How to make a good mood?

How to cheer yourself up. How to improve brain function. How to produce dopamine (the happiness hormone).

Probably, you are sitting now, reading the article and no mood at all. Sad and sad at heart. Everything seems to be fine, but something is missing and the question arises, how to cheer yourself up? If you do not go into detail about the causes of discouragement, it’s pretty easy to cheer yourself up. And with an elevated mood you become attractive to others.


How mood works

Our body is full of resources, which it stores with care, and does not want to part with them, as everything is saved for a rainy day. If we constantly waste a resource, we will begin to regenerate it.

For example, if we have been in a positive mood for a week, then most likely in the near future there will be a decline in mood, as our psyche cannot be maintained at one level, it runs out of recharge, which must still be charged sooner or later. Therefore, when you are sad, the psyche has switched into energy-saving mode and does not allow you to squander the resources that are important for it.

Help psychologist to eliminate negative emotions, difficulties in life, improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Come in!

In general, if you are an ordinary person, remember the main rule, if you have a lot of fun today, it’s possible tomorrow will be sad. About how to quickly recover and come back to a positive state of mind, I will tell you below.


It is produced in the brain, causes a feeling of pleasure from the process, as well as affects the motivation to do something. For example, if you like a hobby, you are crazy about it and the process produces the hormone of happiness. So people like their hobbies a lot, I even envy them who are so much immersed in the process.

If you are feeling despondent at the moment, don’t jump to bad conclusions, perhaps your body has simply shifted to saving resources or is just recovering from a nervous shock.

Unfortunately, for our psyche it is impossible to be in a positive mood all the time, where there is +, there must also be a minus, so we protect ourselves from overstressing and our body as someone else understands the meaning of this.

What would improve the mood, just enough to raise a little dopamine, for this there are 3 simple ways:

#1 Chocolate bar.

The fastest way to increase the amount of dopamine and thereby improve your mood is a chocolate bar. Be sure to choose real chocolate by reading its composition on the wrapper. The lasting effect is guaranteed by eating chocolate gradually, not all at once the whole bar in one sitting.

By the way, the bitter chocolate has the most cocoa and the most hormone production, even taking into account that it is very bitter. If you are afraid of getting fat from sweets, rather the opposite, good chocolate won’t make you fat unless it’s diluted with sugar.

Goes well with hot green tea.

#2 Coffee.

If you drink coffee all the time, the method won’t work because you are constantly stimulated by the dopamine-producing area of your brain. On the contrary, I recommend giving up coffee, as you are probably in a bad mood from drinking coffee all the time and your body is drained.

If you rarely drink coffee, then the method is perfect for a quick mood elevation, just a couple of sips and caffeine will immediately do its job, through the blood vessels will flow everything that can lift your spirits.

But again, the method is not permanent, after lifting your mood, you do not need to constantly stimulate yourself with coffee and caffeine and all the more energy drinks / Read the article about the harm of coffee and energy drinks.

#3 Ice cream.

Although ice cream and the usual sweet it is ice cream that gives positive memories from childhood, the anticipation of delight and happiness. I remember when my mother took me and my sisters to the zoo and then to Gorky Park, we ate ice cream in cups, took pictures on ponies and rode on merry-go-rounds.

Now, if I eat a tasty cup, positive emotions and memories immediately come over me and I glow with happiness. I’m sure everyone has those memories, find your red trigger for positive moods.

The main thing is not to overeat, and then fraught with the recruitment of extra fat on the sides, and it does not give a positive mood, and rather the opposite will lead to depression and anxiety.

Other ways to cheer yourself up

Besides food, there are other ways to improve your mood, such as exercise. Simply take a short jog, somewhere in the park or on the street, you’ll immediately have the mood, the sense of life and in general a vigorous body.

Straight posture

The coolest thing about our bodies is our signaling system. Our psyche is accustomed to the fact that if a person is standing straight, stretching towards the sun, chest forward and there is a smile on his face, then everything is good and he is in a good mood.

So the easiest way is to stand up straight, shoulders back, chest forward, look at the horizon and smile. Feel how it becomes more and more pleasant and cooler for you to be in this state, your mood improves and you get more self-confidence.


The more you exercise, the higher your mood will be. Just try push-ups until you get tired and look at your physical sensations. Usually it immediately makes you feel good and want to live.


Play yourself your favorite artist and enjoy the music which you like and which brings you pleasure, increase the level of endorphins in your blood easily and quickly.

Everyone has music that gives you goosebumps, right? That’s what you should play, enjoy life.

Go to a Hellinger formation.

It’s a very cool kind of psychotherapy based on birth dynamics. You will cry very well, express your resentment and anger, and you will understand VERY well and your life will never be the same, even if you are a skeptic, as I was back then. More about Hellinger formations.

I remember my first adjustment, I cried like a baby, I was full of resentment, anger and anger. But after such a cleansing the flowers always blossom and the sun comes out of the clouds. And life becomes meaningful.

It turns out, you kill two birds with one stone: psychotherapy as deep as possible touching your deepest problems and raising your spirits. And the mood will be 5 days.


If you are not a fan of walking, it is better to start right now walking for 30-60 minutes a day to maintain the tone. Or better yet, do Swedish walking with sticks. I have a friend who was constantly sitting in place, well, his job is, has grown to 130 pounds and realized that this is not the case. Bought himself the sticks and for 2 years, almost every day walks with them. Now he weighs about 95 kilos.

He has noticed the positive way of thinking and in general he stopped swearing at the government and stuff. It’s nice to look at a man when you constantly see him with a smile on his face. You can go for a walk in any weather, except for hurricane, of course, I, for example, used to go for a walk in the park even in frosty weather so that not to sit at home and think about new discoveries. I recommend

Watch your favorite movie.

Everyone has a movie in his or her closet that they like to watch over and over again and get an unprecedented buzz out of it. I have such a movie is “Poor Sasha” with Zbruev in the title role, I can review at least every day, but I do it less often that I would enjoy every moment. I especially laugh at the phrase “Uncle Venya from Alupka.

There are a lot of comedies that are enjoyable, or a good series, I like Sherlock from foreign, just catch a buzz when watching the show over and over again.


Just dance to any music, you can start by dancing your true state, you express it in the dance, then the mood begins to rise automatically, even if you are in a deep sadness.

You can go to a club, of course, is more suitable for girls, especially if the group of girls. Guys rarely go to clubs, it is understandable, we almost all can not dance. If we could, we would go there all the time, because we get a lot of female attention.

Psychologists do not want you to know these secrets about yourself

-Imagine this situation…

What if instead of paying for years for useless counseling from a psychologist – you could work with yourself in 21 days? Get rid of negative thoughts and states forever. And instead live a quiet and happy life? Stop living a stressful life because of relationships or a constant lack of money?

Would you say that’s impossible?

That’s what I thought, too, until I started working with myself.


My name is Ivan, I am 35 years old, and I have been practicing psychology for 15 years now. I have studied all basic methods and techniques due to which I help people find happiness. NLP, hypnosis, body image therapy. I’ve been invited on television as an expert.

And it was… it was a nightmare!

I had been living in a state of depression for 7 years (the constant stress was exhausting). I was very insecure (my self-esteem was below 0). I couldn’t communicate calmly with people, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of them.

Relationships didn’t work out (because I was very negative, jealous, a wimp). I kept silent about decent wages and salaries, I earned 15000 rubles a month and I thought that was the limit. I did not want to live… I was jealous.

The worst thing is that I thought I would have to live like this forever and that I was not worthy of love and happiness.

But it only got worse, the negative states fell on me like a snowball. It felt like I was sitting in a deep, black hole from which there was no way out. Hopelessness, despair, pain, resentment.

My life had become endless torture. But then a miracle happened…


One day my father came home from work, a little drunk, though he never drank much.

He came into the kitchen…, looked at me with a dissatisfied look and began to say with anger what a worthless person I was, unable to do anything and in general, he was sorry that he was my father.

At first I felt a lot of heartache (it is very painful to hear from my relatives). Then I was offended (does that mean I’m not a beloved son?!) And then I had an epiphany…

I got that magic kick I had been waiting for my whole life. It changed my thinking, my life, and my relationship with my surroundings.

I had already forgiven my father simply for telling me the truth and I was glad!

But then the fun part started.

After literally 5 minutes I was already sitting at my computer, writing out all the psychological (!) methods of working with myself.

I was even confused, because my plan was to keep suffering all my life.

It was such an incredible feeling of freedom and desire to do something, that I cried from happiness.


If you think you can’t change your life, become rich or successful, or create a happy relationship, you’re wrong!

You can change your life by changing your mindset and the main thing is to do it EASY!

– 5 simple and powerful methods of working with yourself (they work, even if you apply them incorrectly) – You don’t have to go to psychologists, you are your own psychologist.

– The “secret method” of working through any negative condition. This will allow you to switch from negative to positive in 5 minutes.

– 15 minutes a day – Just 15 minutes a day to change your life by 180 degrees. Become happier and more joyful.

– Save up to 100,000 rubles in 1 year-you will save on visits to a psychologist and the money you save will be spent on a vacation at the sea.

– 21 Days – It only takes 21 days for you to see a change in your life. You will start to smile. Wake up with joy.


For 7 days access to the “Self Change Guide” will be free, everyone can download it from telegram at the button below.

Download for free P.S. If you want to say thank you to me, just download the guide and start applying it every day.

P.P.S. How about becoming happy today? =)

Get to know the opposite sex.

This is such a way if you are not very communicative, but if you have no problem making conversation with a stranger, then I recommend you to do this. I’ve noticed from myself that a little excitement when communicating will release the happiness hormone into your bloodstream and you’ll get a rush of good cheer.

As a supplement dating can be very helpful, I’ve had it happen more than once, when communicating even with a stranger it turned out to be useful to each other on mutually beneficial terms.

Call a friend.

There are still people who lift your spirits. Call them, talk to them and have fun from the heart, telling heartwarming stories is much nicer than being sad alone.

I am well aware that among us there are introverts who have few friends, if you are such, then of course this method is not suitable. Read below.

A glass of cognac.

A method for those who drink sometimes. If you take just one drink, the wave of relaxation and warmth will spread throughout the body. This method is not suitable if you are depressed or stressed, because alcohol will only increase the current state.

As a good option, mix cognac with coffee and the effect will be doubled, or even tripled. And if you are in good company, the effect will not make you wait long.

Draw your problem.

Take pencils or open the computer graphics editor and start drawing whatever comes to mind, bright or dull, big or small it is absolutely not important, just express your current mood.

You will notice that from the beginning you chose darker colors, and then came more and more colorful and lighter tones, giving you more mood.


More suitable for girls to go shopping, try on different outfits and maybe buy something, or better yet, buy a few things at once. The main thing is to have enough money.

For men shopping is also suitable, but already in electronic stores. It’s always nice to hold a new phone or camera, and even better a laptop. But the most delightful will be to go to the car showroom and get into a brand new car, to sit behind the wheel. The sad fact is that if there is no money then the mood will remain at the same level, and even worse can be spoiled. That is why it is recommended not to everyone.

What does it take to be in a good mood all the time?

Our psyche is like a sponge, from childhood absorbs everything that we are given. As your environment was, so you absorb everything. What kind of character did your parents have? You will be like them 99% of the time.

If it was common in the family to beat children and humiliate them, then there could be a happy life, but it’s very rare. That’s why there is psychotherapy, where we psychologists dive into your childhood or even earlier, look for a problem moment there and change it to a pleasant and good one, and after that life begins to transform. You begin to walk through life without looking back with a pleasant expectation of what life will bring you.

Honestly, I sometimes envy people who have been doing well since childhood. They have been brought up in love, taught to make mistakes, and in general they are self-confident, which means they have much more success in life.

But on the other hand, if a person began early to develop and understand the world, then he is on the contrary passes his ordeal of life, with pleasure. This is my experience by the way, I have worked through a lot of things.

So start working with your psyche earlier, eliminating the problems that stretch from childhood, all those resentments, anger, anger and irritation. That’s what separates us happy, from unhappy people.

Bottom line

Our moods are signals, if all is well, our mood will be great. But if you have a bit of cat scratching at the soul, then a good mood is out of the question. The more you sweat, the less able you are to produce the happiness hormone.

It’s understandable if you have serious problems, but if you don’t have any problems and you’re constantly in a bad mood, you need to see a specialist who will identify the causes and find ways to solve them once and for all jump over this black hole in which you fell as a child and can’t get out of there.

The interesting thing is that with our depression, we try to save our parents by taking over their problems without even realizing it. All these strategies and scenarios of our psyche are worked through in 30-60 minutes easily and effortlessly and you will forget about them forever.

The main thing is that with the help of this workout it is possible to achieve success in life. If a man lives, all his life is crap and he walks sad and everything does not work out, then suddenly the problem has been revealed with a psychologist, he worked through it, time has passed to rebuild his psyche and everything started to work out as if by magic. Money came, confidence in the future and everything is calm and comfortable and there is no need to get out of the comfort zone, because the comfort zone has already been extended and you feel comfortable and cozy in it. And most importantly you become the master of your own destiny with the ability to take responsibility for everything that happens in life and change it for yourself. That’s the kind of article I wrote about how to cheer yourself up.

About me

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Ivan Vdovin

  • More than 15 years in psychology
  • Owner of 2 successful businesses
  • Developed his own author’s method “Key Therapy
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • In practice I use: Gestalt therapy, image therapy, body therapy, art therapy, hypnosis, Hellinger formations
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  • I have invested more than 500000 rubles in my education
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Sincerely, Ivan Vdovin

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How to make a good mood?

Sometimes you feel that the day is not good. Everything falls out of hand, people seem angry and unfriendly, and the weather seems gloomy. What should you do: hang in there until the evening and go to bed sooner? You don’t have to. Here are ten ways to boost your mood right now.

The magic of a hug.

When we are stressed or feel threatened, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol leads to exhaustion, fatigue and an inability to control emotions. Some people try to find a way to comfort themselves with foods high in carbohydrates.

But cortisol levels decrease with physical contact.

Touch triggers the production of oxytocin, the happiness hormone. We become happier and our immune system is strengthened.

Try doing something on the list on a regular basis:

  • cuddle with a friend;
  • get a massage;
  • rock the baby (but ask his or her parents’ permission first);
  • Hold hands with a loved one;
  • pet a dog or cat;
  • have sex;
  • go dancing.


Turns out you don’t have to be happy to be happy to begin with. Try smiling, laughing, relaxing your shoulders and smoothing out a frown. At this point, two curious things will happen:

  • Your brain will respond by releasing endorphins, the love hormone, and oxytocin, the care hormone. At the same moment you will feel more positive and relaxed, seem more attractive to yourself.
  • People around you will also react to you in a more positive way.

In this way you train your brain to feel happy, even if you were far from it to begin with.

Hygge Tip .

If a bad mood comes steadily, create your own “relaxation kit”: warm socks, candles, soothing herbal tea, quality chocolate. And get it out not just for special occasions, but every day to take care of yourself.

The Forest Bath

Japanese scientists studied the effects of a practice called shinrin-yoku – “forest baths.” Half of the study participants were sent to the forest and the other half to the city. Those who returned from the woods showed “lower cortisol concentrations, lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.”

A walk in the woods is not only a physical activity, but also a cure for stress and an immune boost.

If you feel sad, find out if there’s a park or forest in your neighborhood and go there (if it’s light outside). Walk slowly, in silence, carefully observe everything that happens around you, the plants and animals. And turn off your phone – you don’t have to liveblog your walk on social media. Be “here and now.”

Fill in the diary pages.

You can express your emotions in writing. Take a pen and a notebook and just write down what makes you so sad. Don’t be afraid or think – just tell the story. If you don’t want to write about your mood, take one of our diary topics. Here are some questions to answer. Perhaps they will lift your spirits.

  1. Who would you trade places with for a day?
  2. Where do you feel at home?
  3. Who is your soul mate?
  4. Who would play you in a movie? What would the movie be about?
  5. Which of your pictures do you like best?
  6. What are you reading right now?
  7. A tent or a hotel?
  8. What delicious dish have you discovered recently?
  9. Who is your favorite literary hero?
  10. What should you say thank you for this day?

Mood Color

Color is one quick way to lift your mood. Researchers from the Free University of Amsterdam studied how colors affect mood.

It turned out that the most “happy” for adults – green and yellow. Orange is also associated with optimism.

If you’re tired of everything, do not give in to the temptation to “hide” behind black clothing. Put on a bright, colorful thing and color your day! You’re sure to feel better immediately, and those around you will notice you and smile too.

Happy Playlist

Choose ten songs or songs that evoke your most positive emotions.

  • Make a list. Write down how you feel when you listen to these songs. If they evoke pleasant memories, write down which ones.
  • Burn a CD or create a playlist – this will be your “quick happiness” in case you need help!
  • Create a playlist for a friend – make them a little happier, too.

Drawing like a Zen Buddhist

Drawing without purpose or intention is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to lighten the mood and meditate. Take a white sheet of paper or your favorite sketchpad. Draw around the glass several times so that circles appear on the paper. They may overlap or not touch each other. Separate them with a few randomly drawn lines. Don’t think about how best to draw them. Just draw and color. Concentrate only on your pencil movements.

Embrace your inner child.

There is an exercise called “Inner Child.” Take it seriously. Do it alone with yourself, in a quiet environment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Imagine that a child of the same sex as you is sitting next to you. What age is he? What does he look like? This is you. Don’t talk to him, just sit next to him and look in the same direction. Enjoy the fact that you are together. If you have strong feelings like fear or anger, that’s okay. Try to hug your child and feel what he is missing. Try to help him, take him to a safe place or thank him.


You don’t have to meditate in a cave for fifty years to feel happy. You just have to be healthy emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And try a mini-practice: do ONE thing from the following list every day.

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