How to look to get a guy to like me?

What attracts men to women? Appearance – not important?

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All women’s magazines say how to please a man. You have to follow fashion, but not too much, or guys do not like the eyebrows and lips halfway down the face. Dress in style, but not like boyfriends and oversize coats. And not like the girl from the movie Pretty Woman. Exercise, but do not post selfies of the heel on Instagram.

And no videos of your jiu-jitsu fights either. Work is a must. But if you are the boss, and he – a simple streetcar driver, it will not work. You won’t like you, and you’ll be subjected to a barrage of public condemnation. We are taught to be perfect. Meanwhile, on the covers of men’s magazines for 20 years now, about the same girl. And in a relationship the stronger sex enters with many different. What’s the point?

How a man could like her appearance: image, face and hair

The truth they say, triggers like red lipstick, lips halfway down the face and huge eyebrows do not like everyone, and not always. A face should look like a normal face. But beautiful. The “rich girl face” trend, which came to us from Instagram, should be simplified:

    The complexion should be healthy, but the highlighter shiny cheekbones, chins and noses only the trendy beauticians like. A guy can spend half the evening wondering what you have on your face, and that “what” he definitely won’t like;
  • High cheekbones – good, as long as they are not “attached” a round face. All together looks unnatural, so it’s better to stick to the shape that nature gave you.

Important: the “right” face must look like yours, given by nature, not the photo of Angelina Jolie. Even if the guy and a fan of the actress, there is a risk of confusing you with another similar girl who has invested the cost of a small apartment in the redesign of the appearance.

  • Hair is a separate eternal topic. Femininity gurus write that beauties with stylish haircuts have little chance against those who grow it out, do keratin, and forever walk around with their hair down. In fact, guys go out with both. All that matters is that the hair looks well-groomed and healthy, not rolling into dreadlocks from washing with conditioner.
  • Some hairstyles with shaved temples and the back of the head are not taboo either. It’s a question of who you decide to charm and how much of it is yours. Of course, do not do on his head hairstyle Viking, if you stranger to this culture and you work as an operator in a bank. The main code – relevance.
  • But everyone’s favorite eyelash extensions and tattooing like men, only if they are made almost invisibly, so they do not differ from natural. When a girl “builds up as God” and wears on her eyelashes rhinestones, feathers and other ornaments, perhaps not everyone will like it, and at first acquaintance have to convince that you too are interesting.

Why some guys do not like the “face of a rich girl

You spent five of your monthly salaries at the beautician, you ate only buckwheat and kefir for six months to save up for all the manipulations, and they confuse you with other girls? Men really aren’t always invested in the faces of new acquaintances. Especially if those very faces really resemble each other. Girls who make a fashionable “rich girl face” lose, in their opinion, the individuality.

However, there is information that guys simply do not want to link their lives with someone who will require money for “care and tuning”. And what can you do, these days people are becoming more and more mercantile. Your iPhone is closer to your body.

Between trends, sexiness and attractiveness

Trends change, and every year designers throw out something blatantly asexual from men’s perspective. They want to see hips, breasts, a waist, but not in the uniform of a girl with low social responsibility.

And designers want us to:

  • Wear oversize sweaters with boyfriend jeans and flat-soled sneakers;
  • Complement the images with “ski” hats and round glasses;
  • T-shirts with cartoon prints were worn until adulthood;
  • Or, conversely, to wear cocktail dresses with cutouts on the stomach and back, tight as a second skin, and complemented them with 12 cm heels and a platform

Meanwhile, the boss will not be happy with either the first or the second, if you have a dress code in the office. Therefore, girls pull on boring midi skirts, cardigans in the style of “I’m a Soviet engineer” and armed with universal bags for papers, laptops and much more, including lunch.

Almost any man would prefer a girl in a dress that emphasizes the waist and hips or breasts, or a skirt and an appropriate blouse, or tight jeans and a stylish, but not “baby” top to all this binge of trends.

So for a walk it is better to choose skinny jeans with a high waist and a short top with a cardigan or a jacket, which will soften the image, and for work pick up a few dresses that will emphasize the figure, and moderately close it, but not turn you into something in a designer hoodie.

Defiantly sexy images in dresses “second skin” leave for a third date, or for a campaign to the club, to find there a guy for one night. You can also do a photo shoot on Instagram. In real life, they are not very relevant.

Do brands matter?

If your boyfriend doesn’t work in fashion and isn’t on the Forbes list, it’s unlikely that you should pay much attention to brands. Yes, you’ll have to invest in a closet to get into the rich people’s hangout. But usually it’s enough a few expensive details – glasses, a bag, shoes, and one “iconic” dress or jeans, to make it clear that you’re all right with the finances.

For men not from the fashion world, Zara looks about the same as Kenzo and all together they look like a dress from the nearest runoff but newer, and that one is replenished from Aliexpress. In general, you don’t have to pay too much attention to brands, and spend time following all the fashion trends.

The closet should be closer to the classic, with some details. But all these rules do not work if you like creative guys from the music, advertising or literary scene. Here you have to “match the image to the target audience. Look who is dressed in this environment, and choose images that emphasize the strengths of the figure and hide flaws.

Is your figure necessary?

There’s a whole bunch of questions. Some still believe the golden rule from the 90’s of the last century, that only thin people are loved.

Others are trying to embody the athletic ideal of our time with prominent glutes but rather thin legs. Others have long since let the situation go, and just work with what they have. They are, by the way, the most promising in terms of dating.

Interview 10 guys off the street, and everyone will like different types of girls. Nowadays, it is common to condemn the obese, but they are also “at risk” of being in the field of male attention. Therefore, to be a “shapely standard” is not necessary.

But there are things that repel most men. It is a “showcase”, that is an intentional demonstration of all the advantages of the figure at once, and a complete lack of care for the body. Yes, the extra weight can be, but if its owner is healthy, active, stylishly dressed and smiling, she knows how to please a man. But if she sits in a corner as a sad, fat kitty, I don’t think so.

If you believe what guys write on the Internet, they are repulsed:

  • “Hanging” triceps, thighs, and flabby skin;
  • Demonstration of ungroomed armpits, and the presence of leg hair;
  • The combination of ultra-short shorts and not the world’s fittest heel;
  • Rope-wrapped sausage style outfits on full girls.

Interesting to know: some plus-size girl lovers won’t admit it to their friends in life. They are susceptible to social stereotypes, and will tell you how much they love skinny girls until they meet their girl with shapes.

Breasts as a way of self-expression

If for a man the indicator of wealth is a car and a watch, then for a girl, in addition to a car and a watch, you also need a certain size of breasts and lips to “pump up.” In the past decade, silicone breasts were a sort of attribute of the rich life. Today it can make any Muscovite, if you save 2-3 months, and will go, for example, in the clinic of plastic surgery in the regional center.

Girls grow up with the conviction that personal life will not work without a full-fledged “third size”, and guys are not so straightforward in this matter. Some people do not like the miracle of plastic surgery at all, others would prefer not to know about plastic surgery, others are happy with artificial breasts, but would not want to pay for it if their girlfriend needs it.

In general, doing breasts for the sake of liking men – it’s a lottery. Maybe your chosen one does not like artificial roundness?

How to behave with men: a brief instruction

If you need the shortest instruction, it’s as follows: “Listen more, talk less. Almost every guy, except for deep introverts and drug dealers, will happily broadcast about his work, hobbies and generally about everything. When getting acquainted, it’s better to keep the conversation going rather than to direct it, to see if it makes sense to continue communicating with this person, and how interesting he is.

Lev Vozhevatov, a blogger and relationship-building expert, says that:

  • You have to literally look into the mouth, give in, and eliminate sharp corners in the conversation;
  • Be sure to laugh at a man’s jokes, even if he is not very good at them;
  • Do not criticize, do not judge, and in general approach the conversation with the goal to make a relationship, not to show how smart, ironic, and interesting you are

Intelligent flirting – a whole art, there really are volumes written on how to be attractive and remain yourself, but the most important rule – do not behave as if you were the heroine of the series about dating. Sincere interest must be present. But if you have to imitate it, it is better to look for another guy.

How to please a man when the relationship is developing

Most sources agree on one thing. Girls should not be too intrusive, and constantly “write and get in your face. They advise you to just live your life. But what to do if you have no hobbies, boring job, and the real pastime – is soap operas and correspondence with guys?

It’s better to write reviews of soap operas than to post pieces of correspondence with guys. The myth that men don’t watch girls’ social media has let many people down. After all, if your account is full of screenshots, you may get the impression that she and corresponds just to post it later and laugh.

The most “advanced seekers” recommend the following:

  • Create activity on social media as if you’re actually doing something, not just cups of coffee and meetings with girlfriends, but business meetings, attending seminars, training, work;
  • It is better to post a photo from the seminar on business (strictly not networking), and not from another hookah house, even if in reality you go to hookah houses more often;
  • Club-format leisure – only in Stories, and no more than once a week, and then create a negative image of a professional party girl, and seeker of adventures for one night;
  • Nails, hair, eyelashes, and other visits to beauty salons – in dosage. It’s better to just post selfies than to devote sheets to the topic of self-care. For beauty blogging, make a separate account from your personal one. Men do not like “professional beauties;
  • Photos with family and parents are welcome. The image of “independent and single” should be diluted with something.

In general, Instagram of a girl who wants to be liked, should look completely normal, and create the impression that the girl is not a professional seeker of happiness.

But at the same time, we are advised to carefully choose clothes, selfies poses and take photos only so that it really emphasizes beauty. And also – do not abuse filters, and do not change the face beyond recognition with makeup.

The most important rule is that you have to like a man. And then it remains only to behave naturally, and everything will happen by itself. Well, if he stubbornly ignores you, maybe you should look around. What if there are better options?

How to please a man: 10 Commandments of a real woman

In this article we will tell you how to please a man and what to do to do. Tastes of men around the world are similar in many ways, so to determine the general type of ideal woman will not be difficult.

We will tell you a few tricks that will help you get closer to the “ideal of beauty”, and thus – to attract the attention of many men.

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What kind of women men like

Modern men are quite fastidious, so in order to meet their “standards” will have to try. No matter how we do not try to convince ourselves that the stronger sex only pay attention to our inner qualities, it’s not so. Men “love with eyes” and it’s a fact, so whatever fine features you have, it is unlikely that your chosen one will notice them for a stretchy sweater and disheveled hair. So, how does the “ideal woman” in the eyes of men?


No one has been interested in inner beauty for a long time, and even if someone tries to discern it, it’s only after an evaluation of appearance. To begin with, there are no ugly women – there are only lazy ones. So the first thing you should take care of is your appearance. In order to please a man, you need:

  • Join a gym. Fashion for “pudgy” works only on the catwalk, and for a need to watch. It is unlikely your man will like the folds on his stomach, fattened for a long winter. Start going to the gym at least twice a week, and in a couple of months you will not only look stunning, but feel like a real queen;
  • Start taking care of your hair. For men, long hair – a sign of femininity, so they scary as not like when women cut short. Forget about practicality, and begin to take care of their locks, regularly visiting the beauty salon. Believe me, the representatives of the stronger sex can not resist such a weakness as a luxurious long locks;
  • Every day to apply makeup. We are talking about a lightweight daytime makeup, which will emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. Despite the desire of many girls to stand out from the crowd, using dark colors in the makeup, men do not think this idea is quite successful. They prefer a natural beauty, which should be emphasized just a little bit. In addition, a girl with bright makeup looks older;
  • To dress femininely. If there is a choice to wear a dress or pants – always choose a dress. For men, the dress represents the image of femininity, so girls in this outfit will always attract their attention. In addition, play with combinations of colors that are most suitable for you. And do not forget about choosing a suitable style, which can be used not only to hide the flaws, but also to emphasize the advantages.

Remember that men like to look at well-groomed women who know their worth. Start with minimal changes, and very soon you will get used to the rapturous gaze of the men around you.


Any man would like to see his chosen one as a caring, trusting and compassionate woman. In part, men are looking for the future companion of the qualities that are used to see in his mother. Learn to believe in your man, and you’ll see how grateful he will be to you for this. Whatever failures pursued him, repeat that he will succeed, because he is strong, and therefore – can cope with any problems.

Men are so accustomed to the fact that women blame them for all the troubles of the world, so imagine how your chosen one will be surprised when, instead of the usual disapproval hears from you words of support. A woman who believes in the strength of his man, falls into the soul and remains the “main” in his life.


No matter how sad your experience in a relationship with an ex-boyfriend was, do not allow yourself to dwell on it. Even if you were betrayed in the past, try to let the situation go and move on. Not all men are “the same,” but in order to see this, you will have to open up to your new chosen one. A man feels when a woman treats him with a share of mistrust, increasingly close to him.

In this case, the openness refers not only to the relationship with the man, then to life in general. Only an open person can develop, and thus – to become better. Do not close to the world just because you once betrayed, because you expect a new, different relationships.


Men like to feel in charge in a relationship, because this is the only way they can show all their masculinity and responsibility. They like to see a weak and fragile girl next to them, who needs the help of her strong man. Only in this way a man can feel his importance, and will constantly strive for more.

Femininity should be present not only in the appearance of a young person, but also in her character traits. The habit of many women to take on “male responsibilities” destroys the image of a true woman, resulting in a man ceases to strive for something, and even dropping his hands. So step over his “I am myself” and allow your chosen one to feel like a man.

Shaped image is appealing to most men, so you have a good chance to please his chosen one. However, for this you will have to work a little on themselves, forgetting about their own principles and desires.

How to please a grown man

Mature men are characterized by a wealth of experience, so our usual tricks in this case will be inappropriate. The only way out – to be truly honest with her chosen one, opening him the “real self. Adult male will appreciate your efforts to please him, but do not overdo it. How to act if you like a man older than you? Start with simple steps:

  • Get to know as much as you can about him. Before you meet an older man, it’s a good idea to find out if his heart is in it. If you are hoping for a serious relationship, then the romance with a married man you definitely do not need;
  • Do not change dramatically. It’s not just about appearance, but also your inner world. Too rapid changes can be perceived by a man as a sham, which may discourage him. The best way out in this case is to remain yourself;
  • Develop yourself intellectually. A mature man is unlikely to pay attention to the dumb girl, pretending to be an intellectual, so you have to seriously engage in their development. To begin with, start reading more, keep up with the news and trends in the art world;
  • Don’t impose. Regardless of the man’s age, he likes to feel like a “hunter”, so a share of restraint in this case will not be superfluous. If he really liked you, he will let you know about it, inviting you to the next date first.

Too great difference in age may be an obstacle in such a relationship, but if people are about the same intellectual development, the age ceases to play a role. The main thing – be yourself in any situation.

How to like a young man

Men basically like older women, because they are more experienced in terms of intimacy than most young girls. Of course, young guys in the first place “take the bait” on your appearance, and if you have something to show, then we can say that the deal is done. How do you make a man fall in love?


Dress according to the “trends” of the season, which will allow you not to stand out against the background of modern girls. Give preference to a light makeup, avoiding dark colors, so you will look fresh and natural. And don’t forget to keep your body toned.

Use your wisdom.

If a young guy needs good advice – share your opinion with him. Perhaps it is his great experience and wisdom that will help you win the heart of this man. In fact, all men are children, so your help to him can be very useful.

Don’t be pushy.

Your assertiveness can only alienate the young man, which means you should give him the opportunity to act on his own. Men like to play the “knights,” so give him that role.

How to like an ex-male

To like a man with whom you share a past together, you do not have to try much. It is enough to look stunning, and he will realize what a big mistake he made. In addition, a little kindness in his direction also does not hurt, show him that you are better.

Do not forget how jealousy affects men, and take advantage of this. Naturally flirt with the men around you in his presence, and see what happens.

How to get a man to like you at work

Impress a young man in a working environment can only be achieved with one weapon – flirting. However, take your time with this, because first you need to create a good friendly relationship, and only then begin to act.

Joint business trip will be an ideal opportunity to get to know each other. Ask your colleague about his hobbies, find common topics, for example, discuss the last movie you went to the theater last time. If we go together on a business trip and did not have to, find a man in social networks and add him as a “friend”. There is nothing criminal about it, and you will be able to keep in touch with him at any time of day.

Look and feel: How to dress for a man to like you

You can make a stunning first impression on a man easily enough – a seductive outfit that will be appropriate in any situation. It is important to find “the one” outfit that combines modesty and sexuality, from which men simply “go crazy”. How to tell a man that you like him, with the help of the outfit?

Red article of clothing

At a subconscious level, every man perceives red as a signal that a woman craves attention. A small accessory of red color will certainly attract the eyes of others, especially of the stronger sex. Whether it’s a purse in hand or a lipstick on the lips, you are sure to be noticed.

Stockings and heels

Such a simple item of clothing as stockings can be considered a real weapon of seduction. Men like a slender leg in elegant stockings and high heels, this can be considered a full sexual fantasy. Why not to translate it into life? However, with such a piece of clothing you should be careful and use it correctly. Wear stockings under a skirt or dress length just above the knee, otherwise elegance will turn into vulgarity.

Sexy dress code.

If you are at work, and there is nothing else to attract the attention of men except a strict suit – take advantage of this. Men turn on the image of a strict teacher, so you should somewhat transform your usual costume. Undo a couple of buttons on her blouse, wear a close-fitting pencil skirt – and the man is yours. Be resist such a seductive image is unlikely to be at least one man.

10 Commandments to please a man

Every woman at least once in her life tried to please a man, showing off in front of him in a seductive outfit and playfully shooting his eyes in his direction. In order to know exactly how to please a man, a wise woman should remember the basic commandments.

  1. Inner peace. Men are attracted to women who really enjoy their lives. If you have learned to enjoy every new day, then success in attracting men to you for sure.
  2. Love yourself. Self-confident women attract many men, because they understand that such a young person is capable of love and care. If you have accepted yourself for who you are, then – you are ready to accept all the advantages and disadvantages of his companion.
  3. Comfort in the relationship. A man can feel completely comfortable only next to a woman who creates all conditions for this. If you do not throw tantrums on the spot and do not blame his man “for all the sins,” then your partner will feel calm.
  4. The desire to love. A wise woman accepts her chosen one with all his faults, because love is not looking for ideals. A man feels when a woman accepts him for who he is, without demanding anything in return, which is called love.
  5. Generosity in love. Representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to women who are coming from love. If she is able to bestow her love and warmth to the whole world, then she will be the most beloved and desired for his man.
  6. Man is God. For a man, the ideal woman is the one who considers him the most important person in his life. Such a woman inspires, comforts and accepts. Try to be that kind of woman for your chosen one.
  7. The ability to be enchanted. Only a woman in love with life can give inspiration to her man. She has her own little secrets, romance and mystery comes from her. If a woman can admire simple things, then she can charm her man again and again.
  8. The ability to inspire. A real woman excites in a man the desire to show all his best qualities, without imposing with annoying “you have to. Men like it when a woman knows how to control their charms, inspiring him to new feats.
  9. Be feminine. Men do not accept the feminist views of many women, because in their view a woman should be the keeper of the home. Even if you feel that you are stronger than his chosen one, do not stop to portray the helplessness, and your man will appreciate it.
  10. The ability to be benevolent. For men, it is unbearable to be in a conflict situation for a long time, which is why many of them run away from hysterical women. It is worth learning to behave with restraint and friendly even in a quarrel, and not to throw insults in the direction of the partner.

To really like a man can only sincere woman who is not accustomed to hiding their feelings. To attract the attention of the stronger sex can not only be seductive outfit and red lips, but its natural femininity, which comes from within.

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