How to like a man Aries?

Aries Man: How to get him to like you?

Amorous and insanely energetic, not able to relax and infect his enthusiasm around, but stubborn, stubborn and not able to compromise – that’s all he is, the man Aries.

Amorous and insanely energetic, not able to relax and infect his enthusiasm around, but stubborn, stubborn and not able to compromise – that’s all he is, the man Aries.

And he is also very fragile, although this may say about the Aries only those who know him very well. For others, it is a tank, which can only be stopped by a nuclear explosion. Hard-headed and selfish, putting his own interests and ambitions in the first place.

It is very hard to be with an Aries man. If he is in love, he will move mountains for the sake of his beloved, if he cools down – no tricks like “renewing feelings” will not return his attention and location.

But next to him is very nice and quiet. The main thing – to know what it can “hook”, and what you can not do in any case, if you want to have feelings blazing for a long time. Now about this we will talk today.

But to begin, as usual, a few more characteristics of the representative of this zodiac sign.

Character and behavior of the Aries man

Only forward.

Aries always goes forward. He has no time for detours, long-term plans and analysis of mistakes made. Or rather, he tries to make plans and analyze, but, as a rule, as soon as he thinks that he has considered and provided for everything, his life takes a sharp turn. And now he already has new goals, and again he rushes down a new road with tenacity and uncompromisingness.

It is not recommended to stand in the way of Aries – he will trample, wipe his hooves on the grass and will rush ahead – to dance on other people’s backs. And it’s not because he is so cruel, he simply does not see obstacles, they do not exist for him.

And the feelings of other people for the Aries man is just a detached concept, which should not be taken into account when achieving his own goal. This is a character trait, not a malicious intent, and if you decide to point out this “flaw” of his, he will be surprised and will not understand you – after all, he seeks to do business, so why should he give up thinking about other people.

The paradox of generosity and greed

Aries man is incredibly generous, you can’t take that away from him. He can give his last for a friend or beloved woman. He may be taken aback by the tearful tale of a professional beggar, and he will shake all the cash he has in his wallet.

If Aries comes to his woman’s house, he is sure to bring flowers not only to her, but also to her mother. And if it is also on March 8, and his girlfriend’s bachelorette party, then the representative of this sign can ask in advance how many ladies will be present. And then, let it be a little flower, but each will get a share of his attention.

But sometimes he is attacked by such a attack of greed that even the water next to the well he did not ask. And the most interesting thing is that afterwards he himself cannot explain what his act was connected with. Well, it certainly can’t have anything to do with personal relationship to the beggar, because sometimes refusals are received even by those who are the closest to Aries in principle does not exist.

Pride. Pros and cons

The Aries man is very proud. He does not know how to ask for help, and if he does have to do it, it causes him almost physical suffering. Moreover, he may even hate the one who helped him. And all because of the fact that Aries had to humiliate, and someone saw this humiliation. And this he can not stand.

And the pride of male Aries is that he will never respond to an invitation from a woman, if he has no money. It is easier for him not to call at all, than to admit that he refuses to date because of financial problems. For him, it’s a violation of the status quo that hurts his ego.

Aries is always right

The Aries man admits to his failure only under torture. He never admits his mistakes, if he does not “twist his arm” and do not drive red-hot needles under the nails. He is always, a priori, right.

And if he is wrong, see point one. But he loves to make everyone else wrong. He can hurt you, torture you, use prohibited methods. And at the same time he will not feel himself a sadist, because he is sure that he acts for the good.

Ability to make money

Aries men tend to have an excellent intellect. This is a man with a potentially laid back beautiful future. Aries does not tolerate poverty, he is ready to give 100% just to achieve a strong financial position. Therefore, he did not bend to the hard work, can study for several years in the specialty that attracted him, but if he realizes that at the moment it does not bring him the desired income, he easily changes the field of work.

His agile mind helps him to take advantage of any favorable situations, from any friendships. Aries, like no one else (except only Taurus), knows how to make money literally out of thin air.

How to like a man of Aries?

Aries man – a very temperamental and interesting personality. He is usually successful, both in professional and personal life. He is used to always and everything under his control, to achieve their goals and financial independence. Endowed with a very complex character, with which only a wise woman can cope. But in general, it is not easy to win the interest of such a man.

Adhere to the rules, when achieving an Aries…

Nevertheless, listening to the advice below, you will be able to succeed, if not one hundred percent, then at least a little bit…

Become his right hand

Aries man loves everything unusual, he is able to fall in love with a girl with an even more intricate and complicated character than his. Bright, unusual, impulsive and sometimes scandalous ladies have all the chances to get the attention of the Aries man.

Surprisingly, the Aries man needs a strong and strong-willed woman in his youth. Under the guidance of a wise and intelligent woman, he is able to achieve a lot, but a weak woman he will crush with his strong character.

However, in some cases, he will be attracted to the image of an innocent and helpless girl. This may be the case if the man had an unsuccessful relationship with a female leader, who ruled them as she wanted, after which his character was brutalized and he no longer seeks such a relationship.

Don’t put pressure on him.

Gently guide the Aries man is necessary, but to put pressure on him categorically impossible. Constant pressure will quickly bore him and he is likely to give up communication with you or begin to put pressure on you.

Aries man is so emotional that you can read all his emotions and feelings on his face. If you notice that he is annoyed by what you are trying to impose on him, immediately backtrack by turning the conversation into a joke or simply changing the topic of your conversation.

Don’t try to out-talk the Aries man.

Aries man loves to talk and talk a lot on various topics, but he just does not want to learn how to listen. If you want him to like you, just listen to him and agree with everything. But he can not calmly listen to even a rejoinder of several sentences, that’s how he is impatient.

Such a man will certainly reward you for listening and hearing him. And by the way, in public, everything will change, and he will change his attitude towards your statements, allowing the company of friends to shine in full, to speak up, dance, produce a sensation.

Get the approval of his inner circle.

Confident and strong Aries is very important that everything they take on is approved. Also, you should express your own approval of his actions, gifts, and behavior.

It is important for him to have the approval of his loved ones. Opinion of friends is important to him, but the real approval of you, as his girlfriend can only his mother. You need to do everything possible in order to eventually like her.

Prove seriousness feelings

Aries man is not very disposed to sexual flirtation or sweet talk. Much more effective will be, if you subtly and delicately show him how important he is to you.

Be elegant

Aries men are connoisseurs of femininity and sophistication, and it is unlikely he will pay attention to the girl in shabby jeans and stretch T-shirt. But vulgar and too open dresses are also not suitable. Very strong excitement of the Aries man is his imagination, so you need to look elegant, beautiful and mysterious on a date. The dress should only add mystery and elegance to your image, contain a hint of continuation. The more elegant and mysterious the lady’s image, the more likely she will be able not only to attract the attention of Aries, but also to make him fall in love with you.

Learn to be jealous beautifully

Aries man-lover likes when his beloved jealousy, but open jealousy scenes they can not stand, so no hysterics and scandals to roll in any case can not. This behavior from your side, on the contrary, may encourage him to cheat as a proof of his freedom.

You just need to convince him that he is so perfect that you are just afraid to even think about what it can be with someone else. Show him how much you love him and that he really is worth the jealousy.

Another little secret to seduction is the ability for a woman to remain something of a mystery to him. Create the appearance that you do not belong to him completely, continue to develop, engage in their self-fulfillment. Remember, as long as he is interested in you, he will continue to fight for your love and will not even think to leave you.

What type of women attracts Aries men?

Every type of man, has a certain image of the lady he would like to see around him. Spunky Aries men have a vision of his chosen lady that looks quite contradictory and unusual, just like he himself. Such a man can be attracted to:

– One as energetic and active as himself;

– Able to present herself in such a way that she is sought after;

– Unusual, attractive, standing out from the rest, but cheerful and not hypocritical;

– The one that behaves in such a way that the Aries man is confident in his absolute leadership, although in fact it could be otherwise – it’s like when a woman rules her chosen one only indirectly, invisibly;

– The one that knows how to stop in time to defend its point of view, so as not to drive Aries to madness;

– Having excellent mental abilities and great physical shape;

– Able to show their own independence, to cope with problems on their own and not beg him for help;

– Witty, with a sense of humor and accepting a little bit of your beloved’s crude humor;

– Patient, able to listen to long speeches of this man, trying to sincerely support and praise him;

– Able to show themselves in all the glory of the society, shining with its beauty and intelligence;

– Able to forgive and not hold a grudge against irascible and stubborn Aries, who may be in a hurry to say hurtful words because of his terrible nature, but he quickly withdraws and regrets what he said.

What zodiac signs have the best chances?

Excellent compatibility, the Aries men with such zodiac signs like Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. Such a marriage will be quite strong, harmonious, and most importantly, happy.

Average compatibility in love and marriage in Aries men with Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius. With some effort and showing pliability, quite strong, though not easy, relationships are possible.

Such signs as Virgo and Capricorn are categorically unsuitable. With the representatives of these Zodiac signs, the relationship will be full of negativity, resentment and disagreement.

Features of the relationship with an Aries man

Aries man rarely talks about his feelings, considering explanations of love a waste of time and prefers to show it by actions. It is important for him to keep his word, to do only as agreed.

Do not make him wait, he is used to punctuality. Be ready for the appointed time, by all means. But in return, he will give you an understanding of your desires and will never insist on continuing the evening if he notices that you’re not ready for it.

In addition, it is important for him to feel like the master of the situation, so trust him to set the date and time of the date, and even location. Allow him to be the leader in your relationship. Although again, a subtle barely perceptible influence on him no one forbade.

Show your practicality and rational attitude to life, the Aries man will certainly appreciate it. In addition, this guy is very sensitive to order, accuracy and cleanliness elected. Even your appearance will tell him how good or bad you are a hostess.

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