks

Sometimes it happens that men for a long time do not make an important step for women: not offer to marry. A wise woman has a chance to learn how to direct the actions of the beloved, as well as slowly and carefully enter a certain program in the male brain. So, what methods can you use to direct your partner’s thoughts in the right direction and eventually get a man to marry?

Become a better person for yourself

Beauty, wealth or intelligence are not necessary criteria. The only thing you need to do is develop confidence and optimism in yourself. Convince yourself that you really want to get married and carry out the idea safely. Do not pay attention to the opinion of others, because you are a distinctive person and should not expect approval from anyone. A wise and decent person is sure to notice your qualities and appreciate them.

Never start a conversation by talking about marriage.

It is important for a man to know that no one is pressuring him and that he makes his own decisions. There is no need to limit a man’s freedom, if he wants to go out with friends without you, don’t make a scene. Otherwise, the man may think that after the wedding the wedding ring can turn into a collar and tie him to the family.

Don’t make threats.

This applies primarily to women who try to speculate about a child or property in order to hasten the wedding. Note that a child will not stop a man who has decided to leave you.

Don’t Try to Bribe a Man

Don’t try to bribe a man with promises that your parents or yourself will buy him an apartment, a car, or help him get a good job after the wedding. This will alienate a normal person and you probably don’t need an alphonse.

Don’t talk to a man on the phone longer than 10 minutes, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Don’t make a man feel attached. If as soon as he walks out the door, a phone call from you immediately rings, it’s not going to strengthen your relationship.

Do not introduce yourself to his parents or friends

Such an initiative should come from the person you are communicating with. People love the feeling of freedom, you shouldn’t take that right away from them.

Let the man take the initiative

Let the man himself chooses the places to relax together. This does not mean that you have to go to places you do not like. You do not always have to talk about your dissatisfaction directly, make subtle hints, then the man will learn to better perceive your wishes. If this does not happen, ask yourself if you really need this man or he is not worth the effort.

Don’t try to change the man

Don’t try to make changes to another person’s already formed character and don’t expect him to ever change on his own. Miracles rarely happen, men are usually not inclined to change. Take things as they are, draw conclusions. Of course, you should tolerate minor flaws, as long as they really do not cause you much harm.

Be mysterious

Become mysterious, but do not lose your inner core. Men are psychologically fueled by secrets, so don’t forget that you have the ability to fantasize.

Do not live together.

Don’t move in together and live together before the wedding. Leave your belongings in your own home. This way, the man will be left with the fear of losing you.

Become indispensable.

Become an indispensable companion for your man, at least in some cases. Let him give you enough time. And most importantly, your chosen one must believe that all that you do for him, you happy.

Show that you might like someone else.

Gently show that other men are also able to show interest in you. A little jealousy won’t hurt the relationship.

Pay attention to happy couples.

Sometimes you can casually cite the example of people who have a happy married union. It is important to convince the person that no one understands him better than you do. In addition, it is not necessary to completely deprive the man of the feeling of family life. For example, you can spend an evening together at the TV, together to cook dinner.

Keep an attractive appearance

Always stay clean and attractive. Let your man be sure that you will not turn into an unkempt person after the wedding. Your partner will know that he can be proud of your beauty after marriage, plus your union will be officially legitimized.

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