How to make a girl fall in love with you?

20 Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love

Do you think that love is a process that starts randomly and lies beyond our control? Well, it’s not. Love can be guided and adjusted, we just never thought about it. By learning to apply our tips, you can make a girl fall in love with you.

1. Act like her father

Girls unconsciously look for a man who looks like their daddy (everyone thinks their daddy is the best, which means the best men are the ones who look like him).

2. Show that you’re different from her ex.

Most of the time girls change their criteria for choosing a partner after a failed relationship. If you show her that you are nothing like her ex, that will be a big plus for you.

3. Understand her psychological needs.

Everyone has different ones, and the best match for anyone is the one who meets as many of those very needs as possible.

4. Raise your worth.

Let your mutual friends speak well of you when you’re not around. A girl will start to think you are more valuable if she hears that you are highly regarded by others. And what did you want, everyone needs proof!

5. Date her more often.

Studies have shown that people look for a partner from people they see often. Men who tend to disappear from sight for a long time, girls forget.

6. Be mysterious.

The less she understands your intentions, the more she’ll think of you. The more she thinks about you, the more likely she is to like you.

7. Smile less often.

Psychologists say that women prefer serious men, not nice guys who just want to giggle and giggle.

8. Emphasize your similarities.

As soon as you notice something you have in common, don’t hesitate to point it out (unless, of course, it’s a good quality). When she sees a few similarities, she’ll start to think you should be together.

9. Disappear when she misses you

When the girl you’re interested in misses you, disappear for no apparent reason. That way she’ll think of you even more, and that will only benefit you.

10. Confuse her.

Don’t always be cute, but don’t be too angry either. Sometimes you have to confuse her: people think more about things they can’t understand.

11. Excitement can be confused with love.

When you’re doing something interesting or dangerous together (watching a good movie or climbing a cliff), she feels excitement, which can easily be confused with love. She may think she’s horny because you’re next to her. You’re better off!

12. hint.

Girls love hints: it makes them more interesting to take in the information. Do not tell her that you have a BMW – better silently put the keys on the table.

13. Women love the bad guys.

Just try to be desperate, be too nice and call her too often – you’ll die alone. Girls love leaders, tough guys and bad guys – these always have plenty of options.

14. You favor her.

Let her know: you have plenty of options, and out of all of them you chose her. Make her feel special, even chosen.

15. Repeat her gestures.

When you mimic someone else’s gestures and tone of voice, the person subconsciously believes you are similar.

16. Pay attention to her, and then deprive her of that attention

Give her a lot of attention for a few days, and she’ll start thinking about whether she likes you or not. Now disappear for a few days, and she’ll start thinking about you all the time simply because she doesn’t understand your behavior.

17. Demonstrate opposite qualities.

The opposite of what the girl doesn’t like about herself. If she’s shy, act confident and talk non-stop.

18. Reveal your positive traits gradually

Women lose interest when a man becomes predictable. So do not throw cards on the table on the first date – save it for the second and third.

19. Call her every day at the same time, and then suddenly stop.

When people expect something and expectations aren’t met, they start wanting it even more. The more she thinks of you, the better for you.

20. Understand her past.

Depending on her experience, a girl starts to like certain men. You have to understand her past, all the milestones of the formation of her personality, draw conclusions and become the man she needs.

I don’t think a girl whose daddy beat her mother/alcoholic/abandoned the family/etc thinks he’s “the best daddy in the world.” No, I know you didn’t mean it that literally, but you should have said it.

Girls like that sometimes have masochistic tendencies and look for a “daddy” instead of the “bad” one. So a man-father is fine for them, but a “good” one who takes care of her.

Those are the extremes. And they are everywhere.

Cool, flutter bitches!

I think it’s all bullshit. Every girl loves a guy for something different. And it’s silly to set up all the supposedly “favorite” guys in those patterns.

Where’s the fucking advice?

That’s a bullshit article. The first paragraphs are all press X to win.

I agree that not all girls are looking for a guy as a father, more like a replacement. And the article is written for who? For the pickup artist? What are these games for? If both feel that they like each other, then everything should go by itself, I think so. If a guy had behaved this way with me, then calls, then just disappears, it would have given me not the best thoughts, suspicions, etc., in the end feelings would have grown cold

When a man waits for “chance”, as if it is redefined by fate and he falls in love only because of circumstances, this is the greatest manifestation of laziness (although it is convenient for girls for a man to think so). This article is written just for thinking guys, not lazy brutes. For those who are able to assess their strengths, set a clear goal and achieve it. What’s wrong with a guy who knows how to present himself in order to win a girl’s favor? If he knows what to pay attention to in order to further relationships formed into a quality family, to pick up a partner once and for all to be with her … I can give a hundred reasons why these skills are only a plus.

Since ancient times, girls were the first to be forced to learn the basics of seduction and master them, because they were severely restricted. Time goes on, everything changes, the only nuance is that now a man has no legal right to use force to get the desired woman, morally he certainly can (we were deprived of a biological advantage). So we, had to adapt and deal with this issue, learn from you, beautiful nymphs. Your own weapons, in the capable hands of men)

Dudes and Bro do not read this and do not believe it, it’s all lies and misinformation, stay as you are, sensitive, vulnerable, reserved, humble and submissive, wait until fate “will find you. And I will act)

Personally, the author, the paragraphs lack a pinch of humor, let it be even sarcasm, but it will not be so dry, when I read it, it seemed like another GOST. Thanks for the work done!

How to make a girl fall in love with you: 30 techniques for winning a woman’s heart

They say that love is a casual feeling only amateurs, but real professionals know how to win the heart of almost any girl. How to fall in love with a girl quickly, effectively, guaranteed and irrevocably? Great psychological ways to win women’s hearts from experienced catchers.

How to please a girl and win her?

When we meet a beautiful girl, we think about how to win her, fall in love, seduce her and make her our own. Often guys or men, trying to win a girl’s heart rely purely on luck and good luck, or past experience in relationships with the beautiful sex.

Men usually choose a straightforward strategy of winning when they show pressure and all their best qualities to please a girl. They spend a lot of money, beautifully woo and build themselves macho. But such a straightforward tactic does not always work with the girls, because the girls are sometimes not really interested in such a one-sided game.

Some men exhibit chivalry and gentlemanliness, and conquests girl like a tedious siege of the fortress. Other men are like sitting in an ambush, masquerading as friends or getting into a frenzy. But these choices of conquest are hopeless altogether.

Marlon Alves , Unsplash

How do you win a girl’s love? Winning a woman’s heart

1. Girls love a good-looking guy. Be as attractive as possible by pulling everything out of your looks, clothes, and style. Exercise to have a good physical shape and a nice figure. Buy beautiful clothes, focusing on quality. Girls also fall in love with men’s looks, no matter what they say themselves.

2. Be proactive. Girls love enterprising men, so do not wait for the weather from the sea. Call for a date more often, call, write, send pricks. Make a girl’s life full of you and interesting entertainment. Show your imagination by taking the girl to beautiful places and interesting events. Girls appreciate a man’s initiative, because the most daring ones win them over.

3. Compliment your girlfriend. Give a girl the right compliments, noticing her efforts in appearance, deeds, character, goals. Say not that she has a beautiful dress or nice perfume, but that she looks stunning in that dress and smells appealing. Try to be sincere in your compliments, and praise not only her looks, but also her inner qualities.

4. Flirt with the girl. Girls love to flirt with men, so learn how to flirt with them, use wordplay, touch topics on the edge and behave provocatively. Flirting always works. Girls like this kind of game.

5. Touch a girl. What kind of relationship can you have without touching? On any pretext touch the girl so she gets used to your hands. Take her hand, give her a hand, fix a lock of hair, hold it behind her back, walk her over different parts of her body. Gradually, your hands can linger longer and longer, allowing yourself to touch her legs, ass, or breasts more frankly. Touching will speed up the seduction of the girl, weakening her defenses.

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10. Look into a girl’s eyes. Eye contact is often underestimated, and looking around, under a girl’s feet, or at her breasts is pretty silly. Try to make eye contact with the girl by looking into each other’s eyes. This usually ends with a kiss.

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11. Talk dirty to your girlfriend. How do you win a girl’s heart? At times, take flirting from easy to harder and more obscene, but only when you’ve reached a certain level of relationship. Use ambiguities, provocations, dirty jokes, indecent innuendo, talk about intimacy. This will help you get into a very intimate relationship with your girlfriend sooner.

Use the hot-cold method. Periodically change your attitude towards the girl so she can’t understand how you feel about her. The girl should be worried about whether you like her or not. Let her not be too sure of herself and her feminine charms. This will make her lower the flag of her fortress and her underwear at the same time.

14. Don’t be perfect. People get too tired of smart people, nerds, moralists, and perfect people. When you’re a living person, with virtues and flaws, you’re more likely to be liked, because the girl isn’t perfect either.

15. Live your life. Don’t make the girl the center of your universe, but continue to live a rich and vibrant life. Make time for hobbies, friends, entertainment. You have a job, friendships, and a life outside of it. The girl will understand that you won’t be lost without her and you don’t put her on a pedestal of reverence. The girl herself will try to enter your interesting life and be your soul mate.

Sabino Ocampo Alonso , Unsplash

18. Make hints to the girl. Get the chemistry going between you two so the girl feels attracted to you. Hint to the girl about intimacy, your relationship, your feelings. She must see that she is not indifferent.

19. Smell good. Girls attach a lot of importance to smells. Take a shower every day and follow your hygiene to be tidy and clean. Use antiperspirant and quality toilet water.

20. Be the bad guy. Being too nice and kind is a bad idea for winning a woman’s heart. Be a little bit of a bad guy so she can see your dark side of character. No one likes the perfect and good guys, and bad guys make chicks horny. Bad guys have a lot of brutality and masculinity that makes girls can’t resist.

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21. Make her miss you. Periodically disappear for a while or do your own thing so she has time to miss you a little. The girl will think more about you, which will help you win her heart faster.

22. Add romance. How to make a pretty girl fall in love with you, and especially touchy ladies? Girls love romantic acts, unexpected surprises and pleasant events. Without romance, love is not the same.

23. Don’t force events. How to win a woman? Give the girl a chance to get used to you for a while and not shock her with your pushing. Don’t hit on a girl when it’s obviously too early, stupid or inappropriate. It’s like the train anecdote, when it’s better for a man to be quiet for half an hour than to talk a girl into intimacy for three hours.

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26. Don’t criticize too much. Don’t push the girl and tell her what to do so you don’t turn into her parents. Let the girl be free to choose.

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