How to make a Capricorn man fall in love?

How to love a Capricorn man

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Figuring out how to love a Capricorn man is not easy. At times he seems cold, strict and it is difficult to establish intimacy with him. This can be discouraging at first. However, once you get to grips with the common characteristics of a Capricorn, it will become a little easier to get into his circle of approachable people and into his heart.

Don’t dig into his personal life. Capricorns are suspicious by nature. [1] X Source of Information If you put too much pressure on him to get information out, you’ll probably have a hard time gaining his trust. Don’t stick your nose into his past or other overly personal areas if you haven’t already gained his trust.

Be patient. The first thing you need to learn in order to fall in love with a Capricorn man is to enlist patience. Capricorn man does not give his love to just anyone. His trust will build gradually as you show him your serious intentions. [2] X Source of Information

Don’t blow the plans. If you have a date for a specific time, don’t be late. The Capricorn man likes to make concrete plans and looks for reliable partners who see things through. [3] X Source of information Canceling plans or making other last-minute changes without warning is likely to upset him.

  • Choose places outside the home with a conducive environment for conversation. Capricorns prefer quiet dinners in a restaurant or at home. Try not to bring him to noisy bars or parties. There he will only get bored or annoyed.

  • You don’t have to look stunning to get his attention. Capricorns put intelligence before beauty.
  • If you wear glasses, wear them. That way you will look more intellectual.

Attend business events. You are more likely to find a Capricorn man in places where he can climb the career ladder and improve his social status. This means that you are unlikely to meet a Capricorn man in familiar dating places like bars or nightclubs. His idea of an exciting night out is more of a corporate party. Look for the Capricorn man at work-related meetings, networking meetings, or social events such as a charity event.

How to fall in love with a Capricorn man: crush preferences


How to fall in love with a Capricorn man? The representatives of the strong sex born under this sign are gifted with confidence, calmness and enviable persistence in achieving their goals. They clearly know the path that should go and stubbornly move in the direction of the goal, without unnecessary words or emotions. Such behavior is characteristic not only in career advancement, but also in matters of love and family.

Who is a Capricorn man?

Typical striking examples that reflect the external and internal essence of this sign of the zodiac, are such colorful representatives of the strong half of mankind, such as Edgar Poe, Adriano Celentano, Kevin Costner, Muhammad Ali, Michael Schumacher, Nicolas Cage, David Bowie, Rod Stewart.

Character traits

Among those qualities that make a Capricorn man attractive to the weaker half of humanity, we should say first of all about reliability, calmness, a state of inner strength and thoroughness. A few surly and taciturn, even a little dry, they are the embodiment of masculinity is not in words but in actions. The sensual sphere is always under strict control. Representatives of this sign are able to easily control and suppress any emotional outbursts.

They are distinguished by an extreme insistence and persistence to achieve their goals. These qualities are relevant not only in the professional sphere, but also in love relationships. Order and persistence – that is the motto of the typical representative of the tenth zodiac sign.

On a side note. Confidence in Capricorns is combined with boundless self-confidence. They know that there can not be two opinions. Failures encountered on the way, can not stop them, but only strengthen the already insistent desire to achieve their goals.

Attitude towards life.

Has a realistic outlook on life. Practicality and equanimity, the search for the rational grain in all things – these are the signs that are easy to recognize a man, a representative of this sign. It is distinguished by a commitment to classical concepts of fashion, lifestyle, life structure, morality. Not capable of rash actions. Subjects to a thorough analysis of any action.

For him, it is extremely important how he looks in the eyes of his surrounding. For this reason, he is capable of exaggerating and embellishing his own achievements, real events and circumstances.

This is something to be aware of. A hypertrophied sense of duty rules Capricorn. He will never compromise, even if his views differ from those of others.

Relationship to loved ones and family

Family and relatives mean a lot to a Capricorn man. It may seem that he listens to the opinion of his relatives. To some extent, this is true, only it is always at his discretion.

At the same time, the support and opinion of loved ones is very important to him. Family for Capricorn is a bastion of stability, a reliable rear, a life support and a quiet quiet haven where you can be yourself.

Children are an important aspect of life for a Capricorn man. It combines tender paternal feelings and strictness, which he adheres to in matters of education. Capable enough to categorically impose their point of view. He is sincerely convinced that his family and relatives are shielded behind his broad back from any hardships and problems of the outside world. No one should question his loyalty and desire to provide confidence in the day ahead.


Does not boast a large number of friends. He is more of a lone wolf. He chooses his friends on the basis of status, of great importance is the social and financial status of the applicant. The exception is a strong friendship from school days, but only when they are willing to listen to him without question and not to question his conclusions and actions.

The inner world

One of the most secretive signs. His inner world hides under a mask of skepticism and pragmatism. In the depths of this monolith is a vulnerable and sensual essence, which is peculiar to engage in introspection and self-examination. However, the Capricorn man cannot allow even the slightest manifestation of his own weakness, so he tries to carefully guard his own experiences from interference from outsiders.

Career and finances

Perseverance and exceptional diligence, which the Capricorn man can boast of, are quite consistent with ambitious plans to occupy the highest positions at the top of the career ladder. As a rule, for the representatives of this sign, the issues of their own financial solvency and stability play a big role.

He knows how to make money. Financial worries do not scare him, and in the case of a fall, he will be ready to repeat the path again.

He has a dual attitude toward money: easily able to spend money for himself-lover, and not ready to be generous with women, with whom he sees no serious prospects. Despite his respectable appearance, he considers it quite acceptable to present a modest chocolate bar or a trinket as a gift.

That’s interesting. Not to invest money in something that will not bring further benefit is the motto that the Capricorn man follows in life.

Life pragmatism

This is how one can characterize the tactics and strategy that the Capricorn man follows. He easily makes the connections he needs, which he actively uses in satisfying his ambitions in life. When climbing up, he easily rejects and forgets those who helped him in his ascent.

What kind of women do Capricorn men like

With practicality and conservatism representatives of this horoscope sign approach the choice of a life partner. The typical Capricorn cannot be called generous in showing simple signs of attention, especially in public. Only if left alone, the man is ready to give his companion tenderness, affection and care, but with a reservation: the chosen one must be worthy.

Capricorn is a sign that comes to the choice of the lady of the heart with its inherent practicality and sobriety, carefully weighing and evaluating the pros and cons. Among the main virtues that a companion should possess are the following:

Limitless patience. Sometimes, to withstand the blatant rudeness and seeming indifference, which allows herself to her man in public, can not every woman. In addition, the chosen one should know that if there is a choice between a romantic date and urgent matters relating to official duties, her companion without a doubt will choose the second option as a matter of course.

Independence and obedience. Seemingly two mutually exclusive concepts. However, for a Capricorn man it is almost the same thing: he will appreciate and respect his chosen one for the independence of her views, but at the same time, she must understand and accept the correctness of his exclusive point of view.

Respect for close relatives. For such a man, as a caring and loving son, attention and respect for his parents and close relatives from the likely life partner is a must.

Housekeeping. Chosen must be able to manage the house, maintain comfort and perfect order, take care of a partner no worse than his mother did in her time.

Faith. Complete and undivided trust in everything that a Capricorn man does and says. Faith does not exclude the recognition of successes, praise and flattery, which are so necessary for the representatives of this sign.

Unobtrusiveness. The lady of the heart should be sympathetic to the desire of her man to periodically be alone with himself. Do not encroach on his personal space.

Superiority. The Capricorn man is attracted to women who stand above him in social, business, intellectual level. It is unlikely that a representative of this sign will look for a quiet housewife, a gray mouse. Much more chances to fall in love with such a man, becoming a business partner and like-minded person.

Enthusiasm. Constant activity and a thirst for activity – this is the state in which the Capricorn man himself resides and requires the same from his immediate environment. Even going on a romantic trip, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to be engaged in active recreation, but certainly not to bask in the sun.

Sexuality. Making love regularly is a life necessity. Even during an intimate relationship you should be ready for the fact that your partner will show persistence and pressure to achieve what you want.

Important. Despite the high requirements imposed by Capricorn to the choice of a companion, a man in love is able to make a woman truly happy. Family life with him is usually filled with harmony, full of events and interesting.

Signs and behavior of a Capricorn man in love

How to recognize that the representative of the tenth sign of the horoscope covered with love? Despite the ability to subordinate emotions to reason, there are sure signs that Capricorn has been carried away seriously and for a long time:

Persistently seeks out meetings. Restrained and withdrawn in everyday, everyday life, when serious feelings Capricorns can not ignore his desire to see his chosen one as often as possible.

Manifestations of jealousy. Owner by nature, this sign of the horoscope does not want to share the object of his passion with anyone. Harmless flirting, meetings with colleagues may be perceived as an attempt of betrayal.

Awakened eloquence. Normally reserved and verbose, Capricorn in love becomes extremely generous to compliments and long conversations, which are accompanied by gesticulation that is not typical in normal situations.

Willingness to listen to the interlocutor. Contrary to his own habits, he attentively and with interest supports the story of his interlocutor. Be sure that no detail of the narrative will not go unnoticed.

“Casual” touches. This is how he shows his chosen one his desire to reduce the distance and willingness to move to a more intimate relationship.

Acquaintance with parents and friends. Since for Capricorn his close environment plays an extremely important role, the desire to bring the lady of the heart into his circle can be viewed as a manifestation of real and deep feelings. Thus, he seeks and waits for support and approval of his choice.

Sight and care. The most reliable sign of falling in love are the shining eyes of a man, small signs of caring care when he spends time with his chosen one.

Changes in the structure of speech. The word “we” rather than “I” often slips into the conversation. This is a sure sign that the man sees himself and his companion as one, making plans for the future.

Willingness to compromise. It is well known that Capricorn is ready for any sacrifices for the sake of his career and raising his social status. However, if he postpones his affairs for the sake of a meeting with the lady of his heart, it is a sure sign of not simple love, but a deep sincere feeling.

An offer to live together. This means that the desire to see his woman every day in any environment, to feel her, so great that there can be no doubt in the truth of the deep attraction.

On a side note. A Capricorn man in love will not be in a hurry to fasten the bonds of marriage. In order to come to this decision, it takes a lot of time and deliberate approach. After all, for him the family is once and for all .

How to win a Capricorn man

Despite the apparent tendency to loneliness and aloofness from the outside, the owner of the tenth zodiac sign is in great need of understanding and a close family man nearby. They are capable of experiencing strong emotional outbursts, only they cannot afford to show them, considering such behavior a manifestation of weakness.

How to behave

Nobility, simplicity, restrained modesty, combined with business acumen and a sufficiently high level of intelligence – these are the qualities that he will certainly appreciate and, you can be sure, he will not miss the opportunity to win the owner of such a rare set. If you follow the simple rules of behavior, it is not that difficult to become the owner of the hand and heart of the representative of this sign. The chosen Capricorn should:

Demonstrate, unashamedly, her intellectual and business qualities.

Not to be intrusive and not to show excessive sentimentality.

Simplicity in all aspects of life and grace are qualities that will not go unnoticed.

Be able to sincerely admire the chosen one, no matter what it concerns: achievements in business, finances, household issues, sex.

Respect and honor family traditions of your loved one. If a woman could please her parents and relatives, you can safely say that the problem of how to conquer it forever, is practically solved.

As a side note. Frequent declarations of love, words of tenderness repeated with enviable constancy – this is an atypical behavior pattern for Capricorn men. However, if they stay around, it means that the inner work has already been done and the choice has been made.

What the stars say

Different relationships can develop differently for Capricorn with representatives of different zodiac signs:

Pushy, active and goal-oriented representatives of this sign have no difficulty at all in falling in love with a Capricorn. The natural energy inherent in the female Aries, intelligence and the ability to find a way out of almost any situation in life, can make the union of partners strong and stable.

Loving the comfort and thoroughness, it is difficult for women of this sign to understand the tendency to austerity and limitations of their partner. This union is difficult enough to become harmonious, to find common points of contact. However, to fall in love with Capricorn is quite possible, surrounding it with warmth, care and attention.

Constantly changing, extraordinary woman is not difficult to intrigue, conquer the heart, fall in love with a reserved Capricorn. Despite a high level of intelligence and a tendency to think through every step, a woman sign of Gemini is able to conquer the man childish naivety and seeming defenselessness.

These women have a natural ability to be loyal, caring wives and mothers. It is these qualities, shown in a relationship with a Capricorn, that will help create a lasting alliance and make her fall in love with you.

Manifestations of regal grandeur, magnanimity, exceptional style, the qualities inherent in a true lady, chic and respectability are what will help representatives of the sign not only to fall in love, but also to truly capture the heart of their chosen one.

Such an alliance will be very harmonious, provided that the chosen one will show her inherent natural qualities: practicality, reliability, thoughtfulness, wastefulness, tranquility and open-mindedness.

Not a good union, too different representatives of the two signs. However, if a woman manages to overcome her passion for stormy explanations of relations and learn to demonstrate her stability, self-sufficiency and poise, it is quite possible that she will be able to fall in love with Capricorn and the partnership will grow into something deeper.

Such an alliance is characterized by durability and reliability. Strong-willed, goal-oriented, knowing exactly what they want and achieving their goal are qualities that are close to Capricorn himself. That is why a girl Scorpio has practically no difficulty not just to fall in love with her partner, but to build a reliable long-term relationship with him.

It is almost an unbelievable union, because it is quite difficult for the windy and frivolous representative of this sign to fall in love with the thorough and conservative Capricorn.

The two Capricorns are connected by a strong stable relationship. They, like no one else, understand each other without unnecessary words and explanations. That is why the easiest way for a girl to fall in love with her chosen one is to be herself.

A difficult and almost impossible alliance. To fall in love with a Capricorn man can only the absence of mercenary interest, originality, reliability and, inherent in the representatives of this sign, kindness.

The sign of the Earth and Water, they will never fully understand each other. Detachment from the reality of the world around them, passion for long arguments, excessive dreaminess will hardly help to make the realistic and pragmatic Capricorn fall in love with her.

If you managed to win and fall in love with a man born under the sign of the Capricorn, you can be sure that this is a serious and lasting. Exactly this sign is able to become the best husband, father of the family, because for him the words about a reliable man’s back are not just a set of letters, but a guide to action.

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