How to like a shy guy?

Rules of communication with a modest guy: how to win him and keep him

Men who have such character traits as shyness, shyness and modesty, are deprived of women’s attention. They are not popular with girls, because they do not seem masculine or uninteresting enough. This opinion is often mistaken. A modest guy can have decent personal qualities and achieve as much success in life as an assertive and risky man. Such a young man appreciates a girl who can discern his merits and make the first move.

Men who have such character traits as shyness, shyness and modesty, are deprived of women’s attention. They are not popular with girls, because they do not seem masculine or uninteresting enough. This opinion is often mistaken. A modest guy can have decent personal qualities and achieve as much success in life as an assertive and risky man. Such a young man appreciates a girl who can discern his merits and make the first move.

Signs of a shy guy

A shy guy often seems to girls constrained and indecisive. These traits prevent him to get acquainted with the opposite sex and build a romantic relationship. If he likes a girl, he can not make the first step and misses a happy opportunity to get closer. Many women believe that if a man likes them, he will give frank signs of attention and take various actions to win her heart. But shy, silent guys can go around in circles, stammering and blushing for a long time during meetings without taking any action.

Shyness is not an innate quality. According to psychologists, it appears after experiencing unpleasant events that happened in early childhood, or its causes are hidden in the upbringing. Most likely, parents did not allow the boy to openly express his thoughts and desires, to show initiative. Then he entered adulthood with the same pattern of behavior.

Usually a shy boy does not see the true cause of the problems in relationships with the opposite sex, because for him shyness has already become something habitual.

His shyness is not a serious flaw. It is only a human peculiarity that can be corrected. A shy guy is always courteous and will not offend a person with a word or deed. He possesses such qualities that appeal to almost all girls:

  • caring;
  • attentive;
  • responsible;
  • faithful;
  • honest;
  • reliable.

He values the relationship with the girl and respects her family and friends. He will cherish her, try to conform to her perceptions and is unlikely to ever betray her. A man of this type of character is able to concentrate on his work and achieve considerable success in his work. He is able to become an attentive loving spouse and a caring father.

How to get his attention

Shy man is difficult to take the initiative and show frank interest. If a girl sees that in front of her a shy guy who behaves shyly, blushes and has difficulty choosing words, in the case of mutual sympathy, she needs to show her interest.

His modesty has nothing to do with his appearance. He can be handsome and intelligent, of athletic build, but he does not like praise in his address. Compliments embarrass him and make him feel uncomfortable hearing them. Such behavior adorns the man and indicates that the man knows his worth, but behaves modestly.

To get close to him, you need to:

Tips from a psychologist Behavior The psychology of the modest man
Do not rush the events. At the first contact you have to go cautiously and not to show your persistence. Be easy and unobtrusive. Develop the relationship in stages and don’t rush to intimacy. Shy people do not like changes, it takes a long time to adapt to a new person and they need more time to adapt
Be responsive Easy to relate, be honest and show their genuine interest and willingness to help A humble person is characterized by honesty; they like kind and responsive people
Be humble Try to “mirror” his behavior, showing that the girl herself is shy and feels insecure around him Such behavior will make him feel better, he won’t be shy anymore and will relax
Give non-verbal signs. Touch: Hold his hand, cuddle for a moment or shake off invisible dust from his clothes. Make eye contact, but not too long so he doesn’t take it as aggression. A shy man is observant and will pay attention to all the non-verbal signs that the girl gives him
Ask for help. If the girl and the guy know each other well, you may ask him for advice or a small favor. He won’t refuse help and will feel more confident. This will help rapprochement, and he will offer to go to him if she has problems again.

With a shy guy it’s harder to start a relationship, but he values the girl more than a more confident man. The shy guy is very clingy and is afraid of losing the woman he loves. For her, he is willing to do a lot, puts her and his common interests in the first place.

How not to alienate a shy guy

When a girl notices that a guy is in love, but is shy to approach, it is important not to push him away with your behavior. Modest men are drawn to women with pronounced leader traits. This is explained by the fact that it is difficult for two overbearing people to build a long-term relationship, because there is a rivalry between them. Jealous girls also choose modest men who are not popular with the opposite sex. They do not give a reason to be jealous, and the woman has no reason to fear rivals.

In order not to scare off a shy guy and like him, you need:

  • Forget about talking in harsh tones. A rude girl and harsh statements will scare away a shy guy, and make her unattractive in his eyes.
  • Reject ridicule and judgment. Do not even jokingly comment on his behavior, views on life or appearance, criticize and ridicule his actions.
  • Do not take away his personal space. He needs time to be alone with himself and his thoughts. He is used to being alone, and this habit will remain with him for life.
  • Avoid talking too openly. You can’t ask a guy if he’s always so shy. This will embarrass him even more and discourage him from communicating with an indelicate girl.
  • Do not try to provoke him to violent emotions. Wanting to make a man jealous won’t encourage him to act decisively, but will change his opinion of the girl for the worse.
  • Don’t insist on physical intimacy too soon. He has to get used to the girl, stop being shy of her and feel more confident. Only then you can hint to him that you are ready for an intimate relationship while remaining a coy seductress.

A modest guy is a man who likes to revolve in a tight circle. He prefers to keep his distance with strangers and is slow to approach. Patience of the girl to the peculiarities of his character will help to build a strong relationship with a decent man.

How to build a relationship with a shy man

Shy guys usually do not attract the attention of women. Developing a relationship with a shy man requires effort. But often shy young men achieve more success than assertive rivals.

How to build a relationship with a shy man

Shyness inherent in shy people, hinders rapprochement with the opposite sex. Men find it difficult to make the first step and talk to a girl. Ladies who will be able to discern behind the external uncertainty of a flexible mind and loyalty will result in a reliable husband and caring father.

Shy guys have inherent qualities:

  • Attention to loved ones.
  • Loyalty to the beloved woman.
  • A responsible approach to work.
  • Reliability.
  • Integrity.

Young people who are shy in society, show good results at work. Young men are not distracted by flirting with cute colleagues. Attention is focused on the performance of the assigned task. In family life, the spouse will surround the chosen one with care, give unspent love and tenderness.

How to understand that a shy guy likes you

Girls who want to start a relationship with a shy man are advised to be patient. First, it is useful to understand that the chosen one is not against dating. Signs that give away sympathy on the part of an indecisive cavalier:

  • A shy person finds it difficult to look at a woman point-blank. The young man surreptitiously throws short, admiring glances at the lady.
  • Interest gives away and nervous movements. Man is constantly adjusting his clothes or changing his position.
  • On the nervous excitement of the proximity of the object of sympathy often shows and increased sweating.
  • Emotional excitement causes a rush of blood to the face. Guys in love in the presence of the lady of the heart are often covered with purple blush.
  • The euphoria of meeting a girl makes a guy lick his lips dry with excitement.

Every man is secretly afraid of getting rejected in response to an attempt to ask a lady out. But for a shy man, the fear of failure outweighs the desire to approach a woman. Therefore the initiative in the relationship will have to show the girl.

How to behave in communication

Communicating with an indecisive guy, it is recommended:

  • Do not tell invented stories about yourself, do not deceive the young man. Trust should not be earned through craftiness. Honest and open behavior will help melt the ice of stiffness.
  • Avoid ridicule, focus on praise and humble, but sincere compliments.
  • Useful and good humor, not turning into acute sarcasm or caustic irony.
  • Man will be relieved if the girlfriend will take responsibility for decisions about the joint rest, organization of parties or other issues. Modest guys tend to ponder the consequences for a long time before coming to a final conclusion.

Young men take a long time to get used to changes. Shyness prevents them from taking decisive actions.

How to attract the attention of a shy guy

It will take a long time to build a relationship with a timid suitor. Rapid pressure from a woman will scare a guy. To attract attention will help the following techniques:

  • At the first meeting, show maximum restraint and caution. Reluctant man is not accustomed to easily make contact with girls.
  • It is useful for a woman to show modesty herself. Such behavior will reassure the cavalier.
  • Shy people are observant. Light touches, casual touches and other signs of sympathy from the lady a man will read and appreciate.
  • As the relationship develops, it is recommended to turn to the guy more often for advice or to ask for help. The young man will immediately feel strong and confident.

Modest men are hard to contact, but cherish the chosen one. The girl will not regret that she chose a shy guy over a confident man.

How to talk shy guy

It is not enough to be the first to approach a shy boy. Talking shy interlocutor is also not easy.

  • For the first attempt will not work on serious topics. A sure-fire way to start a conversation is to ask how to get to the library, post office or other place.
  • Men, even modest ones, like to talk about hockey or soccer. Details of ice battles or the struggle for the title of best between Messi and Ronaldo cause a storm of emotions in the stronger sex. You can find out the sports preferences of your chosen one in advance through social networks or from friends of a young man.
  • In addition to Champions League matches, the ground for communication will be created by discussing the hobbies of a young man, musical preferences or literary tastes.
  • Students are eager to share impressions about their studies and professors, and creative types want to talk about art.

Conversation with a girl will loosen up the shy young man. In the future, building relationships will be easier.

Unacceptable in communication with a shy guy

Some things can repel a shy cavalier:

  • Hints of sexual intimacy in the beginning of acquaintance. Even a shy guy is capable of taking the initiative in intimate matters, but quick developments do not suit shy guys.
  • Attempts to figure out the relationship. It also takes time to talk about feelings.
  • Irritating and intrusive behavior. Indecisive people get tired of intense communication.
  • Negative impression will also leave flirting with a stranger to cause jealousy and push for action.

Relationships with a shy young man build gradually, giving time to get used to the new sensations. A girl who has enough patience for the unhurried development of the novel will not regret it. The cavalier will give his best to make his chosen one happy.

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