How to make a girl jealous?

How to make a woman jealous? 6 popular methods that don’t really work

He meets Naya, they like each other and start dating. Everything seems to be going well, but it seems to him that it could be even better. And then he starts asking google: “How do you make a girl jealous?”

Since the search engine is a soulless machine, it will readily give the guy lots of links to “sound advice” from “real experts,” and if he follows them like an obedient student, chances are high that instead of increasing the girl’s affection, he will, on the contrary, push her away.

Let’s discuss today why trying to find out how to make a man jealous usually leads to nothing good, and consider the most harmful advice on the subject, which we strongly advise against using.

How to make a girl jealous: why you should not ask this question?

So, first of all, let’s learn the most accurate definition of jealousy. In a scientific article entitled “Factors influencing the emergence of jealousy,” psychologist Hegecik Faroyan writes:

“Jealousy is a negatively colored feeling in interpersonal relationships that occurs when there is a lack of attention, love, respect or sympathy from a loved or highly respected person, while someone else allegedly or actually receives it from him.”

The first question is, would you really want to make a girl you like feel this unpleasant? If yes, I’m sorry: that’s pretty cruel.

Moving on – there is a widespread and absolutely harmful belief that jealousy strengthens feelings and makes someone love and appreciate you even more than before. But even if that were true (spoiler: no), going to all kinds of manipulations, tricks and gimmicks to earn someone’s good attitude doesn’t seem like the most honorable thing to do.

Just think for a second: how can you more faithfully improve someone’s attitude toward you and make them appreciate you more – by hurting the person, trying to make them jealous, or by being honest, good and doing nice things? Too bad the answer isn’t obvious to everyone.

And finally, just in case the moral side of the question doesn’t bother you at all, let’s go in on the more pragmatic side. The classic tips on how to make your ex or current girlfriend jealous are as old as the world, and most women know them by heart.

And that means that as soon as you’re about to put into practice any of these aspirational and cheap tricks, there’s a high probability that you’ll be figured out right away. Bottom line? The girl will be uncomfortable and feel disappointed in you.

How to make a woman jealous: 6 of the most damaging tips

So, we decided to take the standard guide on how to make a girl jealous, and discuss why exactly from these tips more harm than good. We hope that after reading this, your last doubts about not using them will fall away.

1. Suddenly disappear.

“The principle here is to give her maximum attention for a period of time, after which you suddenly disappear without any explanation. In other words, you first smother her with love and then ignore her. The experience of love that she has imprinted on her brain will make her desperate to get you back.”

The classic advice “The less we love a woman, the easier she likes us” the authors of such materials like to give with a reference to Pushkin. However, the ending of this quote from “Eugene Onegin” sounds like this:

This is exactly what my Eugene thought.

He in his first youth

Was a victim of turbulent delusions.

Suddenly disappearing, ignoring calls and messages, or even – missing meetings, you are more likely to make the girl doubt your reliability, rather than bind to you even more.

2. Talk in front of her about other girls who are better than her

“Discussing how much better another girl is than your girlfriend can really make her jealous. She will do her best to make you feel that the other girl has nothing that she doesn’t have as well.

She will likely monitor your call logs and WhatsApp messages to find out what the other girl is doing to win your admiration, and before you know it, she will start emulating her.”

Answer us honestly, how would you feel if your girlfriend claimed that her friend Vasya “has bigger biceps, a cooler car, and an awesome tattoo”? According to the logic of the author of the advice, you should immediately run to three places: gym, car dealership and to the tattoo artist.

No one should ever be compared to anyone: we are completely different and unique individuals. If your “good friend” is so much better than your girlfriend, your lover might ask you the logical question, “Why don’t you date her then?” and walk away. That’s more likely than her completely changing her personality for the benefit of someone she doesn’t seem to like at all.

3. ignore her messages while being active on social media

“This is a serious way to make a girl jealous: stop answering her messages or calls, but communicate with another girl on WhatsApp or other social media.

She will be able to see if you are online, and then she will wonder why you are not answering her calls or messages. It’s usually a great cause for jealousy for a girl who desperately loves you to see that you’re busy with someone else at the expense of the attention she thinks you should be giving her.” .

Sorry for the harsh truth, but we highly doubt that your girlfriend has so little to do that she sits around all day watching your social media status change – except for meditative purposes, looking at it instead of the fire.

And seriously, ignoring is not nice behavior even for people you don’t feel comfortable talking to, and when it comes to a girl you’re interested in, it seems weird, illogical, and unnatural.

Even if she doesn’t understand the games you’re playing, she’s very likely to take offense at this dismissive behavior. She might also start ignoring you in retaliation, and how that will end is a good question.

4. Post some “harmless” pictures of yourself and the other girl

“Your girlfriend will probably get jealous if she sees a picture of you and another girl on your social media page. You can even make such photos your avatars on WhatsApp or Facebook. This will really make her nervous and jealous.

Uploading a picture of you and the other girl will send a signal that you value this girl above her, and it will make your girlfriend do her best to outdo whatever quality this girl has that makes you upload her pictures.”

Without picking on the fact that the author is repeating herself in her hope that the girl will rush to remake herself and imitate a stranger, just offer to look at the situation from the other side again: would you be happy with such posts and avatars in her account?

Of course, it’s perfectly normal for both of you to have friends and girlfriends of the other sex, but in some situations such behavior can make a girl very upset and make you think about the strength and seriousness of your relationship, as well as her true place in your life. That’s not what you want to achieve, is it?

5. Text the other girl while she’s with you

“This is another powerful way to make your girlfriend jealous and crave your attention more than usual. When you’re both together, sometimes concentrate on your phone and text the other girl.

The content of your chat, however, should be innocent so that if she eventually insists on finding out what you are chatting about with this girl, you can show the correspondence.”

Let’s just say that texting (specifically chatting, not replying to an important and urgent message) on a date is inappropriate. And it doesn’t matter if you’re chatting with a girl or a guy: this behavior is not only a cheap trick, but also a blatant expression of disrespect for your date.

6. Always look good.

“All eyes are always on guys who dress well and look their best. Even without flirting, girls all over the world are eager to deal with stylishly dressed guys.

So when you always look good, your girlfriend will be a little jealous because she will always be afraid that someone somewhere will be working hard to take her place. And if, in addition to your cool bow, you sometimes distance yourself from her, not only will she be jealous, but she will miss you desperately. You’ll even feel like she’s afraid of losing you.”

The advice itself isn’t bad, but its purpose is strange, to say the least. Don’t you think it’s more correct and logical to look cool not for someone or something, but for yourself – to feel comfortable and confident?

So stop looking for sly ways to increase her love for you through suffering, worrying and resentment – by giving your girlfriend positive emotions and attention, you can achieve this more faithfully and faster.

How to make a girl jealous? Top 10 ways to

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Any guy likes it when his girlfriend occasionally says she misses him. It shows that she is thinking about him. And if a girl is jealous, it’s a sure sign that she cares about you. If you yourself miss your girlfriend, and in addition are jealous, the attempt to cause her return jealousy may have different consequences.

On the one hand, she loves you and would never break up with you. Then there will not be a problem with it. On the other hand, she might decide she’s not interested in you and the result you’re trying to get by making her jealous could be the opposite: she’ll lose interest in you and back off or worse, seek revenge. So assess the situation and your chances and risks. And use one of the tricks that will make your girlfriend jealous.

Show up and disappear

There is nothing complicated here: first, for some time pay as much attention to the girl as possible, and then just disappear and give no signs of life. First, love and care, then ignore her. She will definitely like the first stage and she will definitely want you back. For example, if you were constantly exchanging messages and then suddenly it stopped, it’s likely to spur curiosity, seasoned with a dash of jealousy.

But to make it work properly, show your concern and support every time you’re with a girl, especially on the eve of your disappearance. If you start ignoring her without letting her feel the beauty of a relationship with you, the result can be devastating: She’ll decide to give you up instead of missing you.

Leave her on the sidelines.

For example, when you spend time in the same company, you can make her jealous by complimenting the people around you while ignoring her yourself. Alternatively, you could exchange text messages in a group, ignoring her. Of course, you can’t be rude to her by responding to other group members’ messages, but ignoring her would be a great excuse for jealousy.

To avoid making things worse, don’t compliment any intimate aspects, such as praising her figure or any part of her body, like her eyes. Compliments should be fairly neutral, such as saying how you liked your hair or new sneakers.

Praise the other girl

Discussing the merits of another girl is a guaranteed cause for jealousy. Your girlfriend is likely to try hard to find out what the “rival” is better. So get ready to monitor messages and study her profile on social networks, it will be vital to find something that attracted you, and, not surprisingly, if your girlfriend even begins to look like her.

You need to be careful here so your girlfriend doesn’t think you’ve decided to dump her by becoming infatuated with someone else. Your goal is jealousy, not cheating or breaking up a relationship. If you pay too much attention to the merits of the other girl, your girlfriend, instead of getting jealous, will decide that you are no longer interested and your relationship is over.

Ignore her messages by staying active on social media

If you do not respond to messages and calls your girlfriend, but she sees that you actively communicate in social networks or messenger – she is guaranteed to get jealous. Seeing your “online” status, she’ll start to worry about why you’re not responding to her. And most likely, she’ll immediately find a reason to be jealous, thinking that at this time you’re communicating with another girl. You can call or text her back later, but instead of apologizing, let her know that you were busy talking to another girl and it was so interesting that you didn’t want to interrupt. She’ll also puzzle over what was so interesting you were discussing.

Use “innocuous” pictures with other girls

No girl would ignore a picture of her boyfriend with another girl that appeared on his social networking page. She’s bound to have fits of jealousy and anxiety. If you post a picture of yourself with another girl, it will be taken as a signal that you like her better and like her better. Again, your girlfriend will be trying to outdo her. But be careful and choose your photos carefully. If you flaunt a photo where the “rival” sitting on your lap or hugging, and clearly not in a friendly way, you are more likely to achieve not jealousy, but hatred and break up the relationship.

In addition, make sure that the picture did not have any subtext, that it was really harmless, because then explain that this is really true, it will be very difficult. Don’t forget that girls have a very rich imagination, and they can easily see even something that is not really there, and it will be difficult to convince her otherwise.

Do something without her and tell her about it

Most girls try to be involved in every aspect of their boyfriend’s life, or at least know everything about it. If you want to surprise her and make her jealous, do something without her, tell her how great it turned out and how much fun it gave you.

Listening to your story about your new achievement, seeing that you are happy and proud of yourself, she will think only one thing – if she had helped you, she would have been in the rays of your glory, receiving almost a large share of attention and praise. But you deprived her of that opportunity, and now all she can do is be jealous, even if your friends helped you and no other girl had anything to do with it. The jealousy here is explained by the fact that you didn’t ask her to help you, but some other person, and the result was better than you expected. In essence, this means that you can do things and solve problems without her. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing wrong with that. But the girl will see it as a threat to her position.

While she’s around, send messages to the other girl.

This method also helps to cause an attack of jealousy and a desire to seize all your attention. When the two of you are spending time together, periodically distract yourself with your phone and chat with other girls. The conversations should be harmless enough, because if your girlfriend insists on knowing their content, you wouldn’t have to work too hard to hide it, which could be fraught with unpleasant consequences. A meaningless correspondence with another girl will make your girlfriend feel that you might be interested in other girls, and that will be another reason to pay more attention to you.

Make fun of something she doesn’t know about

If she sees you laughing but doesn’t know what it is and what gave the reason for the fun, she will have two feelings at once – curiosity and jealousy. She will just have to find out who is trying to take her place, because she is absolutely certain that it is her prerogative to please you. So meh for reasons she doesn’t understand is a great reason to be jealous. All you have to do is look at your phone while laughing or smiling.

Make it a success.

You never know what emotions a girl is capable of until you provoke her to them. Very often jealousy arises when a guy has made some significant progress. Then she will try her best to keep the guy around. Many girls like celebrities, even if their fame has not gone beyond one city. For them, it’s another reason to be proud and raise their self-esteem: there’s nothing cooler than introducing your girlfriends or family to such a guy. So if you want to make her jealous by achieving some meaningful achievement, start ignoring her. And then she will start a real battle for your attention.

Impeccable appearance

Guys who are attentive to their appearance, always attract the eyes of girls and they have a lot of admirers. So if you look perfect every day, your girlfriend will have reason to be jealous, because she will think that someone will constantly try to take her place. If at the same time you will pretend to be a little cold to her, the jealousy will be added to the immense longing for you, and you will quickly realize how afraid she is of losing you.

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