How to like a Virgo man?

How to like a Virgo man: 10 tips

How to like a Virgo man: 3 main positive and negative character traits + horoscope compatibility + 10 tips + 3 basic mistakes.

Have you ever been lucky enough to meet an intelligent, well-mannered, collected, economical guy? We can say with 99.9% probability that this hybrid of Hugh Grant and George Clooney is a Virgo, because only this zodiac sign can combine so many virtues.

Ask us, what can you do to impress this unicum to your heart’s content?

No problem! We have prepared the best tips on how to please a Virgo man .

But first, let’s understand what kind of “fruit” it is.

Full characteristics of the object to understand how to like a Virgo man

The 3 main positive qualities of a Virgo man: yes he is practically perfect!

Over a cup of coffee (or a shot of cognac – as one likes it), it makes sense to think about the blue eyes of a Virgo man and how to like him, because he:

Even if you manage to burn through his favorite shirt with an iron in one day, scratch his car, and be a whole hour late for a date, he won’t yell like a lunatic, but just shake his head cringly.

Virgo – a man almost never “suffers for crap”, spending all his free time on soccer, beer, and computer “shooters”.

Virgo is usually reliable and successful.

But, unfortunately, it’s not all so “sugar-coated. There are your ideal Virgo man’s “joints” as well.

The 3 main negative qualities of a Virgo man: you can live with it!

A Virgo man can be liked, but be prepared for the fact that he:

is secretive, like an undercover CIA agent, and even then, even when there is nothing much to hide.

Virgo is often as vindictive as the Count of Monte Cristo.

Who can like a Virgo man, not even particularly bothered: horoscope compatibility from astrologers

The followers of Nostradamus have their own view on how a Virgo man can like him – all you need to do is to be born under the constellation of Taurus, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn:

10 tips on how to get a Virgo man to like you: take it on board!

Surpass your beloved Virgo in the pursuit of order and cleanliness.

Porcelain elephants, symmetrically arranged on your sideboard, will bring such a man into a real awe. And if the dishes, creaking with cleanliness, sorted in the kitchen cabinet by size and color – that’s it, sign up for a manicure, because you soon will wear a wedding ring from Virgo.

“My Virgo husband is the personal driver for the owner of the city’s largest construction firm. So he dresses better than the chief: he can easily put on wrinkled jeans and seen his life T-shirt, and my Sergei starching collars and stains from snow-white sneakers wipes off every night! What can I say? A virgin! – says Natasha from the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky.

To like Virgo – a man, become an activist for the movement “Naturalness and femininity – above all!

No, we’re not saying that you can forget about waxing until the end of days, but it’s time to scrap your favorite lace dress length “one finger below your butt,” remove the snake tattoo on the left breast and learn to put on your face one layer of foundation less.

To get rid of a Virgo boyfriend with a dinner in the form of a slice of tomato and a crust of bread will not be possible.

To really “hook” a Virgo man, you can only forget about spending forever.

No sixth pair of sandals in a season. Even if they are pink! Even if they have rhinestones!

For a Virgo man to become the most amazing lover in your life, sing “odes” to his bedtime achievements as often as you can.

Count on a serious relationship with such a man can only a young lady practical and down-to-earth in a good way.

“In any unclear situation” try to remain calm.

Erudition is also an important trait to like Virgo.

So send women’s magazines to the furnace, and while they’re burning out, download Stephen Hawking’s “A Short History of Time” or TED lectures to your tablet.

Don’t demand Italian passions from your dear Virgo: he’s unlikely to write “Sveta, I love you!” on the pavement, but he will certainly buy that Sveta some runny nose drops, a year’s worth of smelly tissues and a couple of pounds of lemons if she catches a cold.

To win the intelligent Virgo, don’t forget good manners.

Divorce and maiden name: 3 types of girls who have nothing to think about to please a Virgo man

Relax and enjoy your relationship with another guy, and don’t mess with your head about getting a Virgo man to like you if:

you are the “first girl in the village,” that is, you do not give a bread to you – let you show off in front of others.

Even dating a guy Virgo, you do not miss the opportunity to “let the hell out” of the eyes of a handsome colleague.

You will definitely not like a Virgo man if imaginary flaws in appearance and character have settled on you, like hungry children.

Virgo man – what is he like? How to attract his attention?

Answers to these and other questions you will find in the video:

Now you know exactly how not to “squander” your personal happiness, and to please a Virgo man: throw him delicious pies, please the eye with a “licked” clean apartment, and during a break in a conversation about English education reward him with a tender kiss – and the guy will surrender to you without a fight.

How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you. 10 rules for conquering a perfectionist

Oh, these men Virgo … These are perfect – if only now wrap up and at the show! Well, let it be not at an exhibition, but in a registry office – that’s for sure.

Ready to revive the “stone flower” and add a little perfectionism to life? Then tips on how to make a man-lover Virgo, just for you!

The character of .

Virgo perfectionism is legendary, and for good reason. In white socks on a straight line, starchy collar and arrows on his pants – it’s all about him.

Man-Devo is demanding of himself and exactly the same to those around him. No more, but not less.

To please him – not a matter of one day. There is no passion at first sight, and even at second sight, there is no way to interest him on the spot and capture the heart with one deft movement of the predator.

Even the hottest heart of the Virgo man is under the strict control of his cold mind.

He is so strong in controlling his emotions that his main organ can be rightly called the brain.

So know this: in love Virgo men can be very, very calculating in the best sense of the word.

It is due to this calculation he manages to create a reliable, strong family for centuries. Family, which is based not only on hormones and primal attraction, but also on mutual respect.

It is this notorious calculation that protects the union of a man-Deva from cheating, going to the left and scandals with broken dishes. If a Virgo man loves, he chooses once and for all.

This is the other signs of the zodiac can rush through life, doubt the choice and flee from the word “forever” as from the fire.

A woman who has decided to win a Virgo man should remember one important thing. This man is not a dreamer and fantasist. He is an implementer. He sees the goal and seeks it by all means.

Let’s not lie, to become his goal and attract to yourself – not easy, but the result is worth the effort. After all, it is Virgo men, if they say “I love you”, it will be once and for all.

There is an anecdote about this:

– “Honey, you haven’t told me you love me in a long time.”

– ‘ I already said it once. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.”

In the life of a Virgo man, actions always come first, not words. He just takes and silently makes you happy, and your family well-to-do and prosperous.

But, so that you do not think that in front of you a perfect ideal and an angel in the flesh, consider his flaws. Pedantic and strict, he could easily blow your mind if the porcelain kittens are on the shelf is not in height.

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Not considering himself picky, he enjoys looking at people in terms of merits and demerits, laying them out like a puzzle in its component parts.

But to collect the picture into a whole for him is sometimes very difficult.

He sees the pros and cons, but in the end – it is not clear. Quite often these men divide the world into black and white, forgetting about the other colors of the rainbow and the fifty shades of gray, including.

Even in the girl that he fell in love with, he will always look for flaws and, unfortunately, will quite easily voice them.

A pimple on the nose – be sure to show.

So be prepared and understand that this is not out of spite – just such a person. Here you are very useful self-irony and easy attitude to criticism.

And meanwhile, you should agree that it’s not so bad to see yourself from the outside and know where else you need to work, right?

The man himself is always trying to look like a five. Being conservative, he chooses classics and moderate style, but always with a needle.

Correct and neat look for him – half the battle, the right to communicate – that’s another strong side of this man.

He monitors the language and does not allow for phrases that could later regret. Filters absolutely everything and holds back, even if it provokes.

But here it is important not to overdo it! After all, if you put pressure on the pain and hurt the fact that he really cares – watch out. He will remind you of everything. Even the fact that you once did not pay special attention.

At this point, you’ll realize that he is not so easy, and his memory captures absolutely all of your moves and blunders.

How to communicate with a male Virgo?

Attentive. Calm. No tensions.

Do not throw it like a birthday cake after a diet and do not expect that it will sparkle in a second your attention to his person. Give it time. A lot of time. And don’t relax!

After all, he’s not just holding up a pause or padding, he’s watching you. You – the one and only, with whom in the fire, and into the water, or not?

In this case, the question of how to win a man-Devo, has a simple answer to hell: the intellect, intelligence and polished accuracy in all things.

By the way, he’s pretty confident, so even if your social status at the moment higher than his – it will not be a hindrance.

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He won’t be complex and he won’t “blend in” like the lowlifes. He will do everything to stand on the same or higher level with you – and this is his strong point.

So do not worry if suddenly you have a Lexus, and he has a Lada sedan-baklazhan. Very soon everything will be different.

One more thing. Virgo men do not always know how to make the first step and can drag to infinity, so if you make it yourself – he will even be grateful.

What we mean. There is no need to send him love letters by pigeon mail, just if you want to go with him to the movies and have a glass of dry white wine on the terrace, then say so.

Softly and playfully give him a clear plan of action, and he will fulfill all at his best.

In the company keep strictly. No flirting with other men, even lightly, even in jest! No flirting with the voice and jokes below the belt.

Seduce or ignite interest in such a way you can not, but to lose your partner – easily.

How to keep a man-Devo?

Be with him a soft and fluffy malleable kitty, and with the rest – almost an iron lady.

Lover of fine words and apt in friendly banter, he will appreciate your sense of humor.

Therefore, if you can subtly and beautifully joke – you have an additional trump up your sleeve. Reach out and seduce!

Who’s he looking for?

A cross between Mary Poppins and a house cat. A Lady Perfect who doesn’t fly away on an umbrella, but purrs affectionately on his lap. Can you imagine? Well, now try to make it happen!

The best words to describe the woman chosen by a man – Virgo – is relevance, propriety and moderation. She is always on the case, always smooth and always accurate.

Frankly, in fact, he is looking for his reflection – a practical, pedantic and impeccable person. So that there is not a hitch, not a hitch.

  • In the house, she’s a hostess, a flyleader. Everything goes well with her, everywhere she has – order and comfort, beauty, comfort and in general, it is wonderful to look at.
  • In society she is reserved and noble. She does not like pannibalism, wild laughter, drawing attention to herself at any cost.
  • She looks like a picture. And it’s not about expensive clothes, brands or fashion accessories.

She is always dressed neatly, thoughtfully and without unnecessary details. Clean, ironed clothes that fit well – that’s enough.

Remember that a Virgo man’s views are conservative, which means that a simple little black dress, a fitted dress or a white shirt is the perfect outfit for a meeting with him.

Be prepared for serious conversations on topics ranging from aircraft engineering to agriculture.

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Even on a date, he won’t spill vanilla talk about anything – he’ll want to demonstrate his intelligence, erudition and sophistication in serious matters. And your job is to be supportive and not to swim.

Only a practical gift can make this man happy. The kind that was immediately clear – the money was not spent in vain.

So do not be afraid to seem too practical and down-to-earth, the more useful the gift – the faster a man-Devo will realize that you are the one he needs.

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