How to make a guy respect you?


Women’s dignity: how to behave so that a man will always respect you

In today’s world, humanity has moved away from strict patriarchal norms. Therefore, to make a man to respect you is not so difficult. Let’s figure out how to do it.

A strong and powerful rod gives men the desire to live. Female members of the fair sex also need it, so you need to behave in such a way that you do not lose the respect of others. Start by studying the seven rules of life of women who know the value of themselves.

First step: stop blaming everyone around you

“My man is irresponsible,” “my date is rude,” “he cheats on me all the time,” “he doesn’t respect me.” Look at it from the other side – from your side. It’s quite possible that the man thinks his behavior is perfectly normal. It’s time to change that.

That’s why it’s important to show your companion, husband or partner that you won’t tolerate negative attitudes toward you. If you want to be respected, that’s exactly how it will be. A woman’s behavior determines a man’s behavior toward her.

Set boundaries.

This is very important to do from the beginning of the relationship . It is necessary to show your partner where the boundaries are, for which it is strictly forbidden. These boundaries may be entirely different, but they should be at least minimal.

It is necessary to show the man that you will not tolerate insults, betrayal, selfishness, limitation of freedom. All of these are basic indicators of the presence of self-respect of the lady. If you don’t, there is a good chance that a man will not treat you with respect. This is how you can end up in an extremely toxic relationship with a tyrant and jealous man.

By setting standards and boundaries that can not be violated, you will create the perfect environment to filter the people around you. Only the best will stay around. People will have to change to enter your inner circle or become your soulmate.

Be firm.

Here you have told your beloved man that you will not tolerate a negative attitude or criticism in front of friends. He said he understood you, and such a mistake will not happen again.

After a couple of months, he does it again. It is important not to repeat the same words, not to rush empty threats, but to put them into action. It has to be either withdrawal or something else. He can threaten, put pressure on pity, but you can not forgive him what you have already forgiven once. A self-respecting man will draw the right conclusion the first time.

If a man wants your love, he will definitely change. He will stop drinking, go to work, start taking care of themselves, and so on. Your intransigence will make him either leave or begin to respect you and reckon with your simple and not exorbitant demands. Men will not exploit you, insult you, divorce you for money.

If you are being humiliated by your companion, you need to walk away from him. You should not be afraid to look for something better and more worthwhile. This is not selfishness, but a trivial respect for yourself, which generates the respect of those around you for you.

Tolerating is not love, it is not the norm . Bullying and disrespecting a man is a nightmare that, unfortunately, many women live in. If you do not want your life to be a living hell, you need to respect yourself as a person.

You have to take and think about what is most important to you. Determine your personal core that is indestructible. Take the example of men. Become a little stronger, a little firmer. They don’t let themselves be humiliated, so you don’t let them do it.

If you like to work and make money, do not bend under the influence of others, changing your life and patterns. Continue to improve in the direction that is closest to you – be a mother, a businesswoman, a creative free person, whatever. You need to start by increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence. This will be a great first step towards a new life.

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How to make a man respect and appreciate yourself

I don’t write beautiful texts to get paid. I get paid for writing beautiful texts.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I save “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

The key to a happy family and fulfilled relationships is not only a sense of all-consuming love, but also mutual respect in the relationship. Very often, to keep these ardent feelings fail precisely because there is a lack of understanding of each other and respectful attitude. At the moment of awareness of this problem, the question arises: how to make a man to respect and appreciate? Is it possible in principle, and are there methods for solving this problem?

The reasons for the lack of respect from men

It makes no sense to talk about how to manifest disrespect for women. These facts are found today at every step and they can be expressed in many different ways. It should be understood that it is not only physical violence, but also psychological trauma, insults and lack of interest in the opinion of the woman. Some of the fair sex tolerate it, some do not. The outcome of such behavior on the part of men is unambiguous: the relationship will not last long.

However, before we talk about how to make a man to respect and appreciate themselves, it should be understood why this is so. In society, this behavior, men find many excuses, they say, a woman provoked it or bring it to the point, hysterics, lack of intimacy or changed appearance. However, it is worth knowing that for an adult, adequate and well-brought-up man, any display of disrespect for women is not normal. If your spouse or life partner is wrong about something, you can always talk and solve the situation peacefully, without insults, humiliation or the use of physical force.

Psychologists and sociologists, from their professional activities have identified several main reasons for the lack of respect for women by men:

  • Peculiarities of upbringing or its complete absence – some religions and nationalities bring up in men the understanding that a woman is a second-class creature, a servant in the house without the right of personal opinion or desires. Such an attitude towards the female sex is not generally accepted and is not considered normal.
  • Psychological complexes – some men have psychological complexes related to their personality or peculiarities in the intimate sphere. These complexes, if not got rid of, lead to a lack of self-confidence and the development of a disrespectful attitude towards women. By displaying such an attitude toward the female sex, a man asserts himself and hides his own complexes deep inside himself.

What are the ways you can make a man respect and appreciate yourself

In a situation where self-esteem recedes into the background, but you want to establish a relationship with a man who does not behave quite respectfully, women are offered several ways:

  • First of all – this is a change in the female image.Psychologists advise women who want to achieve a respectful attitude from muzhchin more often to pay attention to their appearance. For such a husband always need to look well-groomed, corresponding to his dreams.
  • Stop bringing up her husband and less meddling in his affairs.The mistake most women make is that they start to give advice to their men.Sometimes this train of thought should be abandoned and let her husband to commit these or other mistakes. It is worth refusing to criticize his actions, his train of thought and plans. Let him feel free to act and make decisions.
  • Talk to the person he respects. Everyone in life has a person who immensely respected and to whose opinion you listen. Women who can not get men to respect in person, it is recommended to find such a person in the environment of his spouse and ask him. Such a person should briefly outline the situation, without too much detail and ask for his assistance. It is quite possible that the negative assessment of such an attitude towards his wife, from the person who enjoys undisputed authority with her husband, will influence his actions and words.
  • Direct conversation with the man. Here, experts in the field of interpersonal relationships advise women to act very carefully. It is worth avoiding a dialogue with high tones and harsh criticism. You can pre-prepare the ground with the help of a romantic dinner or a relaxing bath and in the process start a conversation about what exactly the woman does not like in the behavior of the man. During this dialogue, harsh language, insults and negativity should be avoided. It should be a conversation about the problems in the relationship that exist today and how they can be solved.

Psychologists draw women’s attention to the fact that not all family situations can be solved by such loyal ways. If the spouse shows aggression, physical force and constant insults, you should discard illusions and break off such a relationship. After all, not all people can be changed, especially if they themselves do not want to change.

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