How to like a man at work?

How to make a man fall in love at work: seduce a colleague correctly

At work we spend at least 40 hours a week, during this time we are in close contact with their colleagues. In a cohesive team often develop strong friendships, and sometimes between employees runs a romantic spark.

In the manifestation of women’s initiative now there is nothing shameful, so many girls are interested in the question of how to fall in love with his colleague. Achieve this is quite realistic, if you include cunning and charm.

How to win a man: general tips

Learn the art of seduction, without crossing that line, beyond which there is vulgarity and easy accessibility, not so easy

Here are a few tips on how a woman can let a man know that she is interested in him:

  1. Be friendly . Usually all polite people are friendly to each other, but here we are talking about a special, “warm” energy. A sincere smile, lively plasticity – all this adds to a woman’s sexuality.
  2. Moderate body contact. Through random gestures and touches you can say a lot. And according to the reaction of a man, you can judge how far he is willing to go.
  3. Gaze . Confident and interested look – something that will help draw the attention of men. When he himself starts to make the first steps, his gaze may become soft and teasing. But to make a first impression, you need to show yourself as a woman, confident in her attractiveness.
  4. Sincere interest . To establish an emotional contact with a man, it is necessary not only to show him yourself. It is important to be interested in his life, his mood, his current affairs. At the same time, questions should not be too intrusive.
  5. Compliments. To pay compliments – not only a male prerogative, a woman can also note the merits of his colleague. For example, a high level of professional knowledge or neat appearance.

Showing interest in a colleague

It is very important to be able to see the feedback. If a man makes reciprocal steps , then you can continue to develop communication in a romantic way. And if he pulls away, by no means need to insist. The only option – to switch his attention to more friendly colleagues.

Professional Responsibilities

Should a woman in an attempt to establish contact with any man forget about her direct professional duties? No, on the contrary: she will look better if her reputation as an employee is impeccable.

It is unlikely that a serious man would want to have an affair with a lady who goes to work just to talk.

Most likely, her value in his eyes will not be too great. He will see her as frivolous, unserious and without ambition. On the contrary, the attention of a goal-oriented career woman will only flatter him.

Therefore, neither friendship nor romantic relationships should interfere with the work. From the outside, a woman can seem too strict, cold and inaccessible, but in fact she will cause respect.

An ambitious woman

How to seduce a colleague older than yourself

You can always find common interests with a peer, but what if the colleague is noticeably older, 10 years or more? Here you can play on his authority and ask for help as an older mentor. But it is important not to overdo it and not to show himself as an incompetent employee.

Young girls are often attracted to older men for their lightness and carefree attitude. You need to be able to behave with dignity, not to tell too much about their problems.

Great importance is the appearance, any man wants to be proud of his companion. To catch the eye of an older colleague and be able to keep him on, you need to dress elegantly. Excessive sexuality, too short skirts and deep cleavage will be inappropriate in the office.

Humor is conducive to relaxed communication. The ability to make the interlocutor laugh with a subtle joke immediately shows the girl as a person with a lively mind, with which it will be interesting to spend time even after work.

How to seduce a younger colleague

The interest of a young man in a woman older than himself is not an uncommon story.

Often they fall in love so much that they even stop noticing women their own age, so they are struck by the intelligence and beauty of adult women

But to please a man younger than you, you need to be an interesting person: interested in fashion trends, have a neat figure, look modern, but in any case not to look young, not to look ridiculous.

Mature women attract young men by experience, honesty, financial independence, self-confidence, the ability to support any conversation. In addition, the rank-and-file employee may be flattered by the attention of the boss.

Flirting with a young colleague

Employee romance prospects

Whether there is a future in the office romance, depends on many factors . A woman should honestly ask herself in advance: why does she want to seduce a colleague? She wants a long-term serious relationship or non-committal relationship? Being honest with yourself helps to avoid many mistakes and do not have inflated expectations.

Office romance can be bright, but short, or can drag on for years.

Much depends on the marital status of its participants. If a man is married, a woman may wait for years when he decides to divorce. Perhaps she was originally going to fall in love with him, but then fell in love with herself and is now unable to break the hopeless connection.

If the woman herself is married, she may date a colleague without having any serious plans for him. And the romantic relationship between two free people often ends in marriage .

Office romance

In some cases, office romance can be a problem, because in some companies, romantic relationships between colleagues are not welcomed. If upper management finds out about the relationship, some of the couple may be fired. You will have to make a choice between love and career.

And otherwise, any woman can seduce her colleague – if, of course, she really wants to.

For more information on how to fall in love with a colleague at work you will learn by watching this video:

What to do if you strongly like a man at work

For the development of relationships at work, colleagues have the main advantages – the similarity of interests and the opportunity to see each other all the time. Like a colleague at work – take the initiative into your own hands … Draw attention to yourself, interest, attract, hint. How? Read and remember!

Basic ways to attract the attention of a handsome colleague

There are pros and cons to liking the workplace. On the one hand, work becomes a pleasure, you run there with joy and awe, because there is a man you like. But if a man is cold, of course, working in the same team becomes quite uncomfortable.

Before we break down the strategy of behavior to win a colleague, pay attention to the things you should not do:

  • Share your strong liking at work (one wrong hint from someone, an oblique look, an inappropriate joke, and you can forget about a potential relationship forever);
  • Be too straightforward with a man you like.

So what do you need to do to get a guy to like you at work?

Prepare the ground

Before you get the attention of a male colleague, probe a few things about him. Carefully ask the personnel department or local know-it-alls about the marital status of the chosen one, the current status, whether there is someone in his heart at work, whether there are previous marriages, children. This will help you avoid ridiculous situations.

Note where the man eats lunch. Does he go to the canteen at work, take snacks with him, or run across the street to a cafe. This will increase the chances of getting close. Meet him “casually” at the water cooler, coffee machine, copier, vending machine with chocolates – so began more than one office romance.

Find out the taste preferences of a colleague to surprise the man in the future with their own culinary abilities (it will be a disaster if you treat a vegetarian to meat). This can be done by observing his plate. Also determine where he spends his leisure time, sports, recreation, buy clothes.

Charm the appearance.

To like a man, get rid of purple lipstick, bronzer, highlighters, sharp black nails and a ton of powder on his face. First, at work, you risk getting an unpleasant nickname for it, and secondly, colleagues such a makeup repulsive. You should look fresh, neat, interesting, well-groomed, natural.

Clothing should be such that left the opportunity to fantasize, to think up your outline. If you dress too frankly, you won’t get that effect.

Always clean hair, well-groomed nails, ironed clothes, a pleasant perfume scent. No matter how beautiful you are, a crumpled skirt or peeling nail polish will forever leave a stain on your reputation. Control your breath odor, sometimes it plays tricks on people. Carry gum, candy or a special menthol spray, then you will be confident in your breath and, accordingly, in yourself.

Get a man to like you

To put a man at work, be always positive, friendly, open to people. Coldness, arrogance, self-confidence does not attract a man, it’s a fact.

Ask a colleague for help at work (fix the computer, take apart the business plan, take a heavy pile of papers to the table) – men love it when they are needed. Just make sure he’s not busy, or you’ll get rejected. After the service is rendered, you’ve got him on the hook. “Oleg, you helped me so much, I have to feed you dinner! Rejection is not accepted, otherwise I do not forgive myself. After a while remind yourself of this again.

With men show different sides of yourself: funny, ridiculous, strong, clumsy, sad. Do not be shy to slip, twist your foot or drop your purse. Let them take care of you, help you, make you feel like a strong, noble, generous, benevolent person. Men sometimes need that like air!

Compliments! “And how did you manage to do it, unbelievable, I’ve been beating myself up over it for a week! I bow to you, program mister!”, “My God, what perfume do you use? That smell will come to me in my dreams!”, “Very good report you got! Genius!”, “Share your cheerfulness recipe, give me a piece of energy too!”.

Become a friend for the man you like. Be supportive, find common interests, ask for advice. Pretend to be interested in the same things he is (learn at least a little about soccer, fishing, bowling, rock bands). Give treats to the man you like, you remember the way to the heart of a member of the stronger sex, right? Bring an eclairs to a sweet tooth, treat a meat-eater to pancakes with meat, etc. Emphasize that you love to cook and someday he must try your signature dish.

If you like a coworker at work, use non-verbal communication. Casually, lightly, fleetingly touch him – casual touches are like an electric current. Touch your shoulder, your arm, your back while you’re working. Look into his eyes, lean your body in, get a little closer than you should. Invade his space unobtrusively, timidly.

Stay an enigma until the winning end! Smile, but do not openly declare sympathy, intrigue. Doubt fuels interest and drives you crazy.

Go for broke.

If you are determined, liberated girl and confident in the reciprocal sympathy of a colleague, openly seduce the one you like. In a meeting / at lunch / meeting move close and put your hand on a man’s knee or take his hand. Look him in the eyes, move your hand away and move away a little. Play with him: look innocent, smile feline, make a nonchalant face, but lick your lips from time to time. If a guy at work can not take your eyes off – he is completely in your power.

Invite a man to spend time together after work. Do not invite him to your home, go to your favorite cafe, a place where you feel confident. The first two meetings should definitely take place on neutral territory without sexual continuation. Show your interest in his life: where he was on vacation, where he worked before, studied, served, what he does at leisure, etc. Expose yourself, charm with simplicity and naturalness. At the right time, emphasize the merits of your colleague, admit that these are the qualities that you love men. On the next date should call you to him.

If you like the employee at work, take advantage of corporate events. Corporate events are a great time to get to know each other in an informal setting. Alcohol, music, loose clothes, unobtrusive communication, smiles, flirting will do the trick. Just do not get drunk for courage, or the staff will remember it for a long time!

How to attract attention at work: tips for shy girls

If you are shy to take the initiative, you need to come in from the other side. How to interest a male colleague in this case?

The first thing that will help you is social networks. First, ask as a friend – you colleagues and there is nothing strange in this gesture. Secondly, this is a great excuse to explore his hobbies, interests, tastes, places of recreation. See where the guy spends his free time, what girls he likes, what he likes to listen to. This will come in handy for you in the future. Thirdly, with a “Like” or a comment under the photo assess his attitude towards himself.

Learned the profile? Start going to the same fitness room, grocery store, club, cafe. There is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it does not bring the desired results, you will correct your figure, dance for fun, eat delicious food. Track which girls are his type, sometimes it is not difficult to attract a colleague, it is enough just to change the color of your hair.

Scout out whether the man you like is ready to socialize. To figure this out, comment on or rate the picture you like. Emphasize the beauty of the landscape, give an unobtrusive compliment, admire the action in the photo. For example: “Oh, where did you find such beauty? Tell me the secret, because I have a vacation coming up!”, “You look very organic here. You should not work in the analytical department, but to conquer the oceans!”, “I never would have thought that in the evenings you turn into a singer. Soon corporate, I remember you.” If he guffaws, embarrassed, thanked, struck up a conversation, likes your posts, goes to your page – you managed to interest a colleague.

Excellent for bringing people together on a business trip. If you really like him, try through Human Resources (or manager directly) to arrange a joint work time. On a trip you do not need to do anything special, the main thing – a friendly attitude, natural behavior and free communication. In the evening you can relax under the guise of finishing the day productively. Act according to the circumstances.

To interest a man you like at work, self-development will help. Colleagues like to communicate with successful, creative, smart girls, so do yourself. Become proactive, take additional courses, work on public speaking, learn a foreign language. You will be noticed, praised, encouraged. Intelligence – a great reason to pay attention to yourself!

In the pursuit of attention male colleagues too strong changes only cause confusion or laughter. Adjust to his preferences, but always be yourself.

What to do if you like the boss

Love for the boss – a fairly common phenomenon among subordinates. Women are attracted to the strength, power, masculinity, business acumen, wisdom of the representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, dreams of winning the main man at work often turn into a goal.

To interest in the work of the head will help high performance, excellent reputation and a perfectly matched image. Improve your skills, go to all kinds of seminars, be always among the most active female employees. Do not be afraid to compete with the competition – stand out both in appearance and business qualities. Do not turn down the extra workload – the bosses are always interested in and grateful to such employees. Plus, management usually stays up late, too, and this is a great excuse to run into empty hallways.

If the boss lets his status be forgotten at a corporate party, flirt with him. If you like him – smile, joke, admire, play along, but at work act as if nothing happened. You are in any case will win such behavior: a man will be surprised, admire your fickleness, or will be grateful for the demonstrated wisdom.

In addition, always admire his speeches, support the ideas, develop a dialogue when discussing a project. Celebrate originality, logic, knowledge, skills, experience, foresight. Always have a shoulder to lean on, the leader needs to have confidence in you.

What mistakes should not be made in order to be liked at work by the supervisor:

  1. Act out. Hide your warm attitude in front of your coworkers. Gossip, ridicule, jealousy, and preconceived notions do not play into your or your supervisor’s hands.
  2. Get yourself wound up and mistake wishful thinking for reality. Even if the boss singled you out, praised you, smiled, thanked you – don’t assume anything unnecessary.
  3. Imposing. The boss always distances himself from his subordinates, this is the essence of the subordination. In order to please him, you need to understand that the constant compliments, languid glances, ambiguous poses will play exactly the opposite of your desires.

To conquer the boss at work, you need the time and the right behavior. Married boss do not even touch – your relationship will not go beyond the intimate, but the negative emotions you will swallow whole!

If you feel that his sympathy was mutual, show your interest, but no more than that. He is the boss, which means the situation should take control of their own!

Sympathy at work does not always guarantee a strong relationship, because it is difficult to be together all day long. However, while you are young, fall in love, flirt, socialize, do not be afraid to get to know people and open yourself. Life is unpredictable and it may be that the man you like now will be your companion for all the years to come!

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