How to make a guy come to you?

How to make him come to you

Getting a man to do something against his will is impossible. But men are no less coquettes than women, so in this case it will be not about how to break the will of his beloved, but how to push him to develop a relationship. And to start with make him come to you.

  • How to make him come to you
  • How to get a guy to come to you.
  • How to make your husband look only at you.

Sort out the situation: do you need this man so much that for his sake you are willing to go to a number of small tricks. Try to figure out whether he also need you. In no case do not write or call him for this purpose. If he does write or call you, don’t start to figure things out before he starts talking about them himself.

To understand how the man treats you, remember how vividly he reacted to your words and actions when you were together. If he was silent and indifferent, then you should draw conclusions, very disappointing for your relationship, although you can make a discount on the shyness or incompetence. But remember: in love, as in business, too much discounting can lead to ruin.

If he got off duty phrases, it does not mean that he is indifferent to you. First, your relationship can last a long time, and they just need to diversify. Secondly, the man may be constantly busy at work, and all his thoughts revolve around a career or any commitments, even on vacation. Workaholism is treatable, and its relapses are not directly related to love. Third, even if you have him looking at the ladies he meets and did not notice what you are doing or saying at the moment, it is only evidence of a certain inconstancy of male nature, and not about his indifference to you. In the end, maybe he just compared you to random passersby, and surely the comparison was exclusively in your favor.

If based on this analysis, you conclude that your relationship has a future, then proceed to the immediate actions that will make him come to you. Go to the hairdresser and beauty salon. New hairstyle and fresh complexion are sure to please his beloved man, and you transformation will certainly benefit.

Use your imagination and think of some convincing reason for him to come to you. The reason must be really great, otherwise the man may refuse to visit you. In any case, do not make up a new date of your birth, because later the truth will still be revealed. One of the most correct solutions will be an invitation to visit on the occasion of … a car breakdown. Despite the fact that car repair shops are now on every corner, almost every man will not deny himself the pleasure to delve into the insides of the iron horse. When the man comes to you, say that you urgently had to tow it to the service, because you, unfortunately, have forgotten that the car is still under warranty.

Send the car to the service. First, so that you don’t inadvertently discover deception. Secondly, any car can benefit from preventive maintenance. If you don’t have a car, that’s no problem. Imagine that you have one. A significant advantage – you do not have to spend money on preventive maintenance of the car to make the man come. But this innocent deception will only work if you know how to drive. Subsequently, the non-existent car can be “sold”. Sometimes (depending on the man’s profession or interests) the car can be replaced with a computer, which you can give to your neighbors for temporary storage or again, just imagine that you have one.

Call him and invite him to visit. You can also just invite a man for a romantic dinner, without making up stories about the car or computer. If he happily agreed, it means that you can surprise him at least culinary talents. If these talents are not observed, you can order a meal in a restaurant. Do not beg him to come and do not show your displeasure if he refuses you. This means that he is not ready for a relationship or he really does not have free time.

Prepare properly for the arrival of a man. Set the table. If a man is sober, the table should not be alcohol. If he is not against a good wine in good company, alcohol on the table can be present, but in moderation (1-2 bottles), so he did not think that you are drinking.

Powerful conspiracies to get the man you love to come

Love magic is one of the most popular directions. The desire that the chosen one reciprocate is peculiar to every girl. That is why a proven conspiracy to get a guy to come is popular. Magical words will help to get the long-awaited attention of your beloved.

Rules of observance of rituals

Before turning to magic, you need to clearly realize that this is not a joke, but a very serious ritual, which at the energy level will connect two destinies. Therefore, if a girl is not sure of her own feelings, it is not worth reading a conspiracy to make the beloved come. Gradually, the slight infatuation will pass, only the man who became an unwilling victim of love magic will remain, getting rid of the influence of which is very difficult.

  • Do not perform rituals during church holidays and critical days.
  • The most effective and efficient rituals will be performed on a waning moon.
  • The most effective and most effective rituals will be those performed on a waning moon. Even if the girl is convinced in the reciprocity of his feelings, he should decide himself and make the first step.
  • It is important to believe in the effectiveness of magical texts and perform rituals clearly, without missing a single action.
  • Read the incantations should be alone.

Pay attention! To read the incantations, you need some object that belongs to your beloved or is associated with him. It is desirable that the thing was received as a gift.

Features of rituals

Love magic refers to white magic (if it has nothing to do with the most powerful cemetery charms), because it allows you to connect two people who feel an attraction, but are afraid to make the first step. A timid young man will suddenly gain self-confidence and can finally come to his chosen one.

Spells and rituals help to send him a positively charged energetic message that gives you self-confidence. This is a peculiarity of such rituals. They are effective even at a long distance.

There are also special incantations for the husband to come home, they will help to return an unfaithful spouse in the family, to turn him away from a rival. However, before reading these texts, you need to think seriously – and whether a woman is ready to forgive an unfaithful man.

Basic types of incantations

Most often for love rituals, various objects are used, which are easy to find in every home. The most effective is considered to be a conspiracy on a candle and on water, because they help to enlist the power of the two elements.

On water

It is best to go to church and collect some holy water, especially effective will be the conspiracy to come the one who is needed, read on Thursday water. However, if it is not available, an ordinary bottled water will do.

Pay attention! In this case, it is recommended to conduct the ritual twice to achieve success.

The ritual is carried out at night. The girl should put on white clothes, dissolve her hair, take a container of water in her hands and recite the following words:

“I call, I call, I remind of myself. Know that I need your call, I need to hear your voice. Pick up the phone now, dial my number. Until you do so, you won’t be able to sleep at all.

After that, put the glass on a window sill so that the light of the moon falls into it. In this way, you will be able to see your beloved in twenty-four hours.

On a thing

To read the incantation that a man will come, it is necessary to have some of his thing, for example, a pen, a comb, a notebook. If you can not get anything, use a photo, but certainly a printed one.

The thing is placed in front of you on a white tablecloth. It is necessary to concentrate on an object, visualize an image of your beloved, after that – read the following words.

After that, put the incantation object under a pillow and go to bed.

On food

After reading the words, you should make sure that the beloved eats the enchanted dish. Sequence of actions:

  1. The girl should dress up beautifully.
  2. It is possible to bake cookies by yourself, if not, it is allowed to use a purchase one.
  3. Then it is necessary to read the words of the incantation, so that the man will come.
  4. The incanted cookie is given to a man, who must certainly eat it completely.

If successful, in about 2-3 days, you should expect a visit.

On a candle

For this ritual, a red scented candle will be needed, it is lit, over the flame should be read the following text:

“Candle wax melts, melts, from the fire is suffering. In the same way, you, slave, can’t find a place without me, you yearn to appear before my eyes. You will come and I will welcome you. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Then it is necessary to extinguish the flame and go to bed.

There is a strongest incantation for a beloved to help, it also should be read over a flame of a candle, but not red, but white church candle.

Attention! When carrying out rituals, the candle flame must be extinguished with your hands, but not with your breath or a stream of air.

The best texts of incantations: time-tested practice

There is a conspiracy to make a man come, it can be read as a young girl, expecting determination from the chosen one, as well as a woman looking forward to the return of her husband. The main rule of success is to believe in it and clearly adhere to the recommendations.

A very strong conspiracy to make your beloved come right away

If a girl misses her boyfriend, wants to meet him as soon as possible, it is worth reading a strong conspiracy to make your beloved come. Do it better after sunset, naked, in complete darkness. It is better to learn the words of the magical text by heart.

The first time you will be in the phase, you will be in the phase of a person who is not free, and the second time you will be in the phase of a person who is not free. But it is impossible to ruin another’s relationship.

A spell to make an ex come

You can read this text only if the girl is sure that her ex-lover still pines for her, but is afraid to make the first step. In addition, it should be free, not in a relationship.

You should put on the surface some thing that either belonged to the guy or is associated with him. Then over the thing, the following words of the incantation are read, so that the ex will come.

After that, the girl should make tea for two persons and wait. Magic will work in 2-3 days.

Plot to bring your beloved to come quickly

The conspiracy to make the beloved come quickly is read on a photo, at any time of day or night and in any place. The main thing is to be sure that the feelings are mutual.

The text is read 7 times, over the photo of the young man, it is important to lean into it so that the heat from breathing goes to the picture.

“As the dough and the stuffing are glued together, so the servant of God and I are united. As the heat in the oven scorches, so let our love burn. As the dough rises, so may our happiness grow. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Side effects of incantations

It is important to understand that conspiracies to make the right man come or the husband decide to return to the family will not solve the problem completely. Magic will help an insecure man to make the first step, he will be able to understand that he is interested in a girl, but further developments may be unpredictable.

Attention! The sudden arrival of the chosen one can turn into disappointment if the woman will understand that in fact the man does not correspond to the image that she drew for herself.

Other possible negative consequences:

  • You can not take a guy out of a relationship or family, the negative energy will be directed against the girl who reads the incantation.
  • It is inadmissible to use urgent magic texts if a woman doubts the seriousness of her feelings. She may pine for the man for a while, but then she will forget him. As a result, the unhappy man will be left without the one who got his heart by magical rituals.
  • Disappointment. If the ritual does not work, the woman may experience disappointment. But do not think that everything happens at once, the result requires a certain amount of time.

Spells aimed at attracting the beloved, work most often in cases where a man is in love, but is afraid to come, timid in front of his beloved. Magical texts will help him to gain confidence for a while.

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