How to make a girl fall in love with you?

How do you get a girl to fall in love with you? 19 sure ways that work.

You want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you? Well, you came to the right place!

Write the recipe: you need to collect 20 tears of the lady you like (shed with happiness), mix them with the honey of the Tibetan bee and the milk of the unicorn (in a ratio of 3:1).

Then wait for the full moon and drink the magic mixture at midnight at a deaf crossroads. If it doesn’t help, it’s worth doing the same thing all over again, but naked and in flippers.

In case you’re interested in simpler (and more adequate) methods of charming girls, we have them too. Spoiler: you don’t have to turn to a shaman or a witch for this.

How to fall in love with any girl? Preliminary work.

Before we equip you with effective ways to turn the head of the hottie you like, we suggest you do a little homework.

No, you don’t need to practice on tomatoes. Rather, run your eyes over our checklist and make sure you maximize your chances for success.

1. Love yourself

Every girl is an individual, and everyone has different tastes. Some people like tall, some like redheads, but without exception – those guys who know their own worth.

So quickly answer this question: would you like yourself? And if not, why not? If you consider yourself a complete loser and set up to fail, the girls will subconsciously feel it, and fall in love with you just the same can be beautiful, who wants to re-educate Beast.

Offer still do not dwell on this option, and remember your positive sides, become less self-critical and work on eliminating those shortcomings that irritate you and are likely to dislike your future girlfriend.

2. Scan your closet.

By the mind is seen, but still met by the clothes. We, incidentally, have already written about those things that you should not wear on a first date and that can ruin a good impression of you with a girl.

No matter what style or brand you’re into, even the hottest Dior look, if it’s wrinkled, dirty, doesn’t fit your figure or doesn’t match other parts of your look, you won’t look “awful.

3. what about the smell? (see-see video above).

Yes, this is very important. Because an unpleasant ambergrance can instantly bury the prospect of your relationship with her, even if by all other parameters you are the Prince of her fairy tale.

Now there are a lot of ways to combat the smell of sweat and stale breath, and we will not focus on them. Instead, let us remind you: any toilet water should be used in moderation. Otherwise her fragrance will be so strong that it will cause the interlocutor’s headache and a desire to move away from you. And how to talk about love?

4. Be confident (but in moderation).

Let’s repeat: one girl will conquer the soul of the company, and the other is more attracted to shy guys. But here’s a man who is stuffed under the straps with complexes and complaints about life – the dream of so few women that he risks growing old alone.

He, by the way, has a fellow unfortunate man, a typified alpha male, who comes complete with an inflated ego and sexist clichés. Both of them can interest a girl, but building a happy and lasting relationship with her is unlikely.

5. Pump up your horizons

If you are handsome as Apollo, a girl may need only one look at you to fall in love. But that’s not a fact. Most likely, even in this case you will need to talk to her about something. And preferably not just about her eyes and how gorgeous you are.

The more in your arsenal will be interesting stories, cool facts and funny jokes, the more she will want to communicate with you and spend time. So constantly replenish your supply of topics to talk about.

6. Work on your manners.

Please stop believing that all girls swoon over dirty tricks and adore rude bad boys. Yes, there are those with whom it works, but the problem is that at a glance it’s hard to know if the stranger you’re interested in is one of them.

Because if she isn’t, you’ll ruin your chances of getting to know her, you’ll hurt her feelings, and if you behave this way all the time you’ll get a bad reputation. That doesn’t sound very cool, does it?

How can you make a girl fall in love with you? Psychological tricks.

So, you’re gorgeous. What’s next? Let’s decide on the one that’s lucky enough to be yours. We will not decide for you – whether she is blonde or brunette, and give you just two tips.

First, make sure that you’re not going to fall in love with a married woman or a girl who loves someone else. Because the one who is already happy in a relationship cannot be seduced even by voodoo magic. And there are a lot of free beauties around you – better pay attention to them.

Secondly, check – how do you feel about the girl you are going to win? Maybe she is already crazy about you? How to determine this, we, by the way, have already told you.

7. Do not forget about the naturalness.

Some “connoisseurs of female psychology” to the question “how to make a girl fall in love with you” advise to be a mystery. You know, the kind of fatal seducer who’s always holding something back, suddenly leaving in the middle of a date, etc.

If you don’t work as a secret agent, you probably shouldn’t do this, because not every professional actor can play this convincingly, and in order not to screw it up, it’s better not to try.

Behave naturally – not only do you save yourself from disappointment from the girl in the future (and the “I thought you were different” phrase), but you can relax and enjoy your meeting (and that’s what you want, right?).

8. Know how to listen (and hear).

One of the most effective techniques for winning a girl’s heart is to listen to what she has to say. Basic psychology teaches us that people of both sexes like their interlocutor to listen carefully.

And besides, in a conversation she will inevitably give you the information that you can then use in your seductive purposes: the name of the cafe she has long wanted to visit, the name of the poet whose poem you can recite to her, or the variety of your favorite flowers.

9. Give her positive emotions

For a girl to fall in love with you, she should enjoy spending time with you. So try to make sure that during the date she doesn’t hypnotize the clock and hurt her jaw while yawning.

Invite her to some unusual place – it doesn’t matter if it’s a rock climbing wall or Tolstoy Manor – as long as you both have fun there. Don’t forget the nice little things: make her laugh, give her a small but cute or funny gift.

Even with a minimum of effort, you can definitely come up with something original, the main thing is not to overdo it: your task is to surprise, but not to shock.

10. Forget the foul play

Unfortunately, the internet is full of completely wild methods that supposedly work a hundred percent with any girl: calling her at one time and then stopping, flirting with others to cause jealousy, etc.

We ask you not to follow them for two reasons: it’s elementary impolite and can hurt a girl’s feelings. Also, such techniques are so trivial that she can easily figure out your tactics and won’t want her to be inflamed with passion in the same way that Pavlov’s dog’s reflexes were developed.

11. Show off your good side (but don’t advertise).

Find the golden mean. You’re a great guy, and she should find out exactly what it is. That said, your meeting shouldn’t feel like a “One Thousand and One Reasons Why I’m Cooler Than Everyone Else” conference.

12. Share something with her.

Before it’s bedtime, start small by finding some neutral activity that’s fun for both of you. Do you both adore Star Wars? Have a cozy movie marathon.

Do you love sushi? Try making them together. Not only will you have an unusual and enjoyable time this way, but you’ll almost certainly get even closer.

13. Become a habit for her.

Some girls dream of a distant voyage captain, who will appear on the horizon once every once in a while. But most still want to get attention much more often.

Do not be afraid to show your interest in her beloved – talk to her every day and, preferably, not only in social networks. A girl is more likely to fall in love with someone who is aware of her life events and near her, than with a mysterious and unavailable subject who likes to disappear for a few months.

14. But don’t forget the measure.

Try not to act as if devoting every spare minute to your girlfriend is the only meaning of your life. At all stages of the relationship, even the “candy-bouquet”, you both should have personal space and time that you spend apart.

And being intrusive is probably the most important “bad advice” that will make a girl stay away from you and maybe even fear you.

15. Being noble works.

Think you’ll seem old-fashioned to a girl if you hand her your coat or hand when she gets out of the car? You shouldn’t. The fact that gentlemanly behavior is no longer mainstream gives those men who own it a big advantage over everyone else.

16. The magic power of compliments.

No, don’t outline a book called “One Hundred Compliments from an Experienced Pickup Man,” full of examples that have been used more than a hundred times. Rather, read our tips on the subject and learn how to come up with them yourself.

17. Don’t force the issue.

If you want to get reciprocation from the girl, then show her that you’re not only interested, but also respect her and her pace of approach. Make every new step gently, “testing the ground,” and watch her reaction carefully.

Shorten the distance during the conversation, touch her hand – just for a second – and if she doesn’t pull away or otherwise show her discomfort, you can try touching her again a little later – but only gently, delicately and at a time when it will be appropriate.

18. Use modern technology

Are you wondering how to fall in love with a girl by correspondence? The rules are much the same – show interest in her life, be friendly, don’t be afraid to joke (most importantly, not vulgar) and be original.

Relationships can both start and be maintained at a distance – the main thing that you and your beloved sooner or later, but be sure to meet in real life.

19 Be prepared to admit defeat

Scientists at Rutgers University have found that it takes the brain less than a second to figure out how attractive a person is to it. The advice we gave you above doesn’t guarantee that that chemical reaction called “love” will happen in a girl’s head.

It’s impossible to make a person or a cat fall in love, and you have to accept that. If your attempts to get close to the girl have run into rejection on her part, do not get upset: just somewhere else there is the one waiting for you, who will fall in love with you and without complicated manipulations and insidious tactics applied from your side.

How to make a girl fall in love with you: 30 techniques for winning a woman’s heart

They say that love is a casual feeling only amateurs, but real professionals know how to win the heart of almost any girl. How to fall in love with a girl quickly, effectively, guaranteed and irrevocably? Great psychological ways to win women’s hearts from experienced catchers.

How to please a girl and win her?

When we meet a beautiful girl, we think about how to win her, fall in love, seduce her and make her our own. Often guys or men, trying to win a girl’s heart rely purely on luck and good luck, or past experience in relationships with the beautiful sex.

Men usually choose a straightforward strategy of winning when they show pressure and all their best qualities to please a girl. They spend a lot of money, beautifully woo and build themselves macho. But such a straightforward tactic does not always work with the girls, because the girls are sometimes not really interested in such a one-sided game.

Some men exhibit chivalry and gentlemanliness, and conquests girl like a tedious siege of the fortress. Other men are like sitting in an ambush, masquerading as friends or getting into a frenzy. But these choices of conquest are hopeless altogether.

Marlon Alves , Unsplash

How do you win a girl’s love? Winning a woman’s heart

1. Girls love a good-looking guy. Be as attractive as possible by pulling everything out of your looks, clothes, and style. Exercise to have a good physical shape and a nice figure. Buy beautiful clothes, focusing on quality. Girls fall in love with men’s looks too, whatever they say themselves.

2. Be proactive. Girls love enterprising men, so do not wait for the weather. Call for a date more often, call, write, send pricks. Make a girl’s life full of you and interesting entertainment. Show your imagination by taking the girl to beautiful places and interesting events. Girls appreciate a man’s initiative, because the most daring ones win them over.

3. Compliment your girlfriend. Give a girl the right compliments, noticing her efforts in appearance, deeds, character, goals. Say not that she has a beautiful dress or nice perfume, but that she looks stunning in that dress and smells appealing. Try to be sincere in your compliments, and praise not only her looks but also her inner qualities.

4. Flirt with the girl. Girls love to flirt with men, so learn how to flirt with them, use wordplay, touch topics on the edge and behave provocatively. Flirting always works. That’s the kind of game girls like.

5. Touch a girl. What kind of relationship can you have without touching? On any pretext touch the girl so that she gets used to your hands. Take her hand, give her a hand, fix a lock of hair, hold it behind her back, walk her over different parts of her body. Gradually, your hands can linger longer and longer, allowing yourself to touch her legs, ass, or breasts more frankly. Touching will speed up the seduction of the girl, weakening her defenses.

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10. Look into a girl’s eyes. Eye contact is often underestimated, and looking around, under a girl’s feet, or at her breasts is pretty silly. Try to make eye contact with the girl by looking into each other’s eyes. This usually ends with a kiss.

Megan Ruth , Unsplash

11. Talk dirty to your girlfriend. How do you win a girl’s heart? At times, take flirting from easy to harder and more obscene, but only when you’ve reached a certain level of relationship. Use ambiguities, provocations, dirty jokes, indecent innuendo, talk about intimacy. This will help you get into a very intimate relationship with your girlfriend sooner.

Use the hot-cold method. Periodically change your attitude towards the girl so she can’t understand how you feel about her. The girl should be worried about whether you like her or not. Let her not be too sure of herself and her feminine charms. This will make her lower the flag of her fortress and her underwear at the same time.

14. Don’t be perfect. People get too tired of smart people, nerds, moralists, and perfect people. When you’re a living person, with virtues and flaws, you’re more likely to be liked, because the girl isn’t perfect either.

15. Live your life. Don’t make the girl the center of your universe, but continue to live a rich and vibrant life. Make time for hobbies, friends, entertainment. You have a job, friendships, and a life outside of it. The girl will understand that you won’t be lost without her and you’re not putting her on a pedestal of reverence. The girl herself will try to enter your interesting life and be your soul mate.

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18. Make hints to the girl. Get the chemistry going between you two so the girl feels attracted to you. Hint to the girl about intimacy, your relationship, your feelings. She must see that she is not indifferent.

19. Smell good. Girls attach a lot of importance to smells. Take a shower every day and follow your hygiene to be neat and clean. Use antiperspirant and quality toilet water.

20. Be the bad guy. Being too good and kind is a bad idea for winning a woman’s heart. Be a little bit of a bad guy so she can see your dark side of character. No one likes the perfect and good guys, and bad guys make girls horny. Bad guys have a lot of brutality and masculinity that makes girls can’t resist.

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21. Make her miss you. Periodically disappear for a while or do your own thing so she has time to miss you a little. The girl will think more about you, which will help you win her heart faster.

22. Add romance. How to make a pretty girl fall in love with you, and especially touchy ladies? Girls love romantic acts, unexpected surprises and pleasant events. Without romance, love is not the same.

23. Don’t force events. How do you win a woman? Give the girl a chance to get used to you for a while, but don’t shock her with your pushing. Don’t hit on a girl when it’s obviously early, stupid or inappropriate. It’s like the train anecdote, when it’s better for a man to be quiet for half an hour than to talk a girl into intimacy for three hours.

Sabino Ocampo Alonso , Unsplash

26. Don’t criticize too much. Don’t push the girl and tell her what to do so you don’t turn into her parents. Give the girl a chance to be free to choose.

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