How to like a man Aquarius?

How to like an Aquarius man?

If you are in love with a man Aquarius, then you know for him to have quite a struggle, because to win the heart of a representative of this sign of the Zodiac is not so easy. Before a man Aquarius to like you have as it should work on his behavior, change his attitude to many aspects of life, and in general, to do much, much more. This is because the men of this sign are not simple, and although they seem to be very positive, they may actually create a lot of problems, especially in family life.

The most important problem of these men is that they are very freedom-loving and do not want to put up with the loss of freedom. They crave independence in their majority, trying to get it by any means and ways, fighting for it, even when it may seem silly. And believe me, a simple restriction of freedom is not enough. As soon as he realizes that he is being restricted, and as soon as he begins to realize that he is being manipulated, he will leave. In general, it will not be easy to keep him. But it’s still too early to talk about it – first of all you need to master it, to conquer it, with which we will begin…

How to attract the attention of Aquarius men?

To begin with, remember one simple thing – Aquarius men are very sensitive and sociable, eloquent and tactful, polite. What is the point of this? To the fact that a Aquarius man certainly will behave with you as if he is already interested in you. But do not kid yourself. It is simply the way he behaves. He may communicate with you on any topic, pay compliments, smile and joke, laughing with you, but it will not mean anything. To get his attention, you will have to work hard…

– Never dress the same – always try to surprise him, dress unusually and extravagantly, so he would pay attention to you that you yourself stood out from the crowd and were not like any other woman from his entourage. Aquarians like everything unusual;

– Do not try to communicate with him only on topics that interest him. Yes. Maybe with someone it will pass, but not with Aquarius. Representatives of this sign like new, unexplored, unknown, and it attracts them most of all;

– Do not play the silly and naive “girl”. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac do not like the naive and shy girls, but smart, decisive, intellectually developed. However, make sure that he does not think that you are smarter than he is. Believe me, he certainly will not like it;

– Always admire him, his behavior, deeds, achievements, and everything else. Such people like to be admired. This adds them self-confidence, the lack of which many representatives of this sign just suffer;

– Do not reveal all the cards on the first date. Always remain a mystery to him. Do not forget that Aquarians like everything new. So let you be for him always here is the “new” and “unknowable;

– Be proactive in communication, because these men really like active ladies. Be the first to start a conversation, the first to suggest something, the first to suggest an idea. Believe me, he will support you in any situation, but the first initiative should be yours.

And, of course, be sure to try to conform to the standards of Aquarius men that you can learn about from communicating with them. Remember that Aquarius men never put up with the disadvantages of women with whom they still have nothing. Try to meet his criteria, at least until you win his heart.

How does an Aquarius man like you?

It’s one thing to attract his attention, and quite another to like him, and even more so to make him fall in love with you. But no matter how it was, and no matter how unique the representative of this sign is, and he has his own weaknesses, which we just advise you to use in the fight for his sympathy …

In the first place, pay the maximum attention to the communication with him. Aquarius men love with their ears, they love to communicate, and furthermore, the communication is in the first place for these men. That’s why there is a chance for his sympathy more sociable and talkative lady than the reticent and shy. Be talkative, talk to him on various topics, do not be shy to ask questions or just bring up topics that he has never raised.

Start winning his heart, show him first of all that you will always respect his freedom. For Aquarians, this is most important. They always give preference to women who do not encroach on freedom and independence. Of course, this does not mean that you have to put up with his “carousal” all the time, but in the beginning it is better to show that you are not encroaching on his freedom…

Always share his opinions, respect his ideals, values, ideas, goals. If you dare to laugh at his goals, or criticize him for his values, or even question his ideals, he will definitely not like you. His opinion, at least at first, should be a law for you.

Do not let him get bored. He should understand that you are the one person with whom he will always be fun, comfortable, interesting. Aquarians should not be bored – they run away from boredom, as from fire. So your chosen one will run away from you as soon as he will get bored. Also, never talk to him about sad topics. Avoid such topics.

Monotony – exclude it from communicating with your boyfriend, especially since he is an Aquarius. A man like Aquarius can only like the woman that will be willing to constantly make some changes in communication with him, which will make the brightness, unpredictability. Flirt with him in various ways, try to amaze him with outfits, change right before his eyes, so he is constantly surprised. Believe me, it will shock and at the same time and fall in love with you.

And you have to prove to him that he will not have to doubt you. Yes, Aquarians love freedom and independence, but at the same time, in most cases, they try to take it away from their chosen one. Don’t let him even think that you might be unfaithful or dishonest towards him. Plus, sincerity plays one of the most important roles in a relationship for these men.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is already in love?

The most interesting thing is that Aquarius men are very good at hiding their feelings, and not on purpose, but at a subconscious level – they just do it on their own. You can spend all the time with him, watch his behavior, but do not understand whether he fell in love with you. For example, if Scorpions immediately show their passion, and Aries simply confesses their love directly, Aquarius cannot afford it.

But is it at all possible to spot the love of such a man, and how to understand that you have already managed to like a male Aquarius? The question is whether it is possible to notice that the Aquarius man has already fallen in love with you.

First, keep an eye on his gaze – Aquarians do not know how to look directly into the eyes of people who generate feelings in them. They always look away, trying to hide their eyes and face. And all because they are afraid of recognition, and most of all afraid to be exposed, because in that case, feelings can be used…

Secondly, men Aquarius because it is not inherent punctuality, they are always late everywhere, all the time do not have time, often postponing the meeting. But if your gentleman has ceased to be late, and on the contrary, with your lateness reacts to it sharply, then you know this is love…

Third, keep an eye on his face – his facial expressions may change a lot at the moment when he talks to you, if he is in love with you. Representatives of this sign, falling in love, often behave very strange, reproducing strange smiles, strange facial reactions and facial expressions, and not only.

Also, Aquarius men in love, by tradition, are the only ones who cease to be such. Typically, in the case of falling in love, the words “I” and “you” disappear from the conversation of these men, and for the most part begins to dominate the word “we. Believe me, it is already a clear sign that he is in love with you.

How to keep an Aquarius guy close to you?

One thing to like and fall in love with a man of Aquarius, and quite another thing to keep him close to you. Men of this sign of the Zodiac are not too struggling for their happiness in terms of feelings – they tend to refuse to be happy in feelings, they easily leave even those they love. So it will be very difficult to keep him, but if you are in love, it is still worth trying and we recommend in this case to stick to the following several recommendations…

– Moderate jealousy

Always show him that you value him, be jealous of him, but not without cause, but when it’s really appropriate. Let him think you care about him so much that you are afraid someone will take him away from you. This will raise his self-esteem, and naturally, he won’t want to leave you as the source of that self-esteem anymore.

– Respect his freedom.

No, this does not mean that you have to respect his freedom and let him do whatever he wants. Control him, by all means, but in a way that he doesn’t realize it’s your initiative. For example, if you want him to stay home instead of going on a fishing trip with his friends – think of some important thing he would like to stay for. And do that all the time…

– Stay a mystery – be unpredictable

Always be for him a new, unexplored, a mystery that he needs to solve. Aquarians like everything new, which means you need to be the very “new”, otherwise he will start looking for the “new” on the side. do not forget about it. Surprise him with your behavior, arrange surprises, evolve to raise more and more new topics.

And in general, try to always and in everything just meet his criteria, which you will not have a problem to find out even after a few weeks of a normal relationship. Aquarius in love, this is an open book that you just need to read and remember. Remember this!

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How to win the Aquarius man: tips for women of different signs

To attract the attention of Aquarius is difficult, but, having set a goal, every woman can win his heart. If the usual feminine tricks do not work, astrologers will help, who know exactly how to win a man of Aquarius, and what can come of it. Experts advise: before you get involved with Aquarius, you should think carefully, as the relationship with this man is not easy.

About the Aquarius man

A man of this sign is unlikely to become a good lover and an exemplary family man. Moreover, relationships with Aquarius men are never simple, but women are inexorably attracted to representatives of this sign. Astrologers say that Aquarius make excellent friends, but very bad husbands. The reason for this is their complicated character.

Aquarius is always light as the wind. They are very sociable and friendly, have a good sense of humor and are very curious. Representatives of this sign perceive life as an entertainment, and love – as part of this entertainment. Aquarius men are rarely fatalists and pessimists and look at the world with their eyes wide open. Childlike spontaneity is something that stays with them for life. Whether Aquarius even 5, even 95 years, he still shows the same curiosity about everything new.

They are fast, impetuous, but impermanent. Moreover, the impermanence of Aquarius does not apply to marital fidelity, because, in spite of everything, change the men of this sign very rarely. But the matter is not in any of the ideals and moral and ethical principles, and banal laziness. Despite all the features of the character, the energy of Aquarius rarely suffices to them, so that to have an affair with several women at once, it is out of the question.

Extreme crush – a very frequent phenomenon for the Aquarius man

Like representatives of other air signs, Aquarius men are fickle and often suffer from it themselves. Changes in their moods are most often associated with internal feelings, rather than external influences. Because of the problems at work, these men will never worry too much, but their thoughts dwell for a few days – it’s easy. This feature is important to consider for women who have been careless enough to fall in love with Aquarius, because one day he can shower his lover with compliments and signs of attention, and the next day forget her name. At such moments, a woman should remember that the problem is not in her, but in Aquarius himself. It is worth to accept this truth, and the relationship with Aquarius will become much easier.

As a rule, almost all Aquarians are very amorous. Love at first sight is exactly about them. Another thing is that this love can quickly come to naught, especially if Aquarius sees no prospects or does not feel confident.

Positive character traits Aquarius:

  • Lust for life;
  • developed intellect;
  • curiosity;
  • non-conflict;
  • sincerity.

At the same time Aquarius can be a little disconnected from real life, which is noticeable by their behavior. Often men of this sign are absent-minded and clumsy. On the imperfect memory and unpunctuality Aquarius can be legends – a man of this sign never comes on time, and often can forget about the appointment.

Aquarians are rather lazy, which prevents them from achieving much more than they can

Negative character traits:

  • Fickleness;
  • unpredictability;
  • laziness;
  • withdrawal;
  • insensitivity.

Changeable nature adversely affects the professionalism of Aquarius. As a rule, men of this sign never bring things to the end, as they quickly get bored with any type of activity. This is especially noticeable in working relationships – Aquarius almost never assume the responsible positions and rarely stay in one place for a long time. From this follows and extremely precarious financial position of the representatives of this sign, at least at a young age.

Around 40 years of age Aquarius character changes somewhat, and he begins to pay more attention to the “lower” needs, so can achieve certain successes in the career field.

Achieve success Aquarius often gets in the way of laziness. In general, the tendency to procrastination also dictates the lifestyle of this man. If it were not for laziness, Aquarius could turn the whole world, but is limited to the sphere of their interests, which, moreover, is often changing.

Despite their benevolence, Aquarians rarely talk about themselves. It is a rather closed sign of the Zodiac. Aquarians rarely reveal their soul to a stranger, but in others appreciate the sincerity and openness. However, this feature of Aquarius can be explained by laziness – they just do not want to get attached to other people, opening and trusting, as it obliges to further communication, which is often tedious for them to continue.

Aquarius forever remain curious and unserious. These men are afraid of responsibility and will come up with 100 and 1 excuses not to make any commitments, including marriage commitments.

How to recognize an Aquarius man in love?

The Aquarius man will talk non-stop next to the girl he likes

Before figuring out how you can win an Aquarius man, you should know how representatives of this sign fall in love.

Aquarius men fall in love at first sight. In this case, even the man himself can not anticipate their next steps. If Aquarius is “given the green light”, he will not go around in circles and directly lets the girl understand that he is interested in further communication. However, this happens very rarely. More often Aquarius begin to behave with the object of sympathy cool enough, and sometimes rude.

A distinctive feature of Aquarius in love – increased talkativeness. Men of this sign and so love to talk, but on a wave of romantic thoughts become excellent public speakers, and their skills sent to the girl he likes. If a girl already has a lot of fans and Aquarius feels insecure, he will release caustic comments and caustic jokes. Thus, if a colleague Aquarius suddenly begins to hurtful jokes, you need to pay more attention to him, because it is a sign that men of this sign are in love.

It is important to note that the word with the deed in Aquarius often does not agree. Thus, because of insecurity a man can attract the girl’s attention with offensive jokes, but all of his actions will be aimed at making the girl’s life easier. Thus, you can imagine a schoolboy in love, who pulls the girl’s plait and hurts her in every way, while being the first to give her pen if she lost it, or running to the canteen for a pie at the first request. That’s how Aquarius lovers behave, who until old age can not say goodbye to this behavior insecure classmate bully.

Special actions and grand gestures from the Aquarius in love should not be expected. In general, this can be explained by the limited budget of men of this sign, as Aquarius are still spenders. Typical signs of attention from Aquarius – coffee at work in the morning, seeing him home (most often – by streetcar), picked flowers from the flower bed. However, do not think that Aquarius is greedy. If a man of this sign managed to overcome his laziness in adolescence, he becomes an excellent specialist in his chosen field, so courtship and signs of attention can be diverse.

How to fall in love with an Aquarius?

Astrologers know how you can fall in love with an Aquarius man. Experts say that to attract the attention of men of this sign can almost any girl in which lurks a certain mystery. Simple and uncomplicated women Aquarius do not like. They are able to sacrifice comfort for the sake of eccentricity and unpredictability, so the “gray mouse” they are attracted rarely.

Thus, it is easier to attract Aquarius walk under the moon in the bitter cold than the aroma of muffins, cozy blanket and watching a melodrama.

To conquer the heart of Aquarius men, a woman must be intelligent and extraordinary.

Intelligence for men of this sign is in first place. Good Aquarius interlocutor easy to forgive the imperfections of the figure or the presence of wrinkles, but stupid woman, no matter how beautiful she was, he will quickly cause boredom and the desire to escape.

You should know that Aquarians like to run away not only from problems, but also from responsibility and duty, so you need to build a relationship with such a man carefully.

How to win an Aquarius?

The Aquarius man is very fond of interesting conversations and appreciates them very much

How to win the heart of Aquarius – it depends on the man himself and his behavior. It is important to remember that in romantic relationships Aquarius men are often indecisive. This makes it very difficult to communicate with a man and make it difficult for a woman. The fact that the infatuation can be mistaken for a simple good and friendly attitude, which Aquarius often demonstrates to others.

Noticing the increased interest on the part of Aquarius, the girl should not hesitate to take the situation into their own hands. It is not necessary to drag this out, as Aquarius can quickly lose interest.

The following tips will help both charm a man Aquarius, and keep his interest for a long time.

  1. Intelligent conversation is what Aquarius is looking for in any relationship. To attract his attention, it is recommended to intrigue him by an interesting topic and interrupt the conversation at the half-word, citing some urgent matters. Be sure – this will spur the curiosity of men and make him think about a woman for days and nights until the next meeting.
  2. Aquarius likes to solve riddles. A woman should remain a mystery to him as long as possible, without telling everything about herself at once. The longer you will be able to keep him at a small distance from yourself, the stronger the relationship will be in the future.
  3. To seduce and conquer a male Aquarius, you should surprise him. This can be done in different ways – by inviting him to an unusual place for a date or just struck by the unusual style of dress. The longer a woman manages to surprise Aquarius, the more likely to create a strong and lasting relationship.
  4. Aquarius is a freedom-loving guy, so a man can win the same freedom-loving woman.
  5. The most important thing is by no means to rush a man. Aquarians are difficult to get close, preferring to maintain a distance as long as possible, so astrologers recommend to support him in this game.

It is important to remember that the sensual side of the relationship for Aquarius men is secondary. In love, the Aquarius man will not make an unambiguous proposal to a woman on the first date, so the girl should not rush him. When a woman herself is trying as soon as possible to get Aquarius in bed, there is a risk that such pressure will only scare a man.

How not to behave with Aquarius?

Aquarius men are in no hurry to commit to a girl by the bonds of marriage, and the theoretical prospect of an early marriage can simply scare them away

Psychologists and astrologists suggest several wrong techniques that will not help to attract Aquarius, but only to scare him away.

  1. Aquarius men should not be provoked to jealousy. Flirting with other men, you should be prepared for the fact that Aquarius will simply shrug and leave the woman’s life, giving her complete freedom of action.
  2. Aquarians do not like silly women. The image of a cute little fool does not attract them, but only irritates and repels them.
  3. Relationships with Aquarians are built primarily on friendship, but not on sex. Funny, but too passionate women scare men of this sign. Aquarius may think that a woman regards him solely as a sexual partner, and will literally run away from her.
  4. Aquarians do not tolerate restrictions and attempts to control their lives. It is not worth trying to re-educate them. In addition, men of this sign can not stand women’s tears, so keep and tie Aquarius to themselves with hysterics and scandals will not work.

Men of this sign are reluctant to enter into marriage. If a girl from the first meeting, let Aquarius know that dreams of his family name and four children, he will immediately think of many ways to never cross her again, under any pretext.

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