How to make a man crazy at a distance?

How to interest a man by correspondence and whether it is possible to drive him crazy

Communication through texting is a way, which helps to get an invitation on a date in a short time.

Communication through texting

Relationships with a man by correspondence

The peculiarity of building a relationship through correspondence is that a woman needs to constantly make a man think about her. It is not necessary to write to a young man in detail how the day went – this information will not help to captivate. The purpose of each message is to arouse emotion in the young man. Causing the man emotional experience, the girl forms his need to meet her as soon as possible.

Messages sent by a woman to a man should intrigue. Reading the message woman, the man mentally needs her.

The answer to a man’s messages.

How to interest a man by correspondence? A girl should not show how eagerly she waits for his text message. You should not answer the message immediately, let the gentleman wait. Waiting makes you think about the woman. Strongly delay with the answer is not necessary – a man may decide that a woman ignores him.

A woman’s response to the man’s message should show him that she is moderately interested in him, but does not depend on him. It is worth avoiding long messages – too much text tires a man. The volume of the cavalier’s message should exceed the volume of the lady’s message. If the man wrote 3 sentences, the woman responds with one sentence. If the man’s text message consists of 3 words, the woman writes only one in response. The length of the message is a measure of a man’s interest in his partner.

If a guy is trying to move the relationship to a more intimate level or writes vulgarities, the girl should answer with humor, but with dignity, without showing offence or anger. You need to teach him a lesson and let him know that the man has a chance, but it’s too early.

Remember! A man is attracted to abundance, not scarcity. Therefore, a woman, if she is puzzled by the question of how to make a man crazy by correspondence, should demonstrate in messages and on the page in social networks versatility, meaningful leisure, love of life and positivity. Seeing a woman’s photo reports of a horseback ride or from a rock concert, a young man is sure to have a desire to become a companion for this woman at her next event.

Smiley faces and extra icons

It is advisable to avoid using emoticons in a message to attract attention. This makes guys think about what mood the message is written in, and how the girl wanted to put accents. There is no need to fear that the guy may misinterpret the text of the message. Guaranteed he will be thinking about the girl, this means that she became attracted to him. If a man doesn’t figure out what the woman wanted to say, he will call her. A wise girl will not immediately answer the call in this case – the beau should be in doubt and in a state of uncertainty for some time.

Important: A girl should be self-sufficient, and she knows how to intrigue a man through correspondence. If a woman makes an inflection towards self-sufficiency, the man will decide that he is superfluous in her life, and over time the relationship will die. If a girl excessively demonstrates interest in her partner, he will relax and take less initiative.

Pros and cons of long-distance intrigue

A long-distance relationship with a young man has both pros and cons. The negatives of intrigue through correspondence include:

  • Uncertainty of the future. It is difficult to predict the development of a relationship that originated in correspondence, provided the partners live in different cities. Initially, such relationships are full of romance, which fascinates women. But the state of euphoria is quickly replaced by a question: how to attract a man at a distance? One day a virtual couple faces a choice to break up a relationship or to be together and move to the same city. The majority of Internet romances end up in separation as not many people are ready to leave their relatives, work, friends in one city and go to the beloved or a lover of social networks or cell phone for hundreds of kilometers in another city.

Attention! Situations of uncertainty often have a negative impact on a woman. Often the initiator of the termination of relations is her, as it is difficult to attract a man from a distance. A man’s words that he wants to be together with her do not give confidence that he will make an offer.

  • Lack of a single budget. There is a widespread stereotype in the public mind that a man is obliged to provide for a woman. Virtual communication eliminates that possibility. A young man can send a woman money, but usually he does it as a gift for her birthday, New Year or March 8. In such a relationship, the woman counts only on herself. A man in a virtual relationship does not feel like a breadwinner, while a woman feels like a keeper of the family home. Therefore, both the woman and the man are not satisfied with the relationship.
  • Misunderstanding on the part of relatives. Parents and girlfriends are perplexed, how can you fall in love with a man by force of mind? Interrogation and condemnation of others spoil the girl’s mood: yesterday confident in her feelings, today she doubts everything and wants to put an end to the relationship.

  • Doubts about the fidelity of the chosen one. Distance generates suspicions of infidelity. The girl becomes suspicious: the rare exit of the partner in social networks, unanswered messages, short messages – these facts raise her suspicions of adultery.
  • Organizing a personal meeting involves large financial expenses, it is difficult to find time for this because of her busy schedule at work. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction that cannot catch on for a long time.

With so many negative points, long-distance relationships have a number of pluses:

  • In such a relationship, partners don’t get tired of each other. They entice each other with hot messages that they reread many times, imagining their partner saying what they wrote.
  • A pen pal relationship can entice romance. To know how, in terms of psychology, to interest a guy by correspondence, a girl should think carefully about the text of messages. Let the meetings in reality – a rarity for this kind of relationship, but dating generates a storm of positive emotions, the courting of the cavalier is beautiful, the lady feels loved.
  • Partners do not have disagreements about domestic issues, because they do not live in the same territory. There is no need to adjust to each other’s habits and change themselves for the sake of the one they love.
  • Partners have more free time, which they devote to their favorite activities, then will correspond and share impressions.

Proper correspondence communication

Wise girls know how to drive a man crazy from a distance. There are simple rules for this:

  • You should not inform the young man that the woman has already studied his tastes, preferences through social networks. This will scare the young man away. By nature, men are explorers, they are the ones who should study the girl, and she should be interested.
  • Phrases written in capital letters are annoying and intimidating.
  • In messages, you should ask one question at a time and wait for an answer to the first message before sending the next one.

The main rule! A girl’s messages should be light and casual.

What questions to ask, what not to ask.

You don’t need to ask the guy about his previous relationships. To questions about the past a girl should answer evasively, focusing on the fact that she’s not in a relationship at the moment.

Who should take the initiative

In a long-distance relationship, as a rule, both partners are equally active, because correspondence is the most accessible means of communication with their beloved. The stereotype prescribes the young man to take the initiative in his own hands.

However, you should take into account the individual characteristics of partners, and the fact that the initiative can be regarded as intrusive.

Important! The task of a girl in communication with the guy by means of SMS is to stimulate his initiative to the level, which is comfortable for her.

How to understand that you managed to pick up a man

To determine that a man likes a woman, you can use his correspondence with her.

If a girl is interesting to a man, he writes first, as soon as she appeared online, supports any topic of conversation proposed by the woman. A young man in love tries to get as much information about the woman through clarifying questions and attention to detail, and in response tells about himself, without waiting for the woman to ask about it.

Another sign that a man is in love is his desire to make a woman laugh.

Attention! A man is indifferent to the girl, if he asks her for advice. He cares about her opinion. He trusts her. At the same time he takes care of her, tries to protect and defend her, offers to help.

When it’s worth asking to meet

When the correspondence lasts for 1-2 months, the girl thinks about a date. Before the first date it is recommended to turn the correspondence into a phone call.

Attention! A self-respecting girl does not ask a man to meet her. The initiative to date comes from the man. The task of the woman is to make the gentleman eager to meet.

Examples from psychology

Relationships by correspondence can end up as a real relationship, as well as a breakup.

A young man met a girl on a dating site. He wrote her messages, the girl wrote back, but she didn’t take the initiative to communicate, her messages were just answers to his questions. As a result, the initially serious young man began to fear that he was imposing himself on the girl. He started writing less frequently. After some time in the social network, the girl wrote in her status: “I don’t believe in love anymore, especially in virtual love.” Then the beau got her phone number through mutual acquaintances. A phone call clarified all the nuances. After six months of dating, the couple got married.

Another example could be given. A woman and a man were dating. The guy had to go to another city for work. For six months they maintained a relationship through social networks, phone calls and texts. However, over time, the messages became shorter and the calls became less frequent. Eventually, the woman informed the man that she couldn’t live like that anymore and put an end to the relationship.

Love by correspondence

So, a long-distance relationship through correspondence is possible. Sometimes this is how real feelings are born. However, for a serious relationship, you need dates. Correspondence is effective at the initial stage of communication. It cannot replace hugs, kisses, sex. If a man is serious, correspondence turns into dating. Otherwise, the relationship fades.

How to drive a man crazy, to make him fall in love with you and keep him, if you are not a pretty girl

Barely every girl has thought about how to make a man fall in love with you. But is it possible if you are not a beauty? Experts say that it is realistic to bring the stronger sex crazy and keep near you. You just need to follow some simple rules.

Have you ever noticed how women who are not the owners of long slender legs, magnificent forms and pretty face become the object of attention of many men? It turns out that to fall in love with someone can be easy and simple, if you learn some tricks. The ability to present yourself correctly and use tricks, will be the key to a long-term relationship and even marriage.

There are things that everyone likes without exception. So what exactly will make a person fall in love and lose their head over their feelings?

In the article:

How to make a man fall in love with you

Of course, many would say that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. But many psychologists are willing to argue. They recommend the following:

Naturalness. It is important not to try to seem like someone who you really are not, because men are not so stupid as not to recognize lies and fake behavior. Also, do not hide your shortcomings behind other people’s masks – they are in everyone. In addition, the negative sides of the character can suddenly become a highlight that attracts the opposite sex. Anyone would prefer clarity and honesty, and lies, over time, will certainly reveal themselves and this can be a serious obstacle in the relationship.

Men always notice insincerity and sooner or later they will find out that their partner’s behavior is unnatural. It is best to remain yourself in any situation.

Self-confidence. Shyness is often a sign of low self-esteem. But this does not mean that you should immediately begin to communicate boldly with unfamiliar people and laugh out loud in public. Self-confidence – is, above all, a sense of comfort from what you really are, as well as self-confidence. Every man will be pleased to communicate with a woman who accepts her flaws with dignity.

Loyalty to your principles and beliefs. It’s hard to make a man to respect yourself, if you constantly have to agree with him in everything, to avoid quarrels and painful explanations of the relationship. Calmly expressing his own opinion will allow a man to understand that next to him is a woman who has a mind, which has its own beliefs, life principles, standards, concepts.

Be moderately strong. Men like to be around a strong person, but they also do not like to be totally controlled. So you need to show your powerful side, but in such a way that the loved one does not feel that he loses the right to vote. Once in a while you can give your partner an opportunity to rest, briefly taking the reins. Only it is important to remember that the key word in this is “periodically.

Kindness and understanding. Decency and kindness have always been and will always be in fashion. Especially men appreciate these qualities in their companions. In addition, they are proud to have a good woman near them.

Self-care. Sacrificing yourself for the sake of a relationship is not the best way to attract the attention of a loved one. In addition, it will never and no one will appreciate it. The best way out is not to pay more attention to your partner, but to stop ignoring your own needs, not to put your needs below. You need to cherish, appreciate and love yourself. If a man sees that a woman is becoming more beautiful every day, he loses his head and falls in love with her even more. Begin to pay due attention to daily hygiene procedures.

Balance in the relationship. Understanding is the key to a long and stable relationship. The couple should understand each other well and have common interests. Therefore, try to be passionate about what your other half likes.

A smile has the power to charm others, a positive person always stands out from the crowd and looks successful

Hobbies and hobbies. Psychology is arranged in such a way that when a man sees something unusual in a woman, he wants to make her his. Show your partner a talent, show what you are passionate about, so he will appreciate it. Also, to get a man hooked, of course, you need to tell him about your sincere feelings for him and praise him. But it is important not to overdo it. In all things need to observe moderation.

How to keep a man near you

To enroll in a man enough, because over time, his interest may fade. Keep your partner for a long time to help the following recommendations:

Positive emotions. Special moments remain in the memory for a long time, so a man will always give preference to a woman who constantly gives him a range of positive emotions.

Touch. They are as important as the actions and cause a storm of positive emotions. Do not forget to touch your partner’s neck, the back of his neck, his hands. In addition, light touches may be arousing.

Eye contact. Here we are not talking about staring for a few minutes, but about constant contact in everyday communication. It is very intimate and excites sometimes more than touching.

Constant eye contact in everyday communication can even excite the partner

Attention to detail. Women love it when men pay attention to them. But this also applies to the representatives of the stronger sex. They appreciate it if you remember what their favorite meal, a performer or what soccer team they root for.

Focus. Ladies who hover in the clouds are not popular with men, because they prefer to choose as constant companions, firmly on their feet women.

Sense of humor. This is an attractive character trait that attracts others like a magnet. A great sense of humor allows you to stand out from the crowd, so you need to learn to laugh at any situation.

Gratitude. When a person experiences daily gratitude for all that he has in life, he radiates positivity. And it’s hard to walk past that without noticing it. In addition, a grateful attitude toward life improves the mood and attracts only positivity. A man is sure to fall even more in love with a joyful, cheerful person.

Support. It must be remembered that a successful man always has a strong woman behind him, ready to support her partner in any situation. Show a man that you can trust your problems, let him feel that you will always be there.

How to drive a man crazy

Smile. It makes a man open and a sign of willingness to interact with others. A smile is a kind of invitation for a man, causing interest, because he understands that in front of him there is a happy, successful man. In addition, who will like angry, frowning people?

Talking about personal, frankness. When a person shares his personal feelings with someone, he also wants to answer them, to admit his innermost feelings. After such a communication, couples often do not notice how they become incredibly close to each other.


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