How to make a guy fall in love with you?

How to make a guy fall in love with you

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Likes, dislikes. Loves, doesn’t love. He definitely will if you play your cards right. Try some simple strategies to get this guy to start thinking of you as more than just a girlfriend: for example, try to charm his friends and start flirting with body language. Then start to get closer little by little, show your weaknesses, find out what makes him happy. Be the best and most confident you can be.

  • But don’t stalk the guy and follow him around: if he realizes that you “randomly” show up everywhere he spends time, he’s bound to suspect something wrong and feel uncomfortable.
  • Try to make this guy see you in a better light. For example, if you know that you will definitely meet him at the gym, wear something cute and seductive. If you’re going to be active at the park, challenge him to play table tennis with you (or find a way to show off your other talents!)

  • You can start small, like watching a horror movie together. Or you can go for something global, like skydiving.
  • Of course, it’s better to arrange these dates when you will be just the two of you, so he associates these feelings and emotions only with you, but, in fact, no one prevents you to go have fun in company. The main thing is to have a good time around him.

  • By the way, you can invite your friends and introduce them to this guy.
  • Before meeting with his friends, it is better to find out about their interests beforehand. For example, you can read their accounts on social networks. After all, it is very important to know that Dima only recently broke up with his girlfriend, moreover, it is better to know this information before you ask how they are doing.
  • If a guy doesn’t ask you to meet his friends, and you’ve been getting along quite well for a couple of weeks, try offering to meet him yourself. For example, say, “I think it would be great to get our friends together this weekend to watch a sports game together, what do you think?”
  • Never make fun of his friends or say bad things about them. Even if the guy makes fun of them himself in jest, don’t take it as an invitation. If you can’t say anything nice or interesting, it’s better to remain silent altogether.

  • Try to gently bring these topics into the conversation so that your message isn’t too obvious.
  • For example, you could say it’s your parents’ wedding anniversary, or you could ask him if he’s seen the romantic comedy that came out last week. Say, “I really liked the new Jennifer Lawrence movie. Romantic comedies are so cute!”
  • You can also try using certain images and sounds for the same purpose. For example, play cute romantic music when he’s around, or wear a cute t-shirt with a romantic print, like a heart.

  • Don’t stare at him all the time, or you’ll just scare him. Look at him from time to time, then look away, and then look again.
  • You can flirtatiously bat your eyelashes. When you like a person, we automatically begin to blink often. So this is a subtle hint that you like the guy.

  • For example, if he folded his arms on the table or propped his chin with one hand, do the same.
  • This rule also works when you’re just walking somewhere together. For example, speed up or, on the contrary, slow down your step to match his pace.
  • Of course, by no means repeat his every move! Your behavior should look as natural as possible, it should not be a frightening repetition of every gesture and movement.

  • Your touch should look as natural as possible, if you don’t want the guy to suspect anything. For example, touch his hand when you’re about to drink something, or lightly touch his leg under the table.
  • Your touches should be above the waist, you don’t want to cross certain personal boundaries and embarrass the guy. The best places are his arms, shoulders and face.

What other ways you can get his attention with your body language

Bite your upper lip lightly when he looks at you.

Smile more often to create a positive, cheerful look.

Look into his eyes first, then move your gaze to his lips.

Lean slightly toward him, or sit beside or across from him and turn to face him.

  • For example, if he likes to be told he’s special, say something like, “Thank you for helping me with my homework. You’re so smart!” – Or, “I love it so much that you always find a way to make me laugh.”

Find out what makes a guy feel loved

If he likes being complimented, words can be a way to show him your love. In that case, start telling him how you feel more often, send him cute touching messages, write him a love note.

If he feels happy when you help him, with some things, then the best way to show him your love is to do something meaningful for him, to help with some business. For example, you could offer to help him with his math problems or put your shoulder up and listen if he’s in trouble.

If he shines every time you give him a gift, it means that it is gifts and surprises he considers an expression of love. Next time you see him, give him his favorite chocolate bar.

If the guy misses when you are not seen for a long time, then the proof of your love for him is the time you spend together. Plan a romantic date or spend a Saturday lazing around the house together.

If he constantly wants to cuddle and hold hands, it means that physical contact is more important to him. Cuddle him more often, put your feet on his lap when you sit together on the couch.

11 psychological tricks to make a man fall in love with you

Helpful tips

How to make the object of your interest in you fall in love?

Of course, to make any man fall in love with you can only the most femme fatale or a real witch.

But if between two people has already flashed that same spark, you can try to ignite the fire of love and passion.

And here it is important to have the right strategy.

A man can not make you fall in love, but if he has already liked you, you can increase that sympathy, thanks to some feminine tricks and simple psychological tricks.

Here are 11 PSYCHOLOGICAL tricks that will surely help you get the man of your dreams:

How to Get a Man

1. Ask him for a favor.

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Studies show that people tend to sympathize with someone they have helped or done a favor for, even if they didn’t initially like that person.

Perhaps this is because on a subconscious level we believe that this person will do the same for us.

This psychological moment is also known as the Benjamin Franklin effect, as it was he who discovered this strange psychological trick.

2. Compliment him, but in moderation.

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Most guys don’t get compliments as often as women do. But they also like to be praised and complimented. So, as a rule, they are very attracted to any nice things that the opposite sex says to them.

The only problem is that compliments lose their value if they are said too often.

So say them in doses, a maximum of one a day.

Provide eye contact for a little longer than usual

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You can make a person fall in love with your eyes. And that’s the plain truth.

Numerous studies have shown that prolonged eye contact encourages a man to publicize his liking and fall in love with you, even if that woman is not the ideal the man originally aspired to be.

4. Call him by his first name.

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Our names spoken by others are music to our ears.

When we are called by name, it flatters our minds and involuntarily disposes of the person who is saying the name.

According to studies, using a man’s name regularly in conversation is a good way to charm him and bring him closer to you.

How to charm a man.

5. Display his gestures.

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One of the most common ways people show a connection to someone is by accurately copying their gestures.

Such a simple trick really works. A person subconsciously perceives another person better if their gestures are similar.

Psychologists have noticed that it is possible to create a closer connection by copying a person’s gestures, even if those gestures are reproduced completely consciously.

6. Don’t be afraid to show him your flaws

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Many women want to hide their flaws in order to look perfect in the eyes of a potential partner.

Thus, they expect to attract a man.

While you certainly don’t need to reveal all your flaws right away, you may still want to show him that you’re just an ordinary person with your weaknesses and flaws. And it is absolutely normal.

So he will understand that you are a real woman, not an artificial doll.

7. Expect only good things from him

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Psychologists call the moment when we form expectations and project them onto a man, the Pygmalion effect.

If you think a person is a clown or a fool, that’s how he will behave. With your expectations you are pushing him to do certain things.

At a subconscious level you lay down the behavior of the person in relation to you and others.

So expect him to be kind and nice to you, and believe me, he will be.

8. Let him talk about himself

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People love to talk about themselves.

We and our lives are a favorite subject, even if we are not narcissists by nature.

By asking him questions about himself, about what he’s interested in in life, what he likes and what he doesn’t like, you force him to open up to you.

This psychological trick encourages a potential partner to start feeling sympathy for you and may even fall in love.

9. Know how to enjoy life without him.

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Although men like to feel important and significant, none of them will like it if a woman makes him the center of her universe.

Only a tyrant and an insecure person would like that.

Act on the contrary: show the man that you are not a desperate woman, not obsessive, and quite an independent person, who perfectly able to live without a man.

A woman who leads an active life, always attracts the opposite sex.

And a man should only be a nice bonus in her life, but not its most important component.

10. Show him that you have a lot in common.

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Studies prove that we tend to fall in love or like someone who has the same values and preferences as we do.

So if you like a rebellious guy, show him your rebellious side of your character.

Conversely, if he is a family man, tell him how important parents, family values, and a cozy home environment are to you.

11 Be prepared to walk away if you’re not reciprocated.

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There is nothing more appealing than a girl who knows her worth, and will never pursue a man, even if she likes him madly.

A real woman knows when it’s time to stop pursuing the object of her affection.

You need to be ready to leave if a man does not reciprocate. If he is your soul mate, he will find you and will show interest and attention. Under no circumstances should you be intrusive and persistent.

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