How to make a guy to text you?

Spells to get a guy to text you right away

Magic can come to the rescue if you need to push a guy to show initiative. With the help of the right ritual, you will get so that he will write to you immediately after reading or will appear to you in person. Therefore, we propose you to read 3 Plots to make the guy to write immediately, acting at a distance, which work instantly and work immediately. Learn how to read them at home.

The ritual runs on your energy reserve, so you should focus on a specific person and firmly believe in the reality of the desired result. Depending on various factors, the conspiracy can work instantly or after a couple of days.

Strong conspiracies to get a guy to write immediately

Recall that conspiracies for a call or message from a guy work on your energy. Magical texts are incredibly powerful, which allows you to influence the consciousness of the conspired man and awaken in him the desire to contact you. You can perform if you quarrel with a guy, break up, or just recently met a sympathy.

Experts advise to read magic texts on the Growing Moon, because on the Decaying Moon the influence is felt less. Many variants of rituals are taken from white magic, which instead of coercion simply nudges and motivates to connect.

Bitten Tongue Conspiracy.

Biting your own tongue is considered an excellent additional action in a love ritual because it will enhance the effect of the spoken text. It can be performed at any lunar phase. If the Sun has dropped below the horizon, raise your head closer to an open window. Bite your tongue (perceptibly, but not strongly).

It is important to connect your imagination and imagine the image of a loved one who picks up a mobile device or sits down at a laptop/computer and writes/calls you. Speak confidently and don’t doubt in effectiveness of the ritual. If you are not sure of the effectiveness of the ritual, do not doubt that it will work and will not work. Look at the moon and passionately (with biting tongue) say:

“I will bite myself, I will bind (his name) to me. (In this case, you will not be able to sleep or eat, neither under daylight nor under night light. He will think only of me. Key, lock, tongue. It is said and done.

After that, you should close the window and distract yourself by doing household chores. The sooner you forget all this and switch, the sooner the mystery man will contact you. It is forbidden to constantly update the mailbox and look at the phone, waiting for a call. Do not rush and show signs of impatience, because you express mistrust of the magical action.

An experienced tarot reader will answer the questions:

What does the future hold for you? How will the relationship work out? What is the right decision?

Most likely, the person will contact you within the first hour. However, you need to discount his doubts, the power of fear and various interferences. Therefore, do not worry if in the first days there is no result at all.

Conspiracy to make a man remember and write.

Suitable in that case, if a man has forgotten a personal thing from you or gave you something. Then it will turn out to talk a thing so that you will settle in the person’s thoughts and push to the necessary actions. It is better not to carry out if you often quarrel or there is still a conflict between you, otherwise the call will be a reason for a new quarrel.

If there is no gift or his personal item, you will need a photo of the guy with his face and eyes clearly visible. Squeeze the photo or object in the palm of your hand and direct positive thoughts. Whisper clearly and confidently:

“I will wake up, I will cross myself (name), I will leave home, you will not find me more beautiful in the world. In a clear field, where the winds are free, I will find 77 stoves made of stone. On each stone of flame, I’ll count 77 ahs, ahs, ahs, a sigh of love. I will count 77 ahs, 77 sighs, 77 oohs, longing under the sun, excitement under the night sky, longing for love, longing to meet. I will take (name) captive to him, and I will take him captive to me. I will capture (name), I will charm him with my lips and words. I will turn him to my soulmate. The hours and minutes will be mixed up, and the boy’s heart will be thrown. He’ll think only of me and won’t forget me for a second. He won’t eat, he won’t drink, he won’t drink, he won’t bore. You will wait for my meeting and cry and grieve for me (name), bitter lamentation will tear your soul so that you will want to see me, and when you see me, you won’t give me to anyone else. Key, lock, tongue. The word is the rock. Amen.”

Read the magical text three times a day: in the morning, at 12:00 and at sunset. Pronounce the words without stopping with a firm certainty that the riddled person will instantly contact you. Do not give any settings, because magic will choose a way how he will call or write to you. You can read the text from your phone or a piece of paper, but it is ideal if you can learn everything, because it will show that you have made an effort.

Conspiracy for a message

In front of you are effective magic words that will encourage a man to send you a text as soon as you read it. The result is given quickly, but it does not last long, so you will have to repeat the procedure regularly.

Why so? Simply, the plot itself is designed to receive one message. It is read with repetition 3, 6 or 9 times. It is important to speak with a positive mood and inner calmness. Imagine how a man takes any electronic device and sends you a text message. When you are ready, say out loud:

“Beloved (name), living in my heart. Why have you forgotten about the date, you never write or call, you never call me for a meeting? I (name) young, beautiful, your heart conquered, the most beautiful of all, one important for you. Take the phone, squeeze your hands, send a message to me (name). My word is strong. Amen.”

There is another conspiracy, for which you will have to use his personal thing with which interacted. Ideally, if you have a letter or note from him written in his hand. You can also make a conspiracy for online correspondence. If the carrier is paper, then it should be burned in the ritual.

The ritual is carried out after sunset. Burn the note or squeeze the object in your hand. Imagine receiving a message from a man, and say:

“Falconer strong, beautiful (name), treasured, kept in your heart. The road smooth to me (name) will lead. The power of the gods will spur you on to write. Think about me (name), warm memories in your head, don’t drive me away from your thoughts. You will not leave me for a moment, because the power is in my words, coming from the heart. Key lock lock, I throw in the swamp. Amen.

Say these magic words only once. If there are ashes from the burned note, scatter them in the wind through an open window.

What are some incantations to make a guy to write

In today’s world, communication by technical means plays almost the main role. All modern communication is built on telephones and the Internet. But what to do if the young man does not show any signs of communication? What to do if the waiting for an SMS or call goes over the line? In such cases, it is necessary to use a conspiracy to make the guy write. With their help, you can remotely contribute to the fact that the guy will be the first to show initiative.

Conspiracy to get a guy to write

What is the point?

Even if you are not strong in magical rituals, such a conspiracy is quite easy to carry out. The essence of such methods is that you energetically bind the person to you. Due to the fact that jokes with magic do not end very well, it is necessary to adhere to a certain principle before and after the ritual. You should understand that performing the ritual should take place only if you have rather strong feelings for the person.

Do not think that these easy charms are harmless. The fact is that you bind the person to you with your own energy. And, by the way, this is also magic. This is not a magic curse, so before you turn to magic, it is necessary to understand your feelings in advance. Make sure that your feelings will not go away after some time. Make sure that your plans are serious enough and that you expect a long-lasting relationship.

Advantages of similar incantations

These rituals have several advantages:

  • you will not be able to subjugate the other person;
  • The feeling of love will not be able to lead the victim;
  • The victim will not feel affection in any way.

All of these advantages play well for the performer. Thus, the performer will not be punished for turning to magic. No repercussions are expected later on.

A very strong ritual for a message

In order to perform this effective ritual, you must imagine in your mind the desired object. An excellent assistant in this will be a photo of your beloved. Hold the photo in your hands, and try to consider in the smallest details all the features and all the advantages. You should not pay attention to flaws. Now you can take away the photo, and keep the silhouette of the guy in your head.

If the first attempts were in vain, you can repeat the actions. If you can’t do this, you should turn back to the person you were talking to, but if you can’t do it without thinking about it, then you’ll need to turn back to the person you were talking to. Imagine that your beloved is near you now, and his eyes are looking into your eyes.

Now you need to read the following incantation at least nine times:

“My beloved, my servant of God (name of the victim). Tell me why I can’t wait to hear from you. Tell me why you do not send me the slightest message. I, the slave of God (your name) am worried. Maybe you don’t like me anymore. If my thoughts are wrong, please send me a letter or message. To let me know that my feelings are mutual and you and I will have a future. If you don’t write me a message, you will spend the rest of your life with a biting tongue. I ask the higher powers to help me, and to channel their powers to deliver my request to the man my heart desires. Amen.”

This plot works well in case between a man and a woman there is a mutual sympathy for a long time. But only in connection with certain situations, communication has been interrupted.

Plot for a text message from the beloved

The conspiracy to get a guy to write is carried out as follows. Take a photo of your beloved and paper. It is desirable that the photo was made recently. In this case, on it remains most of the energy, which will only increase the effect of the incantation.

On one side of the sheet should be the name of your beloved, his date of birth and full age. On the other side, write your own telephone number. Now you need to put a sheet of paper on a photo. And, it is necessary to do it so that your beloved’s eyes were at the same level with your number.

Now you can read the incantation:

“My clear falcon, my beautiful falcon. Tell me the reason why I cannot wait to hear from you. I want so much that you quickly pick up the phone, and write to me, the slave of God (your name). I am so waiting for the first step from you. I beg you, show initiative, and show that I am not indifferent to you. I beg you to call me. My soul cannot find peace while waiting for a message from you. My beloved, do not forget me. Amen.”

Do not remove the paraphernalia of the ritual all night. Leave everything in its place and go to sleep. Immediately after awakening, burn the photo and the sheet. Spread the ashes in a window. Pay attention that if the ritual will be carried out according to all instructions, you will be able to see the result in several days.

Ritual after first acquaintance

There are situations when a girl and a guy are acquainted a little. Most likely, they just got acquainted. It is quite possible that the sympathy has become so strong that you want to start a relationship. If you after the first communication feel similar feelings, you can conduct the following ritual.

Take the thing that was in the hands of your chosen one. It can be any small thing. For example, a lighter, a newspaper, a leaflet, etc. Your right hand should hold this thing. Direct all your concentration to recall in detail your first meeting, your first conversation, your first touch. You must program yourself energetically that it must happen again.

Now proceed to recite the incantation:

“My desirable one, why aren’t you sending me any messages? Why don’t you send me any news about me? I have a beautiful external parameters, and internally not bad. My character is quite malleable. I was brought up very well. I will never betray you. My good one, take your phone in your hands now, and write to me. I am waiting for even the smallest message. I can’t wait for you to make the first move. Words spoken, stronger than metal. I will never change my mind. Amen.”

The incantation is pronounced more than once, and necessarily an odd number of times. You can learn the words by heart, because its pronunciation should be confident, clear and without pauses. As a result, after a few days the guy will be overcome with a thirst for meeting with you. And as a consequence, he will start to send you long-awaited messages.

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