How to make a boy fall in love with you?

How to get a middle school boy to like you

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Got your eye on a charming boy? Is he being indifferent and reserved? You’re in luck! It doesn’t take a genius to get a boy in high school to pay attention to you.

  • Surprise him with your outfits. If you’re a girl, wear that pretty floral dress when it’s hot outside, or that cute black sweater when it’s cold. Wear clothes that will accentuate your best features. Ask your girlfriends for advice on what suits you, or ask your mom. Your goal is to make him start noticing how well you dress every time he meets you. Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. You should look cute. However, keep in mind that many schools have uniform requirements – it should be social in nature and conform to generally accepted norms of business style.
  • Be neat and take care of hygiene. Take a shower at least once a day. If, for example, you train in the school team or study after classes, take a shower if possible. Wash your face in the morning and evening; you don’t want pimples to cover your beautiful face. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth! Unfresh breath can actually repel not only him, but also your school friends.
  • Smile. Smile when you talk to him or when he’s around. That way he’ll know he’s making you happy. Cast a glance at him during class; if he looks at you, smile and hold your gaze as long as possible without blinking. Show him that you are thinking of him and then look away as if nothing happened. Remember the measure – it’s only worth doing this a couple of times a day, no more.

  • Use a minimal amount of makeup. Makeup should accentuate your best features, not hide them. Learn to do natural makeup. He is more likely to tease you than flirt with you if you go overboard with makeup! If there is an event at school, all you need is some lip balm, foundation and mascara.
  • Experiment with your hair. Be yourself, do what you like, not him. Think about cutting bangs, straighten or curl your hair, in a word, find a hairstyle that suits you. Alternatively, just get a new hairstyle or makeup every once in a while.

  • Talk about friends in your class, something unusual that happened to you, or an event you’re both going to attend. If you find it difficult to keep the conversation going, ask as many questions as you can.
  • Make eye contact with him or her. The eyes are the mirror of your soul, and certainly one of the most attractive parts of your body. Make sure he sees them! If you focus your gaze on him, he’ll think he’s got your full attention. Don’t stare at him all the time or he will think there is something wrong with you. Look him in the eye when you talk to him; don’t look at his feet – that’s what insecure people do.
  • Laugh at his jokes. This applies even to unfunny jokes. That way he will feel appreciated. It should be said that you shouldn’t force yourself to laugh – it will sound fake. If the joke is about you, come up with a funny response. This is a kind of flirting.

Tease him. Don’t make fun of him, but make jokes. Have fun, and if you want to flirt a little bit, offer to wrestle him in your arms. That way you can hold his hand.

  • Gently touch his arm or knee if he’s sitting across from you. Touch his shoulder when you ask him to explain to you the task you have been assigned for homework. Doing schoolwork together is a great reason to touch him.
  • When he makes a funny joke or teases you (flirting), tap him lightly on the shoulder. Your body language will tell him that you like his attention.
  • If you’re brave enough, put your hand on his shoulder or push each other a little under the table. You can sit on his desk during recess. You can also send your boyfriend air kisses to get him interested.
  • Tickling is a great way to flirt. Many guys don’t like to be tickled, so you have to be the host. Mention that you are ticklish and let him find your weak spots. It’s a good idea to start with places like his legs and move on to his ribs and sides.
  • Play with his hair. Don’t overdo it, or he’ll think you’re weird and will shun you.

  • If you feel uncomfortable around his friends, there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t avoid them and don’t go away if you see them approaching.
  • Enlist the help of your siblings. If you are about the same age, you probably have a lot to talk about. Even better if his brother is friends with your sister – suggest they go to a movie or amusement park together.

  • Don’t forget to listen! Recall a detail he mentioned in the conversation to prove that you’re a good listener. (Don’t overdo it or he’ll think you’re stalking him.)
  • Try to find out what you have in common. Do you play guitar or like the same bands? Offer to play together! Do you both play sports? Have a friendly match.

  • Does he play sports? Attend competitions he participates in and cheer for him. Ask him when the next match is and wish him luck if you can’t make it. See if he tries to find you in the stands.
  • Encourage him when he is sad. Everyone has bad moments in life, so cheer him up. Surround him with your concern, and he’ll respond in kind.
  • Don’t discuss the attractiveness of other guys with him. Otherwise, he will think that you like another guy and not him. If you like several boys at the same time, decide for yourself which of them you want to continue the relationship with, and date only him. If your chosen one finds out that you like two guys, he won’t feel special.

  • You probably know this, but you still shouldn’t expect to be productive during these activities. Your attention will be on something else, and that’s okay! Just prepare for a test in a day or two. Some work will have to be done, though. If you invite a guy to study together, but all you do is talk, it will look weird.

  • Ask him to carry your backpack. Tell him, “Sash, I have such a heavy backpack. You’re so strong, can you help me carry it?” If he says yes, he probably likes you, and he likes that you think he’s strong.
  • If you want to say something to one of your friends while he’s here, tell him to cover his ears or step back a little. That way he’ll want to hear your conversation even more, and you’ll know he cares.

  • If one of your friends likes him, you should discuss who “gets” him. If you don’t come to a fair decision (like who liked him first, who he chooses, and so on), you should move on.
  • If you decide to defer to his girlfriend and they work things out, don’t hold it against her. Continue your friendship. Be happy for them and realize that you will have many more boyfriends in the future.

  • Often, once a guy finds out a girl likes him, he starts looking at her differently. Even if he doesn’t reciprocate, he may start to subconsciously think about the traits he likes in you and why you might make a great girl.
  • Shy boys don’t always dare tell other people how they feel or don’t know how to do it. If you like a shy boy and he doesn’t seem interested, he’s probably just nervous and doesn’t know what to do. If he is shy, try to make him feel comfortable around you. Spend time in places where he is most comfortable.

  • If he feels he can’t keep up with you, he will get nervous and may decide that you are not his stock in trade. If you are socially active, invite him to walk with you and your friends. That way he will have a chance to be around you outside of school and in your natural environment. He shouldn’t think you can never be found. If you bring him into your company, make sure he feels comfortable.
  • Don’t forget your commitments, or you may seem like a failure to him. Surround yourself with interesting activities and friends whether he likes you or not. If he likes you, your life will only get better. If he doesn’t like you, you have enough worries and fun in your life without him!

  • Don’t try to be someone else. He will like you just the way you are. Surely you have something in common. And if not, he is not worth your attention – move on.

  • Ask him, “Would you like to go out with me sometime?” If he says yes, you’ve done your job. Smile and tell him you have to go. Then walk away without looking back. Everything is in his hands now.
  • Offer to go to a movie or a school game together. An invitation to a movie will look a little like a date, but you can invite your friends. An invitation to a school game doesn’t have to be a “date.” You can just spend time together.

Write him secret letters . If he’s not yet impressed, try leaving him love notes. Write him a playful letter from a secret admirer and leave it next to his locker. Leave a secret code word such as “flower” at the end of each note and indicate that he should say that word to the one who writes these letters. After the first week, hint that it’s you – write something about his interests in the note and then discuss them with him. When he realizes you have something in common, he’ll probably give you a chance.

How to get a boy to like you at school – your first steps

To a girl/woman

One of the most interesting times of your life is high school. No matter how difficult, uninteresting, or boring school was, that time is always remembered with quiet sadness later in life. For any girl’s school – it is an opportunity to find friends, girlfriends, to meet here its first sympathy. Often, this sympathy develops into a feeling for both girls and boys.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re 11, 12 or older, falling in love comes without asking your age.

Of course, every girl, even the ugliest, wants to like the person she likes. But she does not know how to fall in love with a classmate, or a boy from another class. How to like a boy at school? Let’s try to understand the difficult situation, and find solutions.

Why do girls like the guys with whom they study at school?

  • The main reason is that the girls spend a lot of time with them, especially if they are classmates. Studying in different classes, you constantly cross paths at recess, general school activities, on the way to school and home. When you constantly see a handsome and interesting guy, it is difficult to make it so that you do not like him. How to like a boy in 1 day at school? Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe in success!
  • When else to fall in love, as not in the school years? The coolest, most carefree time. Where, if not at school, you can get to know a guy, assess his qualities: whether he knows how to be a friend, how he treats girls, whether he has serious hobbies, his character.
  • The strongest and most fun companies are those at school, and their peculiarity is that you can have fun and interesting time outside of school.

Finally, you like the guy, sympathy for him becomes more and more, and you realize that you need to do something to also like him. We offer girls answers to the question: how to make a guy fall in love with you 10 ways.

10 ways to get a guy to like you at school

  1. Remember: looks are a woman’s main weapon . Every girl is beautiful in her own way, but if you need a guy to like you, you have to try. Guys do not like flashy looks, most of them like the owners of natural beauty, so stick to minimal makeup. Any guy will always pay attention to the clothes the girl is wearing, provided that they are not jeans and pants, but dresses and skirts. Make sure that these clothes are not too short and tight. Remember that your task is to please, not to provoke the guy with his provocative appearance. Sometimes a too short skirt or revealing cleavage can repel a young man.
  2. Simplicity – that’s the power! Try to make your behavior as close to natural as possible, you don’t have to try to be better than you really are. Smile as often as possible, and try to be in a good mood. Cheerful girls like guys, and attract attention to themselves. A sincere smile makes any guy pay extra attention to the girl.
  3. Obsessive people try to avoid , remember that. There is a golden mean. Girls often act silly from excessive feelings – they follow the guy, and then run away giggling. You can not do that, it’s indecent. Do not show that you’re in love. How to fall in love with a guy at school? If you study in different classes, you should try to cross paths at school more often, but such meetings should not be intrusive and look like stalking.
  4. Surprise and try to be different . To do this, you need to use the best traits of character, focusing on them. For example, today you are a dreamy and thoughtful person, and tomorrow you are a cheerful and mischievous girl. And don’t think that if you’re not the first beauty, you need to crouch in a corner and keep your head down! Beauty is important, but they don’t love you for your beauty. Look around: there is a pair of lovers walking together: she is nothing special, but she is acting with dignity, and next to him: a handsome, interesting man. Or vice versa. The main thing in a person is not beauty, but character and charisma!
  5. Do not ignore your self-development . How does a classmate like you? Develop your intelligence and work on improving your personality. This also applies to the Internet. There are so many opportunities now to learn new things, and things that you can argue and talk about. Working on yourself will help you not only to interest the guy, but also to become better and more interesting to yourself and others. Find out what his favorite movies, games, and so on are. You need to be aware of everything.
  6. Color is a very powerful energy that helps in relationships. Just recently, 100 years ago, lovers gave each other the same color items of clothing: ribbons, scarves, silk scarves, and even camisoles and outerwear. Why do you think that is? To look like a couple! If you know how the guy you’re in love with dresses – dress in his style, in his colors, to look like a couple with him. If you’re already communicating with a guy, then build your communication intelligently. For example, try to praise him, but do it unobtrusively and on visible merits.
  7. Patience – this is also very important! Try to be patient and be able to wait. Remember that it takes time for the guy to show interest in you, especially if your communication before that was minimal.
  8. Believe in yourself and in your abilities. It’s hard to get someone to like you if you don’t like yourself and you’re constantly looking for flaws. Note your strengths, if you have weaknesses – try to work on getting rid of them. Confident girls like a lot of guys.
  9. Sometimes you have to take the initiative first, because young people are more shy than girls. Not everyone is ready to make the first step and start communicating.
  10. Thoughts have a way of turning into reality, so think more about the good. How to like a guy at school? Imagine that a guy likes you too, your first conversation, your first date. These dreams could well become a reality, provided you put some effort into it.

We also need to remind you that there are many things you shouldn’t do towards a young man, as they can only push you away.

What shouldn’t you do if you want a guy to like you?

  • Don’t try to get attention with defiant behavior. Many girls think that if they dramatically start smoking, or drinking alcohol, the guy will pay attention to it. In most cases he will, but his approval of such behavior should not be expected.
  • You don’t need to become a friend to the guy. A girl friend rarely becomes the other half, so clearly define for yourself what you want from this person.
  • Don’t rush the time, and don’t expect quick results. Achieve your goal gradually, boys, to some extent, also like to be won over. And even more they like girls legible, and with a sense of dignity. Don’t tell everyone you know about your new crush. There is no telling what kind of information will reach the person you like. Trust only the most trusted and closest people.
  • The worst question you can ask a guy you like is whether he likes kids.
  • Don’t impose your society. You shouldn’t follow a guy everywhere, call him all the time, and leave lots of messages on social media. A girl who doesn’t give a quiet pass is only repulsive, not the other way around. In the case of this behavior, the young man will have the desire to limit communication, because he will have only unpleasant emotions from him.

Well, if you find out that the guy you like already has a girlfriend, you should not despair. Life is striped like a zebra! Today you have no luck, but tomorrow it will be different! Try different ways and means to get reciprocal sympathy.

And take note: even if your love – not mutual, and the boy does not look in your direction, it is not a tragedy. It is important that you learned how to feel beautiful feelings, and so you became spiritually richer! Being able to present yourself, being in a good mood, being confident and communicative are indispensable things in your life.

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